Ya No Estoy Aquí: A Talk with Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron | Netflix


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    Legendary directors Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron come together to discuss Fernando Frías de la Parra, an up and coming director from their shared home country of Mexico, and his first feature film, I’m No Longer Here. The film, winner of 10 Ariel Awards, is now available on Netflix.
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    Ya No Estoy Aquí: A Talk with Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron | Netflix
    A terrible misunderstanding with a local gang sends 17-year-old Ulises, leader of a group hooked on cumbia music, across the border to save his life.

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    1. イエスアロンドラ

      Mi encanto esta película

    2. Victor Maillard

      I have a feeling the script is based on The Greek Odyssey by Homerus

      1. LOS MAXMEX

        I don’t think it is

    3. 나는엉덩이가좋다

      Netflix ad makers get shot and die

    4. 나는엉덩이가좋다


    5. Imher Hernandez

      Siempre los escucho con admiración a estos 2 hombres, cultos y brillantes voceros de Mexico, pues tienen plena conciencia del país y otras realidades. Además, cómo aprendo de cinematografía! I've really enjoyed this talk!

    6. brenda dora


    7. Raphael Pacheco

      Great conversation from two great filmmakers. Though I can't help but feel they could've been so much more articulate if they spoke in their native tongue.

      1. Un Usuario

        There is a version in Spanish in the Spanish account that Netflix has. This is the English account.

    8. Donna Tran

      Just throw in George R.R. Martin and we have triplets!

      1. Un Usuario

        He's not a director. Different kind of creator.

    9. Matt Dick

      This would be a lot better if Mr. Alejandro G was there jsjs

      1. Mauricio Esteban Aguilar

        I think that he dont have a lot of time because its working on the new version of Amores perros

    10. Alice Li


    11. Adrian Lazaro

      Other internet doings

    12. Rob Vespa

      Two of my favorite filmmakers...

    13. Sofia Leon

      how is this not viral

    14. HOT GIRLS TV

      Hello ✌️

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    16. Locksie Jojo

      Netflix why this they took down phinease and ferb

    17. Joel Paz

      I wish this was in Spanish. Would've been pretty cool

      1. Un Usuario

        Hay version en español en la cuenta de Netflix en español. Esta es la cuenta de inglés del servicio.

      2. Diego Emanuel Osechas Lucart

        Hay otro video en español!

    18. A. Ahmed

      I loved ya no estoy aqui, its a Netflix gem that isn't talk about enough.

    19. FunnyMan026

      Aw man, why are they speaking in english?

      1. Xinna SinPatria

        I mean, a talk in Spanish.

      2. Xinna SinPatria

        There is a similar talk in Netflix latinoamerica channel.

    20. Mr. McBluey

      it 10/30/2020

    21. Mr. McBluey

      where is tf2 netiflix

    22. Ahmad Syamil El Islami

      Cuaron 👍🏼

    23. Kate Macdonald

      sound good but i need english sub cuz i saw this interview and all the clip Spanish only like even CC spinach

    24. No Consistency

      I would love to here Del Toro's opinion on Errementari

    25. LordManhattan

      Two legends! 🎬

    26. Siddhartha Mukherjee

      Where's Alejandro González Iñárritu?

      1. alexssandro meneses

        Somewhere, literally,working in his next attempt to change cinema history!

      2. The Songbird

        I believe he's in pre-production on a new film.

    27. Mill Eudic

      Got it. Will watch today. :)

    28. Mg Y


    29. Victor A

      Currently learning español. I got excited when I saw the title....i thought this would be in spanish 😥😥

      1. Sergio Osvaldo Valdés Arriaga

        They speak in spanish in the Netflix channel for Latin America.

    30. Brandon

      I just watched this movie a few days ago it was well done

    31. Xinna SinPatria

      Yo nomás vine a ver si dicen lo mismo en inglés que en la crítica en español. 😅

      1. Xinna SinPatria

        @Lila Lira creo que solo es para poder dar contexto de las realidades en México

      2. Lila Lira

        En algunas partes dicen cosas distintas 😱 espero que alguna buena alma lo traduzca luego 🥺🥺🥺🥺

      3. Rafa Pacheco

        Igual yo

    32. Maria Guerra

      My favorite movies from del toro are hell boy the first one and pacific rim 1 and Alfonso my favorite are children of men and Harry Potter 3

    33. Karlita :-D :-P

      I want to be like them🎥🎭

    34. Xenius

      Guillermo del Toro is sooo cute

    35. Inazuma vickun

      why are they speaking in english? they should've gone for spanish 😭😭

      1. Koruko 22

        @SFbayKID jaja no le entiende al lenguaje de los dioses

      2. Un Usuario

        Esta es la cuenta en inglés de Netflix. Hay una versión en español en la cuenta de español del servicio.

      3. juanito1

        @SFbayKID no one likes u

      4. Xinna SinPatria

        @SFbayKID hahahaha you speak only one lenguage, who is the stupid here?

      5. Stephania cat

        @Jonathan Baird they released one for Netflix latam in Spanish.

    36. Miguel Angel Medina Rise


    37. Attila Szeibert

      They worked together The Witches with Robert Zemeckis.

    38. Crissy Knoxbest

      When legends talk about something that impressed them, you listen 🙌👏👏

      1. Micah Johansson

        Alejandro González Iñárritu is missing here. Imagine the three mexican legends talking.

    39. Rico Shahin

      Netflix lady in monster girl doktor

    40. Zho0m

      Please keep doing more series about Tales of Arcadia. Love Trollhunters and wished Wizards had more episodes.

    41. Bob Toronja

      Dos grandes !

    42. samet Ö

      Deadman is it you?

    43. Gaul Arora Achi

      We need more trollhunters, wizards, and 3below!! Love You You inspired me❤️

    44. Khalid Henry

      I love Guillermo. He's my favorite Mexican director.

    45. Nelsi Widya

      06 menit lalu jama 03:06 Indonesia,Jakarta cuman gabut

    46. Micah/Dark Fantasy Writer

      I love Guillermo del Toro. My favorite movies from him are Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak.

      1. Mr Saww

        I loved his Shape of Water and Pan's labyrinth

      2. Micah Johansson

        Mine are Mimic, Blade II, Hellboy movies and Pacific Rim.

      3. Elle Embee

        Crimson Peak is definitely underrated. His Hellboy films are gorgeous too. But Pan's Labyrinth was so visually stunning that it's stayed with me. It was great seeing her all grown up in High Seas. The Shape of Water is what monster movies have been missing since the beginning of film, the monster finally getting the girl. And Pacific Rim (obviously just the first one) is gorgeous. All of his movies are a feast for the eyes and have a lot more soul to them than you expect going in.

      4. Tommy Criton

        Omg I loved pan labyrinth but seriously have y'all seen tales of Arcadia Guillermo Del toro made it to

      5. Marty _Elise

        I agree, Crimson Peak is beautiful

    47. Ellos Revista

      Compadre ase tiempo que no te veo

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    49. Random Gee