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    A Boston man facing his 4th trial for murdering a police officer fights to prove his innocence and expose the police corruption that unjustly put him away for 22 years.
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    Trial 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    In 1993, Sean Ellis was a troubled teen in the wrong place at the wrong time. He went through three trials within a year before a jury could convict him of the murder of Officer Mulligan. Sean served 22 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. Years later, exculpatory evidence around the handling of his case allows Sean to have a 4th trial.
    Charged as a teen in the 1993 killing of a Boston cop, Sean K. Ellis fights to prove his innocence while exposing police corruption and systemic racism.

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    1. Bob Geatz

      What's f*****-up is that the real killer still out there which was probably another police officer

    2. Zion Daughter

      Rosemary Scapacchio is Heroine A Giant A woman among women She deserves an award... It is my sincerest Pray that Sean Ellis is compensated for each month he spent locked away... you deserve all your freedom in Yeshuas name

    3. Andy Booth

      Anyone know the name of the song used here?

    4. Paully.G

      whats even worse is the bent feds only got 3 years for insane corruption!? Joke, they probs weren't even arsed

    5. Rosana Rivera

      Oro para que se haga justicia con todos los inocentes encarcelados

    6. Sonic Magnus

      why his lawyer on Netflix, looking like Guy R Fieri

    7. Jock Larue

      The only this shit is gonna stop is politician willing to put their career on the line and writing laws to end police immunity and prosecutorial misconducts.the law would state that if you willingly and knowingly hide evidence that could exonerates someone then your career is over and the time that the jury was gonna give him you have to do it and if its a death sentence you shall be out to death for attempt murder! Goes for prosecutors,judges,and police officers.

    8. JaDsworld

      My uncle got in jail for being in a bank.. But why? Well there was A Rob in a bank and the police said he was the ""only one"" who was acting "sus" He Sadly died in being killed by one of hes friends...yep..betrayal he was killed in the jail btw and they found out he was Innocent RIP uncle Jonathan And its racist that they arrested him because he was black I think they just arrested him for being black I wish they found out that he was innocent before they killed him..

    9. lebron

      Where can I find the song at 0:42 ? Give us the keys, dead on my knees. Real powerful stuff 💪

      1. Brittany Grimshaw

        Freedom by JF

    10. Juan Herrera

      At least that Mulligan guy is not in this world anymore. We all get what we deserve!!!

    11. Juan Herrera

      This is unbelievable!!!!!! All those people who were involved in ruining his life, how do they go back home to their families and everything is ok???? How do they hug and kiss their kids when they know what really happened????

    12. Juan Herrera

      Why didn't they get the girlfriend, uncle and that Hispanic lady to testify??????? They could have gone to court and won

    13. JK LEE

      a targeted investigation of a particular race induced interrogation crude or poor evidence. unfair trial process a juror without reasonable doubt Even if you miss the real culprit, you shouldn't make a victim who is innocent.

    14. JK LEE

      I want to know about the music that comes out with EP4 17min 20seconds left. I can't find it on Soundhound or Shazam. Please help me.

      1. JK LEE

        @beantownjoe28 That could be possible. Anyway, thank you so much for your help.

      2. beantownjoe28

        I Shazamed it. Can't find it. Might've been made just for the documentary.

    15. rfp63sf

      This is soooo good! Well done!

    16. TGs TkH

      justice country and dreams land hahaha... In fact, it is a country of injustice and racism .

    17. RogeMan

      5 perfect shots in the face while sticking your arm through a window that's almost completely rolled up?

    18. claire nisbet

      Another shocking documentary on police corruption and racism in America. It’s crazy to me how a western country can be so backwards. So much effort to frame someone, wonder why they didn’t go after the real killer 🙄🤨

    19. Bacon Deluxe

      Typical racist white people 🤦‍♀️

    20. d n

      Main lesson. GET A LAWYER BEFORE YOU TALK.

