When 17 Year Old Lionel Messi TOYED with €1 Billion+ Real Madrid Team [HD]

Messi Magic™

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    Young Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid Galácticos [ English Commentary ]

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. shashank gupta

      2:19 Holy fucks Messi just destroyed Zidane there.

      1. Tom Fischer

        I mean I fucking love Messi and I think he is by far the best player in football history, but that can’t be considered „destroyed“

      2. shashank gupta

        @Bucks The destruction happened afterwards when Messi was on ground.

      3. Bucks

        Ball literally didn’t reach Zizou because it was a bad pass and you call it destroyed? So delusional

      4. Anandu D

        @William Johnson gk

      5. [ MARIVS ]

        Do you mean".. Messi just destroyed an entire galaxy there."

    2. Wolfram Heldmaier

      We did not see the second goal. Why? Messi did nothing magic in this match. And also very few football between the Ads. Disappinting

    3. bendoi namsao

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    4. delete

      He’s 18 not 17

    5. Ark: Arconium PvPvE - Unique open World PvP

      Messi is just lessi, lazy and messi here as he is now. Always in the same area not doing much. Tho he got a very skilled freekick to score while doing not much usually. Not gonna talk about the referee doing a very shitty job on all shwalbe's made. Second goal is not even in the video so 17 year old Meshy can go back to school imo. He's better at his current age then he was in this crappy match. Im not a fan of Barca or RM btw, just saying as it is.

    6. Александр Барановский

      помню всех в 90 ых у меня был канал который показывал чемпионат Италии как сейчас помню был фанатом Ювентуса Раванэлли Виалли Баджо потом помню хорвата Бокшича лучший клуб

    7. mask keteer

      now i know zidane hate messi,because messi humiliate him like bitch

    8. Gucci_ Mode

      So many legendary players in 1 match.

    9. Ian McDonald

      The talent in the pitch is remarkable, I don’t think the top 5 leagues have the amount of talent as these 2 teams! Quality of players has really dropped off the last 5-8 years.

    10. Moza Mozambi

      Soo many legends there

    11. Alex Nguyen

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    12. Test Test

      15:01 He wasn’t ready 😂

    13. Razvan Kirchoff

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    14. Milad Yalda

      Where did you come up with 1 billion + team? Figo costed 50m zidane 53m Beckham 30m Ronaldo 37m the rest were so cheap and Real Madrid academy players.

    15. Michael Bulson

      Wow Messi is something else even at 17.

    16. Mohsina Tabassum

      All I can see Messi gets the ball than someone just diving him🙂

    17. Vincent Chawngthu

      Etoo was really a problem for Messi if you watch carefully. Thank God that they sold him quickly. Messi must be given a huge space.

    18. MuffinOW

      can someone explain to me why 3:08 was allowed?

    19. So Es

      A very young elclassico to be told.

    20. T Y

      I am not a big fan of Football, but I can still names most players here, what an amazing time...

    21. Super Football 2021


    22. Poli Moli

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    23. Popan v dele

      когда то Месси играл футбол,а щас стал пешеходом ,годы берут свое.

    24. Patrick Bevis

      I’m an arsenal fan but my favorite player is messi I’m right footed but because of Messi I play RW

    25. Robin Daniels

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    26. jaale cumar

      All this years and Real Madrid didn't realize that buying the best players in the world and put them together doesn't work.

    27. Jesus Avila

      He was not that impressive. He's good but not as good as Maradona. Even CR7 was better than Messi. He played against an old team, the same way Mbappe did it to Messi and an old Barcelona. By the way, Mbappe completely destroyed Barcelona and scored a hat trick.

    28. Unknown Plays__

      Was just thinking these two teams of the best players combined would smash the greatest players of this generation in one team it’s unreal... the talent that has gone from the old days is mental

    29. jason harmon

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    30. Kontaktperson

      Well that messi guy... small body bad physique. I guess he wont play for barca so long...

    31. Aakib Koliya

      Imagine cr7 there what a match this was

    32. stnicholas54

      Where did the 2nd goal come from or did I miss something? I only saw one goal in this clip.

    33. Kyle Picking

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    34. Jayy2toxic

      Pretty sure he was 18

    35. Tom Holt

      These commentators are shite

    36. Peter Jhonson

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    37. Carlos Rocha

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    38. Mr1X

      Absolutely insane who was playing in this game. Ronaldinho, Messi, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Raul, Beckham, Xavi, ....

    39. Joe Smith

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    40. offtopclub

      Unbelievable! Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Ramos, Casillas vs Messi, Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta. Tell me it's not a fake

    41. Kobe Bean The GOAT

      that Real Madrid team.....

    42. rodrigo alonso

      Once real and barca were full of stars

    43. Fredy Mendez

      I know this isn’t about Messi but as a Mexican fan it gives us so much joy watching Marquez play along side greats of the game as everyone in the pitch had become a legend in their own right including Marquez who won titles with Barcelona and played the whole champions league final against arsenal. We will never have another player like him. If you look at old Barcelona clips Marquez was the man to pass those long vertical passes as Puyols psssing wasn’t as good as Marquez although puyols defense was far better and he was more athletic.

