Unsolved Mysteries 5-Hour Theme Song | Netflix


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    Enjoy your 5 hours of your favorite creepy theme song. Look closely
    and you may find a clue...
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    Unsolved Mysteries 5-Hour Theme Song | Netflix
    Suspicious deaths, missing children, encounters with spirits and other true-life tales unfold in a new collection of unsolved mysteries.

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    1. c0mplex0__

      When you try to plug in the USB cable and it doesn't go in so you flip it around and... it still doesn't go in.



    3. nick brown

      chill music

    4. Boshaft

      Biggest chills ever

    5. The120376

      For every mystery...there is someone, somewhere who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is watching. Perhaps it's you. Join me!!!

    6. Eleni Kwatra

      i binged watched these series

    7. frank streeter

      The original shits on this version. The baseline alone is meaner and scarier. Hands down.

    8. the lawgiver

      Nah doesn't hit the spot like the original

    9. Kim Jana

      The extra 32 seconds are bothering me

    10. Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG

      Why must you do this to me

    11. Andiar Rohnds

      needs the drum beat in the beginning

    12. Elisaadm

      omg j’aime trop

    13. Bobby Bass

      Channel the ghost of Robert Stack this Halloween 🎃

    14. Jeff

      The fact that Netflix would put a skip intro up for unsolved mysteries is blasphemy!

    15. xpress

      Spooky .. Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen 🎃

    16. akira chan

      i think we all can agree that this song is doing everything mysterious really tho

    17. Darryl T

      People: Why 5 hours? Neflix: Because we know you need background music for the entire evening on Halloween.

    18. rocketgum


    19. Flashy Flash


    20. Seth's Channel

      I need this as my ringtone. How!?!

    21. Ian Cusack

      Justice for the Tuam babies of Ireland

    22. alana

      bout to freak my family out by playing this in the middle of the night

    23. Imran Becks

      I always skip the intro. Just too eerie 😅😅😅 Right up there with the X-Files theme!

    24. D and J Vlogs

      Very unsettling

    25. MMM M

      The video is so creepy

    26. Gamer Dan

      Ah yes. 5 hours. I mean sure they could've made it 10. But 5 is good. 😁

    27. G Clever

      This series gave me chills and nightmares when I was a Kid.

    28. Sarah Altieri

      Why does this intro make me feel like that I'm going to shift into another reality?

    29. Tyler Lee Lawrence

      Netflix giving us what we didn’t know we needed. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    30. Svanurgabriele Monaco

      what was the clue? has anyone found it

    31. Hakan AYDIN

      I am listening to this while i am trying to solve the unsolved

    32. Dustin Oregon

      5 hours of pure creepiness....make it 10. 🤔

    33. KOSEIDON


    34. Paviya Ammu

      But some episodes were boring

    35. siragoylas

      put some 808 and lets get lit

    36. a. Boozy

      Takes dump. Me: Sees no toilet paper. *music plays*

    37. Nehla Martínez


    38. Jonny Trevino

      The theme song guy forgot to press stop cause he fell asleep. Solved mystery.

    39. W

      Definitely will be playing this during the Halloween party

    40. Anime Freak

      ....How long did this take to upload???

    41. Pepita La coja

      Thank you for putting this 5 hours of creepy Halloween music. I love it !! 👍 👏 🤘

    42. Pepita La coja

      WOW !! 17 millions of subscribers already. Is amazing !! I came to this channel when it had only one million.

    43. tdog coyote

      What is the clue

    44. Angeles G

      Play at 1.25 speed for close to original 😂😂

    45. Keo

      The song is what gets me every time😕 and even when you skip the intro it still plays a little... freaks me out EVERY time🥺🙄

    46. ThatBoi

      5 damn hours wtf🤣

    47. Creator1971

      I love how at the end of the intro when you’re watching the series, the silhouette of Robert Stack is shown. Respect.

    48. Kris Rose

      how about the mysterious disappearance of my ex girlfriend

    49. functioningadequately

      Y'all managed to make the song even creepier than it was back in the day. I actually have goosebumps.

    50. GaiusOrpheus

      This is why I let google collect my data: It let Netflix know how many times I searched for this.

      1. Santiago Pive

        Yeah, everybody hates and despises data collection, but it's pretty useful (most of the times).

