Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?

Marques Brownlee

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    The Sony Xperia series is way cooler than any sales numbers indicate!
    Xperia 5 ii: amzn.to/2SHTcsR
    Xperia 5 ii with headphones: geni.us/mfM164
    The Sony sales numbers: sonyreconsidered.com/sony-mobile-earns-practically-0-of-smartphone-markets-profits-in-2019-7053153c4d49
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    1. Hamza Ayaz

      It's just the stock android... They should have there own UI..! 😑 I STILL LOVE IT!

    2. ivan milojkovic

      Also, do remember their support stops in a year or two. No updates, no customer care. I love sony but have left as they stopped releasing updates on two models. They just dont care, period :(

    3. Terry Jackson

      They do but you've had your head so far up apples ass you didn't notice

    4. nioh dexter

      why people dont buy sony smartphone? simple. its super expensive asf.

    5. Rafa Gomis

      Nice opinion! I either want to see this smartphones die.

    6. mohammed fuzail

      i hardly see any advertisements for sony phones???looks like sony has got enough market value in other stuffs like ps5 or vaio laptops or even headphones and tvs etc..that they dont want to put their hands into smartphone production even they do produce but may not want to advertise them as much as they advertise they re other products.........sony ....hope u jumpback in action.....because i remember sony ericsson[a big time hit]

    7. baserock love

      Well i just dumped my old sony phone. It was the actual worst phone i've ever had. The most basic things like....bluetooth syncing to my car, having a keyboard that works well, running basic apps consistently, all of this was infuriatingly half baked or inconsistent or downright broken. It also gets the distinction of being the first phone to ever have the display break/malfunction after a drop for me....it dropped off my dresser onto carpet.


      Maybe some agressive marketing can bring the market share for Sony

    9. dark1alucard

      for free. lol

    10. M. Matiouz

      Xz premium actually.. Immortal..

    11. Musa Kalaycı

      because of populism. people choose noisy products over quality ones. same pattern seen in any high school or underdeveloped society with juvenile tendencies. same reason why we dont build architectural monuments but one penis looking buildings after another. or why no quality music is produced but instead our ears raped by kanye west and derivatives. populism.

    12. Romy Venes

      It has too much features for too many things. These features come with a price. In the end, no one can afford it. So the guys who designed it in the lab, thinking of a dream product just priced the item out of the market. They ended up designing a toy for the tech kids without seriously studying if there is a market for such a thing. It’s too much for a phone, but not good enough to be a TV, nor good enough to be a high end camera nor a high end video camera. What a waste of resources and time!

    13. Owen Mclain

      Because Sony doesn't spend as much on advertising like Apple does.

    14. Sainturiel Mendoza

      Me wondering why i didn't buy this phone. My wallet: No.

    15. Andrew Mattson

      All the electromagnetic radiation receding this dude's hairline

    16. TheRook

      Fuck me, that's a gorgeous phone...


      Sony makes fantastic phones. I am replying to this video from my XPERIA XZ2 Premium. The problems with Sony phones are poor marketing, non competitive pricing and appalling distribution network.

    18. Groome007

      I purchased a Sony Xperia in 2014. It looked cool, seemed to have great features ... but it had major issues. I would get a text or email notification - but it would take a solid 4 or 5 minutes to get the phone to "wake up" ... and even then it was slow. It was by far THE WORST SMARTPHONE I'VE EVER HAD. Very much NOT RECOMMENDED. The real culprit was a very underpowered hardware driving the 'features'. The battery also went to sh!t in a year, and I was stuck paying for this POS long after I wanted to smash it. It was terrible. It was awful. So, add that into the reasons why their mobile sales dropped off ... their products were terrible. Also: I take care of my stuff. For comparison: I picked up an Iphone 6s when i ditched the SONY, and I haven't had ANY issues with it since, and it even looks brand new still. SONY f*cked up, and that's why I'll never go back.

    19. Lefty G

      Just got my xperia 5 ii traded in my s20. Soo its very smooth lagg free, its got a headphone jack, its got a notification light, its got better battery health app bit like apple. Its easy to hold, camera is better than s20 more natural. Its got a camera button, the inly negative is what Samsung done with past phones and that is a Google assistant dedicated button which has no use and I forgot to mention they now do 3 years software updates 😀 on the 2020 flagships ie 1 ii and 5 ii

    20. Joy Deep

      Lg phone had that before.

