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    In Hampton Roads, VA Pharrell Williams and his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams set out on a mission to build an inspiring gospel choir with one mission: to change the world.
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    Voices of Fire | Official Trailer | Netflix
    In this faith-based docuseries, Bishop Ezekiel Williams builds an inspiring, nontraditional gospel choir with the help of superstar nephew Pharrell.

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    1. Jason Guzman

      I lost my beloved aunt on Thanksgiving Day and was very broken up inside about this painful loss to my family to say the least. These voices of fire have helped heal my soul of the sadness I have felt over the last week leading up to her passing. God will lead our family through the grieving process. Thank you voices of fire for helping ease a bit of my pain and sorrow.

      1. Jason Guzman

        @Kayla Thompson thank you very much for your kind words

      2. Kayla Thompson

        Sorry for you lose. Hould on brother, God's got you 💛

    2. Anaya Edwards

      What is the song in the trailer?

      1. Kayla Thompson

        Intentional by Travis greene! Love that song so much 🙌💛

    3. K. Woods

      I enjoyed the show and I'll probably watch any other seasons. I hate that it seems like every single choir member had to resort to a bunch of runs. Its almost like one after another the thought was.. "Oh, I'm not gonna impress anybody unless i stick a bunch of runs in...." And then it was a sequence of singer after singer trying to out-run each other. And you could tell who it was natural for and who it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I've sang and listened to gospel music all my life, and I enjoy soloists that can pull that off, but that's not the be all and end all to gospel music; not even modern gospel music. Another thing that irked me...the fact this whole documentary is surrounding a *Gospel* choir singing *Christian* songs...there wasn't enough Jesus in it for me. Heck, they praised Pharell more than they praised the Lord. 🙄 (but what more can you expect from Hollywood)

      1. Kayla Thompson

        I agree! It needed to be note about singing for the Lord, not about rifting and being able to sing the highest or the lowest. They didn't even ask about he person's spiritual life like what 😂

    4. Luis Del Aguila

      Amazing and blessing Serie

    5. David Gardener

      Who the hell would click thumbs down on this? Sheesh...

    6. Chrisvania HN

      Episode 1-5 have a really good build up but they rob us on Ep 6 😔 seriously Netflix, how could you 😔

    7. TheLifeOfJay ‘


    8. Zap Genesis

      0:06 is that a man or a woman?

      1. XL B

        @Zap Genesis It's ok, I was too.

      2. Zap Genesis

        @XL B ok. I was confused at first.

      3. XL B


    9. Felix Dfelixgmail

      I watch the whole thing and was inspired every step of the way. If this wasn't made just for me, it sure felt like it. Thank you. God bless you.

    10. Donna McLeod

      Loved this a lot but disappointed that after building to the big debut concert, we don’t get to see the full performance.

      1. GarnetsWeb

        This is how I felt. The buildup and anticipation might've been fulfilled for those involved and in the concert, but us as the viewers weren't able to empathize with how people seemed to enjoy the performance because we didn't get to hear or see much of it.

    11. Jaffe Owen

      I teared up bad in this

    12. Lars Nelson

      So i just watched it and it rocked my soul. But how is it over yet?? We weed news, how are they all today? I LOVE YOU VOICES OF FIRE! Please continue

    13. Bald & Bearded

      First five episodes were nice. To be honest, the final show was kind of a mess.. most performances are pitchy, out of tune, out of tempo, so on.. overall it is a nice little show, with lots of talent, but this is in no way shape or form one of the best choirs out there. But lots of beautiful and talented people in there 👌

      1. GarnetsWeb

        Agreed, final performance was a bit of a let-down. I see some of the singers had potential but I wish they would've encouraged them to really work on their skills more. Danlie seems sweet but her singing isn't there yet.

    14. Movies Info.

      Plz release the date announcement of Lucifer season 5 part2

    15. GeorgeJansen

      Incredible show.

    16. Treicy Vasconcellos

      The promise of the show is not very honest, it is actually quite anticlimactic, if you expect to hear a choir be ready to be disappointed. It is very sad that the choir with so many talented voices became a back vocal for Pharell. I wanted to see the most impactful presentation at the end and there wasn’t. I certainly wouldn't watch the next season.

    17. DareBear1226

      The series started out very moving and there’s some amazing talent in this choir. However, I do not think they showcased the talent very well in the end. It’s a gospel choir, I wanted to hear some real church some real movement. Like most mass gospel choirs really GIVE it to the point you can’t help but to get up and dance. It doesn’t always have to be about voice manipulation sometimes it’s about the spirit bc if every singer is powerful and there’s no glue it sounds all over the place. So the selection of songs was meh and quite frankly 2 weeks was not enough to fine tune this choir’s sound. But again there’s some real talent here and I hope each person is happy and healthy in 2020

      1. GarnetsWeb

        Yep. All of the hype of the first few episodes and anticipating hearing the progress of their voices to the last episode, disappointing as we didn't really get a full taste of their singing. I would've liked to hear more of Maria, the twins, and a few other singers featured at the beginning.

      2. nr061081

        Yes, they missed a trick towards the end. Too much heavy editing.

