World's Weirdest Item | OT 26

Dude Perfect

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    1. Dude Perfect

      Thank you guys 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 Grab your DP book here!

      1. Bassam Ghaferi

        Dude perfect do gaming stereotypes

      2. Mariam Zafar is creative

        I cant bcz i am from pak

      3. SKM

        Last lol

      4. Aarav Shah YT

        When does TY read a book? Last reply btw

      5. SKM


    2. Neo James Peroy

      2040 bucket list Dude perfect climbs Everest

    3. Hiddensky

      These Dudes are perfect 👍🏻😁😎🔥

    4. Dung Le

      The crunch cup was from vat19

    5. Big Banana

      Maybe it’s just me but comfort in a glove sounds cool

    6. j gamer

      Ha I am In south Africa

    7. John M Lombardo

      Can my small chat get a view

    8. Weston Studios

      you should make a video every monday

    9. bespin guard

      They got two sponsors for this video

    10. Christian Treichel

      sneaky peaky

    11. fearfulduck of brown city

      trailer park

    12. Reis Homsey

      Look inside for all my comments

      1. Reis Homsey

        Ned was so harsh to coby when he asked if he was hiding anything

      2. Reis Homsey

        Neds hair is worse than my sisters

      3. Reis Homsey

        Honestly I wouldn’t have noticed that he’s going up because the parachute I would have thought he wanted it to break

      4. Reis Homsey

        I’m not a bot nerds

      5. Reis Homsey

        The trailer had me exited

    13. Shadow Master

      Alright so dp I love these guys and I play a game called dragon city basically you get a lot of dragons and battle and there is a dude perfect dragon and just today I begged my mom for 9$ to buy it for me and I love it dp is amazing my fav channel

    14. P51JoshuaJ _

      Can we bring back mail time please? I liked that segment.

    15. Amy Belkey

      go dude perfect

    16. That Guy

      5:48 My mom after seeing me scurry back to my room after a snack.

    17. zijuiy wttuy

      That's a badass quote "5 seconds of fear or a lifetime if regret, i choose fear"

    18. All about marvel Movies and books

      I think it should be sneaky peakey

    19. Therese Morris

      Do ot 27

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        That bucket list thing looks so sick I’m from South Africa wish I saw you guys tho

    20. Joyful Days


    21. Josy Rojas

      I don’t like how Cody got a sponsored item for cool not cool, the votes weren’t fair 🥱

    22. Noobcraft Plays

      bruh I haven't watched dude perfect for 2 yrs

    23. Joshua TT


    24. Yoshi Forlife

      Sparky needs to be the 6th man

    25. L81 Channel


    26. Quarantine Killers

      Great video can’t wait for bucket list

    27. sean Munro photography

      You should get panda on overtime

    28. Alena Schaefer


    29. The trick shot boys

      Sneaky peaky

    30. jedajo78

      i would say trailer park

    31. Austin Ye

      Hey Dude Perfect maybe next time where you choose the name out of the thing, maybe get a replica of Rick Astley’s shoes and maybe put a rickroll in a part of the next video

    32. Merideth Fitzpatrick

      you're awsome and i'm on my moms competer and my birth day is MAY 4! cody!!!

    33. Micah Utz

      trailer park

    34. William Pearson

      That bucket list thing looks so sick I’m from South Africa wish I saw you guys tho

    35. LionelLines

      Every page in a book is a PG page, because the abbreviation for page is pg. Therefore, children cannot read alone. Just a random piece of humor.

    36. Benji_ Warren

      You should add go to the police station for no reason to the wheel

    37. Zachary Bernstein

      bring back taste test!!

    38. sanal sunny

      I like your videos 2:43 But, I hope those eggs were not hatchable.

    39. Joshua Scott


    40. Joshua Scott


    41. Jenessa Dworet

      pls do anather fight seen

    42. Haddie Thifault

      Great Video guys!!

    43. Zoe Rodriguez

      I love overtime

    44. Facelss



      I unsubbed as soon as they broke the glove and helmet.

    46. Jellygta111

      People who think Ned is Tyler 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    47. Pramath Bhat

      How can I order ???

