This Special Seed Protects You From Negative Energies


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    Wearing a rudraksha has numerous physical and mental benefits, and it also aids in one’s spiritual growth. In this video, explore what these benefits are with Sadhguru.
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    🔱For the very first time this Mahashivratri, Sadhguru has opened up the possibility of receiving Rudraksha Diksha. Receive a Rudraksha powerfully energized by Sadhguru and other materials which would support the seeker in sadhana. Register today!

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    1. Akash Mehra

      You should write some books to give direction to people !

    2. Vidya Ramcharitar

      Thank you for sharing 🙏🙏🙏 I will get one

    3. Juhi Gautam

      It is not like that sadhguru. We will get grace by God with out wearing rudhraskh. God never force to their child. If doing karm good n you do worship that's it for God. So stop mislead..

    4. sheepy leepy

      2:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. sheepy leepy

        here we goo 10:08

      2. sheepy leepy

        9:36 😯 thats cool

    5. Gianna Fabris

      Ci mancavi caro babbo natale🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Christine Ghesquire

      Love this. Will wear my Rudracksha beads much more now. Thank you for sharing this.


      कोई मुसाफिर अपने ससुराल जा रहा था। रास्ते मे उसका जुता टूट गया। उसने वो जूता एक पेड़ पर टांग दिया। और नीचे लिख दिया यहाँ जूता टांगने से हर मन्नत पूरी होती है ताकि कोई उसकी टांगा हुआ जूता न चुरा ले। फिर भेड़ चाल का तो आपको पता ही है। मूर्खों ने पूरा पेड़ ही जुता टांग कर सुखा डाला। *हंसिए मत। मजारों (कब्रों) पर माथा पटकने वाले हिंदू भी इसी केटेगरी में आते हैं।* धार्मिक अज्ञानता

    8. A F Nafi

      i am from Bangladesh and i want some Rudra...How can i get it?

    9. Kavish Mithu cooking zest

      எந்த முகம் அணியவேண்டும்

    10. Maryam Dahir

      Why can't we see white magic, yellow magic, green magic, and red magic? Why is always the bad things are black and the good things are white? Are we really continuing this racist mentality? I hope we should stop this.

    11. Chinmoy Biswas

      I want take dikka

    12. Osheen John

      Stop bullshiting people, Sadhguru

    13. Sath Sah

      Dear Guru .Do you have to be a vegetarian to wear the rudra? I would love to wear a mala becauae it seems only bad things happebing in my life. But i heard there are differet seeds with diffrent number of vertical lines

    14. Yellow Toad

      Girl I'm from Germany, ain't nobody shippin Rudrakshas from Isha Foundation to here, how do I get one and how do I know it's the right one? If anyone knows, I'm actually curious.

      1. Yellow Toad

        @Yashi Sharma Yes I'm aware but maybe there are alternatives for people from other countries to get them, which someone can recommend. If not that's cool too. :)

      2. Yashi Sharma

        They're shipping to India only :)

    15. Ganesh Christ

      Love gays

    16. Shiva Shankar

      Anyone went haven with body sadguru

    17. Kanchus Amulya

      Hi I bought"rudraksha" Mala it's too long can I cut it and reduce the length of Mala?

      1. Kanchus Amulya

        OK Thank you 🙏

      2. Pankaj Zade

        No , because it is energized and utakilit . If you cut it , it will not function properly .

    18. Yat Sith

      Can it protect us from black magic?

    19. Yogitha Yadav

      How n where will v get rudraksha mala

    20. Arya

      Can a non vegetarian wear rudhraksh

    21. norma kay

      I got my Rudraksha on the 1st of March 2021, I'm wearing it and loving it.....I got the 5mm one and its beautiful I bought mine at Isha Shoppe

      1. Gowtham

        @norma kay oh thanks.

      2. norma kay

        @Gowtham I bought it at isha shoppe, go to their website there are so many products to choose from

      3. Gowtham

        But they said you can receive only after mahashivaratri. How did you get so early.

    22. Natesh M Bhat

      Guys guess what ? I got a rudrakshi mala and did the food test on garlic and honey. All my family guys were very surprised with how it behaved with each one. Even my father who used to reject this before as superstition was very surprised to see this happening 😃 It rotates clock wise for positive pranic food like honey, ghee, pumpkin and anti clockwise for negative pranic food like garlic, onion

    23. Mansi Oza

      Hello Sadguru sir can a girl also wear rudraksha 🙏

      1. Arya

        Same doubt here.

    24. marina sebastian

      And which Phase we should be the best.

    25. marina sebastian

      Guru ji how would we come to know the Rudurksh is original .

