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    The project is in the vein of BLACK SWAN meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. When tragedy strikes at Chicago’s most prestigious ballet school, where every dancer is both friend and foe who compete fiercely for coveted roles, it threatens to unravel close friendships and to expose a constellation of secrets that could bring down a world-renowned institution.
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    Tiny Pretty Things | Official Trailer | Netflix
    When an attack brings down the star student at an elite ballet school, her replacement enters a world of lies, betrayal - and cutthroat competition.

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    1. bethyoung

      This isn’t ballet tho

    2. Judaya Mosley

      Isn't she in Debbie allen dance academy?

    3. Jethro Bodine

      Nasty Karen says : "Geez girl (on the left), that's one ugly profile! Mind you, the one on the right's not much better!"

    4. JONES

      not a dancer, but i love these ballet movies and now we have a black lead. super excited. gotta support her!

    5. Santiago Escalona

      Pretty Little Liars + Black Swan = I'm lovin' it!

    6. Raj Minis

      Wow the music is sooo good, which song is it

    7. Karlie Schaefer

      welp they clearly are changing a lot from the book... still looks good though, I'm excitedd for it

    8. Sara Dirksen

      Please let this be a movie not a show!

    9. Royal Shuvro


    10. huswsimonbla

      God that is such a netflix show

    11. Moumita Roy

      Finally the novel is in series

    12. sandymmc 2002

      Whats the song in the background that plays in the end?

    13. Shelly Kumar

      Is this set on the novel????

    14. Millie Haazen


    15. mana_narie x

      My mind the whole way through: 🎵 hold me closer tiny dancer 🎵

    16. Shivani Sivaram

      Oh...god i got goosebumps

    17. Vitor Manoel

      Does anyone know the song's name?

    18. vintage_supreme

      The book was amazing. I’m excited!!

    19. Madeline kouassi

      Hope this will be available in France

    20. Sophia x

      I like these movies but the bitchy girls that have been there a long time will obviously be a lot better than the new girl like how is she suddenly the best in the skl makes no sense

    21. Ingrid Dream

      Oh my. This looks amazing!

    22. pmparda

      If her name was nevaeh it would have been heaven, backwards

    23. Bob Belcher

      Lol Suspiria much?

    24. Casey Hawkings

      The only problem is this is already NOTHING like the book

    25. Hanan Hyot


    26. Filipe Heath

      this is based off an incredible book by dhonielle clayton!!!

    27. Lesley Morris

      Ass umptions... keep an open mind you might be surprised.

    28. Odette Reginq

      Name of the song?

    29. LunaWitcher

      This is my kind of trash

    30. Alezandra Davila

      Black swan but a series lol

    31. Little One

      I wanted to read this next 😽

    32. DarkLadyvanStar

      Hmmm, do I really need to watch a probably drama filled show about dance? Wait, what am I saying? Of *course* I need to watch a drama filled show about dance.

    33. kraii kraii taytay

      Calling it now probably the gay white boy pushed her but don't quote me

    34. kraii kraii taytay

      Oh bitch I'm here for this

    35. Adria Sria

      Pretty little liars with dance?

    36. abeer x


    37. Yellow sea

      You put the trailer movie I hope you put the whole movie

    38. Vuyolwethu Mtyapa

      scared the living daylights out of me. is this a thriller?

    39. Rianna Bailey

      Her braids just flying through the air while she dances: love it!

    40. Rianna Bailey

      I'm gonna ask the question: Why was she at the edge of the roof dancing? WHY?

    41. mariem24601

      Center Stage- but with murder.

    42. Fatimah Kaloma

      The people who read the book watching this like🙄

    43. ajammm23

      Why does this give me Pretty Little Liars vibes ?

    44. Guillermo Rubio

      whats the name of the song in the background ?

    45. Karen Smith

      don't think i didn't peep Daniel from the next step djsjjssdj

    46. Rea Gar

      The book was really good

    47. watching youtube

      Idek if watching this is worth it? Like what's the point. They cancel everything.

    48. Gregory House

      A dance school with a deep ugly secret? Maybe a coven of evil witches are involved!

    49. Jillian Loves Books

      I wish Netflix would give credit in the description to the author who wrote this book instead of telling me "about Netflix" facts. 🙄

    50. Abie Osunde

      I’m beyond excited they decided to turn the book into a series it was such a good book

    51. Natalie. S

      This looks amazing

    52. CitizenofGallifrey

      0:35 Mean Nanny's back!

    53. Marsha Julessa

      Them be micro braids on that girl, so pretty! 😊 Glad to see a multi ethnic ballet group of students. Looks like a good one. Let's give it some great views peoples or it'll get cut.

    54. Youmna Allam

      Why another show about dance being competitive,psychotic profesion ??

    55. brooke6224

      Yes I’m excited!