    21. USugo

      because my uncle has one and he keeps sending it back to the shop for repairing! :-P

    22. Gowtham R.K

      2:56 I'll take your entire stock

    23. misthalu

      I used to be a huge Sony Ericsson enthusiastic fan, and kept following Sony after they split up with Ericsson. But man they've disappointed me again and again ever since. And when we bought 5 Sony Xperia phones at work that suffered from the "Ghost-Touch" problem, we had to struggle for months with the reseller who kept claiming there was no problem. Finally I reached out to Sony for help, but they just said "Reseller says there's no problem". That made me turn my back to Sony completely. Sad poor extremely disappointing customer service.

    24. ___S Â Ç H Î Ñ G Û P T Â___

      Sony smartphones have features that we want...... But, we buy other smartphones instead of Sony smartphones. This is because *I don't know the answer* 😅😅

    25. Jay P

      I didn't know Sony still made phones

    26. Rishabh rix

      it does have a night mode , it's just becausedying

    27. 2010 KING

      Why ignore the elephant in the room? People only buy sony playstation. This isn't apple, with the macbook or phones. Or Samsung with the t.v's and phones. Nobody uses walkmans anymore. sony really only has playstation 🤷‍♂️ sony ain't apple or samsung. People don't like them, they like playstation

    28. Jacob Torgerson

      I tried the Xperia Z1 when it first came out because the Specs on paper were phenomenal!! I was blown away by a 21mp camera (back then) with sony quality light sensors! All the specs looked like they would blow Samsung out of the water... But then I found out why certain brands tend to have influence. Software support. Like, the Z1 couldn't even use the full capabilities of it's own camera (could only use 8mp with stabilization and 12 without) But the REAL issue for me was the software updates. Sony was putting out updates for their unlocked phones and other carriers, but Sony and Verizon DID NOT play nice with each other. I think I only got 1 or 2 updates in the couple years I had it....maybe. So I switched back to Samsung and never went back. It IS tempting though! If I knew Sony and Verizon played nicely with each other nowadays I would genuinely consider leaving my galaxy for a whole new Xperience!

    29. Marika Hirschmann

      This is the best advertising Sony could ever have for their phones

    30. Davin Moreno

      Umm, i watch this video using Xperia XZ1 :/

    31. OHZZA CH

      Display 4K but low quality 90Hz 120Hz do not have.

    32. Stony Lapang

      Sony phone are very expensive if u compare in indian currency

    33. lester verian

      Is he the guy in Elliot Choy's video giving away iphone 11 in harvard??

    34. Mr M

      Maybe people remember sony ruining their phones with bad updates and battery problems then denying all responsibility.. Just Google z1 battery problem and see the never ending Web pages and forums everyone but Sony trying to fix it. 😎

    35. Arber B

      Bought XZ1 as soon as it came out for around 750-800€, for one year I couldnt be more happy, but as soon as the phone hit that one year mark, no Updates anymore, camera stopped working, even Whatsapp and alarm app stopped working properly.... Made the mistake once, never again.

    36. Athanasia

      Honestly, Sony for me has by far the best Smartphones, I've tried many brands but none were as good as Sony in terms of longevity. I've had mine for more than 6 years. It just started to malfunction recently so I'm looking for a new phone. The previous Sony I had before the current one, lasted 4 years.

    37. Israil Borih

      ,Do you remember the Sony-Ericson phones)))

    38. 53af00d

      They don't sell them in Australia

    39. Md Ashraful

      If they give 90/120hz display then it would be a monster..

    40. doflamingo13

      You see there it peaks at 2013-2014? That's when Sony Z phone was famous for its camera and popular. However, the screen was notoriously fragile and this hurts a lot of Sony customers including me. I got myself Asus after months dealing with a phone which screen can crack for no reason and my asus still survive until now

    41. cantonpop

      I once had a Sony Xperia XZ and it's quite cool. People may need a while to get used to using it but that's true for any phones that you're unfamiliar with. Their marketing isn't great, and their customer service could have improved so as to reach out to more customers. Thanks for doing this review. It's awesome and I hope more people can learn about other great phones out there. I definitely don't like monopoly.

    42. Duke Nukem

      I have not seen a sony TV advert in years either..