    26. Sankararao Jana

      Yes I want Rudraksha

    27. Remie-Ann Placio

      What. Kind of seed

    28. V H

      Sadguruji thank you so much your talks are gem blessings for me and my family we all are greatful to you 🙏🙏 Coz my kids listen to you every day and they have become good humans and success in their career life 🙏🙏 I bow to you with lots of gratitude 🙏🙏🙏🕉🕉🕉🙏🙏🙏🕉🕉🕉

    29. Debbi Joy

      Where do I get one ??

    30. Baby Girl Female

      Everything cant be positive negative is necessary without it positive would not be possible...

    31. Jano Chess

      I need rudrakkho..

    32. Yolanda Erlisa

    33. Pay Later Fly Now

      Sadguru is too much, he said he does not know amything now he is telling us lots of things to follow and he already pretending he knows everything. His teaching now complicated. I think he is carzy

    34. Saurabh Gaikar

      His voice is divine ❤️

    35. Sarabjit Kaur

      What is type of rudrarashk 1, 2 ,3 , 5 or ?mukhi Pl reply sir.....

    36. Prithvi Narina

      Thank you for sharing! Is it true that Rudraksha should not be worn by those that eat meat?

    37. Sati Seecharan

      Guru ji I wish to get one for my self please

    38. ssoomm aann

      How to know what kind of Rudraksh to wear?

    39. 4th World - Meditative Electronica


    40. Adjola Duncan

      Amen sadhugru


      Very useful information about rudraksh by sadguru,thank you🙏

    42. Pascal Chang Leng

      Wow wow wow. This man is the most amazing publicly known Yogi in our yuga/aeon/era/time! He is the other avatar of Shiva in the West like Paramahansa was an Avatar of Shiva and Babaji in America/the West, as one of the or the first Yogi to teach Yoga to Westerners. Yet Sadhguru approaches deeper mystical topics like Rudraksh, topics that Yogananda never spoke of,yet of the similar nature. He is also South Indian and hails from a more ancient and primordial genealogical and spiritual lineage.

    43. allen dagaang

      Where to buy that?

    44. Gregory Sgantas

      Where do you get this Rudrahsha.? Thanks.

    45. Dev Bou

      Dmt our very life essence

    46. Dev Bou

      The magical root iboga?

    47. Kimmieloo5fashionancosmetic Williams

      How can I get one of those

    48. Richard

      Dogs know where you say because they have fantastic noses. It's got nothing to do with energy??

    49. Kanchus Amulya

      Namaste 🙏 Sadhguru can we wear rudraksha malla on artificial jewellery

    50. HelloSunshine

      The main purpose is to make you avaliable to Grace 🥰

    51. ordinary person

      Sadhguru is definetly a smart human being. But in the end he is a human being like everyone else with strenghts and weaknesses. My Problem with him and other gurus is the over the top confidence they show. They act like everything they say is flawless. It's not. They make mistakes too. The more you think everything you do is right the more you tend to do mistakes. Overconfidence is a weakness not a strength.

      1. ordinary person

        @Bazof TheNorth never heard of casteneda.

      2. Bazof TheNorth

        @ordinary person , ha ,Youv'e been reading Casteneda!. *not* *applicable* here so no need to try and impress.

      3. ordinary person

        @Bazof TheNorth The fact he doesn't refers to himself makes him inaccesible to me.

      4. Bazof TheNorth

        A shallow opinion - He rarely refers to himself so just focus on the topic!

    52. Chitra Perera

      Sadguru I am from Sri Lanka. A very sick person. I Like very much to receive a blessed Rudraksha. Please Please help me. Thank you. Namasthe

    53. Chitra Perera

      Thank You Sadguru for your valuable teachings🕉🕉🕉☸☸☸🛐🛐🛐

    54. Azam Nowrouzi

      What is name of this seed ???

    55. Najeeb Naj


    56. s s

      You are biased.. you are also puppet of modi.. shame on you

    57. Dillon Laishram

      I just love how everything is all science! I have to get a Rudruksha

      1. Yogi Dude

        @norma kay where did you get it.. i need one too for myself and my loved ones

      2. norma kay

        I just got my rudraksha a few days ago on 1 March 2021, I'm wearing it as I type😊 I got the 5mm one. It's so beautiful I love it

      3. Daniel pichardo

        alaje777 is the man who changed the world and made us spiritual, he is the manu of the 6th root race.

    58. Nats Jacqueline

      Please Sir talk about salt, am from Africa but I like the way you teach us .May God bless you

    59. Pritpal Kaur

      Sadhguru , thank u, ur English too good,🙏🙏

    60. Gugrat Jindahbath

      Why are they anti guru ad in between this priceless lecture and lessons of hinduvista!! Please complain, no adds except Ayurvedic.

