We Are The Champions | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    Explore an array of unique competitions, from the quirky to the bizarre, and meet their passionate communities in this docuseries from executive producer Rainn Wilson. Only on Netflix November 17.
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    We Are The Champions | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    1. Some Person

      I was hoping this was a french movie about mushrooms.

    2. FeNcE

      Damn Nagao

    3. Living The Heat

      Love the documentary about the pepper eating. 👏🏼

    4. Front Row Dads

      outstanding show!

    5. AJ de Guzman

      Where's the arctic ear pulling contest?

    6. Gabriel Garzón

      The first episode is the best one hands down

    7. Šmol ŞomeŢhing

      Aw c'mon no sequel

    8. Josh Tri

      How bored are these people?

    9. LyleDeYounges

      It's a surprisingly good show, with all it touches upon, it's really a show about community. Got nothing to do with Queen. Get over it.

    10. Neal Swygart

      I do think I could even watch that cheese rolling event... Madness!!

    11. carla susana montaño godinez

      asmr haircut

    12. Gabestronaut

      This has been my favorite surprise show so far, The 1st epidose was phenomenal, and the yoyo one pulled a tear. AMAZING

    13. Rebeca C

      Richie O'Farrill la recomendó así que yo creo que esta buena 👌 la voy a ver

    14. Royally Rhonda

      This is a great show! Every episode has so much heart - it's truly special. Everyone involved should be really proud!

    15. Yves Peckstadt

      This show was so very entertaining. The dry humour of the narration is just perfect and made me laugh out loud multiple times. The fantasy hairstyle intro haha

    16. MANAV A.

      This is Netflix : creative , interesting , value for money

    17. Roddy Pantheon

      As a kid...I was obsessed for a while with yoyo because of that darn Super Yoyo Anime🤣

    18. Deepanshu Singh

      I knew that yo yo guy is gonna be an Asian.

    19. Ashutosh Bajpai

      humans are stupid

    20. Kimberley R

      Doesn't everyone roll their cheese down hills? Grew up in the shadow of the great Coopers Hill, but I'm still not mad enough to fall down it.

    21. zumba fun

      The winners takes it alllll

    22. FerisPan80

      I am just here for the cheese

    23. reggiethepotter

      One of the best series ever... kid friendly!

    24. TheHarrip

      That girl Flo Early. Is legit. 🙂

    25. jay cervantes

      I’m willing to give this show a try but I wish they also put in the face slapping competition

    26. bzzi

      Such a great show!! Marvelously edited, excellent people all around. So refreshing.

    27. William Chua

      As a PT, its really tough to watch people tumbling down the hill.

      1. T Bex

        As someone receiving PT for a prior dislocated shoulder, I am in complete agreement 😂

    28. Jerid58

      No Norwegian death diving? Lame.

    29. bacup27

      About time gloucester made it to netflix

    30. Vicky Garnett

      Awww, here was me thinking it was a rerun of the popular kids show from the 70s and 80s. But cheese rolling in Glocs. will do!

    31. yo mo

      The first episode was brilliant.

    32. jasonlajoie

      Just watched the first one and it was AMAZING! Well done everyone. 1st class documentary work here.

    33. Virginia Paolini

      Is that the voice of Dwight at the beginning?

    34. hersh23

      I'm glad this has NOTHING to do with Bohemian Rhapsody. Lol. Can't wait to watch this! The cheese rolling competition has always fascinated me! As a photographer, I can only imagine the crazy photos I would capture of people tumbling!

    35. Amro Helmy

      Dwight Schrute is narrating the show 😂

    36. Omar Gallardo

      Netfix becoming more TLC every day, and that's ok

    37. Nayib De la rosa

      i need this in my life right now,,,,....

    38. Suzanne Fanning

      As a Brit, I grew up thinking that cheese rolling was perfectly normal. Who knew it was outside the mainstream?

    39. Dirk Diklor

      Am I really paying for this shit. Is this the best you can come up with. So you have basically turned in the channel dave.

    40. John Gomero

      Que van see THESE in ESPN THE8

    41. 95ttalgi


    42. Deepika Jain

      Who came from ozzy man reviews

    43. Swastik

      Bears Beets Battlestar galactica


      It's good to be crazy

    45. ArtemisScribe

      Tragically this year's cheese roll was cancelled due to lockdown, but, and I promise you this is completely true, the morning that the competition should have taken place a small group got up very early and in the dawn light ceremonially rolled a single Babybell down the hill in honour of those who could not compete this year.

      1. FreakingRandomName

        Good for you, guys! Keep that wheel turning.

      2. Royally Rhonda

        Lovely postscript! Hopefully next year will be the real thing.

    46. itumeleng motsamai

      First saw the rolling cheese challenge on ozzyman's channel and I've been hooked since then

    47. jbf16falcon

      I think show casing events like these, where everyone is not a winner, is GREAT! It reinforces the fact that no one should sit around and expect some socialist society to prop them up at the expense of those that do work their tails off, you want it you have to get your butt off the couch and “Earn It”, no matter what it is. I’ll stand while watching it ;-)

    48. Darren Tan

      awesome awesome show good job guys really enjoy it

    49. Kushal Vudavagandla

      Hey we had frog jumping in school and I won the cup!!

