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    Alice (Lavinia Wilson) and Niklas (Elyas M'Barek) are a young couple who's biggest wish is to have a child of their own. After several failed attempts they decide to go on a holiday in Sardinia to clear their minds. There they meet a family from Austria that seems to have everything they ever wished for. But appearances can be deceiving...
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    What We Wanted | Official Trailer | Netflix
    A couple facing fertility issues finds their marriage tested on a vacation to a Sardinian resort - and the family next door only adds to the tension.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Elaine k

      The wife is so spoiled and so annoying.

    2. Sodom 1611

      Not bad and not so good. 3,5/5

    3. mark clark

      The movie was incredible. It is unique by it's realness.. Lack of sound effects and more of the nature sounds. Instead of "amazing story" driven thema they gave us real feelings, uncomforts or discussions. Not sad, not happy but Real 👏👏👏

    4. szs voc

      lovely legs

    5. hazoumi sara

      very bad movie :( sooo boring ! such waste of time

    6. yakup ceylan

      O nasıl bir Türkçe dublajsa adamın adı romed sanırsın Muğla li bir aile gibi konuşuyorlar 😂

    7. Amber L

      Somewhat reminds me of the 2015 movie by the sea with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    8. Leanna Ramotar

      I am so not gonna recommend anyone to watch this movie. It was horribly put together 😴Gosh the ending made no sense at all.

      1. Mu T

        100 % agree.

    9. ItNeverHappened

      Does anyone know who sings the cover of Rihanna’s stay in this movie? I’ve been trying to find it online and can’t find it anywhere

      1. ItNeverHappened

        @M. Thankyou so Much! I will finally be able to sleep now! Lol it’s been annoying me so much as it’s such a beautiful cover and I couldn’t find it online Thankyou I will check her out xx

      2. M.

        The cover in this movie is sung by Cat Power, most of the (or the entire?) soundtrack is. I really recommend checking her out, her own songs are great, too! :)

      3. ItNeverHappened

        @Ilona Lav *she. I know Rihanna sings it originally but it’s covered in this movie x

      4. ItNeverHappened

        @Ilona Lav thanks but it’s not Rihanna, it’s a cover artist and I can’t find her but he sings beautifully x

      5. Ilona Lav

        Rihanna - Stay

    10. Konna De Buhr

      Why is everyone in the comments complain about anything other series but don't give a crap about it. You think Netflix will see you cry in a random video and renew a series? Or make restrictions disappear and be able to start filming because you are crying about it?

    11. Armaan Hossain

      So no one's gonna talk about the fact that this film is Georgia's official entry to Best International Feature at the 93rd Oscars?

      1. ahmed tawfik

        U mean austria ?

    12. Daisy S-C

      Is that Cem Öztürk I see

    13. Giulio Belsito

      Awww Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi, amazing set and location!

    14. Nouray Zarha

      قناة الشيطان بعينه Netflix اكبر مروج للفجور

    15. MendozaTron- 256

      Bring The Society back

      1. XL B

        No means no.

    16. Nathalya Sanchez

      Wow , me , gusta , eso ,

    17. jennifer spurlock

      This looks surprisingly good?

    18. Olive Olanipekun

      Halfway through I'm thinking are they gonna kidnap the other couples child🤨😶

      1. Olive Olanipekun

        @Different World Especially the lady!😂I feel like she would do it and he would go along with it😑🤨

      2. Different World

        I just saw the trailer and thinking of watching it. I did think the same tho lol

      3. Olive Olanipekun

        They didnt lol

    19. Rogelio Castellanos

      LOL not a typical Netflix movie


      (what we republican wanted) is for every liberal to move africa mars or die

    21. Paulo Guzzon

      I'm already annoyed by her ... LOL.. won't be watching it

    22. Villager


    23. Merdenoms

      Subject matter had me intrigued, Bat For Lashes at the end. Sold lol!

    24. Juicyberryanim

      Umm I didnt feel the video matched the description

    25. Liz Juntilla

      Private Life but make it German

    26. Vivek Chaudhary

      Someone please tell me the name of that beautiful BackGround score!!

    27. Saidul Goni

      Bring back THE SOCIETY

    28. Ramesh Davasi

      watch Capernaum !

