Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Review with Pros & Cons - Ideal Mid-Ranger?


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    Mi 10i 5G smartphone review with retail unit with it's Pros & Cons what are the things that I liked and what I didn't like including camera samples, is this the new ideal mid-range smartphone in India find out in the review.
    Mi 10i 5G is sold via Amazon India amzn.to/35Wl4QF
    My unboxing & overview video of Mi 10i paprom.info/block/v/o62rbtVim2hhynI.html
    0:00 Intro
    0:29 Quick Specs
    0:40 Screen Quality
    1:10 Stereo Speakers
    1:50 Processor UI
    2:45 Battery Life
    3:52 Call Quality
    4:43 Fingerprint
    5:20 Camera
    6:57 Front Camera
    7:32 Cons
    8:05 Apps, Ads
    10:32 5G Bands
    11:08 Ram Management
    12:00 120hz Refresh
    13:12 Conclusion

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    1. Mamta Koli

      Pls tell about the brick background, its a wallpaper or what?🙄

    2. Muzammil maq

      hello sir mi ki security check kro plz bohat hi bekar h agar apki screen lock bhi ho to phone switch off ho jata h or lock screen k sath hi app net or location dono hi off kr skte ho matlb apka phone ghum ho gaya ya chori ho gaya to smjh lo ki kabhi nhi milega because jiko bhi phone mila ya kisi n chori kiya to wo to lock screen lage hone k bawajud wo phone switch off kr dega nd internet band kr dega or kbhi bhi use track nhi kr skte main k20pro use kr rha hu apke phone m dekh k batao na ki screen lock hone k bawajud bhi phone switch off hota h ya nhi and internet, location services screen lock p hi on off hoti h ya nhi please 🙏

    3. Kh Chinglemba

      As support I watch adv

    4. Kh Chinglemba

      Really thanks.. I will never buy smartphone without watching your vedios..

    5. Chichu's Changing Life

      Big Fan. From a very long time. Genuine reviews. Honest.


      Watching on mi 10i

    7. siddharth bodode

      Use mother tongue

    8. Philip D'Souza

      Hold your breath !!! :) I do it with all phones though

    9. Sam 95

      Samsung f62 ad is getting into my nerves it is everywhere

    10. omkar bagare

      There is no exchange offer option for mi 10i in Flipkart and Amazon.

    11. Rosalina Royal

      Seeing this on Mi 10i ❤️


      Proximity sensor pe video banayiye thik se kaam nahi karta h

    13. som meher

      Sabse ghatiya mobile hai.... Mai use kar raha hu.... Recording, true caller are dosent support, so much problems in mi10 mobile....

    14. sakim rongmei

      Hold your breathe 😂😂. Honestly I've done that few times. I like the way he reviews. Clear and crisp with no gimmicks

    15. Moon Hope

      Is it have NFC or not please reply quickly I'm holding ordering this until i know for sure from someone have the device.

    16. Yogesh Godara

      MI 10i 1. Proximity sensor issue, you don't even have this option to start/stop in seeting 2. Home screen layout changes on its own, after every reboot it changes the app position/settings I have explore everything but nothing fix this issue, this is shameful for me to buy such a brick

    17. Vivekananda N

      No Fancy Thumbnails, No fake expressions and Mainly no Paid Reviews..... Just Geeky sir things

    18. Ken Nao

      Mi has the best battery quality comparing to other brands.

    19. Karthikeyan Haran

      Hello Sir, When will Mi 11 will be released in India ?

    20. MrunAL Chaudhari


    21. Abhishek Walimbe

      I don't understand why I should pay 21k for this crap

    22. Bhaskar Kumar Royal. Y

      I didn't find any preety pics through this camera by u in this video.

    23. komala ravindra

      Does it support AOD 🤔🤔

    24. Star Lord

      So if the bands in India uses some other frequency than supported by this mobile, could it be resolved with S/W update? Means, is band support S/W side or H/W side?

    25. Lovepreet Singh

      Always better than guruji

    26. vishal damani

      "That 2 useless cameras.. Rubbish" 😜

    27. Rehan Ahmed

      Will it support 4g? @Geekyranjit

    28. vaibhav karpe

      Hello sir can we trust realme as compared to xiomi poco redmi in terms of privacy

    29. Navdeep Singh

      Most of people on PAprom adviced to avoid this phone owing to lack proper 5g bands it have Should I avoid this phone due to this very reason or go for it If it would support 5g connectivity???