    43. Duke Nukem

      Had terrible customer service in the past with Sony, the battery went on my Z3 they told me it was not covered after 6 months, the UI is dated, the reliability was dire, they do not market them either and demand money that the consumer does not think is worth when compared to an iphone or Samsung, trust me I was a die hard sony fan, K700, k800 K850 c902, c905, sony satio, Z2C Z3C Z3+ sony m2 and then gave up with the brand,

    44. Stuart Graham

      I only buy Sony phones but each one lasts me at least 4 years so it's not a phone that needs replacing every year or 18 months

    45. sailorashore

      This bloke speaks clearly and with good diction so his explanations are easy to comprehend, nice review !

    46. Nour Idbella

      nice phone, but the PRICE!!!!!

    47. vao bee

      Because sony have proven to sell shitty phones .

    48. Zane

      Because the support sucks

    49. Pocket Lawyer

      I had a Sony phone once. Android is the problem IMO.

    50. Kusuma Kumari

      Sony is waste for TV's under 50,000

    51. GodBlessYou2008

      SONY FTW

    52. m m

      I know better, why Sony can't sell more.... First of all Sony motto is give all things you want minus something you need...... Sony doesn't mix want and need in budget and simple series. That's it.

    53. Big Fire

      I use experia 1.2. Photo pro camera is excellent

    54. Harsh Pundir

      I think u r ignoring the biggest reason behind sony's failure and the reason is they r manufacturing the same designs from the past 7 years....from the very first experia z1 to the most recent mobile the looks and the feel r same...same design..same themes..same wallpapers and nothing much has been changed....everything was going fine till they were in a collaboration with erricson...they were very innovative each device was different from other devices and those were superb too like w550i...sony erricson p1 and the whole walkman series were awesome but now they r making new phones but unfirtunately they always gives a glimpse of Sony's 2013 models....and I won't like to spent my precious money on these idiotic phones

    55. POWER

      Not easy to find to purchase. Sony absolutely brutal marketing

    56. Bram Teunissen

      Yep, thanks, now I have an Xperia 5 II

    57. Prateek P

      I am having galaxy note 10+,but in my home there are two 4k TV's which are from sony by the way love your channel bro I am from India ❤️👍

    58. fpm2080

      After this video I went to Sony website to find a xperia and them "oh it's just $1200 ", not for me, I'm just an average user.

    59. pramod b

      I used Xperia Z2 for 5 years. Super phone, super camera super in every way.

    60. Volzutan Smeig

      i personally only use sony phones. In my opinion they're the best.

    61. May松見

      I've Xperia XZs and still worth it

    62. pallav mohan

      the presence of a tool-less sim card and MicroSD card tray is so cool, something very unique and minor but very useful

    63. Sanane Banane

      Sony chose the fight with customers. Customers wanted to bezelles screen and Sony insist bezel for so many phones. Now customers are angry about this stubbornness. Sony needs new story and they needs to listen public more often.

    64. Abhilash

      Years ago I decided on buying xperia and the day before I got to know that its battery was pathetic--like a laptop, it gave like 4-5 hrs. I then confirmed it with an Xperia user. What a dodge! Never looked at it again.

    65. EL NAYRUBY

      its not selling because of the over price.

    66. David Cantu

      They are soooo awesome i miss the vaio those were lovely machines...i wish sony would give apple a run for their money i know they can do it. I have a twelve pro max but i must say i do miss my walkman phones. They had a touch screen one that i drooled over. The cybershot c seven oh two was the last one i owned which was way ahead if its time in my opinion. It was water resistant and had photo editing software built in with a walkman suite for loading your music with album art😻and something i miss, being able to use music from your own library for a ringtone...no software needed😻😻i wish i could get a sony phone😢they had one experia that had goldfish swimming on the lock screen displaying notifications by the color of the fish...missed calls, voice mails stuff like that. That was sooo baddass🦾 i think it was the first generation models. No one was doing it like that back then🦾🦾they even had a device that was kinda like an itouch/ipod that was ahead of its time to me too👍🏼 sony needs to take another bite out of apple🦾🦾🦾i know they got it...they should hire me lol😄i need a job😅😅

    67. Dr. Rishabh Mittal

      Smartphone is such a huge market everywhere.. inspite of that don't doesn't care for ps5? What rubbish! Like this Sony will die in years to come.

    68. Ro b

      A dream for me would be able to have IOS on a Sony phone. They build great quality and interesting devices.

