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    We missed you… so much. Sink your teeth into the new #Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer. Only in theaters September 24
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    Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.
    Directed by: Andy Serkis
    Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
    Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
    Based on the Marvel Comics

    Tom Hardy
    Michelle Williams
    Naomie Harris
    Reid Scott
    Stephen Graham
    and Woody Harrelson
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    1. shoaibkhan shoaibkhan

      Thank You So Much Andy Serkis

    2. Venu Dharan

      va thalaivaaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. LEREZAL

      another scary and violent character destroyed ... , guys it's a totaly funny and comedy movie just like venom 1 no R rate no actual carnage . GG

    4. Rohan Business

      Harry Nilsson's "One" 💛

    5. emilluke

      I am so excited for this to come out!

    6. Qwertzuiopü

      i have a crush on venom

    7. SHMOUSEY86

      When they blow their load on showing carnage in the first trailer

    8. Ultra cat

      Imagine Zack Synder take a part in this!

    9. pratima kumari

      I can't wait for this movie 😌😲@venom

    10. Sheru Ninja

      wut is the song name

    11. Inferno n LOKI games

      1:carnage us terrifying 2:venom sings 3:venom is known by everyone 4:HE DDIIDDNNTTTT GGEETT HHIISSS CCCHHHHHHOOOOCCCLLLAAATTTEEEE

    12. Saransh Thakur

      0:31 that how the days start when you wake up late

    13. Arjun Dube

      dude mindblowing trailer man if the the trailer is so good then the movie will be awsome

    14. creek


    15. DSpace

      Carnage: Im going to kill everyone and play with their limbs like puppets! Eddie: This guy insane! Venom: He doesn't seem too bad. Carnage: I will also eat all of the chocolate in the world. Venom: HES DEAD!!!

    16. itachi G

      wow the trailer is just as bad as the first venom movie, I mean no suspense no intrigue no hook just goofy n Woody Harrison doesn't seem any better just miscast maybe would've preferred Edward Norton smh Sony

    17. Умар Умар


    18. Minj Max Vlog

      Finally 🔥💓

    19. Entei 7698

      Stan Lee is on the magazine’s at 0:48

    20. Mason Benton

      I hope it's it's rated R because of carnage

    21. Dashrath Bhargav

      Ruben fleisher,. Director of first movie made venom a badass character , this venom seems like a singing , tantrum throwing , squeaky voice joke of a venom.

    22. WhackyPie

      yummy 0:36

    23. Overland117



      I can't wait to see this super amazing movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥🔥

    25. Skrillex4X

      Even if it lacks any substance, it looks like it’ll be a fun movie so I’m pretty stoked. 😁

    26. 66Sixxy

      I'm so beyond ready for this!!!

    27. Nick Seraph

      More Mrs Chen!

    28. NoxTube

      Shriek 👀

    29. Mr_rasberry7


    30. Syhris Rex

      Venom: Let there be screen, no seriously it's a family film

    31. paku

      I always hope they made this movie a serious kind of movie instead of a comedy kind of movie.

    32. Bhupendra Deshmukh

      Release date is 24 September 2021 Note that -.-.-.-.-.-

    33. Meet Duby

      i was waiting so eagerly!!for carnage look!!

    34. BoOm BaStIc

      i feel at the end of this movie we will get a cameo of spider-man and will also see venom's spider on his chest!

    35. Nicholas Eric

      Is it jut me or did venom just speak good evening to ms Chen on Chinese

    36. Oliver Bersamina

      Venom: Ketchup? YUMMY!

    37. 1d style

      Stan Lee may not be still alive but his cameos are 0:48 R.I.P

    38. Aaryanad B

      Venom Let there be Carnage: exists Critics: this is going to be Loud, Violent, dark, and full of action, and we are gonna criticize it. Audience: f you

    39. Siddhartha Mukherjee

      this film is directed by GOLLUM, KING KONG, CAESAR, SUPREME LEADER SNOKE, BALOO... ✓ ✓ ✓

    40. Aengus K

      I'd really prefer if this got an R rating

    41. SUDHAKAR M.

      I hope there's a Eminem song in this movie !!

    42. BoOm BaStIc

      can we just talk bout how scary carnage looks!

