Tweets About Growing Up Asian ft. Amalia Yoo from Grand Army | Netflix


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    Actress Amalia Yoo (Leila) from Grand Army reads and reacts to Tweets about #GrowingUpAsian in America. From being the only kid with seaweed snacks to getting weirded out by TV characters wearing shoes, Amalia covers it all!
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    Tweets About Growing Up Asian ft. Amalia Yoo from Grand Army | Netflix
    Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on a chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, break free and seize the future.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. OHARA

      Please get the Turkish dubbing of South Korean TV Series

    2. Sugarfreesemen

      Guys please don't do her like Ani from 13 reasons why just because we hate the character doesn't mean we hate the actress.

    3. Selese

      The fact that everyone hated her in the show just goes to show what an amazing actress she is

    4. 91clarie

      The shoes in the house thing is also really weird for people from german speaking countries like I was so confused when I found out Americans don't always take off their shoes at home or someone else's house

    5. sofia ramirez

      I do not like your character, but you seem like a very good actress and person!

    6. This is Not my name

      넷플에서 올려준 그 어떤 영상도 이만큼 공감가는 건 없었다 아니 그리고 솔직히 말해서 모든 아시안이 수학을 잘한다기보단 미국인이 수학을 드럽게 못 해... 나 수학 싫어서 문과 왔는데 수학의 신 취급 받았었음 계속 거기서 살았으면 그 positive reinforcement(????라기엔 인종차별이긴 하지만ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 때문에 공대 갔을지도 모르지

    7. Mark Arroyo


    8. hart iyz

      the amount of hate actors who play the bad characters get 😭😭😭 i hope people always remember to seperate amalia from the character she plays in the show, she seems really nice aside from grand army

    9. Prince Caleb

      Her acting was one of the best in the series seeing how much people hate her character. Sometimes I feel bad that people start judging or hating this actors just cos the character they played in series, thinking that’s how they are in real life example Nate in Euphoria.

    10. heyitzdymin

      I think I’m the only one who didn’t not like her character 😭 she was interesting to watch lmao

    11. Skip

      so she's annoying in real life too

      1. Rice

        @L O R Y M I C H E L L E she is, she mad ugly too

      2. L O R Y M I C H E L L E

        No she isnt

    12. Malachi Baskette

      she was the only main character tht they wasted potential on lol.

    13. Prettybaddie212 Badd

      Her chacter is the Nate from euphoria of this show

      1. Chelsea Miranda

        Nah nate is probably George and luke

      2. Karabo Khanyile

        Nah she's more like Kat

    14. Flashy Flash


    15. Mr. Miyabi

      I loved her character . Was always doing some reckless selfish stuff. Too many characters are always nice . We need the villans

      1. Chijioke Okereke

        same here she was d bet weird and out of the ordinary

    16. yose

      y’all her character wasn’t it at all but that’s how you know she’s such a great actress. she seem so sweet as well. I said what I said

    17. Marisa


    18. zuzu

      Can we stop using half white half asian actors for full asian characters??? It's white washing. Hollywood been doing this to black characters. Not saying don't use half white actors. Simply asking if the actor is half white, then show their white side on screen too!! It's not that hard!!! Mixed family need representation instead they making full Asian/black family with mixed actors.

      1. Marc

        Could anyone play leila kwan zimmer like this girl? No lets be real, i’m greatful they did pick her

    19. Ariel J

      I also feel like I'm assuring ppl's stereotype because I have a shy personality+asian😭

    20. ᎶᎾLDᎽ

      Leilas character was terrible lmao

    21. I’m Jisoo I’m Okay

      Y’all.. can someone explain to me about her character? Cause it made me mad lmao but please someone explain to me!! That’s how you know she’s good at acting, she made all of us hate her character 😂😂 (Edit) there were times when I wished her “bitch side” or true feelings showed. Put people in their place lmao. That’s

      1. cindy

        same , i think she's just rlly lost & confused and rlly wants validation.

    22. Landslide

      Renew THE SOCIETY

    23. Danny

      She played the mess out her role

    24. Chris Slayer

      Tell me why I feel like her and her character Leila is the same person lol. Wish her best in her acting career! I’m rooting for you girl. I like Leila, but that bitch gets on my nerves most of the time. So self centered and tone deaf. You play her very well. 👏

    25. Zaki Kawuma

      Hahaha right... I never got the shoes in the house thing and everytime I watched series and movies,,,, the whole time am going crazy about actors with shoes in their beds 😱

    26. Michelle Chen

      She went to the same high school as me

      1. Michelle Chen

        Nah she did. LaGuardia high school for the performing arts. She was a drama maj

      2. Pretty Reckless

        She wasn’t ...

      3. Mr Noobie

        @Eri Kason Don't let people fool you. There is always a comment saying "Blah went to the same school as me"

      4. Eri Kason

        Was she nice ?

    27. Edward M

      She was such a pick me girl and was annoying as hell very dramatic for no reason like sis grow tf up 😭💀

      1. Anakin manu

        fr I skipped most of her scenes bc i really just wanted to chock tf out of her with her own phone

      2. L O R Y M I C H E L L E

        @Edward M lmaoo💀💀 it’s just you sounded like you were talking about her

      3. Edward M

        @L O R Y M I C H E L L E nah shit 💀

      4. L O R Y M I C H E L L E

        Dude that’s the character not her

    28. Blue Checkmark

      There are less natural redheads in the world than there are Asians. By a large majority too. Sorry, Asian girl. You're not special.

