What These Asian American Families Love About Their Culture | Over the Moon | Netflix


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    Over the Moon is a new animated film that is rooted in Chinese folklore and traditions. We brought together families of different Asian heritage to explore and celebrate their unique food, traditions, and cultures.
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    What These Asian American Families Love About Their Culture | Over the Moon | Netflix
    Fueled by memories of her mother, resourceful Fei Fei builds a rocket to the moon on a mission to prove the existence of a legendary moon goddess.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Aljazi Alyahya

      I love this movie

    2. Lexi J Hopkins

      The movie over The moon makes me sad 😢

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    4. Derek Theler

      As a Filipino, where are South Asians? West Asians/Arabs?

    5. Matías Sambola Galán

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    6. Sarah Lee

      *East and southeast asian americans

    7. Ines Breton

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    8. keiko ytomura

      Among us plis


      Yo ya vi la película y me encanto

    10. African Girl

      lol. I worked with a hood Asian chick she's nothing like this

    11. A L

      Where's Japanese culture?

    12. Leon DeaF

      Beautiful 🌹

    13. Angie Harper

      I like the mooncakes with pumpkin seeds mixed with the sweet bean paste and a salted egg in the middle.

    14. Katie Tan

      This brings back memories when my parents would tell me the story about the girl in the moon and we would play a game where you you role dice to get the moon cakes

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    15. Aelwen Hodges

      Why does there have to be only one movie I crude watching over the moon I need another

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    17. Mohd Noor

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    18. DaPandaGirl

      My friend is Vietnamese so i totally understand this video and this is so beautiful thanks for sharing!♥️

    19. []•Elizabeth afton•[]

      I just see that movie yesterday:D HE REALLY COOL

    20. Buddy Ro

      if a German family, a French family and a Swedish family got together and tried to do the EXACT same thing.... they'd be demonized in our lovely American MSM. Wake up wypipo!

    21. Hanin Zahra Raza

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    26. itzsalma hiii

      I love over the moon it's so sad but a good movie I cry

    27. Khn ls

      I'm looking forward to watch this movie! I'm french born cambodian 🇨🇵🇰🇭 but I've always liked chinese culture, the movie seem nice

    28. Suraj Gpt

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    29. anjon gorospe

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    30. anjon gorospe

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    31. anjon gorospe

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    35. Isabelle is my Waifu

      What about Japanese families

    36. suzie xu

      I miss my mama so much!

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    38. Noelle-Spades

      It's kinda sad hearing that girl say she's embarrassed to speak Chinese, I would love to have grown up with more than one language in my home, it'd be like understanding an entirely different world. I'm legitimately jealous of bilinguals, they can enjoy so much culture and shouldn't be embarrassed about it.

      1. Noelle-Spades

        @Lea D I'm sure that sucks, but at least you could still be able to hold a conversation with them. I could only imagine what it's like rn, I'd love to be able to understand them at all.

      2. Lea D

        She said she was embarrassed about her American accent I believe, since a lot of native speakers will comment on your accent, especially if it's American

      3. Diana Meza


    39. Vicki Lau

      These “Asian cultural videos” always neglect to mention how parents brutally beat their kids, and emotionally and psychologically abuse their children. Also conveniently forget to mention that traditional Asian parents would also try to control their kids’ futures and would be very savvy in guilt-tripping their kids. Some of them even beat their children who would be 16 or 17 years of age. Child abuse and bullying is part of the culture too.

    40. Kalu Gurung

      Waiting for full video on Netflix now

      1. N Russ

        They post some things from Netflix to PAprom but not the other way around

    41. happydog

      Actually it's Native American and Indigenous peoples folklore as well but often it's overshadowed by Asia stories

    42. shutupanddance

      Awww thanks for having me and my family in this. Really special to be able to talk about our culture and traditions, and loved Over The Moon! Ps, I see you AJ!!

    43. Ashley Kennedy

      I love the boba store. It’s so good !