    21. gangboy


    22. Claudia I.

      Rosemary Scapicchio is a ✨QUEEN✨

    23. Corey Early

      God bless this wonderful man. I wish him the very best in life. How humble and beautiful his soul still is after everything he went through is just amazing to say the least. l don’t know too many people who could handle what Sean went through and be the person he is today. Rosemary is a bad ass bitch!!!!

    24. gracie barrozo

      I hope he got compensated for this.

      1. tagadone

        No sadly...

    25. kinggomax

      He did it another Netflix doc try to make it seem like corruption why wouldn’t he just call 911 that his friend shot someone instead of running out of the parking lot FOH lying ass

      1. Top Hattington

        Clearly you didn't watch the documentary did you...

      2. Zilly

        Did you watch the documentary???? 🤦🏿‍♀️

    26. groovy g

      The despicable actions of these corrupt cops and the whole judicial system in Boston made me physically ill. The level of corruption and racism in The American justice system is really disturbing, it is rotten to its absolute core. America as a whole is rotten. It won't be long before they collapse..

    27. Aaron Lee

      This is the more sinister part of police misconduct. It can cost a person decades in jail...if it’s ever discovered

    28. Joe Cuthbertson

      Does anyone know what the first song is in this trailer

    29. Nonya Bizz

      103 corrupt cops disliked this.

    30. Anthony Vevo

      The REAL MVP Is Rosemary Scapicchio 👏🏽 she gave it her all to give this man his freedom and to put an end to Boston Police corruption

      1. Zion Daughter

        Rosemary is a Heroine.. cape and super weapons .. what a woman

      2. T Jones

        she sure did. She fought hard for him. This is the type of white people i like. She saw the truth amd stood up to those fraudulent cips.

    31. UNKNOWN

      I am glad I don't live in "U"ltra corrupted "S"tates of "A"merica!!

    32. UNKNOWN

      Dirty motherfu*ker cops stole 23 years of his life!!!!You gonna burn in Hell 🔥 🔥 🔥

    33. newrecruit100

      I was pissed off the entire documentary, but the end where they dismissed the case and couldn’t even exonerate him and still proclaimed his guilt pissed me off the most. 21 years in a prison for something you didn’t do. I pray that his future his bright and this piece of his life is in the past.

    34. Aloop

      They dismissed the case and still consider him a guilty??? And weeks before the new DA in office? My take is, they wanna have the last say and does not want to pay the compensation Sean deserves. Hope the new DA digs more deeper into this. The first 2 trials already proved Sean innocence and yet this officers still labelled him as a criminal. Hope Sean sue or seek damages on what this corrupt people have done to him. PS. Not from the US

    35. Danyell Warner

      This was another good docu series by netflix. I'm glad it was ended with Sean Ellis doing well. He seems like he would've been a good productive citizen if he didnt go to prison. Looking at how he turned out after being in there that long he still has his humanity. He's not bitter He cares enough to know there's others like him that needs his help. He seems to still have a meek personality. However he's on a mission to bring awareness. I'm grateful. I'm glad he was strong enough to endure. On another note. It's amazing how people can be so heartless. You can look this man in the eye and tell him he did it. After knowing about the payments to witnesses. Also learning about mulligan was almost charged. When the common wealth and DA are crooked. There will never be justice only convictions.

    36. R J

      It looks like he was hiding something

      1. Steph Bawsss

        @Denai La’cole 😂

      2. Denai La’cole

        @Steph Bawsss it’s always gonna be that one person lol. You’re wasting your time.

      3. Steph Bawsss

        Wtf like what

    37. Noami Andrade

      I’m from Boston and I can’t even watch this 😢

    38. Ambie Nu

      After watching this I think he is 100% innocent and he needs compensation for all those years taken away!!!! What a shame .

      1. Steph Bawsss

        I know right should be compensated millions!!!!! They fukn stole his life karmas a bitch

    39. Nate Gilkerson

      I haven't watched this movie and if racism was a reason for the police actions that's wrong but we don't have systematic racism in our country! We didn't have it in the 90s and we don't have it now! Are there racist people in the country yes are they all white no! The reason I won't watch this movie is because of the fact that Netflix is advertising this movie to show that systematic racism is a thing and always has been when that just not true! If they would prove racism was a factor in this case with the police I would be fine with that. But to lie and say systemic racism is a thing and has been and never went away is just a flat out lie 🤥! I will once again point out that racism isn't a white thing racists come in all shapes, sizes and colors!

