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    Vasantham serial was aired by Sun TV in the year 2005. Actress Vijayalakshmi suited the main role of the serial. Vasantham Tamil Serial ft. Vagai Chandrasekhar, Delhi Ganesh, Vathsala Rajagopal, Shyam Ganesh, Vishwa, Durga and Priya in the lead roles. Subscribe to Vision Time -
    Story & screenplay : Devibala
    Lyrics: Pa Vijay
    Title Song : D Imman.
    Singer: SPB
    Dialogues: Bala Suryan
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    1. Muralidharan Krishnan

      Stupid unbelevable narratve scene and makibg tamil audiance as fool, stupid and many other vocabulary can be added. No person will afraid of such block mail from deepika from the beginning and no girl like kavitha will ask husband to live with deepika. The most rigorous pinoshment dhould be given to the story writer and director. Tamil aydiance are really attu manthaigal o sorry attu manthaigal will get angry as they are better than the audiance. Audiance are collosal idiot and spineless creature and have no soody, sorani and vedkam to be precise in tamil

    2. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

      This is a stupid story