Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 | Official Clip | No Evidence | Netflix


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    The most chilling mysteries are still unsolved. Six new mysteries are launching globally on Netflix October 19.
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    Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 | Official Clip | No Evidence | Netflix
    Suspicious deaths, missing children, encounters with spirits and other true-life tales unfold in a new collection of unsolved mysteries.

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    1. J RLOC

      On Reddit: Season 2: r/JohnJackWheeler r/JenniferFairgate r/LesterEubanks r/TsunamiSpirits r/JoAnnRomain r/AndreChristopherShane Season 1: r/JusticeForReyRivera r/PatriceEndres r/DupontDeLigonnes r/alonzobrooks r/MissingWitness

    2. amazee

      🚨🚨🚨SPOILER ALERT 🚨 🚨🚨 she did a great job at hiding her identity... still don’t know why they let her get a room without paying or even having her credit card info? and the man with her? “Lois Fairgate” ??? who is he and where is he ?? and where is the hotel worker from that night ? i find it very strange that the security knocks on the door then immediately after he hears the gunshot... like that’s very strange. did she maybe think it was someone else? i wonder if there was a second person and that person left the room when the security went and got help... UGGH i want answers 😔

    3. Verónica Santos

      This is just perfect

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    5. Hertogz

      Great show, especially because it remains a mystery is what makes this so different. Hopefully due to these shows there will shine some new light on these cases and questions can be answered. Currently on episode 2 season 2. Cant help the automatic associations I make to the show Norsemen (which is also great) when hearing these people talk with their accents, with all due respect of course. Keep up the good work netflix in making all that wonderfull content. :-)

    6. Kenny Jordana

      HELL YEAH!!!! I watched the first season , was a great season and I can't wait for the second one. I'm really happy that they have a second season.

    7. rose191991

      this story was so interesting

    8. Mike Walters

      Did people like Volume 1?

      1. rose191991

        @Mike Walters definitely try to watch it maybe u will find it more interesting...

      2. Mike Walters

        @rose191991 Yes. I probably need to give it another chance. Tried watching season 1 and couldn't make it pass the 1st episode

      3. rose191991

        only 1 episode for kinda boring for me... but overall i enjoy 1 season and today started to watch second one

    9. Axel

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    10. Kate Apple

      All her labels? Spy. Def a spy 🕵️

    11. Oneoftheskull

      Did anyone else find the first season a little hard to get into. It dragged..............I'm like, come on.

    12. Martin R

      Tonight ♥️

    13. Chris James

      As far as ideas for an original show and a reboot goes....this is the best idea Netflix ever had.

    14. African Girl

      will check this out

    15. Kostas Vlch

      Unsolved mystery : Why Netflix canceled caos?

    16. Kiki Holistic

      Yesss!! So excited!!

    17. Queen of Stories

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    23. Aaron Vanegas’s

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    26. Outblucks

      I got a question for Netflix are you going to release stranger things season 4 cause it no longer says you are gonna on Netflix.

    27. Richie DOrtenzio

      Been waiting since volume 1 came out for volume 2. 2 more days. Cannot wait to binge them all in one night and then hate myself for it.

    28. Nina Stone

      I love you Robert stack

    29. Sceams infandoms

      summoning circle, hope this works, wish me luck 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 GEAH season two 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯

    30. YourTrueHijabi

      Please renew anne with an e . Pleaseeeee omg.. that's like one of the few shows I really really love. There's too much unfinished it actually makes me so upset. I love that show so much.. 😭 Please make a season 4 of anne with an e..

    31. neptune

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    32. Keysha Rozier

      Make season five ofSeven deadly sins

    33. TheCheesecakedeath


    34. Chiyank Thomas

      is BTS movie going to be there.

    35. Igor Roblox666

      When will there be JoJo’s bizarre adventure part 4 in poland?

    36. Sander Aaseth

      They sound norwegians

      1. rose191991

        they are

      2. Sander Aaseth


      3. TheMrMagnus

        @Sander Aaseth Vel. Det jeg prøver å hinte til er at det åpenbare er åpenbart. Og man trenger ikke å nevne noe som er åpenbart, fordi folk skjønner det som er åpenbart. Så det eneste jeg prøver å si er at det var en unødvendig kommentar

      4. Sander Aaseth

        Ja. Som jeg sa

      5. TheMrMagnus

        @Sander Aaseth Kjære deg. Jeg er ironisk. Selvfølgelig er de norske. Man hører og ser det lett

    37. bryant hunt

      Netflix enables pedophiles.

    38. KingManJash Gaming

      guys, bring my hero academia season 4 fastttttttttttt!!!!