    56. DREAM MUTT

      this looks so exciting

    57. Brook Scott Official

      it looks promising

    58. Mide Esuruoso

      Miss Kate: You can't have the solo Daniel: Fine Imma join netflix

      1. kiiminaya

        literally hah !!

    59. AK 2

      So nobody gonna talk about Daniel from the next step...

    60. ZanFear


    61. Secret Fox

      This book is amazing!!!!

    62. Gary Kalambayi

      Other streaming services: No one is shooting anything due to Covid-19 Netflix: hold my remote (drops 10 new trailers )

    63. Nia Matthews

      So basically Dance Academy on steroids... I stan

    64. Bernardo Brandão


    65. showtimesynergy

      wait... is this meant to be based on the book? This doesn't seem much like what I read... Nevaeh? the character in the book is Gigi. And no one dies. I'm so confused

    66. Arinze Adaobi

      Definitely watching 💃💃💃

    67. Nadia Binitie

      This better be as good as the book!!!!!

    68. Tiffany Lee

      come on Netflix, you couldn't even keep the setting true to the book? (for any of you who don't know, this is an adaptation from the book of the same name. I have not read the book so I can't speak for the content but in the book it takes place in New York. Its a bit off putting that they had to change the setting to Chicago. I know there's budgets and all but.. seriously?)

    69. jemima grace

      Okay so nobody is gonna talk about the past former actor for the next step in this series

    70. Haley Carson

      I only start Netflix shows that I know have another season coming up. Why I picked the society. Now it's canceled :(( This looks sooooo good, but I'm afraid it'll get canceled. Plz don't m heart

    71. Opeyemi Mary

      This version of drama is already going on in Korean drama: penthouse: war in life it really great💯

    72. ConnieP

      It's like adult dance Academy

    73. Ari utari

      okay i'm convinced to watch!!

    74. Namps

      I can’t wait for this fr

    75. Salhi Meriem

      What's about Pretty/ thing/ little in every title.

    76. Golden- hue

      This looks far better than Pretty Little Liars🤷🏾‍♀️

    77. Azza


    78. ket Medeiros

      Jaaaa querooooo

    79. Letícia Valentim

      Another story where women hate each other for no reason? No thanks

    80. Matthew Webber

      I'm ok thanks

    81. sevina magno

      i just KNEW daniel was fruity from the first time i saw him on tns s1 😁😐✋

    82. Lise

      I'm probably not gonna watch it cause I can already tell it'll get cancelled after 1 season. It's getting boring at this point.

    83. Richa Senjari

      Se3m interesting

    84. Silver Fritz Reah

      its like black swan, but in series.

    85. Meagan Books

      This trailer is so very intense Ballerina meets Pretty Little Lairs amazing I'm so gonna watch this excited

    86. Knight Cool

      The acting seems kind of...🥴 shame it’s only the trailer. Let me shut up

    87. Alvaro Ibacache S.

      I read the book years ago, it wasn’t bad. I don’t know if it was well translated to the screen tho. Wasn’t also a Asian protagonist? Like seriously the book equally tell the story of three ballerinas, a black one (dealing with her race being a problem in the ballet world), a blonde white one (her storyline was that she wasn’t good as her sister, the one who gets in the accident) and an Asian girl (who’s main plot is that she loves ballet but doesn’t have the natural talent the other two have so she always gets secondary roles) I hope the trailer it’s just a marketing tool to promote the show, and not the show itself.

    88. ellpacit o

      did they just erase june from the story lmao

    89. Marckye N.

      The series just talk about how ballet is perfection and then showed up a odd shaped circle... Not a good start!

    90. MSquared20

      The only thing this and "Black Swan" have in common is that they both take place in the world of ballet. Also: Didn't we already get one of these with Starz's "Flesh and Bone" back in 2015?

    91. Travanski Colston

      Dance in those foot steps???? I'll pass

    92. Renee Lee ley yi

      Movie or series ...?

    93. Firdaus Ayinde

      A BLACK ballerina? I have no choice but to stan

      1. Mide Esuruoso

        @Bernadette what do you mean?

      2. Bernadette

        It's a like a car crash. you just can't look away😂

    94. Uri's life

      Dance academy 2.0 ?

    95. Donna Gan

      Trailer song: How the Mighty Fall by 5 Alarm

    96. Chexxry

      Seems like a good show but Netflix literally cancels everything after the 1st season so Don’t get your hopes up.

    97. SK E

      A brown ballerina? Heck yeah.

    98. Angelina Low

      The title made me think of Pretty Little Liars and hey this is actually a suspense show!! Also that’s Daniel from The Next Step how cool!!!

    99. T B

      Is this show based on the book ?

    100. Ankur Jyoti Das

      Such an intense teaser omg... Netflix did good.