      1. RogeMan

        All nonsense

      2. Nate Gilkerson

        It's terrible this man life was taken away from him and ruined! I'm not sure I made that clear but I wanted to make sure that I did!

    40. TheMaximussX

      I have not finished it yet but I'm glad that Sean got a chance. HOWEVER I'm appalled by the biased racial narrative. They said black vs white... I say GTF... Its simple case. During those times lots of blacks were dealing DRUGS... AND that's the only reason why they were targeted but not because the were blacks. The dirty cops didn't care... They care about the money out of it. I don't understand how that's not clear. I suppose that this series could be part of the new racism wave they are pushing from the other side.

    41. Cedric S

      Really liked the documentary

    42. Irish Johnny

      He did it. And I told Mulligan's brother they day they convicted him it wasn't over, and I was right.

    43. Mark Farmer


    44. CLEANZ 999

      He looks like a older Corey from Carmen and Corey

    45. Ninja

      Why no one explained what happened to terry patterson

      1. RogeMan

        Did you watch?? He was freed.

      2. Bronie Wilder

        @Brandon Robinson Thank you Brandon

      3. Brandon Robinson

        @Bronie Wilder I believe he was set free,because when they tried to match the fingerprints later on they didn’t make match.

      4. Bronie Wilder

        Exactly. They mention his name so many times. Did he get charged? None of this makes sense. Regardless if he was a corrupt cop or not. Someone shot him in the face 5 times.

    46. Igaveupower617

      If you lived in Boston in the 80’s-90’s the police were doing some real sucker shit stealing drugs and money this is just 20% of the police corruption going on back then... big head, pac man, red beard, Bobby murner I could go on but if you know you know these pieces of shit along with a few others I didn’t named robbed us weekly stealing niggas stashes raiding houses not reporting it... I know these 2....Studda solid terry is a bitch before he ratted on studda 💯

    47. Scott H

      3k+👍's up thanks again for taking us all along with you for the great show

    48. yomi williams

      Meticulously produced Full of real life tension But the end justified this means Astounding Good on you Sean Shame on the DA that announced before Rachel Rollins took over, just to steal her thunder

    49. Rob Romeo

      40 minutes into episode 1 and I am SHOOK. Absolutely criminal to knowingly rob this man of 22 years of his life

    50. Paul Y

      Sad to see it happen in Boston

    51. infamous_

      Its like every 3 days I found out something new about the injustice of the US system

    52. Reprovo a

      The thing i hate more than anything, is that many people seem to prefer to keep the case closed like it's some inconvenience for them. Like the person who was convicted is dirt that was swept under the rug.

      1. RogeMan

        You can't be surprised. They did the same with President JFK

    53. 4Eva Grace78

      He did 23 years for a crime he didn’t commit and yet the case was dismissed this documentary is trash 🗑 spoiler alert he did not get justice,,

      1. 4Eva Grace78

        @Sharonda Cloud in other words he did not get justice that’s why its trash

      2. Sharonda Cloud

        Ohhhh were gonna watch it... nice try

    54. jorge ballesteros

      es inocente como oj simpson

    55. Alf P

      Just watched this, looks like he got a Mulligan on life

    56. Faith Full

      There is only one thing worse than being a poor black man in America...being the mother of a poor black man in America. As a mother myself I can't imagine what that must be like.

    57. Faith Full

      They went after Steven Avery until they got him for another crime. I hope and pray that the same doesn't happen with with Sean Ellis.

    58. james stpatrick

      The whole justice system was created to bring the black man down. You cannot deny the truth and I’m talking facts and if you do you’re just as racist as the ones who created it 🙄🙄

    59. /\nuKET World Traveler

      I binged watched yesterday Oh my, what a travesty of Justice to the very end! The American judicial system needs a complete overhaul and All police officers Should be fired !

