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  1. Nicol Hernandez

    Love Ariana grande

  2. iamDanielle

    Omg Ariana Grande!!!

  3. Teresa Williams

    I watch it I saw it I got my similes check

  4. Kamila Veas

    No paro de escucharla🤍 Pd: feliz día de la mujer

  5. Tavin Drummond

    Can you spell

  6. Angelique Campos


  7. Teresa Williams

    I watched it I got my simules check

  8. marizsabisss


  9. Alice Silva

    Ariana grande ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Rafael Mallari

    she slipped

  11. Alex L

    I wish she would of release a video for this song😞

  12. Drëw Biebs

    Justin : Stuck with Hailey Ariana : Stuck with Dalton Me : Stuck with people saying-“ StUcK wITh OnLiNe ClAsS”

  13. Arnold Fuentes

    Check out my "Yuh" compilation video before NTLTC hits 1B views. ❤️🥳

  14. Brianna Wilkey

    That was matt Bennett he played robbie shapiro on victorious

  15. MedSou

    *Lets see how many legends are listening to this in 2021* . . 👇 *I wish you a beautiful life abundance and health*

  16. jleen

    lol ok JESSE WILLIAM's twin is Ari's boyfriend's bodyguard and a homewrecker as we can all see!

  17. Ransy bts

    Beautiful song, your hair and your makeup is beautiful

  18. A Best


  19. William Rivera

    Me vengo xd

  20. Artemio A. Guerrero

    Baby ariana grande butera ari Guerrero beautiful lovely love 💖💯💚🙏

  21. Taylor Barnes


  22. Haaezii

    It breaks my heart everytime i watch this

  23. jleen


  24. A Best

    Nanny! 🕴🏼👉🏼

  25. Angela Baxter

    People in the comments: *No trump...imagine a world like that* me: 😒😒

  26. Its Pretzo

    no one gonna talk about the painting of her dog?

  27. laiix. 22

    فوضى فوضى 😭

  28. Kayziah Phillip

    34 +35 =69 ???????

  29. レイ

    子供の頃からアリアナさんの曲聞いてきたけど本当にこの人は声に愛された人なんだと思う ほんとにかっこいい❤️

  30. Stephanie johns

    You are cute

  31. jleen

    much better than the original painting to be honest

  32. ꧁ guada fs ꧂

    1:38 Cuando veo a mi gato con una gata:

  33. dani

    la traducción es extraña

  34. Unknown Unk

    2:14 - 2:35 😌❤️🎻🎻🎻

  35. Kanashimi•Deigo

    This song makes me love myself even more when I listen to it

  36. Sophia Pitruzzello

    I dressed as you for school spirit day love u 😘

  37. Aldrin Santiago

    Legends remembered Jessie ,Ari and Nicki Ari,Miley and Lana 2021 Ari Doja and Megan #smallyoutuber

  38. Izzy Alvarez

    Ariana just released an entire album and gave us more. This is how it’s done!!

  39. 000 watch

    ロスカットジューの被害者意識か? しゃべちゅされたニダーで騒いで 黒髪のくせにとかやってくるが?

  40. sweetperfumes

    All my fave Ladies 😌✨


    2B for november

    1. ლ MØŘGÄŇ ლ

  42. S o l a r


  43. Jade Callata

    I'm such an Ariana Grande fan that I can't change artists or listen to another artist

  44. тнє qυєєη kıм

    Not, but me feeling like a dangerous woman hearing this

  45. A Best


  46. Chriss

    I love you queen!!

  47. Vilu

    Gravity:exist Ariana:lets make a song

  48. Melanie Frink

    How does marshmallow have more subscribers than Ariana Grande

  49. galleta cookie

    que dios te la pone fornithe en la telee taria del tuiter xdd}

  50. Star Duran


  51. Cindy Behring

    Wow she has more subs then youtube

  52. Bubbles

    This song ;-;

  53. Vilu

    Ari..thats really you

  54. The real Krup

    this is the 100th time ive listened to this song this week

  55. Brooke Cook

    Happy International Womens Day💕

  56. GAMING BRO 9

    Here For The Weenkd 💗

  57. Victor Palacios

    This song hits different on 8 March.

  58. Ben Haag

    Took you 4 minutes to figure out the answer was 69. Worth it?

  59. Caleb Renner

    this song is so beautiful it makes me cry

  60. Javiera Paz Meza Leiva

    LA AMO.

  61. ravi k

    08/03 and yeah,god is a woman

  62. Javiera Paz Meza Leiva

    LA AMO

  63. Ransy bts

    Wonderful the way you sing is amazing

  64. Ransy bts


  65. Justin Reyes

    Girls aren’t looking for sex , they’re looking for love .... Ariana :

  66. whatever

    Feliz dia da mulher ✨🤲🏻

  67. A Best

    Me extranan asi. Oye! Intente cerrar la puerta y todas las galletas se cayeron.

  68. Ransy bts

    so cool

  69. Tara!!! Viscofe

    Ariana: I'm so f**king grateful for my ex Me: I'm so f**king grateful for PAprom

  70. Ransy bts

    very nice 😍

  71. Ana Santos

    Eram tão lindos 💔

  72. Gwyneth Patterson

    She came from this.😭😭😭

  73. Fatima Vega

    This makes me cry everytime

  74. Kalvin Corleone Gonzales


  75. Ivan Mendez

    I love Ariana Grande

  76. Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

    Adriana grande getting naughty 😏

  77. Erika Sandoval-Arias

    I love this song

  78. Ransy bts

    so good

  79. Sebastian McCatty

    docter strange vibes

  80. Prince Gaming

    Hey Cat Valentine!