Xbox Wireless Headset - Launch Trailer


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    Game loud and clear with the all-new Xbox Wireless Headset, featuring auto-mute and voice isolation for crystal-clear chat, intuitive design, and direct pairing to your console.
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    1. Sean Semansha

      Finally u can use it on ur phone 😤

    2. Shade

      Definitely getting these my old headset just broke anyway

    3. ItsRoman

      did i just see *crossfirex* in there hope it comes back

    4. Renee Chihuahua

      R.I.P. wallet

    5. Mr. Corrupted

      Xbox x Razer? WTF


      *How many subscribers can i gain from this comment (current ; 384)*

    7. ThepuffGuy

      Will these work on the xbox one consoles ?

    8. Survival Mode

      I was waiting for the price

    9. Itsyeboizachary

      I thought it said auto tune on the mic part and thought the party's was finna be lit

    10. Davigy

      Alguien sabe si será compatible con ps5 xd?

    11. cranee

      How much tho

      1. cranee


      2. DopeyFish

        $99 USD

    12. eioshen boboi

      Could this cancel out the noise from my loud neighbours when they watch finding nemo?

    13. David A Lupien

      Got one on pre order

    14. Brandon gardner

      So thankful my preorder went through. The perfect accessory to my xbox SS

    15. Shrek_ Zeus

      Just talked to my mom and might get them let's goo

    16. Mayhem Cube Gaming

      Those are hot!

      1. eioshen boboi

        When can you fix the latency because I get 300 ping and it's not my internert please fix it

    17. Kacprovski


    18. Max Slezak

      Where do I buy this?

    19. Geetjahan singh Khinda

      Can you use this on windows

      1. DopeyFish

        yes. through BT, USB or if you have Xbox wireless adapter

    20. yasio bolo

      I found the perfect headset for me, thank you :)

    21. Filip Fifi

      Good look

    22. Salvador Fernández Manzano


    23. Blaze

      Captions:XBOX SOUND

    24. Nate B

      This should cost at most $200 Xbox: 3 take it or leave it

      1. yasio bolo

        I’m on ps5 even I want it

    25. Ezequiel Sandez


      1. Da Bean

        100$ dólares americanos

    26. SHUTTLE HD

      How much does it cost?

      1. Da Bean


    27. flipz madmax

      Ordered myself one

      1. Xbox

        Now to wait until March 16th 👀

    28. Eternal plays MCPE

      YAY XBOX

    29. Leyson Yaba Ley


    30. Oscar Bokokoblin

      When can you fix the latency because I get 300 ping and it's not my internert please fix it

    31. Saleem Halawani

      mum it will help me hear the teacher better in zoom

    32. SavingPvtWyatt

      Make the Xbox elite three controller

    33. Benjamin Cook

      will my razar headset work

    34. Xervxii

      I’m going to get these but there £399.99

    35. Yushua Hussain

      Let's see if this works "Hi Xbox :)"

    36. dcoog anml

      Bruh out of stock in the first 9 hours

    37. David Richards

      These are already out of stock everywhere

    38. Irritated Bear

      I’m on ps5 even I want it

    39. Keyan Currens

      How many ohms are they ?

    40. Дмитрий Gym

      Shut up and take my money!!!😀

      1. dcoog anml

        finally. some real headphones that work on xbox with ingame sounds.

    41. addisonxsweat

      Welcome to the new generation gamers.

    42. Konten Makan

      X box noob

    43. Northmoto.

      I'm starting to appreciate the understated design of xbox and their products

    44. shadowagaming20

      i can finally play fnaf 4 properly

    45. Paweł

      Oh my God. Now there are preorders of headsets too?!

    46. Ivan Alvarado

      Bruh I just bought the turtle beach 600s tf

    47. Kenninator

      Sweet, order it right Now. ❤😊. Thx Xbox

    48. 7ThRonin

      Do I need paid xbox app to be able to use Dolby Atmos in this headphones?

    49. Sulochana Samarasingha

      Can I use these on the ps5

    50. reebaOn120hz

      I GOT IT

    51. 4zzx


    52. Efrain Perez cruz

      very expensive

      1. Always Decent

        How? It’s only $99 bucks

    53. Caroline Cummins

      These are £300

    54. BlackRagh Christian

      finally. some real headphones that work on xbox with ingame sounds.

    55. Knuckles_36

      How much?