    43. Mohd Yasir

      Is it just me or is carnage is looking so awesome🔥🔥

    44. Osama I

      looks rude



    46. Zishan Modi

      Isn't the venom cooking similar like oggy and the cockroaches octopus episode


      I believe it when I see the rating

    48. Andreas R

      This is so corny

    49. P K

      Is that Shriek?

    50. Joseph Furtado

      Finally another one

    51. Shreyash Kadu


    52. Nhật Nam Đoàn

      Great! I would love to see it!😍🥰😍

    53. Anthony. M

      Did they change his voice or is he just more positive

    54. Dilshadmc Mc

      😍വെനോം 😍

    55. Geo Gio448

      The graphics are bad hopefully there will be better graphics in the movie

    56. harunotodoroki

      another marvel comedy. Pass

    57. HawksNest - Live

      Is it just me or does the CGI look worse than the first movie

    58. brian ganteng


    59. Ninja killer

      Need tourch light for watching this movie

    60. brian ganteng

      PLEASE CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

    61. sky fall

      Oooohhh There is gonna be Carnage ✊

    62. I v y 1v1?

      This is stunning. I was not expecting for it to look this good, Holy shit🔥

    63. Video Gamer

      “In Association With Marvel” da Spider-Man is coming

    64. drone_photography42


    65. Scott Will

      I’d be embarrassed to be seen in the theatre

    66. The Aizien

      Venom 2 in Bravia core? 😍

    67. believe and do

      Marvel yet releases another Movie with a sequel Black Adam:- 😒,,,, Hey DC,, I also exist.

    68. vereor66

      Do people seriously still want to watch superhero movies, how are you not burnt out from the other 1000 movies that came out the last few years

    69. Твен

      Very cool trailer!


      The TOM HARDY ♠️

    71. Ψ Luca


    72. :Unidentified Comment:

      To be completely honest I have to give these guys some credit for mainly basing the movies off of the solo Venom comics where they make fun of Venom a bit and it’s tongue and cheek and he eats chocolate . Even though it may not be the best for the film as a whole I enjoy that they know it’s a bit stupid and just go with that style

    73. Kevin Kuriakose

      He has the N-Word pass. He is too powerful.

      1. brox

        Thanks for bringing race into this

    74. Maximillian Obed Valencia

      Brock"You cannot eat ms.chen" Venom"NOOOOOO!" MS.chen:What?

    75. TrashBoi •-•

      *My mom has been WAITING for this*

    76. Nathan Stewart

      Can’t believe that the first horrible movie got a sequel and I also can’t believe they got woody to play clerus. Please please please be decent

    77. HyperStrikeHD

      When does it comes!!!!tob netflix?

    78. Hans penner

      Am I the only one that thought the first one sucked and this one looks just as bad?

    79. GamerCake500


    80. Gusti Michael Ferdinand

      Btw venom's behaviour is pretty understandable here because symbiotes tend to adopt their host behaviour as well, its so funny to see venom like this. Man i just want Deadpool and venom movie right now

    81. Mohammed Musaraf

      If your boy friend can COOK, SING, and he love's CHOCOLATE than it is not your boy friend it's VENOM

    82. Anonymous 9000

      I actually want to see him eat miss jin

    83. bossdedon AkA André

      What song is Venom singing?

      1. The Count of Monte Cristo

        Lets call the whole thing off

    84. UzumakiThinker

      This isn’t the same without Spidey. This movie should have been the ultimate Spiderman-venom team up where they’d go from bitter enemies to unfriendly rivals.

    85. Orwell Jones Laeddis

      Maximum -Carnage- Chocolate

    86. Pranay Das

      "Bong Shan Chou Mrs. Chen"

    87. Gusti Michael Ferdinand

      hell yesshshh carnage you go boiiii!!!!!

    88. stuffy GAMER

      Final lli venom is commming

    89. DCdL

      Kind embarrassing or it's only me?

    90. N M

      No more woke/feminist shit in movies.

    91. Wayne Payne98

      Who is carnage

    92. Iron heart

      Excited 😁😁


      2:07 thank me later

    94. vasavi obbu


    95. Wayne Payne98

      Venom sounds different

    96. Mustard Tiger

      Looks like meh

    97. Ritesh Yadav

      Wating since 1 year for this

    98. Howling Moon

      Hell I'm waiting for this finally get to see some blast💥💣

    99. triwanto

      Is Venom protagonist or antagonist?

    100. Shravan anand

      I hope it's r rated .....I hate pg movie's .......I say let there be BLOOD