What Every Photographer Should Know About Lenses

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    ► Download Unlimited Stock Photos, Fonts & Templates with Envato Elements. elements.envato.com/pricing?Rvkpa-9Djs&.com& Have you ever tried to learn about lenses, only to be overwhelmed by choice and technical information? Whether you're a first-time photographer or a seasoned professional, it can be a daunting task. If you've ever wondered how lenses work, what makes a good or bad lens, and how to pick the one that's right for the kinds of photos you want to take, this is the course for you.
    Dave Bode will take you on a comprehensive journey through the world of lenses, from common terms and acronyms through to field-of-view, lens coatings, the difference between full and non-full frame lenses, focus systems, and more. This course covers practical know-how including focal length, aperture, image stabilization and more, to help you choose the right lens for every situation.
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    1. Introduction
    0:00 1. Introduction
    2. How Do Lenses Work?
    02:27 2.1 Focal Length and Field-of-View
    11:29 2.2 Aperture
    24:14 2.3 What Does A Bad Lens Look Like?
    3. Special Lens Features
    45:34 3.1 Stabilization, Coatings, and Focusing Motors
    4. Choosing a Zoom Lens
    55:08:20 4.1 Standard Zoom Lenses
    1:08:01 4.2 Wide Angle Zoom Lenses
    1:16:55 4.3 Medium Telephoto Zooms
    1:23:20 4.4 Telephoto Lenses
    1:32:49 4.5 Super Zoom Lenses
    5. A Guide to Prime Lenses
    1:39:15 5.1 The Good and Bad of Prime Lenses
    1:44:08 5.2 Fish Eye Lenses
    6. Getting Perspective Right in Your Photographs
    2:06:11 6.1 The Right Lens For Portrait Photography
    2:17:30 6.2 Compress For Composition
    2:25:21 6.3 Guide to Macro Lenses
    7. Conclusion
    2:41:27 7.1 Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    1. Stanley Debono

      Rarely learnt so much good stuff from just one video! I am surprised this did not make thousands of likes. The software and lens hacks are awesome too. Thanks

      1. Envato Tuts+

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Jason Ramirez

      wow , this guy is fn good . Thank You sir, greatly appreciate it . and actually I earned things I never even thought about like the purpose of metering and how and what to adjust accordingly .

    3. Manish Mishra

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    4. dannythemedic

      why are all your lenses placed on the table with mount side up ?

    5. dannythemedic

      Wow, I've never watched a more useful, organized and informative video course about anything, let alone lenses. Thanks much for all your time and information put in to this. It's to the point without a bunch of unnecessary banter and "selling" one brand over another. I think the only reason it doesn't have many more views yet is due to the obscure name. I'll share it and hope others do too.

    6. Aunul Fauzi

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    10. Renato Rocha Miranda

      great video, but there is no such thing as "lens compression", thats a myth. Actually you are changing the distance from the subject and altering the perpective of the lens. The same happens when you look above at a high buildings entrance, the penthouse will look smaller than the first floor, there is no sense in comparing different frames taken from different points. Varing focal distance alter the size of the image, you are making a confusion on that part. Although wide spread, the idea of "compression" is really a myth.

    11. David Webster

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    12. Rizki Wibowo

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    13. NetTubeUser

      I must admit that sometimes, I'm completely lost. You give to newbies like me, way too much information like focal length, focus, size, wild angle, degrees, aperture, and everything just in 10 seconds, and it's a non-stop talking which is kinda annoying to stay focused on what you share with us, that why you really should put some cool music in the background for 5 seconds to let people thinking about what you just said. so, yes, because it's a non-stop talking, it's way too much information sometimes, and to memorize everything, it's just impossible. That's why I paused the video 70% of the time, to be honest with you. But it's really interesting anyway, but I needed also to go back and listen again at least 2-3 times to really understand the information about a specific lens, the differences and the comparison -- That being said, thank you very much for this really informative video! This is amazing!

    14. Mohamed Salhi

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    15. Barry Hoffman

      Too bad this video features pictures taken on a crop sensor camera. It would have been nice to cover full frame camera use also.

    16. Joan Arling

      It's true that extension tubes allow you to experiment with macro photography. But once you decide that it's for you, you definitely want a true macro lens. And don't expect them to go beyond 1:1. There are lenses out there that do that, but they are extremely difficult to handle. A smaller sensor (APSC) helps when it comes to larger prints.

    17. andrei ka

      mmm, i always thought a lens was a single optical element... tnx to YT experts i'm a bit wiser now...

    18. Keith Roberts

      At 4:30 "What if we *could* move back? Then we would have to rely on the stitched method ..." Why? Why not just use a 50mm ? Stopped watching at that point - brain meltdown.

    19. Michael Branley

      Truly excellent - this was a long video but definitely a good use my time. I know a bit about photography, but learned a lot from your lessons - especially about face distortion at variousl focal lenghts, compression of background objects when using telephoto lenses, a great explanation of chromatic aberration, purple fringing, barrel distortion and pincushion (and the reasons it occurs), the value of coatings on filters and how they work and how a fisheye works. Thank you so much - I would recommend this to both the beginner as well as the intermediate photographer!

    20. Samir Adhikari

      Hell yeah☠☠the best tutorial ever..I only listen from my earbud while working..guess what???🤔🤔 I understand everything..kudo to u sir🙏🙏

    21. John Bond

      07:43 It is instructive to note that moving back and zooming in may render a similar "composition" (angle of view), but it will render a very different perspective. I get a kick out of some of these photographers who say that a long lens compresses the scene. I have been shooting for over 50 years, and I have never seen a long lens compress anything. All it does is magnify and crop. If you were to shoot the same scene with a normal lens and then a long lens, without moving the camera, and then crop and enlarged the image captured with the normal lens (failing aberrations, of course), you would get exactly the same picture.

    22. Micromax A58

      this is an end to end encyclopedia of lenses. No snake oil, no confundus obscura, just real hands on technical comparison *thank you* for putting this together

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      When. You discuss Chromatic Aberration, I did not see any difference; though your eyes may be better, mine are old. It would have been nice if you zoomed in further and did not just give a short view of what you were attempting to point out. I understand the difference between a $300 lense and a $2000 lense, but you did not show that as well as you should have. Your video was GREAT, but you need to consider older eyes sometimes.

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      1. Envato Tuts+

        Generally speaking, larger sensors "draw" the image in a more pleasing way, it's true. There are factors that make APS cameras appealing, though. The cost less, fora start, but they're also lighter and smaller. And depending on the kind of photography you do, crop-sensor cameras can actually have some advantages. For example, say you do a lot of travelling: you can use much lighter lenses with an APS camera. Here's a comparison for macro work: photography.tutsplus.com/tutorials/full-frame-vs-crop-sensor-cameras-for-macro-photography--cms-24557 For people reading this comment and wondering what we're talking about, here's a quick intro to crop-vs-full-frame cameras: photography.tutsplus.com/articles/quick-tip-what-is-a-full-frame-camera--photo-12556

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