      3. Jl Melrose

        I completely agree with you; I hope with time they become something truly spectacular. Also, as much as I love Pharrell, why is Netflix marketing this Docuseries in this way? "Bishop Ezekiel Williams builds an inspiring, nontraditional gospel choir with the help of superstar nephew Pharrell." Pharrell shows up exactly 3 times and does very little in the way of decision making or shaping the choir. I know it's not as "sexy" or "marketable" Netflix, but you need to give credit where credit is due. Simply put, this choir wouldn't exist at all if not for the efforts of Larry George, Miss Peggy Britt, and The Prince of Choirs himself, Mr. Patrick Riddick.☮️

    18. Reginald Greene

      This was the worst display of talent I have ever heard. This should’ve been titled testimonies of fire because it sure wasn’t no choir. They gave all the terrible singers solos except for one and didn’t even give the good singers any praise. This show was a disgrace and I know they won’t be going on tour anywhere sounding like they did in that finale

    19. Geisa Lopes

      Já quero a segunda temporada ❤️🇧🇷

    20. Geisa Lopes

      Amei o programa 😍 top🇧🇷

    21. Jackie Haynes

      Cried my eyes out! So emotional ❤️

    22. Rolnei Do Carmo

      Quero mais, que venha a segunda temporada 😊🙏

    23. Rolnei Do Carmo

      Nossa perfeito , simplesmente maravilhoso 😊

    24. Marion Mathis

      I just saw the preview seem like I want to watch it to the end. Plus I adore Pharrell .

    25. Angelica

      The twins were fckn creepy af!!!!

    26. Proverbs 29:25

      Amazing show but I felt quite underwhelmed with the Big Show idk it may just be me

      1. Proverbs 29:25

        @Bald & Bearded yea definitely, I was expecting them to go HAM bc the rehearsals were pretty good at times

      2. Bald & Bearded

        Lots of talented individuals.. but they were not ready for a show and they all try and showcase their voices with RUNS.. and this is a bad idea. The vocal coach only praises runs... soo... Too much is just as bad as not enough. And most of them got so lost trying to do crazy runs that it started sounding like shit and pitchy. The show was nice up until the last show.. that part was just bad.

      3. Proverbs 29:25

        @Reginald Greene wow lol, was not expecting that

      4. Reginald Greene

        This show was horrible and that was the worst choir I have ever heard in my life including children’s choir

    27. Mops66

      Just watched it. I truly believe they must have had better singers than the ones who did the solos ( except the last lady, her voice was gold ). It was all about appealing to emotion and testimonies, insecurities etc. If they say : the best choir, it should have the best singers. Now it didnt. It was like watching the X factor with all the sad stories and pasts. The other ones who could probably sing the best weren't talked to at all.

    28. Zita Takáčová

      amazing voices ...

    29. Melissa Parker

      This is so inspiring and moving and really demonstrates Gods amazing power. I cried the entire season, filled with Jesus love, grace and mercy. This is so timely.

      1. Anna Hilary Williams

        I really love your words and emotions about this movies

      2. Anna Hilary Williams

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    30. Saar Cai

      Boy, I watched the whole thing and let me tell you this is the most touching and heartfelt thing that i watched in a while on Netflix. I literally cried my eyes out in the finale show. What a voices.

      1. RandomCommunist

        almost everybody did

      2. Kevin Ortiz


    31. T S

      WOW, brought tears to my eyes!! Absolutely beautiful!! 💜

    32. Aamash Faruqi

      Wof fans: deep regret...

    33. Mao Stalin

      Voices of Crotch itch would have been better title.

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    58. lasarith2

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    59. Electro Spider

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    61. Elizabeth Chiamaka

      Omg, i am already inspired 💥

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    63. Sub2Jairus

      What i hate about netflix is. When im done in part 2 movies it doesnt have part 3.

    64. The screaming dragon

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    65. Nathalya Sanchez

      Wow , me , gusta , eso ,

    66. Coby Bracken

      The twins @ 1:37 😍

      1. Angelica

        NO. No. No. Those two are used to their looks moving them forward. Hell NOPE.! Wanna sing? Have a voice. period.

      2. Israel Battle

        Lol back off they are only 18 Also yes they can sing. There is a lot they didn't show like when they did their duet at the concert.

      3. Mops66

        They couldn't sing at all. Terrible

    67. Jaden Laperriere

      Netflix can you please put season 10 of the walking dead please

      1. Tommy Criton

        They need to contact AMC for those rights

    68. Kobe Bryant

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    76. African Girl

      hopefully they all go through with this n be in the church choir lol unlike the voice on nbc who non of the winners go anywhere

      1. African Girl

        @Abdel3adhim Djezari ok. I still got my Netflix account so whatever

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    78. Ruby Abbas

      I love the background song. Who else? It's Travis Greene's Intentional btw

      1. Omyma


    79. Player Unknown

      Omg I'm soo early

    80. Ruby Abbas

      0:13 me when I'm trying to understand something after it has been explained a thousand times 😂

      1. L M

        Me too 😹

    81. Ryan Redoute

      First singer’s voice: shook...Finding out the Bishop’s nephew is Pharrell: MORE SHOOK!

      1. Omyma


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    82. Tiea_ patra x

      Wow I can’t wait

    83. supermanGT

      Gon b a whole bunch of black ppl in that choir

      1. RandomCommunist

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