What Happened to OnePlus?

Marques Brownlee

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    It is possible to outgrow your original intentions.
    OnePlus and enthusiast brands vs their inevitable change...
    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
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    1. tonymanic

      Never got my invite for the first one and then I bought an iPhone

    2. Jay Amarillo

      "Don't be a fan of the company and be a fan of the product instead." Great takeaway!

    3. Lloyd Francis

      Good Review

    4. Leofer Estera

      I learned my lesson since op 5 then op7 pro disappoints me due to software issue now will be switching to apple soon hahhhah

    5. Adam Macias

      4:50 Pffttt the dusting of the phone LOL

    6. Edvīns Rākins

      I love 1plus.

    7. Smaczko203

      one word "apple"

    8. +Tec

      I was about to recommended the Tech Altar Video, but then he mentioned it.

    9. Brad Wilson

      Just waiting for the next OnePlus One or Essential Phone. OnePlus lost me when they went full aluminium with the 3.

    10. Joseph001

      Hello! I am new with oneplus, I just acquired the oneplus nord n10. My previous phone was google pixel 3a. Is this a better upgrade or should I just stay with my pixel?

    11. Sismodium

      I love this video! Great video and well put. Thank you.

    12. Randy Farrell

      The point is as an enthusiast, you can’t expect ANY company that is enthusiast focused to sustain it self in the long run, because enthusiasts are probably less than 1% of total sales. Sales are what keep EVERY. SINGLE. BUSINESS. well... in business. It’s not what YOU want, it’s what does EVERYONE want as a whole that keeps things moving along. This is why Apple and Samsung are such strong players in this market. It’s also why Essential failed, as great as they were, and when someone would ask what phone I had, they had NEVER heard of the company.

    13. Jared Gent

      would you say you like oneplus better than oppo? or are they just the exact same phone with different branding? (question open to everyone I want to hear your opinions)

    14. Garrett Reven

      My first "real" smartphone, and was sold from the get-go... then they got rid of the aux jack 2 phones is all they'll sell me for awhile

    15. nick faust

      What does he mean by enthusiast

      1. Yorka Seona

        Somone who is interested in tech/smartphones

    16. Darren

      I've actually had both an oppo (Find 7) and now currently have a OnePlus 7 pro. I do genuinely love the brands and their products, and genuinely can't wait for the 9 pro launch. I've always been a fan of specs more than name and always enjoy looking for the phones no one really knows of but are "flagship killers" Great vid as always though

    17. Slow Hand

      I bought the Nord last year and only few weeks later One+ changed their support strategy for the OS - so finally I sorted out One+... I'm done with it!

    18. The DraftAttack

      Great vid!

    19. Angie Yao

      I really like my 5T but the battery life is going. The 5T was the best bang for its buck of its time, what would be the best bang for the buck nowadays?

    20. A R

      You never go back once you get a OnePlus. Even their "budget" phones nowadays are still ridiculously good.

    21. LeJimster

      Im still using my One+1 with LineageOS. The hardware is plenty fast for my needs. It was indeed a flagship killer for it's time. But as they slowly released more phones the price creep has made them look less and less attractive as a viable upgrade.

    22. Delbert Kopplin

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    23. Edenjung

      And i am here watching this Video on my pre-owned oneplus 3T Just having bought a Used 5T 😉

    24. Boris Kiseliov

      Watching this on my 5T . I can honestly say, that i see no reason to replace it. It replaced HTC One M8 and still holds battery charge very well and only got charging jack replaced. Which was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    25. Julián Valdez

      Honestly I'm just disappointed that OS updates have slowed down quite a bit. Moved into 1+ in hopes of getting snappy OS updates, but even that much was a bit too much to ask.

    26. hajokhun 2

      Me on my one plus nord n10 5g 👀

    27. Big Basher

      3:21 3:25 So this is where you stash away all your smartphones. Now I know where to head to when I'm in your office.

    28. Skedge

      i just want a headphone jack man...

