Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.


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    Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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      1. Ts Ong

        Mi 11 is value for money

      2. Ts Ong

        Thank you for sharing

      3. Uroš Stanišić

        I like icons on miui

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        Can you send it to me 🙁😬 Yes =like my comment, no =comment on my comment

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      Redmi k40 pro is OUT 😝😝

    4. Cyrus Wong

      Mi 11 released in Malaysia just hours ago. come with 55W Gan charger. 8/128 for RM 2799 (~693 USD), 8/256 for RM2999 (~743 USD)

    5. Shaswat Manoj Jha

      Sound like paid review. But OK.

    6. Ts Ong

      Mi11 is a real value for money

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      13:21 bruhh

    10. Goof Kid

      Please do a comparison between this phone samsung s21 ultra and iPhone 12

    11. John Min

      Hi does it have front face speaker with Dolby atmos?

    12. Stelrax Gaming

      Can somebody tell me all the music he used, i make my own vids so i kind of need them

    13. Blossom Glean

      His accent😫 What Country are u from

    14. oj vic

      When it comes to value for money, nobody does it like Xiaomi

    15. Snekky

      5:03 amogus!1!1!!

    16. Switi

      Shut up and take my money !

    17. Micheal angelo Torres

      Well there's a heating issue in Mi11 Right??

    18. JaayOnPC

      i'm going to wait.. It looks great the 10T pro is cheaper than a samsung SE for me on amazon and i'd personally choose that over the samsung but i'm just going to wait for the pro model and see what happens there. I'm on a S9 and im not rushing to upgrade yet but i dont fancy buying a samsung phone to have the gimped exynos version instead..

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    21. Andrew Wei

      How does this compare to the S21 Ultra? I'm about to drop the money on an S21 Ultra, but if this is better, I could save a few bucks purchasing a Mi11 instead

    22. Kurt F

      You can see rick astley in the back

    23. TheGloriousPotato

      That Fricking tv in the background

    24. TheGloriousPotato

      This is the only new phone I'd buy to upgrade from my LG G7 if I had the money.

    25. Best Nkhumeleni

      is no one going to mention how we were getting rickrolled all throughout the video...

    26. Christopher John Llerin

      I love mi11, but I'm contented already with my pocox3nfc.🥰

    27. d4dragon

      wow you just had to do it look an the left screen in 3:28

    28. Osama Navaid

      waiting for the camera test!

    29. Aiden Castillo

      Who else thinks the camera on the phone was a little bit inspired by the iPhone 11?

    30. {[Harshil Das]}

      3:29 look 👀 closely on the left screen I think this has become a mr who’s the boss’s legacy

      1. XcorrSynthDev

        Never gonna give you up

    31. StillAPeach

      3:25 look in the left TV. Ur welcome

    32. Mr Epic Baber-Day

      3:24 look at the left screen

    33. FBI

      3:27 AAAAh! I got Rickrolled again!!!!

    34. Odafe Ricky Agba

      I don't have the phone but I'm finna delete all the apps 🤣

    35. Ahren Scholz

      Seems like the phone is already irrelevant


      my family is very poor. need a mobile phone because to read online. If I study get a job, I will be able to take care of the people in my house. help me, i live in Bangladesh.

    37. LaptopZ

      anyone notice the rickroll?

    38. GhostGaming.26

      3:23 left background screen: get rick rolled mate.

    39. Al Reid

      Where in the UK can I buy this phone please. At 68 and disabled, I'm not what you'd call "tech savvy", and I see poor reviews of some sellers and wouldn't want to risk, what to me is, a large wad of cash and get ripped off. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks to anyone who replies with helpful info.

    40. J3lasted][Minds

      Man, what a Beast!

    41. arvind malav

      Help me please

    42. Valtteri Pulkkinen

      3:29 you got me

    43. hi im james

      I got rickrolled

    44. Jake

      I am a huge apple sheep. But I honestly believe that Xiamoi makes the best budget/best value phones.

    45. AyanGxa4

      Why is never gonna give you up going on in the back


      Ok my next phone.F*ck samsung and apple.They all are stealing us.