      1. Bronie Wilder


    60. Danniel Hully

      Anybody know who actually killed the officer? Did he get any compensation??

    61. Sweetmatecol

      🇺🇸 must really hate and dispise black people. This is unbelievable. The land of the free my foot.

    62. Introverto 83

      John Mulligan sure sounded like a piece of work. Sounds like he got what was coming.

      1. RogeMan

        @Bronie Wilder His evil deeds led to his destruction. That's the truth, not a revenge statement!

      2. Bronie Wilder

        Know wonder America has so much chaos happening, with statements like that.

    63. kwikky22

      Why do Americans put cops on such a high pedestal? They are not usually very smart, hardworking or honorable. The reporter, Toni Locy, was the only intelligent person commenting on the case.

    64. D T

      After watching sooooo many Dateline, ID Channel stories, and this... I’ve come to the conclusion that there are sooooo many corrupt cops. SMH

    65. Abdel I. A

      Watch it if you need to get some tears rolling down your cheek. This happens far too often. All over the world.

    66. Cousin Primo 2x

      Watch out for Mass State Trooper Erik V. Telford..he’s a racists who lies on police reports and will beat you. Can’t wait til he’s on one of these docs

    67. alex guillen

      Just saying If they ever made a movie about this ,Michael B Jordan would be the perfect actor for the roll of Sean Ellis

    68. Yasmin Ariana

      Messed up & so sad 😔

    69. Yusuf Osman

      Boston Police is still corrupt

    70. Hudson Hawk6

      Within 5 minutes i new Mulligan was a POFS with a nickname like “ plain view “

      1. Jala Bala

        Same when they said he had the most convictions and how much he loved his job...i just knew it. Didn't realise how deeply he was corrupted tho

    71. David Onwudiwe

      This is so similar to the other Netflix series ‘When they see us’

    72. Ned Studios

      I must say. This is far and away one of the very best docs I’ve seen in many many years. Loved...absolutely Loved The double exposure credit intro, timeline, the process, b-roll, all first rate. Haven’t seen anything this well done in a very long time.

    73. joanne jameson

      I just finished watching this, I am gutted that before Rachel Rollins took office, her morally corrupt predecessor went out and called him guilty while dropping the case In the documentary Rachel Rollins talks a good game it made me full of hope to watch her but the hope was abruptly snuffed out when she refused to comment or look into Sean Ellis's case. She should be ashamed of herself at the first sign of adversity in her new role she let down not just Boston or the voters who supported her but she let down the side of justice and hope for a better future. Rachel the world is watching do what is right, raw like a lion and fight, don't tuck in your tail and bray like a sheep while the good ol boys lead you round on a leash.

    74. K Thomas

      That was a mob hit.

    75. TraversEarth

      More corrupt white cops!!! Pathetic and appalling America.

    76. Walter C

      Kamala harris

    77. Maserati Ant

      I think that dude Edward McNelley came up with an excuse for everything and even said “the phone was not big deal” that fat piece of shit, these Boston police are trash to the highest level of trash

      1. ThurstMETV

        "CLEANEST CASE YOU WILL EVER FIND" His allegiance makes me think he did the same things they did back in the day. Smh

      2. JT _617

        The fact that he really had the nerve to say that shit out loud was crazy


      The plain view officer, that was the name his colleagues called the cop who was shot bec Mulligan always saw weapons and drugs in "plain view" so he couldn't need a warrant. Makes you wonder why a police detective would want to bend the rules like that.

    79. Angelica Guerrero

      Thank you for bringing attention to Sean Ellis' story and to the corruption that has plagued Boston PD. Undoubtedly, there are many other police departments with similarly grave and systemic problems.