    56. Bernard udeh

      I need to get this

    57. William Hutchinson III

      I can't find the link to pre-order.. :(

    58. FatalMistake

      How much

    59. lost puppy

      Just get an elite atlas turtle beach headset, one that isn't made for people with ears on their jaws

    60. aola wili

      Scalpers: "I'll take your entire stock"

    61. John

      Dog water

    62. ParadoxTrue

      Can they become wired if u attach a 3.5mm jack into the headset cause what if they died and or u want to use wired on it

      1. Always Decent

        I guess this headset only takes 30 minutes to charge up to 15 hours

    63. Mehran ariamoghadam


    64. Joseph Cain

      But it doesn’t even have noice cancel

      1. aola wili

        Just bought one With wire yesterday.. are you Joking?

    65. Dennis 2o9

      Yeah these are my next purchase idk why I barely found out and bought the Xbox one stereo headset for$60 but now that I know these are being released in 3 weeks from now ima return and upgrade to the new wireless xbox headset for the series x 40$ more can't go wrong can't wait 3/16/21

    66. Chaney Houk

      So do these recharge or do I need to use my rechargeable batteries?

      1. Always Decent

        @Chaney Houk I guess it only takes 30 minutes for full 15 hour charge. Astro a50s take 4 hours for full charge.

      2. Chaney Houk

        @Xbox okay sweet! I just pre-ordered them!

      3. Xbox

        They have a built in rechargeable battery.

    67. Ghost

      Pre ordered

      1. Ghost

        @Xbox yo what the hell Xbox replied

      2. Xbox

        Good call!

    68. MCMLXXXI pictures

      so this releases in march and i am buying my xbox series s the same day this releases and i am H Y P E D

      1. Xbox

        That's awesome. You'll be all set up!

    69. Ruth Coronado

      Se ven bien chidos

    70. 2018 Honda Civic Si

      does it work on pc too?

      1. Xbox

        It does!

    71. JazzyMilk99

      Everyone: IM GETTING IT Reality: nevermind it’s too much

      1. RapturedxSweetness

        You don't do headsets very often huh? Lol This isn't bad for the price.

    72. Harry EP3

      Just pre ordered. They are in stock at Very UK

      1. Xbox

        We're glad you could pick up a pair!

    73. Amogimanie

      So many trailers

    74. José David Contreras Alvarez

      Vale madres me acabo de comprar otro

    75. Adam Garcia

      Hopefully these last longer than my elite 2 did 🤦

    76. Eoghan R6

      Razer called they want their style back

    77. Abaan Rayyan

      can u put microsoft flight simulater in xbox onevs

    78. Mon Tex

      Just bought one With wire yesterday.. are you Joking?

    79. Royal Idiots

      I mean it’s ok

    80. Steven Van Djik

      Price? Release date? And name?

    81. The Variety Universe

      Intro: *shows yellow color* Born xbox fans: wait thats illegal

    82. Fernando Alvarez


    83. MrEpic

      Do these only works with Xbox or we can use it for other devices such as any phones or laptops

      1. Xbox

        The Xbox Wireless Headset can work with Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices via Bluetooth just as easily as it can connect your Series X|S and Xbox One!

    84. Einar Harri

      Wish the ps5 headset had an external mic as well.

    85. miko foin

      These look clean as hell I can't lie

      1. Xbox

        Just gotta appreciate the style 😎

    86. MTV SLIME

      Don’t even have an Xbox series x yet but honestly can’t wait for it.

    87. Haredoz

      Can somebody give me headphones?

    88. Tyren Francis


      1. Tyren Francis

        @miko foin ok boomer

      2. miko foin

        worse version of pulse 3d headset and m a pc player imagine

    89. Chuck's Stuff


      1. Xbox

        We're glad to see a wireless option!

    90. GamingSpider 115

      It looks amazing but whats the price?

    91. Jdb

      Ok Xbox I see you

    92. Nael Tariq

      Me with my $25 turtle beach headset: 😐

    93. Marco Veal

      Because the coupon for my appointment Xbox blowing me off line boring Taking my time just called KN ice baby

    94. Marco Veal

      Hey Xbox if I text you someone’s game attack can you guys been someone from the account for good

    95. Kendry Castillo

      My wallet: Do it, JUST DO IT!

    96. Abran Quinonez

      Got mine on pre-oder from bestbuy!

      1. Xbox


    97. Tien Huynh

      Why didn’t you tell me first I just bought wired headphones

    98. Team KYC

      what if my PC doesn't have Bluetooth do I just buy an adapter?

    99. Hi Bye

      Will it work on xbox one

      1. Xbox

        It will, yes.

    100. HiByeDie 21

      how much

      1. Xbox

        MSRP will be $99.99.