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  1. Mr Donally

    45M sub 😋

  2. Chérie

    No one gonna say anything about that Toulouse portrait in the beginning of the song?

  3. Andrugrizz Grizz

    1:58 it must to hurt a lot hitting his balls on the floor like that

  4. Yasmine Hamdaoui


  5. hira san

    Does she even have the ability to release bad music

  6. LIMIT

    every ariana's mv i focus watching is her hair ♥3♥

  7. الفتى الشجاع

    i think kylie should be in this. lol😂😂

  8. Marlena Bandrowska

    love you love you ariana

  9. random person

    That choreo tho

  10. JuiceBox

    I honestly don't like dis song, blaaaarg.... but the end scene is soooo cut!

  11. Aya Maria Wazzan

    and your butiful can't you come to my birthday?

  12. rose aihao

    Ariana grande 💜 💜 💜 💜 I'm turkish fan

  13. straight up 4L

    just passed out hearing her say: fuck me

  14. Aya Maria Wazzan

    It's a bit funny or maby a lot funny

  15. Marlena Bandrowska

    love you ariana

  16. Aya Maria Wazzan

    Wow it's amasing

  17. Trykurnia Ningsih

    Aku ket indonesia lo mbak ee

  18. Allira Walker

    I am

  19. Allira Walker

    I am



  21. Griffin Hadean

    Literally my mind:

  22. Lovely Jessica

    I just realized that 34+35=69 At first I don’t get it and then I found out that it is a s*c position if you look at the number closely. I will never look at the number 69 the same ever again !

  23. Elijah Karash

    fficially the best ariana song

  24. kiwixss


  25. Fabin PM

    well I'm stuck with my laptop hehe

  26. vijay stan

    King Wayne killed it🔥

  27. Helena Schiavinato de Mattos Cunha

    Yasss queen

  28. Heaven-Yt

    being a air conditioner and hearing this I became a windmill

  29. Francesca Antonucci

    -28 DAYSSSSS

  30. voidbakv

    ig editors where ya at?

  31. Francis Lim

    I never enjoyed math until i heard this

  32. Adriel Aldatz


  33. Kiki Riki

    Everything about this song is wrong

  34. farah seha

    the naughtiest song i ever heard from ariana huahauaahauaha

  35. Lukas :3

    "Theres one imposter among us"

  36. Olicity Queen

    The best song on the album even in the new album nothing beats this song ✨🥺🖤

  37. rachelle3124

    Who else go here just to see the video and not the song lol

  38. S & R Films

    Worst song ever...

  39. Jennalyn Reponte

    Ariana: Can you stay up all night Me:umm ** snors**

  40. Umberto Simeoli

    ✨🔥Keep streaming positions (album)🔥✨

  41. キラシ ナナセスト


  42. Ruwil Baron

    who's fanboy here?

  43. Abby Ruiz Bulado

    November 2020

  44. LotsOfLuigi

    1:11 That 🍑 slapin to the music tho 😍🤌

  45. Abril Carnicerø


  46. Konstantinos Konstantinou

    Einai teleio

  47. Konstantinos Konstantinou

    Einai teleio


    Arey enti ra edhi

  49. Konstantinos Konstantinou

    Einai teleio

  50. da sleeps

    The song : iconic af 🔥✨ Tiktok : a short vid about ppl showing off their outfits 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tf-

  51. Konstantinos Konstantinou

    Einai teleio

  52. 丁盈竹


  53. Abhilash Dutta

    Title designer:- What is it? Ariana:- 34+35 Album designer:- And what is that? Ariana:- Position.

  54. Lou's Channel

    I don't know why everyone's so shocked seeing Ariana doing a split like we're already knew she could do it since "Focus" 🤷🏻‍♀️

  55. Michael Davies


  56. Chaza Zeineddine


  57. heily cicilia

    lol didn't know ari was flexible wish I was flexible love u ari

  58. 随风飞舞

    I like how there's just a man casually cross dressing in this video. Didn't even notice until my fifth time watching, haha.

  59. Nana Akua Amoako

    anyone notice her tattoos

  60. Loren Shaxx

    I am laughing at the bit where niki slaps her nono square lmao she did it with force

  61. hyunjin is my religion

    My m=mom: telling my friends abt the embarassing shit ive done me: shUtTTt UUUuuPPp

  62. ᴀᴡʀɪᴀ


  63. Chrystian Sátiro

    600Mi for Queen.

  64. Adéla Honzátková

    love itt

  65. Inshira Latiff

    That awkward moment when you realize that the plus in 34+35 is not there in the actual song...


    -"Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it. I'mma leave it open like a door, come inside it." -34+35= 69 - Album is called Positions... ARIANA WE SEE WHAT YA DID THEREEEE

  67. anjana pk

    It has mean girls, 13 candles, bring it on, legally blond, ect.

  68. Gab

    2:19 it's so me turning into a hoe to go out

  69. Andrew Jahn

    Who’s listening to this song DURING Christmas 😂

  70. Tabita Vilas Boas

    essa é a minha apresentação favorita da Ariana Grande

  71. Gagik Klekchyan

    Ay qur jan. Hazar axpor qura lsm es [email protected] Mqich chisht chi eli. Hmi nranq kmtacen matemi das es parapm, bayc la yncher es bacatrm. Ba tenc klni?

  72. baby mochi

    Let's see how many people are watching this in November 2020? 👇

  73. Débora Anholeto

    Cadê os br

  74. Diana

    This is giving me Christmas vibes anyone else?

  75. Chelsea Listwin

    Ari: ain’t got no tears left to cry 2020: ain’t gOt nO toIleT pAPeR To buY

  76. luke ketchum

    When will we ever have our first female president? Hillary Clinton came pretty close.

    1. Raven •

      I hope it is AOC

  77. Amany Waddah

    I love you arina granday

  78. Rafa Razah


  79. MOC master art

    Who else has a feeling like you have heard this somewhere? DEJA WU! Edit: i think i heard this in a cafe or something!

    1. India Falconer

      Hi! I’ve written a song called Ibuprofen. It’s about having anxiety/a panic attack and someone being there like ibuprofen to take the pain away. It would be amazing if you could give it a listen!

  80. Believer

    This lyrics... 😏😂