This is impossible! (Behind the scenes) 🤐 #shorts

Dan Rhodes

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    Crazy trick!

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    1. Omarleen

      Oh I love this one

    2. Mimi Alfifi

      حلوه الخدعه

    3. cool drills

      I like m and m more

    4. Random games


    5. Leonardo Braga de Freitas


    6. djalil mezrag



      Hay am I the only one that notice that he had a red cup behind his phone

    8. Belen aurora flores

      E res un men tiroso

    9. vicky rajput


    10. Mr.Sraoster

      Hi check out my funny magic trick videos 😂😂😂 i hope you like it ❤️

    11. Avita Rani


    12. YusufAHED Shaikh


    13. Nebi Aliyev

      Şaka şaka 😂😂

    14. umer bilal

      Pagal log dusry ku Pagal banatay hai

    15. Pankaj Gupta

      👃same me bean😂😂

    16. Marget Njoroge

      First time reading this comments without seeing "HES THE TYPE OF GUY" legendary line

      1. Xeyal İmamquliyev


    17. Jovit Agader


    18. Shay & Kay


    19. Stephanie m

      Hey dude did you play that boy on high way to heaven sure sound like him

    20. Rigo Ufer


    21. prince_ bubble gum

      Wow this is a very original not stolen video I have never seen this across platforms in my five year old cousin and brother have never showed me this trick ever this is very original and creative you deserve a reward and 10 million dollars

    22. Bappy Mahmud

      Your Teeth?

    23. luisa

      nice tune

    24. Michell yaretzi Guevara lopez

      garigato nani

    25. ME Need song

      bruh I saw a red cup Wait a Minute Im I Exposing?

    26. emerson Gonzalez


    27. ประยุทธ์ ออกแล้ว

      난 너가 싫어

    28. Valeria Landaverde

      You can see the cup

    29. Yesui Namsrai


    30. Jules Faulk-Lewis

      Your last name makes me want to give rhode island back

    31. I’m Normal

      Morgz long lost cousin

    32. Hasya Halide

      Ni magic

    33. Hasya Halide

      Ni mafic

    34. Guelmarys Gómez


    35. Ivani Dantas

      Eita mentira

    36. Isabell Hoppe


    37. سا جد حسن


    38. Yaneth Flores Vilca

      Qué escribirle esa idea

    39. Beverly Ponce Mancilla


    40. Cuka Galarza

      Se notó el baso

    41. Charl-Thom Bayer

      So cool oh my God I wish you could do that to me so where do you get all the stuff

    42. John Kamsi


    43. mhamad faroq

      فێڵ با ز هههههههههههههههههه

    44. Génesis valeria Lopez huerta


    45. rashmi sharma

      But we can see a bit packit of chocolate 🍫 behind the phone


      🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮فيد يو هتك خيبه

    47. Alexandra Siddons


    48. Yareli Valerio

      Comida en telefono

    49. Brincando com a tata

      Me liga

    50. Shakeer Md


    51. Janique Hurst

      I saw the red part of the cup when u were pouring it out

    52. Aleksandra Murawska

      I saw the cup behind it lol

    53. فاطمه خزعل


    54. Giovanni Rao

      Vi dico una cosa è stupido e tagliato il bicchiere e a messo le palline di cioccolato nel bicchiere al telefono

    55. Asmr tingles Fernandez

      I saw the red cup still

    56. zelia galgino


    57. Avakin Tiana

      This is like a thing that even a baby could see

    58. Nono Saeed

      محمد رسول الله 😢😢😢😢😢😥🎉😱😱😭🤯

      1. Kaiplays

        Did you just have a fucking stroke

      1. ณัฏฐ์ชนากานต์ เหล่าผง

        พิ 10000&$?ปิยณัฐ สิทิธาชิ

    59. Alexuta Postolache

      Cum te ceamă

    60. jakeline garcia


    61. Ratry Rana

      My favorite candy



    63. Mary joy Delos reyes

      I love you! Dan rhodes!

    64. Gregoria Sisor


    65. Yash Shinde

      Wow what a big brain

    66. Neetu Dubey

      Your teeth are so dirty😵😵

    67. jason


    68. James Bond


    69. Susana Dedich


    70. Khrisna TriAtmaja

      18 rb

    71. Railey Caleb A Lasquites

      I see a red behind the phone :v

    72. Pink Gam

      Evhxhivifuucibekvhv jcbbc on gjg

    73. Nu Do

      Lộ r kìa

    74. Zahra Abid

      You were not poured into the glass from behind

    75. Agata Rynkiewicz

      Czy tylko ja słyszę w tej piosence babuszka😂

    76. Waheedah Roc


    77. Zari Cheema

      Sara kush nazar a raha tha

    78. Danil Putra


    79. Sekar Sari

      Ngak lucu

    80. Marilyn Villanueva

      You could've choked it when you threw it in the air and catch it using your mouth

    81. Saka Lenggadai

      WOW banget

    82. Jagal Prasad


    83. Rolando Mider

      Well basically u want us to show your result and u comment it was impossible but its not

    84. Eman Brucal

      Sabi ng kasama ko baliw ka daw hindi naman daw totoo yung magic mani a fake daw fake dota 2 bad news doyoung bad new sabi niya kalbo millennial

    85. Niluka Eranga

      I see that mug

    86. Cosmic Zodiac

      Dude I don't understand why everyone just keeps roasting him

      1. Trevor Philips

        He has dumb head style

    87. Kath Amata

      i saw the red plastic cap behind the phone

    88. mailyn kim

      Maltese ima ask my mom

    89. imelda vicente


    90. Cole Dahl

      You kinda suck at these cause they are not that good of a joke/prank

    91. Gopi Krishna Gopi Krishna

      Worst videos doing

    92. Taher Gadiwala

      U are talen

    93. Taher Gadiwala


    94. Menma

      música: Babooshka

    95. tapgameplay5010 terjo

      You should be making your video of something public no one will know but since you showed at everybody I see all of your videos but now it's too late because everybody saw that😡

    96. tapgameplay5010 terjo

      you should not show that to everybody in public you need this private is that you showed everybody they're going to copy you😡

    97. tapgameplay5010 terjo

      And secondly since you are holding the phone and the cup I saw a little beat tiny cup from the left and right😡

    98. tapgameplay5010 terjo

      why did you even show that to everybody they are gonna know on PAprom and i heard a guy from your comment from tic tok this is how your not supposed to do that and that guy from I heard from the Comets everybody's going to know that!!!!😡

    99. Melvin Estrada