    69. Filthy Peasant Gaming

      That phone sound amazing, but im poor.

    70. chocothunder

      Me just seeing only the thumbnail: WTF Sony has a Smartphone?!

    71. Space Gleam Fiction

      Why doesn’t Sony just borrow a load of money and advertise these phones everywhere. So people know

    72. Space Gleam Fiction

      Very cool phone

    73. Kicapan Manis

      I would buy this if it wasn't 21:9. Not a ratio I like for my phone.

    74. pokemonjosh1

      Their largest market share is in japan with a 9% compared to the apple 64% market share... At least it is 2nd place in its home country.

    75. Suraj

      Sony, Panasonic, Sharp. All top Japanese companies suck big time as mobile phone makers.

    76. AK

      You mentioned a ton of great features and you didn't even comment on the Zeiss lenses for the camera, which is also a selling point for the photography angle.

    77. Святозар Пупкин

      I've worked for Sony for 5 years as a Customer Services Officer and I've seen the transformation from Z3 to ZX Premium. Honestly, the hardware is so much better than iPhone, however, Sony seems don't pay much attention to the marketing of sale to it. Salesmen: 120HZ, IP65/68, fancy camera, nice speakers, 5G? Of course! Customers: Which brand? Salesmen : Sony! Customers: Nah!

    78. Tariq Abozweed

      Very solid phone

    79. covennett halo

      Sony will make a comeback only if ps vita 2 (I know it's not a phone but still a mobile device). Or Sony Ericsson 2 happens

    80. Lucy Coe

      Clickbait ad

    81. Darren Mullen

      XM4 for FREE!?

    82. moris preciosa

      This is the best advertising Sony could ever have for their phones


      MKBHD since Sony makes cameras for apple nobody buys it because not many people know about this and simply it’s more expensive than most flagship phones out there but if Sony want to up their game if they would sell for 700$ Sony would sell at least 7,00000 units if they do this just sayin.

    84. Andraž Zrimšek

      My last 2 phones have been Sony, bu tthey spent almost more time in repair than with me. Switching to Samsung

    85. Kylie Stockberger

      I had no idea Sony sold phones

    86. akshat jain

      why don't you join sony

    87. Fat Boy

      Because they have small batary

    88. aiman hatim

      Along time ago there was a legendary Smartphone...they call it "SonyEriccson"

    89. Austen Lowe

      They don't market enough, well they've not made a spiderman film for a while. They break easily, I had 3 xz premiums which were awesome phones but by god the screens don't like to be dropped and it's a nightmare to repair.

    90. Bemo Tsopzz

      2:54 phone and headphone for free

    91. yss dheeraj

      Sony Xperia One of those gonna extinct


      Sony phones are a big budget phone ,when someone has that budget they swipe to good quality phones like oneplus and all ,if not then they buy realme,redmi and some cheap good phones.Thats what I think😃.Anyway samsung is also good

    93. Mike Mo

      This aspect ratio should always fold.

    94. Joshua Kikekon

      I am a fan of Sony since the era of Sony Ericsson and that's over 13 years now. I cannot use any other phone apart from Sony except when they are out of business, which i never wish to happen.

    95. my devj

      sony was the first to make water resistant mobile

    96. Aizen.S saphir

      Sony for noob lol

    97. Eddie in Trouble

      I am a sony fan. If they brought back the sony walkman i would be the first in line. But your opinion is on point. They need more agility on this.

      1. Eddie in Trouble

        @willy vlyminck You are right, Not in tech I dont think so, but in design and fun, the classic sony erricson walkmans were delightfull itens. I believe sony could invest in that.

      2. willy vlyminck

        Do we still need a walkman if you have this phone?

    98. MrKiwispirit

      My last phone was a Sony $500 bucks what a waste of dollars that was. I recent was given an Apple iPhone 6 what a huge difference (better) way better in comparison don’t waste your dollars in a Sony phone Js

    99. Noble Price

      They don’t buy them because THEY SUCK-F-YOU SONY!!! M1 PROCESSOR FOR LIFE!!!!

    100. Nero Abey

      I got a Sony z on 2013 still works perfectly , I didn’t sell , it’s been loyal to me until today, Sometimes it makes me emotional thinking about it, I’m fond of Japanese products specially the brand Sony, never let you down,