Virgin River Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    Engagement. Babies. Heartbreak. Murder. For a small town, Virgin River has its fair share of drama - and Mel Monroe is often in the middle of it.
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    Virgin River Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    1. CH3353N1NJ45

      Virgin River vs The Chad Ocean 2:- Electric Boogaloo

    2. sansa drake

      Whyyyyyy aren't there more episodes in each season. Ten is too little 😪😥

    3. L tucker

      I’ve watch this over and over, I love this🥰

    4. corina harris

      Season 2, Just finished watching season 2 And I loved it, I couldn't stop watching. and I screamed, NO, at the end. Can't wait until season 3.

    5. Orange Gaming360

      need season 3..hanging and waiting answers

    6. Dima Abdu

      Doc and Mayor are GOALS

    7. Linda White

      I watched all 10 episodes on Saturday. Excellent!

    8. Lmtl

      Anyone just binge watched the whole season 2 in one weekend 🙈

      1. Asma Alison

        I did it in 10 hours ...

      2. Agatha Moyo

        I just did too, but why is it just over so fast 😭. I feel like screaming with anger seriously..

    9. Vicky ***

      It's so good, I want a season 3 soooon😍🙏

    10. armagedon515

      Where is the mandatory gay couple ??

    11. Kelli Markin

      What other shows can I watch like this? I've already seen Hart something with the same doctor. I love shows like this💗

    12. Kimmerie Sky

      Please do the announcement of S3 soon , don’t let us down !

    13. Marion Middlehurst


    14. Dark Star

      thanku so so so much after one years season 2 out thankx alot for dubbed in hindi also

    15. Let's Make

      Alex Breckenridge should be the new Mera from aquaman

    16. Dan Raluca

      I have expected this sezon very much😃😃😃

    17. Peter Zenewicz

      Netflix done good this week. Hillbilly Elegy and Season 2 of Virgin River. I bet Hillbilly gets at least three, maybe four Academy Award Nominations.

    18. Casey Hardy

      Does anyone else feel bad for Charmaine? Like at first I really couldn’t stand her but I feel bad that she’s pregnant and her baby daddy is in love with someone else. I hope she finds another love interest in the show who actually loves her.

    19. nadz j

      i hate its so cliche and full of coincidences

    20. Angie W

      Season two was so good! Spent a day binging it! After that cliff hanger, there better be a season three!

    21. Julie B.

      OMMMMGGGGG! Already finished.... Just beautiful! Lucky I am ready the books....

    22. vu ton

      I have to say, Virgin River season 2 music is on point. Good job Netflix.

    23. Nina Dittrich

      I'm searching for the song in episode 6 when Mel sends off the boat as a tribute to Mark... Shazam can't find it. The lyrics are something like "you held me close liften me high when you rise the sky will meet you and i close my eyes and i always see you". Can anybody help me? Thank you so much!

    24. 24hoursonline1

      Watched season 1 and 2 in one day... So amazing... Can't wait for S3

    25. Kay Bohman

      I was so disappointed to much hope and doc and Jack getting shot at end good cliff hanger

    26. Rancho Diabla Acres

      I just binged through season 2. We need season 3 ASAP!!!

    27. Fathima Patel

      Waited so long for this and binge watched it in a day... Totally love this series wish there were more episodes ❤️

    28. s j

      Does anyone else think Mel looks like preity zinta

    29. almond dee

      Oh how I fell inlove with the setting. It brought me in the countryside the whole time I was watching it. Was so refreshing. I finished season 2 just now and I can't wait for season 3. 😊

    30. sameer upadhyay

      I think I need to forget about this show until they release season 3 🙄🙄🙄.....

    31. Mabel Bonacalza

      Es un fiasco la segunda temporada , termina refeo , espero q Neflix de Argentina pase pronto la 3 era temporada

      1. Stephanie G

        Ya se!!!

    32. Crystal Jaime

      I have binged season 2 and I need answers!!!! I don’t want to wait for a season 3 😩😩😩😩

    33. denimdiva1986

      Myself and many others would like to know the song that plays out when Mel let's the little boat go in episode 6. The song artist in question is earning a lot of attention right now.. WE NEED an answer.