    39. Neil Patil

      2 more days

    40. Simona Marangio

      i love this show so much. It’s like the perfect show for people who love mysteries like me

      1. Simona Marangio

        @Sushant yesss me too

      2. Sushant

        Yes i also like mysteries but i want theses mysteries to get solved for their family.. 🙏🏻

      3. Old Woman

        Me too, I am glad they've brought it back. Us mystery lovers are lucky with all the content we're getting 😊

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    41. nothing

      Find it strangely similar to the isdal woman

    42. Queenofwheels

      Can not wait

    43. Robert moerike

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      1. rose191991

        pearl harbor no...

    44. Plush Gaming

      Can you please add sonic movie

    45. Wiley Mittendorf

      more the last kids on earth

    46. Redford

      The Isdal Woman?

    47. Butterfly Blue

      I think the original series is on the free tv app Pluto. It was good too!

      1. Oneoftheskull

        It was better. Way better.

    48. James Kimbley

      BBC has a good podcast on this mystery. Death in Ice Valley.

      1. TheBeastRoasting

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      2. nothing

        It’s not about the Isdal woman but it sounds incredibly similar does it! I hope they talk about both cases - this woman was found in a hotel room in Oslo

      3. TheBeastRoasting

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    49. im legitness

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    50. Sonia M. E. H.

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      4. Kgb

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      5. Anthony Amato

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    55. AC Wright

      Can't wait to see.

    56. A

      Lucifer s5b please

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    58. Annanda Andrade

      I'm ready to become a detective and stay up all night solving these cases

      1. TheBeastRoasting

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      2. Natalie 22 [f.u.с.к мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC

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      3. Glenna Yeagle

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        I'm ready to become a detective and stay up all night solving these cases 🔴💛💌💜💚🔞

      5. Arvinder Katoch

        Me too..Love these types of tv series. Mind hunter is also a good one

    59. Javi Muñoz

      This is interesting case to watch on Netflix. I can’t wait 😁

    60. MovieUniverse

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    61. Reham Alqrni

      Is there a fourth part of Anne WIth Anne Please tell me 🙏🏻🥺.

    62. rvfjone

      This is good, can't wait ... 😀 🔥

    63. JDW is Here

      Damn, I gotta wait until the 19th to watch this? This looks like a fascinating case.


    65. Laufield

      My big brother is missing last year. He never come home 😭

    66. Tatiana Juarez

      I Can't Wait To Watch This ♥️

    67. AJBellfam

      It is so obvious someone was covering their tracks.

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    68. Luxury Queen

      When is this coming out?

      1. magedrifter

        Volume 2 comes out next week on Monday Oct 19th

    69. Jasa Desain 38

      Isn't weird to call it "Unsolved Mysteries" ??? it called mystery because it unsolved, if it solved then it is not mystery anymore.

      1. outlawz38

        mystery doesnt have to mean unsolved, but rather something needs to be solved, there is an answer.

      2. freshly painted

        well true, but it can be solved as well. Solved Mystery is a mystery that was a mystery but is now solved, however still a mystery i guess hahah

    70. Brendan Foehr

      The Isdal Woman?

    71. BLgamer323

      Great uncle Netflix

    72. celestina nanditha


      1. Oneoftheskull

        Just don't watch it, like I didn't.

      2. Lady Red

        They literally caught FELONY CHARGES in texas yesterday! Finally! The nasty pe..do ceo refused to remove it now facing serious charges lol

      3. Tommy Criton

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    73. celestina nanditha

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      1. Lady Red

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    74. Jophy Jo

      Waiting for money heists season 5

    75. Texin

      why did I see that bag so similar to deku's hero suit?

    76. Rahul Jaiswal

      Are they taking about marilyn?


        Yup bro

    77. garcia adrian

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      1. garcia adrian

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      2. James Keeling

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    78. iKutie

      The document is good ?

    79. Christopher Mikrowelle

      Why can’t I have my own Netflix series?

      1. Nathan Williams

        Ok what would you title it and what would it be about? Sell us!

    80. Christopher Mikrowelle

      I will definitely watch this!

      1. Kıvanç Yılmaz

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    81. Joshbostock_20

      Getting house of terror vibes from this from series 1

    82. KakashiTKO

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    83. Lily Anderson

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    84. قاسم الراشدي

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      Can’t wait for October 19

      1. TheBeastRoasting

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    90. Caden McCord


      1. Caden McCord

        @Daja Dortch but I like the English legosi's va

      2. Daja Dortch

        @Caden McCord subtitles

      3. Caden McCord

        @Felipe Quintana I'm not weeb enough to understand the original Japanese

      4. Felipe Quintana

        January 2021

    91. M P

      First, I love this show

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