    29. Jeremey Allen

      The modern Right: Your race doesn't matter in this day in age. It is the content of your character that matters. The Modern Left: YOUR RACE DEFINES YOU! How times have changed.

      1. jade merrick

        More like Modern Right: I don't see color and am therefore living in a bubble where I am in complete denial of the fact that non-white races face hardships that are 100% based on race and have historically because it makes me feel better about my privilege.

    30. Mint.

      What is this crap?

      1. Pretty Reckless


    31. litchi 1607

      I really hate when people tell me that what I like is cliché, let me like whatever I want

    32. drew dolce

      I'd rather people made fun of my food, instead I got bullied for being gay. Also, Im black so a few "n" words happened too.

      1. Emma Brown

        I see what you’re going though but asians getting bullied in school isn’t always only about food 🤷🏻‍♀️ we get racial slurs as well, not to mention get made fun of for our appearance, name, and what my race does across the world. i’m not disregarding your problems, but this comment kind of sounds like you’re disregarding racism asians face. we pocs really need to stick together, especially during this time.

    33. Alena

      I like seaweed

    34. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

    35. reason with xandra


    36. chubby

      I mean.... not sure who made fun of u but he must have brain damage I would of been tryna get at u for sure 😈


      Lovely actor 🙂

    38. meees

      she was so annoying the whole season her character was a hot mess

      1. Naty Galixy


      2. Belle simp

        @meees its not her dumb ass

      3. Anakin manu

        @meees It's not that her facials annoyed me and she often bored me. I could never tell if she was actually mad or happy. Often we would rnadomly speak quite high pitched to explain herself super fustrating

      4. Sleepy Station

        @Rice her role wasn’t to look the way you want her to, her role was to portray a high schooler

      5. Rice

        @Sleepy Station nah, her face made it hard to watch the show, they shoulda chose a different actress

    39. Matheus Grandini

      Netflix please dont cancel these a amazing show,okay??

      1. Tommy Criton

        Actually they didn't cancel any shows their waiting till more people watch them so they can confirm its worthy for a next season

    40. gurudeclan

      Get over yourself

    41. Alona Jose

      Hlo Netflix I love too act can you guys give a chance

    42. Om Mohammed

      Me and you similar twins 😍

    43. aliciajodi

      aww you’re so cute!! The show was so good

    44. Somaliatheist #

      I wish I was good at math

    45. J. Thomas

      Amalia does a great job shutting the naysayers up

    46. AGuyanese Bahamian

      I hope there's a season 2 coming.I love that show😍😘

    47. Libertys Son

      Asian female privilege on full display.

    48. Defne S.

      When people hear asian they instantly think about China, Japan, Korea etc. and they always forget about other countries😔🤚

      1. MonkeyKing Mo-Ri

        i simply dont care about the others.

      2. Defne S.

        @shadowthehedgehog181 yes but it's kinda annoying when people think that those countries are the only countries that are in asia

      3. shadowthehedgehog181

        They're East Asian, though. That's what people really mean. Southern Asian is different

      4. Cameron James Lau

        Israel to Russia to Pakistan are Asian.

      5. Xijin Pig


    49. Serenity

      Seaweed aka 김 in Korean is the best!!! Hot steamy rice with seaweed 🤤🤤

    50. Might Supervision

      Nice Bonding Between 🤝Asian American

    51. Might Supervision

      Great Video 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Domenik Männig

      what does this have to do with movies on Netflix?

      1. Mr Noobie

        Because if you watch this show that she was on.. Talks about her race 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

      2. Jin Jun Liu

        it's fun content for us Asians

    53. Xijin Pig

      Thank you for the great video!!!🥰🥰

    54. Laure

      I hate her character but she is so cute

      1. Me R

        I hate Leila and love Amalia

      2. ꧁ঔৣKสrenfreefireঔৣ꧂

        She cute Asf

      3. Baby Deleware


      4. Tessïa Emard

        I second that

      5. Vlogs by Elle Bassa

        Honest I think her character is kind of a reckless bitch because she still trying to figure herself out and she’s just acting out because she doesn’t really know what to do. With that said emailing in a literal bomb threat after having an actual bomb go off near her school is psychotic

    55. Slender Gamer12


    56. Slender Gamer12

      Spanish evagelion

    57. Xijin Pig

      Seaweeds: much healthier than what white Americans eat. And they complain that we are thin duh.. well we dont wear disgusting shoes in our house

      1. J. Thomas

        I don’t wear my shoes in my house, unless I just took them out of the box

      2. Jin Jun Liu

        @The Last Danite it's exactly the same as people (anywhere except India) complaining about China but still use their stuff, which is around everywhere. And culture is something immigrant kids will adopt as they need/ want to integrate. But don't really understand why Jessica immediately went for that racist pov as she's doing the same

      3. Xijin Pig

        @The Last Danite You only know two countries? Typical racist American, not surprising. Go and hang out with Covid Trump people. Good day 😊

      4. Xijin Pig

        @The Last Danite Yea. Japan is the only country in Asia 🤣

    58. Max

      *Moment of silence for the Asians that are bad at math.*

    59. Rambik


    60. L G


    61. Murtez S



      "Fun fact : everyone directly rush in commend section 😂😭😭

      1. Øma