    34. emir Reyhan

      Sooo romantic & lovely ❤❤❤😍😍😍

    35. danisch007

      Excellent Show. 😊

    36. Roos de Laan

      Am I the only one who just doesn't like Hope?

    37. Norma Sandoval

      Estuvo hermosa la segunda temporada Para cuando la segunda por favor

    38. zil nep

      Simplimente maravilhoso agora é esperar mais 1 ano pela 3 temporada.

    39. Andres Soliven

      Its divastating ending again?!!!

    40. manjari das

      Why it is still not uploaded in Netflix...??its only showing series 1...i am eagerly waiting to watch...

    41. DianaAnkh

      Please tell me there will be a 3rd season !

    42. Katering Perez Arias

      Omg jack y mell 😍😍🥰😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    43. All around Zora

      This series is exactly what I needed!! Thank you!! I hope to see a S3 :))

    44. wkadalie

      If it's following the books then Charmaine is the worst.

    45. Juju Sun

      Riggs, right ?

    46. Emilia Moise

      Please tell me I’m not the only one that actually finished the second season already.

      1. Emilia Moise

        Oh that’s great! I thought I was alone 🥺😭😂

      2. Biborka Bibi


      3. wkadalie

        I did as well. I also finished all the books after the 1 season cause i couldn't wait.

    47. James Martin Curwain

      SEASON 1 WAS EXCELLENT. REALLY ROMANTIC AND A FRESH START TO A NEW FUTURE SEASON 2 WILL BRING A VERY NEW AND,,,,,, THRILLING EXPO INTO ALL CAST MEMBERS THIS SEASON THAT WILL TOTALLY ROCK YOUR BOATY'S PAST'S EXPLAINED AND OPENED IN NOT ALL GOOD WAYS SAY %50 - %50 SEASON 3 WILL BE SO SO EXCELLENT THAT 1 AND 2 WILL SEAM LIKE NOTHING the supped X will get ruff with the other girl in the serious ..... cos i bet her X comes back and these so called 80% people of the ,,,,,,,,,,, lovely T.V shows will be fine it's the %20 percent that get it hard in this T.V show and ,,, We all will see I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS BUT THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH THE WHATCH PLEASE SO TRUST ME and above all enjoy it till next year lol lol lol lol lol ENJOY :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    48. Sandhya Shrivastav

      After having seen the 1st season, this is aweful. Love triangle?? It used to be exciting in the 90s but now it's aweful lot to watch. I had such high hopes, all crushed.

      1. wkadalie

        Except it's not a love triangle. Jack and Mel are n love and Charmaine is just trying to get in the way.

    49. Nirnay Verma

      I loved this show both the season Netflix can we except season 3 of this show😭

    50. Star Crossed

      it/s here, and its great !!!!! Hope for many many more seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    51. Marian Lipana

      Been waiting for this for so long now its finally here! :)

    52. Mimz

      Hooray!! Season 2 is coming :)

    53. El Stadnik

      Finally :D

    54. marion connell

      When does it start

    55. gr3mln

      it’s almost here!!

    56. Samantha Honderman

      I’m so excited !! Finally it’s coming out in a few hours 😭♥️ I waited a whole year for this 🤍

    57. Jessica A

      I know I've only seen the trailer and it comes out tomorrow (which means I get to rewatch Season 1 starting right now, YAY!) but can I just put in my request for Season 3 now? This show and its energy is such a good beginning to my Netflix Sappy Christmas Viewing.

      1. Jessica A

        @Jay T That makes me a little happier but I'll believe it when I see it. These are unpredictable times...

      2. Jay T

        I heard that it has been renewed for season 3.

    58. Nusrat Faizah

      so glad to know that there are so many people who loves shows like this! Honestly this kinda shows are just everything for my soul!

    59. María Laura Chitty

      I want a Jack😭 even with his baby I'd take him hahaha

    60. Silvana M Popnikolov

      When will be on Netlix?