    80. Laura A

      I'm about to finish this series, one of many from Netflix like this, and I'm outraged once again. Sean Ellis's story is unfortunately ONE of God knows how many. How these sick, corrupt detectives can get off so lightly for deliberately ROBBING someone of their life is beyond me. They all cover each other's asses and no one can convince me that there isn't something fundamentally wrong with this so-called justice system. "Good cops" who witness and know of "bad cops'" behavior are absolutely complicit and just as rotten idc what anyone says. I didn't hear any mention of monetary compensation for all the years he lost, but I sincerely hope Sean ellis successfully sues the crap out of Boston pd. Then again, he wasn't officially exonerated so I'm not sure how plausible that is for him 😟 he said he is angry at what happened to him and not particularly at anyone... what a dignified man, better than me bc I would be wishing death upon those who ruined my life tbh. Wish him a happy life full of love, health, and peace

    81. Ryan Stevenson

      Do people forget he barried the guns used and stolen in the murder.his uncle testified and Boston pd found them were he said they were barried

      1. JT _617

        @Melanin Goddess Ryan’s comment makes me think he didn’t even watch the documentary 🤣

      2. Melanin Goddess

        You dumb because the police planted those and had his coward uncle lie and say he told them were they were.

    82. Hazel Greene

      Those fuckers need to be held accountable!

    83. Mrs Kaur

      This documentary made my heart hurt. All I could see is this young man's eyes and the innocense in them. How could they do this? They took the prime of his life. There should be no place for racial injustice, yet here we 2020 still dealing with it. I cried tears for these young men and I couldn't get them out of my mind. Please watch this documentary, it is eye opening for those in denial about racism in this country.

    84. malachy mcintosh

      Has he sued the police department yet for the trauma he went through

    85. BennieK

      Netflix keeps showing us how corrupt the justice system is but nothing Ever gets done about it... Just saying 🤷‍♂️

      1. paul Parker

        @Bronie Wilder your a total fuckwit!!! Typical trumpanzee

      2. jerseygirl07105

        The crooked cop got what he deserved. Five holes. Had he been awake instead of sleeping this would have never happened.

      3. Normani is better than Camila

        @Bronie Wilder If you live in Australia, mind your business Weirdo

      4. Zilly


      5. xithappens

        @Bronie Wilder even today he refuses to change his opinion about it

    86. TheManorBeast

      Those two fat grey haired ex cops that were in it occasionally talking are everything that’s wrong with the world Ignorant, racist dinosaurs

    87. Jazz 7 Zedd

      And Yet There Are Those Who Vote For A Now Selected Vice president Who Will Fill The Prison System With Innocent People. That And This America AGENDA. Blessings And Prayers To This Amazing Young Man And Family~

      1. ThurstMETV

        I literally gathered the same thoughts after watching this!! Sad

    88. Her Incognito

      If you got arrested, always ask for Miranda Rights and directly phone Rosemary Scapicchio. 😊

    89. A biss

      sue the heck out of them man!

    90. i_am_ legend

      This docu-series was nerve wrecking but amazing! I want to meet both Sean and Rosemary! That damn Rosemary is my SHEroe! She didn’t take no shit, like a PITBULL in a designer skirt! (I mean that in the best sense, WITH ADMIRATION AND LOVE) I fuckin love her audacity!!! Congrats both of you!! Damn this was amazing and mind blowing.

    91. SuperUser

      I am watching this on Netflix from India and I am sick to my stomach. How tf was this allowed to happen? My advice to Americans is these Police unions have to be busted. I mean look at these old cops defending Mulligan. They are not going to change. And qualified immunity needs to go as well as well. If any settlement is made, it should be the cop and not the city that coughs up the money.

      1. chanel johnson

        Documentary was very very interesting but they could of went into more detail about that detective Mulligan, the stories I would hear from girls in dys back in the days where so mind blowing 🤔

      2. StudioSJS

        @Des Information what does Indian cops have to do with this? Can we stop this whataboutism? Like yeah no doubt that indian cops are corrupt but can we stay on topic

      3. Des Information

        Well Indian cops are not much better either to be honest....

    92. Mark Buchanan

      Absolutely love the story of the new DA. Before the election. I’m going to look into police corruption etc etc. Reporter after she won: so you going to look into the police corruption of the Sean Ellis case. New DA. Maybe.

      1. RogeMan

        @Mark Buchanan Yeah... she immediately played the "game" and didn't want to step on anybody's toes...