    61. Queenalynn Fitial

      Where do we find one? I’d like one for myself.

    62. Ajanta Golmei

      Sadhguru make my life good n sattle I can't mentain my thoughts I m very hypertension person now day by day I came to handle my everything thank you sadhguruji you are my medicine 100 percent.. Everyday I go through your pages if I don have time also for one second I have to listen 👂 if not I can't without you I can't live your speech makes me good htough healther then before I m crazy to you love you all the best

    63. Sourav Dasgupta

      Can i wear a single rudraksha seed with my gemstone locket? Plz any one can tell me.

    64. GOP1ayer

      My water is poisoned

    65. GOP1ayer

      OMG I tried holding rudrasksh above the water and it rotated anti cloakwise then I held it above curd it rotated clockwise OMG I'm totally surprised

      1. GOP1ayer

        Flush water

      2. Mia Meow

        Wow, your water was bad! Was it tap water? From a lake?

    66. Sneh Khathi

      Are these seeds available in South Africa??

    67. Hassan Hussain

      Rudhrashk i dont no actually what it is.. i watched saw many vedios of this knowledgeable person. Logically what he is telling i can believe. In most of his vedios he said dont believe on things like ring neckless etc. that will change ir life. Everything is on inside of body. What we have to do is we have believe 100 percent on our believes. Think wise and good. Then everything will happen as you wish. Believe 100 percent what i r thinking. Then it will come to u. Like this mostly he will say. But kow i am little confuse abt this rudhrashk thing.

    68. Indrani De Costa

      Please let me know where to find a genuine Rudraksha. Thank you 🙏

    69. Marilyn Zein El-Abidin

      Can I get one in the USA and pay for postage?

    70. Suruchi Sharma

      Kya mahilaye mashik dharm k samay rudraksha dharan kar sakti hai.

    71. Harinath Hani


    72. Camille Ashley

      what is this seed called in english ?

    73. Ms. L

      I live in the United States and I went to a box store called Wal Mart... I looked at their $1.00 bin beeds and I found packages of rudraksha beeds! I always check to see if there are any in the bins now!

      1. Greywitch

        Can tell you now ...... those from there for $1 IS NOT REAL!! Buy only authentication !

    74. Shubham Birajdar

      Can I have non veg while wearing रुद्राक्ष

    75. Bumble Bee


    76. Asmadeus De Fresnay De Louppy

      The dreams, are the dreams ~ It's time. I'm not ready. i'm weak and imperfect. Glad you are "on time". God never lies ~

    77. Tove Græsdal

      💖Love 💖

    78. vijaya lakshmi

      How women wear this. Is some times removable. How many rudrakshas should wear to go negative energy.

    79. vijaya lakshmi

      Is there any possibility of one doubt clarification to talk directly in phone also please

    80. Prakash Mohanty

      Om namah shivaya🙏


      I am waiting for rudraksh

    82. Sherry Saps

      Sadhguru help us save us bless us.🙏🙏

    83. Roderick Shepard

      How do I order the Seed, I live in America NC

    84. Ranice Freire

      Whats the name the seed?


      from where can i but this amazing seed?

    86. Candicia kmt

      Whats the seed called ?

    87. shereen fernando


    88. wisdom power

      Could someone please help me with the name of that seed?

      1. Janine Borgeat

        Mala. Rudraksha mala

    89. Arun Shankar S

      He keeps bullshitting. 😂😂

    90. Chilufya Chola

      How can I buy this???

    91. Nishant Yadav

      Dhanyavad sadhguru for free rudraksha 💝❣️

    92. Sandy Thanks you so much for you bless Phillip

      Thanks you I learned something new here Thanks you for sharing this

    93. C Valente

      Would he be less respectable if he dresses a more convenient outfit? Or his "holiness" would be affected by the outfit?

      1. Nyamusi Mel

        What is convenient?

    94. 333 Highpriestess


    95. MbaRose

      Grace isn't always available to you even when you are available to grace. That's why grace is defined as unmerited favor.

    96. Rachael Clarke

      You are all healing connected healing...I seen all the light ☄️☄️☄️ 3 times and universe stars milky way blue star s red stars. Lots more a energy s Forde face

    97. Rachael Clarke

      Shiva is real she jumped with in me I was not ready for my awaking it is dangerous if you're not ready..I'm so strong ...I've stayed still in fear .. know I'm moving

    98. Rachael Clarke

      Thank you for your gift

    99. Arpan Chatterjee

      For the thermal energy thing. It's the heat that's left there.. Because of sitting the weight of our body in the bed creates a heat around, which is captured by thermal! BTW nice speech

    100. Rodia Shema

      I love him