    61. UnicornsMeltMyHeart🦄🦄

      If anyone wants the name of the songs they are: Simon Steadman - The Lucky One James Mclean - Give into you again

    62. Sabrina Ameyaw

      I'm only watching this because of Daniel Gillies-Elijah, but hes just a flashback

      1. All around Zora


    63. Cristy Preciado

      I am so invested in this series lmao

    64. Hani On-Board

      Wonder who's grave mel is visiting and the dock scene where she set sail the little boat...


      I hate Jack.

    66. Sarshar Siddiqui

      Best Series of my life ❤️❤️❤️

    67. BlaBlaBla Bla


    68. Kevin Tindell

      Been waiting for a year! So excited!

    69. Oka Miller

      I am so eager for the next season to begin. Very exciting.:-)

    70. S O


    71. evan_theambassador 123

      Omg 2 days

    72. Peg Innam

      Yay! Can’t wait!

    73. Cintia Costa

      I can't wait! 🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤

    74. Jordan Swavel

      Hope the baby isn’t actually jack’s

      1. Giulia Nunes

        Me too😥

    75. Heavyn C

      I made the mistake of watching the 1st season THE DAY IT CAME OUT ughhh it feels like it's been longer than a year, I need sesosn 2 already!

      1. Tessa

        i watched s2 also in 1 day i cant help it!!!!😔😍🥰

    76. Mary Sh

      Why is no one talking about Paige?

    77. Mabel Ore


    78. Ata Van Show

      I just finished watching the season 1 and started searching for the season 2 right away and now i find out that it will be up on my birthday Novem 27th. Wow very exciting.

    79. seattlelights206

      I’m so over all these bad moral shows, I freaking love virgin river!

    80. Maram

      I caaaaaan't wait ❤❤❤❤❤

    81. warriorbard

      I have been waiting on tenterhooks for Season 2 and it's finally almost here!! 🥳🥳

    82. MeinCoach Dori

      So sad, the way they took the story line. In the books Jack has a way better character, cause he finishes business with Charmaine before he even holds Mels Hand... the 2nd season will be a totally different story line than the books... :(

      1. Wilna Pienaar

        I totally agree with you!

      2. Arathyl 999

        Theres books?? 😐😐😐

    83. Prikyns


    84. SSOR ROSS

      Very Exited!!!

    85. Amrit Singh

      Eagerly waiting for this season 💞💕😊

    86. lynnwrites

      I can't wait!!! But why did they change Mel's hair? I loved her curls!

    87. yourocmysox

      Love the show, can’t wait for the new season! But I’m hoping Charmaine’s pregnancy is somehow a fluke or Jack is not the father. Wishful thinking probably? But I can hope..

      1. Jessica Mejia

        Omg same

    88. Rheinmeister09

      Discovered this last night and just finished it a few minutes ago just in time for season 2 at the end of this week. Great chemistry between the 2 actors that play Mel and Jack.

    89. goomela

      When is this going to happend??? 😍 😍 😍 😍

    90. Pam Kowaski

      Not happy about this pregnancy thing, but glad the show is back.

    91. Carla Diniz

      Muito bom graças a Deus saiu a segunda temporada

    92. ضحى حسام

      When will season 2 start?

    93. Bella Ocean

      1:19 you can see a stroller for twins in the background! Is she expecting twinsies????

      1. Bella Ocean

        @TheFoodGratitudeBlog yeah that‘s just what I thought... like Mel can’t even have one and now Charmaine gets to have two🤯🥺🥺

      2. TheFoodGratitudeBlog

        dear god nooooooo 😭 1 was bad enough

    94. Haris Akhtar

      I'm not sure how I went from liking stuff with gangs and drugs and pure violence to this...but holy sh*t I can't wait!

    95. aaliyah amos

      I can’t wait probably watched season 1 10 times already. That’s how much I’m in love with this show .

    96. Spartans Xoxo

      6 more days ahhhh!!!!!! 💕❤️💕❤️💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Fernanda Taborda

      Aaaa 😍😍😍

    98. Stephanie Acquah

      The day after my birthday what a fantastic birthday present

      1. Khiana Smith

        Your birthday's on Thanksgiving 😲😩 Happy early birthday 🎉🎉

    99. Rita Archer


    100. ABIN BOVAS

      Jack and Mel better be together at season 2 . Waiting for it since the first episode of this series