    44. Fredy Mendez

      Ramos didt know it then but Messi was gona shit on him for years to come, Ramos career will be remembered by ronaldinho dancing circles around him and Messi just taunting the man lol 😂 ppl act like Ramos is on puyol/Maldini level


      the quality is actually really good

    46. Chinito

      Barcelona were so fearless wow

    47. Fazrul Fasya

      99% legendaries 1% commentaries

    48. Chris

      Damn this game filled with ogs

    49. Saemisch Najdorf

      When Messi used to run back after a lost ball

    50. Andrija R.

      I hate ramos.

    51. Bree Nguyen

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    52. Glenn Christino Yosua

      Jeez, this video quality is brilliant! Thank you for upload this!

    53. Peter Thomas

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    54. Idan Magen

      everything about leo's game is perfect

    55. Max UFO

      U wont find such confidence in any other player in the age of 17 ! The first 4 consecutive ballondors shows his different level than any other , after that he didnt decline , he just lost motivation , to put every legend in ur pocket and be the best in history will kill ur energy ! People dont know how depressing is to be on absolute top without trying too much , u need smth to put effort on . P.s. since 2014 ballondor became TEAM AWARD , thats why messi didnt win it much , every year he was the most helping and point winning player in top 5 leagues !

    56. 23kc

      Florentino Perez to Luxemburgo: How much money you want me to spend on players? Luxemburgo: Yes.

    57. Carlos Rocha

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    58. Jeremiah Sala

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    59. yosoyalbertico

      Fantástico vídeo. Ese año barça ganó la champions con un Messi que tuvo algunas lesiones pero que viendo esto ya con 17 años detalles de el mejor del mundo. Ronaldinho hay un momento del vídeo que se da cuenta y le dice algo de Crack a Crack. También Zidane se da cuenta y toda la defensa del Madrid también. Muy buen video.

    60. Zack Keane

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    61. Alastor

      Este partido probablemente ha reunido a los mejores jugadores de futbol juntos reunidos que nunca volvamos a ver en un estadio.Es increíble lo que se valora esto,haberlo vivido,pasado videos en youtube de futbol y ver estas reliquias.Si ahora ya se ve como algo lejano,no me quiero imaginar esto dentro de otros 10 o 20 años...sera oro verlo.

    62. snkrs yvng

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    63. Alastor

      Esque ves esto y dices.Joder pero si esque todavía jugaba Zidane!!Vamos que se enfrentaron Messi ,Zidane cuando este ya lleva entrenado varios años y Messi jugando.Lo que es el futbol,todo en la sociedsd ests derivando a menos calidad y el futbol no es menos...

    64. Kam Car Crusher

      Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and puyol were the best team barca ever had

    65. mjaatpriory

      My god, the talent in these teams, incredible!

    66. nyim njir

      too many legend in this match

    67. Rocket Yang

      they were all so young at that time

    68. Tommy Willis

      14:26 wtf edit.......who scored the second goal??

    69. Adam Abu

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    70. Sohan Rawat


    71. SebaCod Py

      Holyyy fuckkk the playerssss

    72. Jamie Archer

      I saw some good close ball control and dribbling with low centre of gravity (because he's small) but aside from that, he spends half the time doing what he's always done by going to ground and spending most the match on the floor whenever he cant get by a player or he's challenged. He missed numerous great chances through greed.. He's no Cristiano is he?

    73. domjenx

      Add a few more ad breaks.

    74. xerse29

      Its crazy seeing messi with that much young energy. Endless

    75. jaynez

      ronaldinho destroyed here real madrid

    76. ThinkAboutFootball


    77. JXHNV Silva

      3:32 eto'o no se andaba con gilipolleces

    78. Cefaro: Hey girl, I am a prince...kiss me

      too many commercials on this shitttttt

    79. Arno

      When was this game?

    80. Ryan Brooks

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    81. KDB69

      My 🐐 meter just explode by watching these highlights

    82. Gvnady

      Missing these glory days of El Clasico

    83. Andersön GG

      Y ver a Messi hoy en día verle la cara cada que termina un partido me da un poco de sentimiento :(

    84. Pranav Settaluri

      Imagine being a 17yr old kid and playing against Roberto Carlos.

      1. Repjas

        hes 18 here tho smh

      2. Alan Salgado

        Imagine being 17 and playing against Ronaldinho in practice

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    86. Gorka James

      Such a great hair trend in this era

      1. Der Shōgun

        Yes 🙌 🙌 🙌

    87. Cano

      for children there is no price tag. it could be a 2 billion defense. messi would have destroyed them :)

    88. Hakan OKUDAN

      Ete o. 15:15

    89. Jose Laloz

      Santiago bernabau haha 😅

    90. Achilles

      Dang.. we were great.. but now

    91. Akshay Kumar

      This might be the best two teams of this century.

    92. Trey Rosenbaum

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    93. Mediocre Dude

      7:49 the amount of respect from Roberto Carlos to Messi 👍

    94. J Santana

      I wonder how much money it would cost to have all these players on fifa legends 🤔💸💵💸💵🤑

    95. ROCKET C

      This is a 2005 clasico.

    96. Robert Burch

      Messi will always have an asterisk by his name since he took HGH for 10 years. Lance Armstrong gets caught for doping and its horrible, but it’s OK for Messi since he was undersized as a child.

    97. Adam Fullwood

      the GOAT

    98. Apostu Mihai

      Bineee cu digi sportu

    99. Fritz Schuhmann

      Ronaldinho will always be the one who had fun.

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