    30. Rajesh Gopalan

      Xiaomi is blacklisted in USA,so there is a chance of Ban on Xiaomi

    31. Anurag anurag

      Mi users will never get peace.

    32. Anurag anurag

      Rip mi users

    33. Anurag anurag

      Worst phone

    34. Syed Waseemahmed

      Can you please give update on nokia minima 2100.


      What's the longivity period & lasting if this phone ??

    36. Allesh patel

      Hello sir waiting for your review on oppo enco w51

    37. The Ultimate Desi Gamer

      I really like your channel but there are some issues with your review please let me state them Mi is all about customization 1-Call it pixel binning camera but its useful when you want to zoom in /crop image Mi even gives RAW option Which helps in editing the image further 2- the issue you stated about app scanning it can be turned off from settings top right 3- compass uses camera when you tilt that's why it needs it 4- for aggressive ram management which you don't like you can customize for each app in settings. Not an mi fanboy but please don't state them cons when its pros :)

    38. K Yuvaraj

      Sir please review by Moto g 5g I want the review and compare to mi10i phone

    39. Sopan Patil

      Exact points sorted out about xiomi phones....

    40. Raju

      can anyone tell me fingerprint use krne k liye fingerprint wla button v press krna hoga kya ?

    41. Aashish Raj

      Mi or in Redmi phones, applications which need to run in background always like Truecaller, McAfee, Accu battery, Malwarebytes etc., gets flushed out by cleaner app and automatically when phone in idle state. To change that, open Security app, go to "Boost Speed", on top right hand corner you see a nut like icon, tap it, you'll find "Lock Apps", open it, then turn on toggle for apps you want to run in background always...

    42. call me we

      Miui is the worst💩💩 Installed pixel experience within 3 months of buying note 9


      the software miui destroys the experience.

    44. Surapathi Kiran

      9:10 the compass app shows where you're looking when you use the phone Vertically, so it requires video permissions to show you

    45. Mohamed Sufail

      Please Do A Video... Moto G 5G VS MI 10i 5G


      which phone is best under Rs. 15000. please reply

    47. Deb Roy

      I liked how he said the other 2 cameras are rubbish 😂😂😂😂 ❤️❤️❤️ This is Poco M2PRO and X3 same phone with better cam and kinda same design from front...and SD 750G with 5G bas 😂 7:07 but this shot is like idk what I will say... portrait isn't good 😂 Google FB take all our data ... what privacy 😂 "Jerkiest" 😂

    48. Adil Kv

      Heating issue is there Back panel vibration also

    49. DaGreatBeRich

      Shady xiaomi apps. I Never agree to any of their apps.

    50. douglas urrutia

      That phones is the same redmi note 9 pro 5g?

    51. shabnam

      when he said let's move to cons, i was like whatt!!🙄 i tot still now i was listening cons

    52. stuff we do

      I am looking for a phablet type phone - something wide, not just long, because I want to do photo editing on it. I was looking at Lenovo V7 tab phone but it lacks features and speed. can I use this with a stylus? Is it good for photo editing with good colour accuracy. Its frustrating to not have any large phone options below 25K rupees. I dont want a large tablet, but rather a phablet which can work with a stylus. Samsung Note is beyond my budget.

    53. Parikhshith Saravanan

      Hello sir, (from a follower of your videos) Can you please make a video about bloatware issues and compare them with the latest smartphone brands. And explain us which smarthphone brand we shld consider to buy related to that with notable specs

    54. Alan Joy

      Just slap pixel experience plus rom on it

    55. Konchyok Lopchan

      Xiaomi is smart in creating jerkiest situations ..thanks 👍👍👍

    56. Lawrence Jerome Braganza

      MIUI is heavy and crap, so stuttering is a norm.

    57. Vikram Bhaskar

      With great power comes great responsibility and your videos set an epiitome of that. Seriously it takes a lot of courage and passion to give audience such honest unbiased reviews

    58. Bi genuine

      New phone every week it's so crazy dumb

    59. Hemanth Arige

      is samsung M51 or MI 10 i better for camera.

    60. Utsav Bhowmic

      8:05 everyone should focus this part and then think of purchasing any mi / realme / oppo / vivo device

    61. Go Tech AKASH

      6:22 that's because of that 108 MP sensor sir, it's not good for the people for example like students who takes a lot of Documents and paper 📄 pics, trust me it's totally gonna blur it out. This is like both a Pro and and an con having Samsung's 108MP HM2 Sensor in this phone in camera 📸 segment.

