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    The White Wolf takes Halloween as a personal challenge. But keep your eyes peeled for a few sweet treats... you won't want to miss what's hidden.
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    The Witcher | Geralt’s Monster Mash | Netflix
    Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster-hunter for hire, journeys toward his destiny in a turbulent world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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    1. be a snatched girl

      “Ooo aren’t you just the cutest.....terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life”. “Geralt it’s ur friend again😂”. Geralt, yennefer and jaskier are the souls of “the witcher show”.

    2. Ben

      I am so glad this show was popular. This and Mandalorian are charming and SLAP.

    3. dildo baggins

      When does Tormund talk about bears on game of thrones he talks about that giant and how he got his name...?

    4. Ankit Roy

      Yes I am too

    5. Dare Devil

      Only bad thing about this show is the nilfgaardian armor first season was 9/10 for me if i wasnt for that it would have been perfect

    6. Adwin Thomas

      We want season 2 asap😭


      Outstanding Series ❤️❤️

    8. Abhi puja

      Where is s2 ?

    9. Abhi Das

      That's Looking Looking Like Lord Beerus

    10. locomojoboy2

      I must be the only one who thought this show was disappointing and boring.

      1. Frank Luisi



      Awesome 👍👍👍👍😁😁😁 trailer 👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁👌👍👍👌💪👌💪💪👍😁👌👌💪👍👌💪👌👍👌💪👌👌👌👍👌👌💪👍👍😁😁😁👍👌👍💪👍👌💪👍😁👌💪👍👌💪💪👌💪💪👌👍👌👍💪👌👌👍👌👍👌👍👍👌👍👌👍💪💪💪👍👌👍👌👍💪💪😆😆😆😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    12. Laquerriere

      Thank God I am young enough to wait if there will be another witcher game and the complete series of this Henry Cavill's Witcher.

    13. Jon dow

      n 2 T

    14. Tak Ackman


    15. Austin Harper

      You know Lambert and Eskel and Vesemir and Osbert Sorel and Barmin and Varin and Dermot But do you recall the most famous witcher of all? Geralt the white wolf witcher ,had a very shiny sword and if you ever saw it you were sure to get gored , all of the other witchers used to laugh and cause him pain they never let poor Geralt play their witcher games

    16. Heartson Heartson

      scary dance

    17. Ali Salah

      i will die before season 2 😂😂

    18. zac chauhan

      No-one's talking about the like button isn't blue anymore 🙄

    19. Vijay Sasi

      Music does matter.

    20. Segmented Sanctum

      A season 2 trailer would be pretty cool

    21. The Mastema

      A monster that most never speak of is the famous Album Caninis Sexualis, Yennefer can vouch for that

    22. Shashank Arya1

      Yaa I'm waiting next session 2

    23. ForgetMeNot

      He be the witcher. I be the watcher.

    24. Kurt Reyhans

      does anyone know what's the background song?

    25. Soorya Karthik

      Mamoa and Cavill 🤩

    26. Hurray sourav

      Plzz name that background song name

    27. panakos chrisochou

      all geralt ever

    28. by: N

      I watched for Henry but stayed for Anya 😅

    29. G R E E D 貪欲

      Waiting for Season 2 of Deadly Class

    30. AnOnEmOs

      0:31 It's a Wither! In the Witcher

    31. Pagan Pilgrim

      I couldn't stand the sidekick prick but that aside it was very fun in a trashy way. Henry Cavill was perfect.

    32. Nicolaos

      Watchable, but still its B tier show at most. - Not fiting cast (forced equality is never good, just imagine if this happened to Lotr, Got or Vikings) - Poor CGI - Chaotic scenario with additional bs ideas - It doesnt feel like a Witcher universe, just some another Xena series.

    33. Arijit Naskar

      Wanna play gwent?

    34. Денис God


    35. Rishabh Sharma


    36. Kenil Sheth

      Hmm, F*CK

    37. Patrick C_7

      Release 2nd season PLEAASEEEE, I want to see philippa eilhart, lambert, eskel, vesemir, Letho, and heck even the red riders aka wraiths of morhogg aka the big wild hunt (nithral, imlerith, caranthir, and their king eredin) puhleeease I been waiting for like 2 years. We the people deserve to seee netflixxx!! 🤨😖

    38. Dr.Keshav Biswas 1622

      Waiting for Season 2

    39. Joe

      What a stupid show and poor writings, netlfix butchered all the characters.