    29. Lorenzo Banza

      Netflix introduced movies and tv shows from the different cultures to a lot of people.

      1. Farodin -_-

        fedor teyml is his own culture

    30. Rohan Sharma

      Looks promising...

    31. #bounce

      ffs another foreign one !!

    32. Patrik Hanus

      Give me Stargate series!

    33. An Pan


    34. cangarcia

      Why does the dude in the thumbnail look like NICKMERCS???

    35. HD Trailer

      Netflix is the best movie trailer highlight I actually created my own channel called N Jesse

    36. Caleb Carter

      What we wanted was big mouth

    37. David Scholler

      Bin mal gespannt... Werds mir definitv anschauen

    38. Nina York

      Pls continue the society and anne with an e

    39. danny john

      Waiting for release.. Hopefully,.

    40. Kandys Torres

      I don't want a predictable ending, make it good. I'm gonna watch it.

    41. Epsterr


    42. Troy Hayder

      You wanted a little girl running around in barely any clothes for most of the trailer? Did you want to get locked in solitary in jail cause all the prison inmates were trying to shank you?

    43. Orca Flotta

      Bitches problems. Sooo fukn boring.

    44. Mopar45

      What we wanted is for you assholes to speak English, so tired of subtitles 😡

      1. Der Serienfreund

        The Movie have a English Dubbing. This means that the audio track is in English and you don't have to read subtitles.

    45. Walter Lopez

      No, Netflix... Its What YOU wanted. Not me. I'm talking about all those shows getting canceled. Its really annoying and bumming me out.

    46. Gustavo Woltmann

      the movie seems like so real

    47. Breana C

      I can’t wait cry

    48. Douchy McDouche

      What we wanted is Stranger Things 4 and Umbrella Academy 3 announcement.

    49. Katame

      What I wanted was a german scat fetish!

    50. MicMak

      For a hot second I thought they were gonna kidnap those unwanted children. Make their parents regret their harsh words.

    51. Manny Ticas

      Whoever made this couldn’t they have kept this to themselves. Nothing interesting about it this should never see netflix. Maybe some people would bother watching this but thats because they have no taste or life.

      1. Manny Ticas

        @Caro S Stfu

      2. Caro S

        You my dear are very positive... and accepting of other people's tastes.

    52. Der Serienfreund

      I'm looking forward to this film.

    53. Nekminute

      Dont have kids its best

    54. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Very good

    55. Oliver Ognenoski

      We want the third season of Ingobernable plz 😢😢😢

    56. Teresa MOM

      No Cuties, huh, JERKOFFS? $9B loss In revenue!

      1. szs voc

        thats a lot of money man


      Disney would make this into a comedy. 🇺🇸 seems inclined to make a joke out of Everything. Not so damn funny when the 🌎 laughs AT you , not with you.

      1. GamingDemigodXIII

        As a younger member of the 🇺🇸, my country seems to have an aversion to controversial and depressing subjects. Sadly, these are often the most important subjects to talk about. If this means having to put them in a comedy that can sometimes get real, so be it. Though some of the smarter comedies tend to be satirical in nature, often giving cynical and disillusioned tones. But even they know when to get serious. As for international relations, if these last four years have taught me anything, it’s national shame. This is mainly due with moral corruption and political incompetence of the current leadership. A sentiment that is not unique to me. In light of CORVID-19, international comparisons, and personal reflection, I’m beginning to question why I’m here. I just hope that if I survive the next few months, when international travel is finally permitted, any potential surrogate countries lean towards charitable mercy instead of ironic justice. After our actions and how we treated our immigrants, it would only be fair that we get treated the same. If I somehow make it back to college, I want to major in education, become an ESL teacher, and learn a new language. Hopefully this sweetens the deal if the time comes.

    58. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

      Yes more german series 😍

    59. In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic

      looks like a classic drama but predictablee

    60. MA Z ID

      When will the update be?

    61. KG

      Elyas is back!!

    62. char free

      Who's down for a series on the *Harry Potter* universe? Like, maybe Hogwarts was remodelled after the war and is now a slick looking university. And the characters are the children of the Harry Potter series' main characters. (So maybe Harry and Draco's sons would fulfill our forsaken Drarry fantasies😂) But it would have to be handled by a responsible creative team so that diversity and representation would not be half-assed. And there should be Trans characters. And Asian characters who are not jokingly named Cho Chang. And actual Jewish wizards are shown instead of just tweeting that there are.