    62. Tejas Naik

      Thank you for the review... Crisp and fine.

    63. Sj brothers tech Tech

      Handi thika Thara other Nina moka

    64. ujjwal pant

      Ranjit bhai please do detailed review of Samsung M51 🙏


      Sir please 🙏🙏🙏 do a comparison video of Moto g 5g and mi 10i

    66. Diraj Naik

      Oppo ad 😂

    67. RideOnAdventure

      @geekyranjit You can block the UI to scan the apps after downloading. Go to "Settings" button on the top right of the screen when it shows app has been scanned. Then go to "Virus Definition" and then you will get the option to stop autoscan and auto update of the antivirus.

    68. Jagjeet Singh Chandok

      kudos to Geekyranjit

    69. stephen raj

      Hi g can u review about redmi 9pro max I used the phone and so tenst with that phone total waste of money

    70. Pvvp Raju

      Hi Ranjit, I love your reviews and unboxing videos. I watch most of your videos. I just want to convey you sir that in Mi10i it works finger print unlock by touch also. For that you need to do some settings. Settings then password and security then finger print unlock then change recognition method to touch.. It will work sir.. Please try this and give me thumbs up👍 if it works.. 😀😀

    71. Harsh Agrawal

      If you want real life experience review and answer to all your queries about this device then join Telegram Support Group for Mi 10i. Just download Telegram from Play Store, log in & search "Mi 10i" in search bar.

    72. Ismail

      Happy that finally found a good tech reviewer like you ☺️

    73. Hakim Babali

      Ranjit Wat Is Wrong Wit U, Oneplus MUST Be The Best Phones. So Many Features .?

    74. Shekhar Samal

      Hey there! I have been using this phone for a while and there is one option in setting under the fingerprint option where you can replace the functioning of the fingerprint to "touch" in place of "Press". Hope this helps someone!

    75. Divesh Choudhury

      I like Samsung

    76. Lavanshu Nahata

      Is this the best smartphone to buy under 25k currently. If not, please suggest some under this budget@geekyranjit??

    77. Ayush Kalpasi

      The compass app actually requires camera permission because it uses the canera.

    78. N.M DABI

      You missed some points About fingerprint lock screen 😌you can choose whether u want to unlock by press or touch response just go and check you password and security options

    79. soumit chakraborty

      I love the thing that you are purely unbiased!! Keep doing the good job sir..❤️

    80. abhyudaya sinh chauhan

      Amazing reveiw 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    81. jay maharashtra

      Using mi 10 i and it's nice

    82. Dk

      He Ripped Mi in Cons ...that's a true reviewer...unbiased review 🔥

    83. Shivam Kumar

      Does it still have adds???

    84. Shreyash Tiwari

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      for the same price we're getting realme X3 with 855+, what would you pick between these two??

    86. all in one

      The only professional indian tech youtuber!

    87. Asif Hussain

      Go to settings and change the unlock setting to just keep not press then it unlocks.

    88. Adhithya Vijay Kumar

      Honest review as always 😊

    89. Sagar Maurya

      Who wants to ban the Chinese products. ✊✊✊✊

    90. pravin murthy

      I've been hearing MiUI 12 having so many software issues!..

    91. 706 Nishant Bane

      Sir you can use new control centre in settings , it's pretty good

    92. Prakhar Kumar

      Hi Ranjit! Whenever u display the specs of any phone l, kindly choose a good background rather than no background, like white letters with a black or blue or red rectangular background. Keep talking while you show the specs, will reduce the length of the video. The avg video is 15 min long. That's 1/4 th of an hour. I know I am not at the level where I can throw random advice to the top tech PApromrs. But I said this coz I only watch ur video when it comes to Indian tech youtubers. I thank you for being honest always.

    93. Rauful Hassan

      9:27 compass is asking for camera permission because if you will tilt the phone while compass app is open then back camera will get activated

    94. Rauful Hassan

      There is option , where you don't need to press the power button to activate the finger print

    95. Shabeer

      Over all this is a very good smart phone


      Ranjith sir you are believed person, Sir plz reply which is better Nord vs mi 10i

    97. Kaushik Sk

      Which mob is best under 25 k

    98. Anurag bansal

      Same camera issue with poco x2

    99. EDENS JOSE

      technical guruji is biased and corrupt

    100. exin arts

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