    44. Hubert Cumberdale

      Close to 50% of American-born Asian women will ultimately wind up marrying and breeding with White men, so the 'Asian-ness' doesn't really last long. lol

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    46. Silverback Heathen Reyes

      Very cute movie. We are opening our grandson to as different cultures as possible. Thank you Netflix

    47. Inwoo

      That's my sister's family! Wonderful!

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    49. Vi Sol Danh

      Luv how u only show the light skin Asian not the dark one. When u try not be racist but end up being more racist! Thank u

    50. Best Music Relax


    51. Catt Phan

      Cám ơn Netflix for having us! My mom and I were so happy to represent our Vietnamese culture in such a wonderful video for such a meaningful movie. Here's to more stories about all kinds of Asian cultures!

      1. Sydney N

        all of the vietnamese food looked delicious!! canh chua, rau muong xao toi, ca kho, va thit kho😍

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    52. Thelma Rivera

      This is so beautiful. ❤️

    53. Natalie Gaming

      I love the movie over the mononucleosis it’s so amazing

    54. Jordan Hwang

      Love seeing the culture and representation! 😍

    55. Jason Y. Lee

      Love the representation. 🙌

    56. Blue Checkmark

      I wish China had kept its culture in the Wuhan lab where it belonged.

      1. Siege Slander

        Another trumpster lost in the comment section. You need to go back to the middle America you came from.

    57. jeff trend

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    58. Deer in Headlights

      thank you for changing the title to include “these” Netflix

    59. Cidy Silva

      That's beautiful! Thank you!

    60. Klay Station

      The importance of this video...is so needed. As someone who is half Chinese and not super in touch with my Chinese roots...videos like this mean a lot to me and help me connect to where my family came from.

    61. AJ Rafael

      Beautiful video!! Thanks for having me and my family a part of it!

      1. Linda Moika

        @African Girl 3:44

      2. African Girl

        which 1 is u??

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      4. MK CC

        Nice representation ❤️

    62. kyrstine

      Cool to see Julie Zhan here

    63. gurudeclan

      Asian isn't a culture

    64. Family Dad

      love this!

    65. ViShNu

      Title should be East Asian Culture but love and respect every culture . Happy Halloween from India not celebrated in real life but always love watching the festival on Movies and shows.

      1. Deer in Headlights

        I agree they should’ve changed it and I think they did now to say “these” so I’m happier.

    66. KaliN9ne

      So ya Eastern Asia isn’t the only part of Asia.... Also if they were born in the USA, that just makes them American. Netflix go back to making made for TV movies or something.

    67. Rin Evans

      The fact that in English speaking society people are made to feel embarrassed to embrace their culture is just honestly disgusting, I think it’s important to embrace all cultures to help understand everyone as best as we can

      1. Hlynb93

        It's not just in English speaking societies, it's like that everywhere when you are a minority to the place. Kids are mean and will have no qualms to single out someone different.

    68. Killer Yeet

      That movie made me cry

    69. Ryan H

      Reaaallyyy well made video. Hit me in the feels. Going to watch Over the moon today!

    70. a697ag

      Dragonfruit moon cakes? Yes please!!

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    72. Sung-ahn Choi

      Ah, well. You tried.

    73. whatislovebutonelonggame

      dictatorship & tyranny

    74. Maggie Avila

      No one is going to mention the Legend AJ Rafael in this video?

    75. Dom Dom

      I bet blm are so pissed rn

    76. Jennifer Chen

      So sweet and something I can relate to. I wasn’t planning to see “Over the Moon” but now I will.

    77. Sadiah

      This is east Asia, not the whole of Asia but I guess this video is oriented towards movie Over The Moon which is about Chinese cultures.