    29. pawel jan stensgaard jensen

      Hell yes

    30. ParisLondonRoma

      OnePlus is a brand of BBK Electronics Corporation. Other BBK brands are Oppo, Vivo, Realme, iQOO. So money spent on OnePlus and Oppo go to the same place and BBK is #2 mobile seller in the world behind Samsung. You can drop the OnePlus brand you are no longer happy with, and move to Oppo brand and still be buying from BBK. For me, I just see all the Chinese brands as mercantilist, CCP phones built by quasi slave labor. I go with LG who takes pride in building mostly in S Korea (although they have moved some fabs to Vietnam, Malaysia etc)

    31. Dee Haxor


    32. Sriram G

      Redmi Note series! This series barely fails!! One or two series...but jumps right back on! Value for money and goes toe to toe with Upper Mid Range... Also, Mi Flagship! Those beasts come for below ₹700

    33. Dave's Unbranded

      I started with my 6t and after years with it, I finally thought I would get another phone. I tried some other phone and lasted 1 day with some LG that was featureless compared to a 3-year-old 6t. No face ID was a huge deal and it was slow as molasses. I ended up getting an 8 pro and tbh, it is not a crazy upgrade. I could have saved myself $$$ and stuck with the 6t. The greatest improvement is the larger better screen. I honestly would not be able to live without the faceid and fingerprint scan that was amazing in the 6t and way ahead of its times. The charging with the warp charging was amazing for its day.

    34. Blazej jeka

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    35. itsin_ playz

      you have so many phones. lol may i have one. lol

    36. poopy snkrs

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    37. Austin Vickers

      When he opened up that cabinet... weird flex but okay

    38. Incognito

      This is partially true considering they abandoned all their key principles, which wasn't necessary

    39. David Rowlands

      I have a OnePlus 7 Pro and love it. When I'm asked what phone I have, I say "OnePlus 7 Pro". 8 out of 10 times the response I get is "Is that a Samsung?".

    40. Keval Main

      Loved the video

    41. Ozil Smith

      Me watching this on my 1+6 still recommending this phone to everybody after having it for +2 years: 🥺

      1. Ren Zhang

        Still rocking the 1+3, 5 years strong

      2. Al-ameen A. Abdullateef

        Same!!!. One + 6T. Got me stuck with this brand for ever. Let's see when I stop being an enthusiast.

      3. awesome awesome

        @Juul Schepers I use it to play competitive pubgm and face frame drops quite a lot.

      4. Juul Schepers

        @awesome awesome why?

      5. awesome awesome

        I m using 6t . It's trash. -_-

    42. Aaron

      I still like OnePlus. Had the One back in 2014, then a few shitty phones in between and now I'm on the OnePlus Nord and pretty happy with it.

    43. my name is untitled

      Nemesis left fnatic so sales dropped abysmally low

    44. Razvan Constantin

      Got to catch them all! Had 5t 6t 7t love it ! Made amazing videos and photos, visuals anything with this phone. Price is right, amazing specs, never settle!

    45. Debajit B

      Nice informative video.

    46. captiantim1

      Outstanding insight 😉

    47. Jessica Hart

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    48. Farhan Hasan

      watching on OP 7 Pro

    49. bellyom

      I have decided not to buy anything that is made in China because of what they are doing to the ethnic minorities and Hong Kong. It's a matter of principle for me .

    50. vmbo

      Enthusiasts move from new brand to new brand.

    51. Gabriel Guerro

      One + can you send some phones for testing, to Hispanic world

    52. Michael Blunk

      Little disappointed you didn't mention at all CyanogenMod dropping OnePlus, which fundamentally changed how OnePlus phones software was developed.

    53. Rotten Soul

      don't be a fan boy! you got me with that 😭

    54. pol g

      Watching this from my one plus 3😏

    55. lass1234

      It's getting so expensive period.

    56. iceshira

      I have the op7t pro...one of the more bulkier phones...not too happy with it

    57. Mark Merlino

      Isn't that quote from Spider Man 1?

    58. Patrick Krott

      I had a OnePlus 6T for like 2 days and kept having issues with the microphone levels being too low. Sent that POS back and got a Pixel instead. I hate when companies add shells to the existing OS. The core Android OS is just fine as it is, no need to spruce it up and create instability.