    50. Angry Trap

      Im most excited for the yo-yo part

    51. scripter

      I thought it was another queen's movie

    52. Nekminute

      Corona hasnt killed far enough people 😥

    53. Mr. McMatthews

      Amateur hour. That chilli episode should have had Roger Trier and 100% should have had Shahina Waseem. Rubbish research team. Let me make a documentary about racing drivers. Who is Lewis Hamilton lol

    54. Tanmay Umesh

      I'm a simple guy......i see any of queen's song names in the name of a video, I'm watchin it.......anyone else?

    55. Luis Rivera


    56. 91clarie

      Wtf did I just watch

    57. Andreea Grg

      Chilli competition is great😁

    58. Alex Mojarro

      Nothing good if you break something while rolling down a steep ass hill 👎

    59. Alysia's Attic

      i love to watch cheese rolling lol

    60. Neha P

      Queen has left the chat

    61. Sa vage

      I was waiting for the song the whole time..

    62. Guilherme Benedito Diláscio

      Achei q fosse algo de Queen

    63. Will Thorptonn

      Looks a mazing !!!

    64. African Girl

      This looks good lol will watch it

    65. Antony Daley

      Cheese rolling is hardcore my friend snapped his ankle doing that and never could walk again in a straight line

    66. Antony Daley

      You can watch the chilli eating contest on PAprom on Mike Jack Eats Heat. They did not research they left out the world champion best UK Chilli Queen who has never been beaten in hundreds of contests and beat their winner and all the other people in this. Netflix are haters! And calling it We Are The Campions everybody thinks this is about the Rock Group. Really poor and unprofessional work from the people who made this

      1. Leon Brown

        @blkghostxx also chilli sid and brianna skinner they had uploaded it too. Amateur from the people who made this

      2. Leon Brown

        @blkghostxx go check heat 101 or mike jack eats heat, search back to last summer date in their videos. Easy to find. If I was Netflix I would be pissed! They should have signed contracts to keep quiet

      3. Leon Brown

        @blkghostxx pretty much ALL those people in that comp yeah. The contest has been on youtube for over a year. I advise go watch cos it is nice to see the entire contest without all the silly editing

      4. blkghostxx

        @Leon Brown Everybody? I high doubt it

      5. Leon Brown

        I watched the chili eating contest. It has been on everybody's youtube channels who feature in the contest since last year lol Netflix should have stopped them posting it 🤣🤣🤣

    67. Param Dongre

      No wonder dwight is narrating these kinda games

      1. BigChungey42

        Omg I didn't even realise hahahaa

    68. Ayush Upadhyay

      Ozzy Man brought me here !

    69. Quadir Dow

      THE chili contest literally made me cry and I don't know why 🤣😂😭

    70. Roselyn Rubio

      It creeyzy

    71. Devine Mattis

      What the hell did I just watch?

    72. Parker

      Can't believe the Ashbourne Shrovetide football didn't make it in. 3 miles between goals, two day match, no set pitch, shops boarded up for protection (there really are no limits on where the game goes through). AND YOU CHOSE CHEESE ROLLING INSTEAD??

    73. العلوم المحرمة عليان ارسلان


    74. Outsider22

      Like the great Karl Pilkington once said ''We've had the iron age, the stone age. This is the pissing about age.''

    75. Digital Fanboy

      pause at 0:32 eew that's gross 🤮

    76. Jamal's Library

      Looks great, Bring back "I Am Not Okay With This."

    77. Peach

      1:11 sale la chida

    78. roger dou7

      NETFLIX sure knows how to advertise their shows. That looks fun!

    79. Imthegreenbean

      Yesssssssss it's finally happening, we could finally get a good yoyo documentary~~ Please be good.....

      1. Glow

        Of course it's good, Im in it

    80. Chilli Smacker

      The guy that won got beat by Shahina Waseem later in a tougher contest. If u want to watch the Netflix chili eating now you can see it on Mike Jack Eats Heat youtube channel Spoiler alert 📢 lol

    81. Av eryClemons

      0:2 Automatic proffit system with done for you 6k monthly income w h t s a p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

    82. Leon Brown

      Shahina Waseem is the number one chili eater in the world. Why was she not included in the chili eating? Netflix messed it up

    83. YoYoExpert

      This looks GREAT! 💯

    84. Sid Thatham

      Reminds of that show "Games of Strange" from Red Bull Tv. Fun stuff. Hope Netflix does more of this.


      I remember the game It was in my grade 4 English passage Oh my God this is nostalgic

    86. pewhiepie 1

      Happy day 🤗

    87. Amina_Pakistan_Games MC, BG AND MORE

      Can you please upload full movie of parchi please

    88. Sam Ferguson

      Is there going to be a season 2 for the Liberator

    89. Dansokay

      Aw yeah my dude Johnny Scoville making an appearance

    90. Thelonious Coltrane

      Bro you can't just put exciting music behind jusst anything and package it as something worth watching. These people are mostly just f*cking around.

      1. Michelle Dauer

        You haven't seen pro yoyo contests then my dude! Make sure to watch! ;0)


      Wtf is this?

    92. cxa011500

      I worry about humanity sometimes. 🙃

    93. Lubova Strezneva

      Actually The Science is much more important for our History, but... 😛😛😛 This is so ridiculous and fun!

    94. Alex Tayoyong

      My kinda sport.

    95. TNT VENOM

      Is it a documentary

      1. XL B


    96. Dennis Brace Gaming

      I seen Bella ! And Johnny in it ! A awesome People

    97. Григорий Азаров

      Я думол это песня queen

    98. Sameer's GamingArena

      WTF is this !!!

    99. Ruby

      This is giving me anxiety!