    48. Pramath Bhat

      Kiwi co does not have the option to the country India

    49. Mashed Socks

      I say Trailer Park is better

    50. Shailesh Gosawi

      -just wow-

    51. Christopher Jomarron

      Extreme budget cool not cool again


      Coby looks like Stingy from Lazy Town

    53. xris81

      “Most things in your life that are worth doing are hard” -coby or Cory?

    54. Bj Elkhal

      Why are OT’s so rare I wish there was an OT every week

    55. Ankitha Preman

      My walls are made up of brick

    56. Mads BlackGacha

      I missed these guys- they used to make me happy and they still do

    57. Dean H

      Hahah mrbeast has more subscribers than you


      Plz dudes put videos of trickshots

    59. HADI SK

      Anyone here after listening to DP's new music video....

    60. Yuto Kurata

      It was a quick death it was quick it was fast she didnt feel a thing and thats how i wanted it to go. -tt 2021-

    61. fredi cortinez

      35.000 $ for a hat?!

    62. opzz xsin


    63. B-04-Omkar Gharat

      4:09 best wholesome dude moment right here

    64. nrpyxd cool

      Thanks dude perfect for keeping me happy during the illness that I’m going through 🙏

      1. opzz xsin

        "Never underestimate a hungry man” -Sparky, 2021

    65. Erica Sarnowski

      I like sneaky peaky better.

    66. Cole Wilson

      I Spy Ty again anyone?

    67. prime_gamer75

      Garret is awesome

    68. Bastian Merriman

      Who's ur favorite character?? Mine is Tyler and his alter ego ned Forrester

    69. Gene Blair

      you need to put more panda n

    70. Aiden Ryan

      Sorry Coby i luv u man but Ty is the better-looking chubby guy!

    71. Livia Leandro

      Flashback to when I thought that in wheel unfortunate had an actual audience.

    72. Pizzatc 0

      Bucket list Antarctica

    73. Aiden Ryan

      I love Trailor Park!! Also, i love Harry Potter too!! and I love u guys!

    74. Pizzatc 0

      14.30 to 15.30 to skip sponsor

    75. Angry Games

      Idk if this was already said but I feel like a judge dudy will happen over the peace in a box and hand warm things

    76. Free Food


    77. The everything Channel

      That trailer for bucket list was the most epic trailer I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched plenty of movies.

    78. Daisy Thompson

      I have Kiki Cao and I am 10

    79. Hmmm

      "Never underestimate a hungry man” -Sparky, 2021

    80. Anthony Alicea-Fiedor

      I love how great the quality of the film was. It’s amazing how much these guys have improved and always try to they never stick with the same stuff all the time

    81. GmoneyGAMEZ


    82. M R

      whos here after they posted the music vid?

      1. wingwaxed 5


    83. CityASMR

      Do they have Percy Jackson posters though

    84. TheBoi Danny

      Was there a vocab word??

    85. K

      We say Trailer Park!

    86. Josue Soza

      That last egg part almost made me cry 😂

    87. Patrick Khalifeh

      Who else watching this may the 4th and is like "WOW!! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!!" 10:19

    88. Alejandro Cardenas

      Sneaky Peeky

    89. Plasma Clan

      Sparky: this could go anywhere Me: well cobys egg is true to that

    90. Sarah Sallee

      Did they just diss Kentucky Basketball? That’s my home state 😢😡🥺

    91. Techyboy

      Don't waste food...

    92. Kenny Koskinen


    93. Bowen Judd

      For me, it’s May the Calculus AP Exam is today.

    94. Cohen Lindsey

      Anyone for cool not cool needs to try a pop it

    95. Bowen Judd

      Sparky: Who has the egg that’ll win? The eggs: Where we droppin boys?

    96. YTuser45

      I legit feel bad that his comfort helmet got smashed...

    97. Joshua Benedict

      Sneaky peaky

    98. Miss Sophie

      Am i the only one who thinks that he looks with that fatsuit like the boy from lazy town 😂😂

    99. Debritu Gebremedhin

      definitely sneaky peaky

    100. Benjamin Altenburg

      The new theme song with ty dancing akwardly is so funny