    63. Patronus

      Okay. They are gonna adopt the blond guy. Happy ending. Thx

    64. Sarah

      That mother said in front of her kid he was an accident!

      1. Kim

        I know I was like wtf

      2. Pinia Dragneel

        Yeah, normal thing to say when your kid is around

    65. i love avocados

      lol ein deutscher Film haha

    66. MrFartboy79

      What we wanted was Stranger Things season 4

    67. kevin

      i feel like i just watched the whole movie

      1. Uchechi Obunadike

        The trick is to stop watching once the music or mood changes.

    68. Suhail Muthu


    69. Blaque Foxxx

      Ugh Netflix needs to Dub over these. I’m forced to watch the screen to see what’s going on instead of listening while I’m on my phone 🤣😂

      1. Aloy

        And americans need to learn how to dub properly, cause most of it is horrible

      2. Matilda Rothon


    70. YouAreLoved

      okay but what if towards the end of the film the protagonist married pair decide they wanna take that boy being emotionally abused by his parents in, but they also unexpectedly get pregnant and they're like "whoah, that's amazing" and so the boy gets a younger sibling as well as parents. hm?

      1. Farodin -_-

        david was an accident tho ? would be great to see fedor not getting abused for once

      2. Orca Flotta

        That would be a Hollywood ending. :o /me throws up a little in her mouth.

    71. Dania Khaled

      I don't get it

    72. Anni With

      Elyas, nice

    73. Michael Brent

      Still wish that Dreamworks and Netflix did A Series for Rise of The Guardians!

      1. Farodin -_-

        with fedor teyml in it

      2. Tommy Criton

        Hey atlest we got kipo and the age of wonder beasts god I love that show

    74. Maestro

      The "need" to make a mini clone of yourself to the point of letting this desire get in the way of your relationship...makes zero sense to me.

      1. Juan Fernandez

        It is an instinct all living things follow. Those who don't are the abbarants not the norm.

    75. TJP

      Very exciting

    76. iKutie

      Looks good

    77. mad intentions

      Im so tired of straight couples who's with me

      1. XL B

        Your the first, most people complain about LGBT couples on Netflix...

    78. MoneyLA Heist

      Wooow.. Netflix and Chill

    79. kimmkroo

      lol mbarek der kann nur comedy

      1. kimmkroo

        @Mars i did he was awful, maybe he acts with the face alright but his voice is just terrible in dramas, he cant act it

      2. Mars

        Obviously you haven't seen The Collini Case.

    80. Cauã Honorato

      My dream and be PApromr help me grow ❤️

    81. cee •

      me waiting for a predominantly poc teen drama netflix original 🚶🏽‍♂️

      1. cee •

        @pcaul lmao, i'm not "dictating" anything. i'm just saying, that's what a lot of people want. i just want to see more people like me in the main stream media being represented. movies & tv shows with all types of colors, sexualities, genders, etc. will be on tv wether they are not a minority, or if they are. it's just very rare to see it happen consistently- or be dragged on. that's all i'm asking for.

      2. abandon hope all ye who enter here

        Blood and water is one

      3. Ashish kumar

        @pcaul you are So right. Only white rich people have all the story that needs to be told.

      4. pcaul

        then write one? Its not for you to dictate other peoples stories to tick off your diversity list.

    82. The Conductor Esplin

      Cool ill just die alone

    83. triveni prasad

      PEAKY BLINDERS S6?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    84. DaeOnYoutube

      What's the song?