      1. David T

        @Roco a lot of southeast Asian countries also celebrate the mid autumn festival and eat moon cakes

      2. Roco

        but the Philippines and Vietnam are not in East Asia

    78. Killer Yeet

      thx u Vevy much For adding More Of Ninjago u made me cry and I will watch Over the moon

    79. Lulu

      Over the moon is an amazing movie!! ❤️💙💚💛🧡

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      Wow ☺

    81. Anna Safa

      when will it release?

      1. Deer in Headlights

        It’s out now in the US. Not sure when it will release for other countries.

    82. Tô Pensando

      Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷?

      1. Davi Freitas Deodato


    83. angelic honeybear

      They look exactly like my family 🥺🥺🥰🥰

    84. RockyPop RockyPOP

      This was a great movie and this video was phenomenal.

    85. Irfan Norhaziq

      Not All Asian are just korean, japanese, philippines, chinese. But I think this is just the main culture in this video cause not many know other ‘asians’.

      1. Z

        @Yoga Andoyo Aji No it isn’t that’s just a stupid thing for you to say. No, it’s because in America you probably meet those people the most, but if you go to England they’d assume you’re Indian. Anybody who lives in Asia is part of the Asian race, stupid.

      2. Z

        @john doe Asians cannot be white in the first place. They don’t have white skin, they’re tanned.

      3. Z

        Nah, it’s just because in America you mostly see Eastern Asians. If you say that you’re Asian in England, however, they usually think you’re Indian.

      4. Yoga Andoyo Aji

        In term of Asian race is only east asia and south east asia

      5. Jin Jun Liu

        @john doe Yeah, that's more of a problem that others generalise common Asian culture features as "Chinese" (only) than vice versa

    86. Shraddha Pai

      India's not included in Asia. Again.

      1. Hi Hiya

        @Shraddha Pai you dont understand English dude. The video is just focusing on these famlies. Its not a race thing. Its literally just focusing on these famlies. Do you have any idea how long it would take to include every single possible asian race talking about every single possible tradition. There was literally no Indian Influence on the movie at all. I bet you didnt even watch the movie

      2. Shraddha Pai

        @Hi Hiya it's okay doesn't matter anymore. Not expecting to be included anytime. I'll stick with desi and not asian ✌🏼

      3. Shraddha Pai

        @Hi Hiya inclusivity was lost in "these".

      4. Hi Hiya

        @Shraddha Pai "What these Asian Americans Famlies love about their Culture" Big word here is "these." In English this means that it specifically talks about the families in this specific video. I dont know if you noticed but the families were all basically all content creators or actors.

      5. Shraddha Pai

        @Hi Hiya a lot of Asian cultures are intertwined. I love the video but can't deny the ignorance

    87. Roasty Rockets

      Asians represent woo, even if your a halfie or not Asian American Now I fill like blasting some karaoke in Tagalog

    88. Mido Helmi

      Hello 👋 I have a new series that is the first one in its field .if you want to know , text me.

    89. Brian Howard

      can't wait to watch 'Over the Moon'!

    90. Anthony Hayes

      This is my Asian face 😑

    91. BBJ TX

      Me and my friends really enjoy the movie. Thank you Netflix!!! More please

    92. David T

      Thank you Netflix for making this video and amplifying Asian-American voices!

    93. Blissxful __

      Interviewer: why do you love your family? Girl : because they take me to the boba store Me : I'm dying

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      2. Diana Meza


    94. David T

      Loved over the moon!

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    96. HottoDogu

      The kid was right tho unless you can understand it ❤️

    97. Lil mess

      Now this is a video I can relate to. ❤️

    98. J Briggs

      my gf was asian in highschool and if she got 98% on a test her dad would say 'where's the other 1 percent?' and beat her.

      1. Tommy Criton

        @J Briggs oh well then I respect them didn't know that was culture

      2. J Briggs

        @Tommy Criton its just Asian culture.

      3. Tommy Criton

        WTF that's weird and so bull

    99. Doniyor 777

      Are there asian people

    100. Rem

      💙 This great 💙 Uwu