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  1. Younes Ten

    Excited to play this game with my lovely blonde wife

  2. M3M35 4 L1f3

    All the 9 year olds are getting their mums credit cards right now.

  3. JP theGR8

    Coach going Super Saiyan

  4. Endo_HD 88

    Its amazing how FNAF has chnaged

  5. Lamz

    It's all fun an games until you realize you don't gave enough memory on your phone/console for the update

  6. The_Dark_ Enderman

    Will it be on PS4?

  7. Ax _6010

    When are we getting genshin impact in the Middle East store?

  8. Sweet Project

    men this game is so much fun!!

  9. Tukki Tan

    Which is the game at 0:43 ?

  10. Giorno Giovanna

    Did they revert Rosaria tiddies nerf?

  11. TOMII uwu

    Doom guys

  12. ღFlorinndaღ

    0:19 LIKE IT?! VENTI, I LOVE IT-

  13. PlayaPozition

    Imagine base building in this game.

  14. Johndave Bondoc

    is klee going to return???

  15. Eva Robbins

    Them: wait another year! Me: MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS! them: Is that a threat huh? Is that a threat

  16. Gabriel Serique

    xbox please!!

  17. Anas Bakhit

    ip man: the game.

  18. Flopsymanga _



    Looks fun i can't wait watching youtubers playing it...

  20. Nicolás Rojas

    Give Rosaria her old model back.

  21. austan pace

    Absolver vibes

  22. The Fifth Doctor

    My ps5 disc is waiting 😎

  23. sinnerChip

    If Venti's gonna be there I'm gonna be there :D

  24. Maroofio

    *Breath of the Wild on PS5?*


    Wow still alive? You know what since iam so bored ima get back in the fandom again...

  26. Mofumofu

    And here, I never play ps4 in my life. Yeah, that's because my family is not that rich to buy one and I just 16y.o who doesn't have a job yet

  27. Zain Mushtaq

    I'm usually not into platformers anymore unless they're done right -- and the gameplay of this reminds me soo much of Donkey Kong Country, my all-time favorite games, and the girl's playstyle reminded me heavily of Dixie Kong, and a bit of Jazz Jack Rabbit as well. I'm definitely interested now and will keep an eye out for this game when it launches -- the great visuals make the decision to get this even more easier :)

  28. Hamza Sajjad

    Wait till igp finds out Abt this


    Muy picadoo

  30. Lenaレナ

    if there's no kaeya in the hangout events, i'm gonna cry

  31. Pedro Pires

    1:57 purple guy ????

  32. Cyb Cybarxz

    Now that I just purchased on steam, really?

  33. Ice 122

    I know I watched this when it came out but this is still cool

  34. SearDruid 25174

    So it’s more of a narritave based game

  35. Paul The Owl Dragon


  36. Umi

    Is it weird I'm gunning for rosaria instead of venti

  37. Norman Readdis

    I wish to see a modernized blaster master BOTW esque before i kick the bucket The nostalgia is great but the game needs a new gen overhaul

  38. T R A S H 新ドラゴン

    Tá muito difente e estranho

  39. Ten-gizz

    0/100 нету отцылки на Джо джо

  40. Rynastiv

    Only on Playstation, LUL not anymore! Cannot wait for this game to be were it should have been for a very long time....on PC. Well done Sony! Super hyped to play it this year!

  41. Anna meow

    Cute ☺️

  42. Francisco José Moreno López

    Sacar más pleys omee!! Y dejarse de tanto video!!

  43. Solver F

    All I wanna know is Vincent in this

  44. Alex S

    Looks like Donkey Kong Country 2 (same moves as Dixie Kong) mixed with Legend of Zelda - Majoras Mask (transforming through masks)

  45. Lonely Ronin

    They didn't patch the ps4 Frame Rate:')

  46. Lunatic Dude

    When the beginning of the trailer is very soothing and then there comes the pain in the end

  47. artistcomplex

    new content looks great, its a pitty that i wont have comunitys to share the ride with.... thanks for that Sony O_O

  48. Spore489

    Can we all agree that we are about to see a not expecting reunion of Aether and his twin sister Lusimine and that Aether is about to realised that Lusimine is the Abyss Order’s ”Highness/Princess” and the Abyssal Herald. Going to feel Sorry for Aether when he sees his sister is his enemy 2:32

  49. Assa Darlingtoni

    0:30 that shot of Vanny just jumping around is so cool and scary

  50. Somfai Ábel

    I like how it has nothing to do with freddy by now

  51. CHRISκɪɴɢ

    Big Pana🥵🥵🥵👉😕👈👌

  52. Adrian Wonsul

    haha i cant play this when it comes out becuase i dont feel like spending 500 bucks on a PS5

  53. Victor Bladin

    One can only wish for 60fps.. 14fps on PS4 🥲

    1. Victor Bladin

      @Tricks J whenever I can get my hands on one 🖐🏻🎮🤚🏻

    2. Tricks J

      Get a PS5 60fps 🤝

  54. E-Man5805

    I look forward to never using this. Ever.

  55. Pasquale Lippolis

    Subtitle Italiano please.

  56. The fox in the sky

    The game seems great, but i think we can all agree it's a stupid decision to make it ps4-ps5 exclusive, i don't have either of these consoles and i'm a big fan. Why Scott? Why?

  57. Just RU-FLiSS

    Looking forward to it😁

  58. S3D0M

    yo scotts games are on ps5 now!? he making big bank

  59. Akeem PH

    What is that weird thicking sound? Weird

  60. ClarinetMaster69

    1:05-1:08 “You don’t fight to win, you fight to continue pushing yourself past your own limits” This is probably the single most important lesson to take away from this show that I wish I did better at 😂

  61. ottoman since

    Wingchun, kungfu, taichi, kickboks, karate, full technique best fight