    59. Caren Shawnee

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    60. SSS

      Yes, another Red Chinese brand.

    61. Ariff mustafar

      can u sell ur 6t to me..plis?

    62. John Wong

      Actually, vivo and OPPO are independent corporations, and OPPO owes oneplus and realme.

    63. LostInChina

      Had an oppo. It was alright but ColorOS installed random bloatware after updates and they pretty much bricked the phone with their update to Android 10. I loved the S7, so went back to Samsung for the S21 and do not regret it one bit

    64. Sherica Smith

      *As I watch this on my OnePlus 6T*

    65. Kiki Lang

      I thought you were going to say, "I'm Batman" in that Oneplus came out of no where, and kick ass, then got old, and died.

    66. Arron

      Get a Moto g if you want a budget killer

    67. Yang Sun Tsukuda

      I May Not Be A Fanboy Of A Phone Manufacturing Company, But Damn I'm A Fanboy Of A Qualcomm...😬

    68. Seedless Bangus

      thats why i didnt purchase any oneplus any more 🤣 ive been using my oneplus5 since 2017 and the other reason my wallet refuses to buy one 🤣

    69. Josh Gaylord

      Just wanted to say, the Nord N10 is still the best phone I've ever been able to afford and it makes every other offering at the price I picked it up for look hilariously old and slow.

      1. Total2Gamerz

        I ve ordered one two days ago, definetly exited to get it, i ve used my asus zenfone 3 for ages and now after almost 5 years it s dying , and the only thing that i care about that has changed in these years is the high refresh rate screens, and the nord n10 looks like one of the best options without having a stupid high price

    70. Atlas Network

      Their build quality was horrendous, and when they fell apart, there was no support for them. Typical chinese stuff.

    71. ginnayyyy

      I had the plus5 and I feel like it's really straying away from it's original mission...will probably no longer be buying oneplus here on out

    72. ツchipodle

      "Dont be a fan of the company" Me watching this from my OnePlus 8: 😭

    73. Jourden Sand

      I wish HTC One series will make a comeback someday

    74. Drip N Rip

      I do enjoy this type of video. I am one of the original One Plus customers. I bought my One Plus One (1+1) right after they first came out. I'm not a heavy cell phone user so I actually still use this phone. I never changed away from the Cyanogen operating system and now it's too late to try. So I've had this phone since 2014 (I know - crazy to be using a 7 year old product) but it's always been flawless and I bought the 64 G version and still have 40% of my memory available. So.. here's the deal.. I want to hopefully repeat my positive experience with One Plus and am considering the 8T. It's currently on sale at the One Plus USA site for $749 with 12 G / 256 G memory / 120 Hz fluid display / full charge capabilities w/I 38 mins / 48 mp camera etc... I realize that $749 isn't the same as the $399 I paid in 2014... but correct me if I'm way off base.. this seems like a killer deal to me. If I could purchase a comparably speced iPhone for that kind of money but I would be surprised if Apple 's latest greatest $1200 special even equals the performance of the 8T. (Or is so mind numbingly superior that I can somehow convince myself to part with an additional $500 just to more easily mate with my IPad Pro 11". In my mind, today's (2021) $749 isn't greatly different than 2014's $399. (Remember McDonald's 50 cent cheeseburgers?) Your thoughts?

    75. Deepak Kumar

      great presentation man. thx

    76. Umaymah Abdullahi

      Loved this. I've been a fan of One Plus since the One Plus2 for me and I currently have a One Plus 7T. Marcus explained the issues perfectly and personally, I'm not disappointed because I feel the company did what it had to do to stay in business. I try to upgrade every couple of years so I guess I'll hold out for the One Plus 9 but one thing for sure, I'll always be a fan.

    77. Isak s

      I have the OnePlus 7Pro and I love it

    78. SnoepoX

      From Oneplus for many years to Poco X3 nfc lol

    79. White Glass

      Yeah I like these types of history oriented videos. Makes sense to consider other options when it comes down to weighed in upgrades or things you're looking for when newer technology comes out, taking price into consideration, uniqueness of the product due to the fact that it isn't the most popular choice but is still kind of up there.