    51. David Obregon

      Reminds me of Dark

    52. Gaming And Tech HQ

      It's a bit more free Netflix... It can join that 1 hour of dancing skeletons in Hubie Halloween!

    53. Rob Rogers

      Now I feel like I’m going to get murder and no one will ever find my body.

    54. Olivia Cooley

      Netflix- why...?

    55. anime4318

      Unsolved mysteries posted this on their Instagram and they said something is hidden in the video. Has anyone been able to find it yet?

    56. Kelley kel kel

      Normally I fall asleep to forensic files or cold case with bill kurtis. This is my new favorite theme! cant wait for sleep tonight to try this out!!!

    57. Kelley kel kel

      I love this. you bet I will be sleeping to it tonight!!!

    58. spazzdineveryway

      If I go to a friend’s house and they open the door with a soft hello with this playing...I’m turning around and never speaking to them again.

    59. Flosh2 Walkthrough

      I dont get it. I cant watch this for 5 full hours Im high AF

    60. ThatOrangeGuyJ


    61. the grand canyon is Egypt

      the original had a little more stank on it😂

    62. Foolish Specialist

      Who wants this played at their funeral?

    63. Abhishek Sharma

      so unnecessary. lol

    64. Cayley Lett

      whats the clue??? im not going to watch 5 hours of this just for a hint??

    65. sabdulka29

      I can die happy now.

    66. Livin' My Jeff Life

      The Original had more punch, but I'm happy it sounds at least similar😁😁

    67. JesterrMinded

      this reminds me of the dexter theme song.

    68. Steven Tristan

      Someone needs to make a haunted house with this playing

    69. Julietta ßrioche


    70. KemeK Kjw

      Now on the walking dead Wait...

    71. Oğuzhan DEMİRHAN

      Bu ne amk

    72. Naomi veliz coveñas

      wow increíble me las voy a ver todas te amo Netflix i love you

    73. Credible Crypto

      i was bout to load some music on youtube and saw this on my feed, i will be listening to this for 5 hours at work today, thanks netflix!

      1. Credible Crypto

        i changed my mind, after listening to it for 30 minutes it started to become depressing

    74. Raven Rug

      2020 still going on 😁😬

    75. Carter Lown


    76. John Gabriel

      Does anyone know if these scenes repeat or did someone at Netflix actually compile five freaking hours of footage.

    77. Netherwing

      kinda creepy and mysterious

    78. Non White-Knight

      I like to play this while making love, shame it doesn't run a little longer!

    79. xxara -

      Thank you netflix. never knew I needed this until now

    80. Victor Lara

      Anyone feel like this season wasn't as good as season 1?

    81. Steady Kenty

      Netflix,I hope you put STRANGER THINGS music that would be cool! ✊

    82. Ian Silva

      Pls, post only the music theme from the "Grand Army" Trailer!! I Need to listen just the Amber Mark version of I guess the lord must be in new york city

    83. Curas1

      That there is five hours of non repeating filler imagery alone to go along with the music just kinda freaks me out for some reason. The mystery is how did this happen ...

    84. Kimmy Sam


    85. JasonKrowe

      "And perhaps YOU.... can help solve a mystery."

    86. 47nine

      who tf uploads these?? Why? I am confuse.

    87. Edson wate13

      I'm so gonna use this for my PAprom videos

    88. Amy Kay

      The content we didnt know we needed

    89. water melown

      Is this for real netflix? Or some kids used to post this?

    90. Armoni Sloan

      If You’re Listening To This Whole Thing , That’s SO 2020 Of You .

    91. BunderChowed

      All of you keep it down will you!!! This episode of Unsolved Mysteries is about to start any minute now...thank you.

    92. Captain BP&J


    93. Migdalia Rivera

      I love unsolved mysteries ! I'm so glad its back to help solve crimes ! I hope it will continue with its series and there will find answers to the families

    94. rance apostol

      chills 😟

    95. Jason King 1381From BKNY

      Just in time i was looking to update my ringtone for when my wife calls me

      1. Diep Ho

        OMG Jason King ...lol.

      2. • T S U •

        During Halloween it's perfect

      3. Channy Ith


      4. blueeyedjewel

        Oh dude that’s messed up 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    96. Steve Garvey

      I'm surprised they are not pushing explicit material of minors.......oh yea they know their stocks are down well deserved too

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    98. I'M SAVAGE

      Stranger Things OP in the chat

    99. Gurmanvir Singh