      2. Mark Buchanan

        @ThurstMETV I think it’s better to have absolutely no hope than tease it. Here’s hoping someone one day gets into that seat that can actually make a difference.

      3. ThurstMETV

        @Mark Buchanan No matter how much she talks her talk she doesn't connect with the people she's claiming she wants to protect. Her dad and mom were 1st Generation immigrants right? Even worse. Just all talk!!

      4. Mark Buchanan

        @ThurstMETV Very disappointing after all her sad stories and finger wagging. Not sure what’s worse a politician who is rotten to the core and doesn’t care who knows or the ones that pretend to be something they are not.

      5. ThurstMETV

        Yeah but she flipped as soon as she got into office. She doesn't care either!!

    93. Graham Cheesman

      I have seen so many corrupt things with police in USA nothing shocks me anymore. Boston police do seem to have been very corrupt 70's and 80's more so, I am surprised at the level of covering up they go to but not clever like you expect police to be. Racism is a disease worse than Covid 19. More action needs to be taken against corrupt policing and personally I have no sympathy for dead policeman and am surprised more have not been killed. If you want justice for any family find the person who committed the crime not blame the nearest black man you racist PIGS

    94. The Crime Reel

      What an unbelievable story - Great documentary coverage of corrupt cases

    95. double negation


    96. HotOffThePressFilms

      Boston shame on you!! This man was railroad by corruption. Racism sucks.

      1. 617 Bred

        @TheMaximussX there is an extreme amount of racism within the BPD as well as the city as a whole

      2. TheMaximussX

        @617 BredSuperb, misinformed about what exactly?

      3. 617 Bred

        @TheMaximussX born and raised in Boston with law enforcement in my family. You are completely misinformed

      4. TheMaximussX

        @osiruskat Im white, no American, but experienced. This is what the media and education institutes stimulates you with. Its like the damn police brutality... Look at Floyd. Did you even see the whole video? Floyd was harassing police for 20min in the full. The officers were polite to him to the point when it escalated. Yes it escalated far too much and he got treated wrong, sure thing.... but AND I MEAN BIG BUT if he had comply right from beginning he would be happily in jail alive right now... Cos he was not martyr he was junky criminal. Sorry truth hurts. If you can't see that you are not seeing truth.

      5. osiruskat

        What matters was money which is correct but putting the blame on a black person makes a perfect scapegoat...look how easy he went down with factors of poverty, police intimidation and general systematic racism that has been prominent for generations. If you don't see consider yourself privileged and don't have that problem but believe me it is still a problem.

    97. Tms559

      I haven’t finished watching the series but it just hit me. Why would Sean and Robinson assume that a man sleeping in a car had a gun tho steal. I may have missed the connection but I think its rather that I am slow in accepting the depth of the corruption in this case. And Rosemary is my hero of the week. I am inspired.

      1. ThurstMETV

        My thoughts exactly. How would they know this man had a weapon on him??

    98. Christina Johnson

      This is disgusting! CORRUPT Police Departments ruin people lives with no consequence! But yet people scream Blue Lives Matter. Are there good cops yes but there are way to many a bad apples! How can any sane person not acknowledge corruption within the justice system! Year after Year we see people being found innocent and released from jail. It really makes you question

    99. Dino Nuggie:P

      That is so sad. I was crying because they ruin Sean's live. Blaming him for murder the police officer, and his COUSINS? WHAT? Like the detective wanted to blame him, and finish the case. The detective ask him so many time of what happened, and Sean said it again, and again. Also, the detective lied that Sean friend Patterson said yes by his head going "up and down" that they did it, but a women forgot her name said he didn't. They remove the most important evidence that Sean did by him buying diapers in the store, but nah. This shows that they are too lazy to find who is the real murderer, and they blame black people because they think all black people deal with drugs, and violence. If one black person does something wrong, they blame all black people. This is really sad:(

    100. Bibiana Escobar

      This is hard to watch. Racism makes me sick to my stomach, all I have to say is I hate racists and I hate Trump and I hope you have your time serving in hell