    80. Omar Hashim

      Amazing reveiw

    81. random af

      Marques, I think you wore your shirt front side back.

    82. WwHhIiTtEe

      I think this Video is really good and a lot of true things and i love OnePlus since the beginning, BUT i think OnePlus is still the best Phone not for the Buck but overall for me the best and aswell they are still "cheap" compared to Samsung and Apple and as you said with the North they have the cheap version (again). More buts because one Phone a year would be better for the Phones and Customers maybe not for OnePlus but for everyone else. It feels like that the normal Versions aren't finished and that the T Version ist the real Phone as they would like it. Maybe im wrong thats just how it feels.

    83. Arpan Biswas

      make more videos like these please so i can stop overthinking about these

    84. zeezeebo

      And the price was great then

    85. Descript O

      Okay but a flagship killer should be dragging the flagships closer to them, not drifting closer to the flagships. That being said, at the end of the OnePlus legacy, they've failed as a flagship killer and will simply be another branding label that drifts off into irrelevancy. And I'm typing this as a five year OP owner. My next phone will likely not be a OnePlus as it has drifted too far away from any form of redeeming characteristic and is just another soulless phone that isn't the best at anything and has lost its credibility as a loyal or honorable company. While they produce a fine product, that can be said about just about any other company in it's bracket. Not only for those reasons but also because they have too many options (no focus) and if I'm going to be forced to pick between sacrifices in my phone, I might as well consider every other option available to me from other companies. Once I'm forced to do that, OnePlus really doesn't have anything on the table for me. It was convenient to have a phone that was a pretty clear option for my price point and my personal needs in technology. It's no longer convenient to wade through varying degrees of technological sacrifice at price points that mimick the industry standard. Bad move for OnePlus. They're not relevant enough to be ditching their "enthusiasts" right now. They had a big boom in India and China however, those customers weren't loyalists. They'll hop on the next big underdogs phone and OnePlus will be left trying to redeem it's brand.

      1. myke marcelo

        It's hard to be on a place or state being called a flagship killer at these days as any company grows popularity and success users would always expect the same price of its older device to its newer device. The smartphone market is getting more competitive as technology is rapidly growing. There wouldnt be a company with success that would be staying branded as a "flagship killer" for the rest of its existence

    86. 265_Dhruv Puthawala


    87. gabriel silviu

      Good job

    88. vmaniac

      Hahaha you're phone is practically Oppo, mamang Marques lol

    89. the normal one

      This kinda happened with Apple too. When they started in the 70s they were like the underdog rebeling against IBM and now they are everywhere

    90. Mark Falsing

      Any business is in the market to make as much money as possible

    91. Jens Josefsson

      OP is so overrated. Had op 6 at work and it was a pain to use.

    92. Vivek Sharma

      I still think no one can touch OnePlus in performance to price ratio

    93. Adam Rain

      My whole family managed to snag Oneplus Ones. We were getting fed up with the rising cost of the new Samsung Galaxy phones and when Oneplus was saying their phone was just as good for half the price, we all jumped ship. I went from a Samsung Galaxy S Epic, to the Oneplus One, and currently have a Oneplus 5, looking to upgrade to the 8 pro or maybe whatever the 9 will look like

    94. Kunsh Anand

      Oneplus one still has its charm, that sandstone back, I still love it and have it in my collection!

    95. Ples Robertson

      Thank you for the short history of OnePlus. Also I use one plus I like it because it's a good phone and I feel like it is or has the possibility of becoming a flagship phone in the future and might even pass up galaxies. They are heading in that direction I feel like. And I can't wait to see what phone comes out later this year. Because that's probably the phone I'm going to upgrade to I currently have the seven or pro 7 or whatever it's called. I hope you cover their new phone that comes out later this year.

    96. korrick green

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    97. aSAD Hollow

      OnePlus skywalker eventually became Darth plus

    98. Oleh

      After the latest update my google pay stopped working? Anyone encountered this issue? Oneplus 6t here

    99. 1nt3rl0ck

      thats why i got the 7 flat and kept it so far

    100. Paulo Andoni