    47. blazegamer008

      you rickroll us too much mate

    48. SEESURN Jeevesh

      Do comparison b/t iphone 12 pro n this phone

    49. Giraffe Listed

      The day you run out of words to ask us to subscribe is the day I unsubscribe. 🙏🏿

    50. Ken Brown


    51. Harity Gaming

      3:36 did any one see rick on the back XD

    52. Michael Chi

      I saw the specs and was like: “I can afford this?”

    53. The Aussie Vampire

      3:23 look at the left tv screen he just rickrolled millions of people

    54. Georgios Paraskeva

      Best phone i ever had so far is a Red mi note 7 !

    55. إبراهيم آلمغربي

      Crazy phon

    56. Noor Sajid

      Idk its just me or anyone But the way he speaks kinda ROMANTIC and SWEET at the same time Ifk how to say but I realy like how he talks and explains 🥰😌😌

    57. Sīlēñt psycho gaminig

      Love you bro from Pakistan ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

    58. Damian grmaden

      3:23 he is de rock roll god

    59. poketrainer

      So basically a jesus phone

    60. Jiajian Hou

      This is why people hate on China. China is slowly making better and better products than stuff US or South Korea make. China is taking over the market slowly. “Made in China” soon no longer means cheap and low quality, but rather cheap and high tech and good quality.

    61. HueColor TV

      GGwp Xiaomi Apple 👎

    62. Trish M.

      Wonder how this works on genshin impact... That one makes phones struggle lol

    63. FBI

      I bet samsung is watching now

    64. Iva brawl stars

      3:30 what at the TV on the left

    65. iulian popa

      is comming with google play.?

    66. Tarik Batkic

      Note 20 ultra ( i can find it for 700-750€) or mi11 ?

    67. Gorila de Chapéu

      3:24 Never gonna give you up...

    68. ichou mohamed

      Get this guy to 10millions subs

    69. Michael Jones

      Aussies sure got fucked on the price

    70. jack the reaper

      Where does these phones go after his reviews?

    71. Madhu Patoliya

      3:23 did he rickroll us look at the left tv

    72. rainbow fall

      🖐🏽Team Xiaomi !

    73. jimmy James

      Like Floss Carter will say this is a major major Major Go. Plus imagine what the ultra and pro will be like

    74. Shumaila Sharif

      Donate a phone please

    75. Abd

      750euros here in France

    76. Dio Amarth Todd

      at 3:22 the left screen has a code of a 50 dolars Apple Store gift card written on it!

    77. Andrew Stone

      Love the rick roll thooooooo

    78. banana man

      Anyone else see the Rick roll?

    79. David

      me: *notices something move in the left tv* *realizes i got rickrolled*

    80. Entertainment Gala 2

      I was Rick rolled

    81. Joseph Joo

      3:23 Look at the TV Never Gonna Give You Up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    82. ManofSteele25

      bro.. luv your videos, but come on why would you even mention the price at $600, when clearly your specifying the price for china??, then you dont mention till the end of the video? You have tons of excellent content, Rigby.this is just some constructive criticism from a loyal subscribed viewer, but don't even mention it like that please, keep it out of the video, i wud pay $800 for a phone very few people have with awesome specs

    83. Infinity Reviews

      No charger, no I don't have a charger at home?

    84. Pauls Apšenieks

      Who rickrolled me at 3:28??

    85. Chain Jail

      I might say goodbye to Samsung...

    86. Mask Media

      Getting one as soon as they come out...


      Xiaomi Mi 12 Should make 7.9 inch screen QHD+ Display

    88. fabriglas

      was the phone warped or is the problem his desk?

    89. Poopy Puant

      Now I can only buy 1 plus phones sinse they are the only ones that still give you a charger.

    90. Imtiaz Rahman

      please tell me which one i should take xiaomi mi11 or oneplus 8t i am so much confuse help me anyone please

    91. perspectives

      ew why would u want more brightness

    92. Ameer pk

      Watching it in k20 pro.... Best one from Xiaomi

    93. Nur A alam Riyad

      i only don't like camera setup bump

    94. Quiel Gammer245

      I was just Rick rolled there? One of the TV's behind him...

    95. Arm Gutierrez

      Me trying to see the difference between these HD pictures at 360p because my phone sucks

    96. a

      A C E

    97. shastri celebrity

      why is he rickrolling us XD

    98. T.A.B.S Boxing League


    99. Syed Ridzuan

      like the camera style,

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      Ok dude pls u keep getting me with the rickroll