Veronica vs. Cheryl: Fashion Battle Riverdale | Netflix


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    When it comes to Riverdale, who is the ultimate fashion queen: Cheryl Blossom or Veronica Lodge? You voted for your favorite looks and styles on Instagram… With over a million responses, safe to say the results are in.
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    Veronica vs. Cheryl: Fashion Battle Riverdale | Netflix
    Daring adventure meets chilling darkness as Riverdale explores a new side of grief and the gang prepares for the ultimate test: senior year.

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    1. Ace Paris

      I love varchie but i love cheryl fashion how they handle their outfits

    2. Lineage Warrior

      Who is rating this?

    3. #CHONI Toni Cherly

      AH i love them both but more Cheryl and Toni

    4. Naisha Dharia

      Veronica's look is much better

    5. Shemar Williams

      Love Veronica but Cheryl is legend

    6. Fannisse *-*

      I feel sorry about Veronica but Cheryl is woaw with her clothes❤️🐡

    7. IJ 《samarium 》

      Veronica 😍😍😍😍

    8. midnightblackroses

      Cheryl 100%. But I'm biased, Veronica is the worst lol

    9. shayra robledo

      Trailer Riverdale 5? please

    10. Burt

      Riverdale is the best!

    11. Ashley Michel

      Cheryl ALWAYS

    12. c4nc3la_ elly

      HELL NO!

    13. Suhani Gupta

      Hate them both, Love Betty❤

    14. poojac mohan

      Cheryl forever 😍😍

    15. Milena Israyelyan

      Cheryl Blossom😘

    16. Justyou1 Twice

      Veronica is so baby

    17. Justyou1 Twice

      Veronica 💞💕💓

    18. OPF KaJa

      It’s obvious, Cheryl got the best, I ain’t even have to watch the video

    19. ggsooyoun

      tbh Cheryl's styling is one of the only things Riverdale is doing right

      1. aanvijaswal XB


    20. Laura Balestrieri

      Veronica e Scheryl le amoooo

    21. Aman Naresh

      U should have compared Betty with Veronica for best gfs

    22. Samanta Cabrera

      Soy la única que también ama los looks de Betty y Toni? Es que son estilos muy únicos 😍😍

    23. Random Person lol

      Cheryl needs so much more screen time !!!she is the best caracter she is so intresting and beautiful i really hope that se gets more screen time in the new season

    24. Random Person lol

      Cheryl style is iconic its one of the best thing about riverdale!! Cheryl is the best caracter

    25. Naomi Reyes

      My favorite look is the Verónica looks

    26. ekaandogn 07

      0:40 WTF?

    27. Andrea Sandoval

      Cheryl is iconic! She is one of the reasons I still watch Riverdale

    28. African Girl


    29. strawberry edits

      I'm honestly obsessed with both of thier wardrobes❤ queens♡♡♡

    30. solfeggietto

      All those moments of Cheryl treating Toni like shit -_-

    31. Marijana


    32. Jacquelyn Pritchett

      Love my Cheryl

    33. العلوم المحرمة عليان ارسلان

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    34. Rashi Singh


    35. Karolina Magdalena Gacia

      Veronica is better for me😉

    36. Nora Beisser

      I loved Cheryl's formal dress!

    37. Bea

      Cheryl is definetly the best She is iconic🌹🌹

    38. Shawn Goldman

      people really shit on anime then worship this show as being god tier lol

    39. The alpha Wolf

      I honestly think, VERONICA has really good fashion. ❤❤❤❤

    40. Shell Christine

      Sorry no contest.....Veronica all the way

    41. dc chilin

      Cheryl wins everything she is the loml she’s so gorgeous I love her she’s gonna be my wife

    42. SnoopWillPac SkateOn

      I love both of them there beautiful 😍 I miss this show I hope a new season comes

    43. xoxo GossipA

      Is it just me or is the thumbnail looking a little odd? Its like there's something wrong with the editing or something. LOL i dunno

    44. Veronica Mathew

      How can you ask us to choose? It's hard

    45. Dary Jacques


    46. Sooraj s


    47. Sooraj s


    48. Monique Escobedo

      Yess my girl Cheryl Winn yessss🥰

    49. Abigail Landre

      Cheryl is the best

    50. I love dogs dog

      Cheryl nighttime look is stunning. Just like both Veronica and Cheryl.