      1. DaeOnYoutube


    85. Utsha Saha

      Slice Of Life❤❤

    86. Crytox Gaming

      The hardest thing a small youtuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your channel. its always been my childhood dream to become a youtuber. the videoes uploaded by this creators makes me strong and gives me motivation to make my own videos. Sadly enough i had a really hard time and ran away from home with nothing anymore . i have nothing left.I Had to build it all up again and after 5 years im back and so much more motivated.Trying to Work very hard to have my own house my own computer and a editing software and play games... I am a casual gamer.. Just being able to edit makes me feel so satisfyed and proud. Even tho i got no viewers and very low subscribers .but watching my work makes me so happy And hopefully i can make so much more people happy with my videos ! I will do anything to make my childhood dream a reality ! THANKS

    87. ADIL saleem

      Nice and true concept love to see reality' its makes us feel what we don't want to

    88. Jasmine Rafols


    89. Chelsea Matthews

      This looks bad, I'm gonna watch the movie tho 😂

    90. stella maris montejano

      En inglés y subtitulado en inglés??? 😭😭😭😭

      1. Ariana M

        Es alemán, no inglés 🤦🏻‍♀️

    91. Faisal Khan

      The flash all season hindi dubbed plez...the boys all season hindi dubbed......plez......The Haunting of Hill House series hindi dubbed plez...

    92. bumble beeswax

      These are two very, very good German actors which makes this very promising.

      1. Patronus


      2. Farodin -_-

        two ? I only see one good actor and thats fedor teyml

      3. filizy

        Elyas is not a very, very good actor

      4. Fenryl

        @bumble beeswax Elyas m'barek isn't considered to be a good actor in germany, he is a mainstream actor. there is a huge difference. if you want to see a good german movie give "Victoria" a try.

      5. bumble beeswax

        @oxymoron Geez, I just wanted the US audience to know that this might be something worth watching. But I am glad you cleared that up.

    93. Landslide

      THE SOCIETY season 2.

    94. Landslide

      Bring back THE SOCIETY

      1. Evie Stylianidou

        @Cara tea yeah I know. It sucks, was by far my favourite show on Netflix

      2. Cara tea

        @Evie Stylianidou oh crap please noo

      3. Farodin -_-

        but only if fedor teyml is the main role this time

      4. Evie Stylianidou


      5. Evie Stylianidou

        @Cara tea i heard it's completely cancelled

    95. Ushijima Wakatoshi

      What I want is Yuri on Ice to be on Netflix 😃 I’ll just go back to crunchyroll 🙄✋

      1. Farodin -_-

        only if fedor teyml gets to play in it

      2. Admiral Pride

        Yes. You’ve unlocked the secret ending.

    96. Fabrisio Nunez

      What I wanted was cobra Kai to come earlier

      1. Mopar45

        Amen o that! 🤜

      2. Zenith AMVs

        Haha the only reason I found this was because I turned on Netflix PAprom Notifications to see when Cobra Kai Season 3 Trailer comes out.

    97. Bill Buffett

      He cheated on her, she cheated on him then they reconciled and had children.

      1. Farodin -_-

        and david was an accident

    98. Neeshpeesh1234

      You know this wasn’t produced by Netflix because they didn’t give the whole thing away 😂

      1. Farodin -_-

        but david was an accident

      2. Neeshpeesh1234

        @Kara Francis-Lyons i know they have in house creative teams. Thats exactly why I made my comment. I know what I said and she was wrong because she said that its always Netflix. She didn’t even know what I was talking about and made that comment. I said what I said.

      3. Neeshpeesh1234

        @Kara Francis-Lyons but that’s exactly what I mean. You were hired. You are a vendor. You’re not a Netflix employee. I am willing to bet they have an in house creative team. And that is not you. I could tell that the trailer was sourced.

      4. jlhabitan50

        @Patronus How did it end then?

      5. Patronus

        DUDE we LITERALLY SAW the WHOLE movie HERE !

    99. Nozzi_editz

      Me asking my mom if I’m a accident 🤔 My mom be like 1:00

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @Nozzi_editz thank you

      2. Nozzi_editz

        @Reaperguy 67 same making edits take days, I just started this year with my channel it just got 1000 views 2 days ago. I’m give you a sub 🔥👌

      3. Reaperguy 67

        @Nozzi_editz thank you . It takes me like 3 hours to make everything. I have a montage series I do that takes 2 days to edit. It's mostly breaking up clips . That part takes me 6 hours to do.

      4. Nozzi_editz

        @Reaperguy 67 btw nice content

      5. Nozzi_editz

        Oh ok @Reaperguy 67 it was just dumb to but that at the bottom 😓

    100. Reza Gafat

      Series or movies?

      1. Wayne Eve

        It's a movie, I think.