    51. Geoffrey Willemsen

      Awesome video for Netflix

    52. Cinthia Prado

      Sherry king

    53. Maéva Dossavi

      Omg I love their styles!

    54. Pamelaiswise

      Who voted exactly because I don’t even watch this show and it was Cheryl every time.

    55. Kaia

      It would be nice if you could actually promote Julie and the Phantoms!

    56. Luiz Carlos Silva do Nascimento

      Are you guys who don't like Riverdale really wasting your precious time just to criticize the series in a comment? Riverdale is a good series, in my opinion.

      1. The Nat

        i'm sure u idn't watch the season 4...I mean i'm SHOOK

    57. Só Cenass

      Cheryl is iconic ♥️

    58. Shoshana Loomer

      They both slay

    59. Aesthetic fly

      Hi I post cute fany videos can yall support me

    60. sarah fortune

      Cherly is the best

    61. RiverdaleLove

      I love Veronica‘s looks 🥺😻😻

    62. The_rockstar 34


    63. Baphomet behemoth

      Cheryl Marjorie Blossom LOVE YOU GODDESS

    64. Aaliyah Vieira

      Veronia style is ICONOC

    65. Supernatural

      Cheryl is really cool❤️

    66. betty cooper

      i love riverdale my favorite show my second is young sheldon

    67. Mickie Sandige

      listen cheryl's formal look is iconic. as well as her pjs

    68. Dizzwizz Bajra

      Costume cherry blossoms and Veronica all the season😁😀😍😍😘😘😘😘

    69. Clamber

      Ofc Queen Cheryl won!

    70. Timur Türkmen

      Veronica is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    71. Moena Lalleman

      Cheryl’s style is the best !

    72. PhoeNix57 GD

      Cheryl is better. She is so beautiful btw 😍

    73. starlight night


    74. Esmanur Reyya Dağ

      My favorite look is Cheryl

    75. Badusha Riyas

      Chryls best

    76. d Yunus

      Cheryl allllll the waaAaAyyy

    77. Satvik Singh

      NETFLIX its high time you stop this shit show.....and continue shows like OA

    78. Allen Trice

      Love about Veronica but Cheryl is really great for... But wait... Is this so kind of Archie Show? And where is Betty?

    79. FEG

      Where is season 4 !!!! 😡😡

      1. Abeeha dar

        @FEG it's really cringe...

      2. FEG

        @Abeeha dar how do you think about season 4 . Do you like it ?

      3. Abeeha dar

        @FEG Pakistan..

      4. FEG

        @Abeeha dar Turkish Netflix haven’t got s4 . Where are you from ?

      5. Abeeha dar

        It's on my Netflix?

    80. Rmoney&MariaHood

      yasssssssssssss cherylllllllllllllllllllll

    81. moamenba lcr

      Cheryl the best❤❤

    82. Fia


    83. Janai Mendoza

      VERONICA! 😍😍😍

    84. norwin diaz becheche

      Alguien que hable español? :v

      1. Andrea Sandoval


    85. Sofie Marie's Cloud

      Cheryl for sure! Love a colorful style! 😍

    86. Esteban Garcia Armitage

      Honestly I cant beleve Cheryl won love her but veronica should have won in this one.

    87. Kae Bacus

      So when's the trailer of season 5 coming out??


      My favorite character is Cherly she is so good

    89. Courtney Reynolds

      i LOVE Cheryl's Formal look. it is so sleek.

    90. Kae Bacus

      Someone here's telling that riverdale is a worst hahahaha lol it came from comics that they put in real life that's why the story was like that

    91. ItzPeace_Duh

      cheryl's style is so iconic!!!!

    92. dffggt iuyyte

      love V but Cheryl is a slay queen

    93. Malin Hessedahl

      Love this series❤ please do same with lili reanheart too❤ Look for to see season 5 of Riverdale❤❤

    94. Gabriela Barbosa rincon

      Cheryl 💜

    95. Bernardo gameeo

      Love Veronica perfect

    96. Rosemarie Magyana Putri

      RIVERDALE S5 can’t wait!!!!

    97. Mohammad Imdad Choudhury

      Eagerly waiting for season 5🥰

    98. Juan Luna


    99. Rakibul Mahmud

      Veronica ❤❤

    100. Yxng Laidin

      Imma be your favorite rapper soon 💙🙏