    40. koschwarz

      This is the way. Oh wait...

    41. Hector Vargas

      I thought it was Birus for one second

    42. Ms.gshunw

      If it wasn't for this damn virus we'd be getting ready for season 2 right now.... 🙄

    43. Ms.gshunw

      "With balls"

    44. Rahul Rajput

      Just waiting for season 2 ?????

    45. Whatshouldwecallher ?

      This video has small (micro) teasers from season 2. 0:15 , 0:31

    46. EternalNyappy

      There is swearing, but then there is ✨swearing✨

    47. Md Mudassir Hasan

      When will it come- season2😭

    48. jesse omollo

      The story telling in the cdpr version is far more superior

    49. 나는엉덩이가좋다

      Netflix ad makers get shot and die

    50. LuckyFmJITA

      With all the good music of The Witcher universe available...and you choose THIS. Cmon Netflix!

    51. Hanad shiine

      When the season 2 will come

    52. Deepak Singh

      Season 2 waiting 😕😕😕

    53. Tahzeeb Beautiful Video

      season 2 Please Please Please Please

    54. Graavigala85

      that golden dragon was such a let down on season1 compared to the books

    55. Siddharth Kandoria

      Season 2, please!!!!!!!!!

    56. I'M SUMiT BiSHT

      Waiting 2nd season

    57. Sir Flamingo King

      Graphics B grade at best

    58. Omar Galarza

      Can t wait for season two

    59. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr


    60. endino daya

      Ah! I saw The witcher-- I clicked and I thought it was S2 teaser, bruuhh

    61. Howard Tan

      I thought the season 2 is coming.

    62. Adele Depp

      Love this song😂👍

    63. Alexi Thorpe

      I'm confused, is this supposed to be a teaser for season 2? It barely showed anything for season 2

    64. Nika Tajik

      What genre is this? I think season 1 is different in genre

    65. Rosalye

      "F*ck!" my favorite expression love how Henry says it !

    66. humm. ingsoul

      finally, been waittttinggg for thisss 😍 now i need Van Helsing season 5 trailer 😂

    67. Maneesh Meena


    68. Chandan Kr

      We're waiting for season2..😍

    69. Steven Jacob

      Gimme s2 already

    70. Stacky Stitch

      Video:😡👹 👺💀🐉 🐲 music:🌺 🌸 🌼✨💖

    71. 나는엉덩이가좋다


    72. Everything Max

      We want season 2 not this

      1. JF

        It’s still filming dingus, we were lucky to get 2 shots from season 2 in this vid

    73. Luckii Williams

      when is the new season starting ?!?!

    74. Marulina

      Best series♥

    75. Juan Carlos




    77. Deluna85403

      This show was so good surprisingly and thankfully lol

    78. vamsi vamsi

      Eagerly waiting for 2nd season 😋😍

    79. Haseeb Ayub

      Season 2

    80. IndePe42

      cgi fails party

    81. Creative indonesia2020

      Totally 450 comments Happy Halloween Eve!

    82. M W

      Awesome editing!

    83. miltos_ jr

      0:15 & 0:30

    84. StAr GaMinG Ashu

      Please release it in hindi

    85. Neha Bhagat

      my fav.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    86. Bastien Karabin

      Poor chicken Villen... when i saw there was the dragon hunt in S1 i knew i would get hurt... Season 1 still great tho

    87. Máté Schneller

      Read the books.

    88. Sachin Kumar


    89. Wrath

      Yeah the witcher

    90. Khalel Arata

      They should make an scp netflix series

    91. Gundam Action

      Season 2 better be 20 episodes+

    92. J Peart

      Give us season 2 now!

    93. Walter and Sebastian


    94. John Barry Ballaran

      I thought the monsters were just cameos in the first season. Wish they'd have Geralt take his time to prepare his knowledge and skills to defeat each monster like in the games.

    95. Dream Film

      Make a better season 2 Cause season 1 sucks

    96. acekatz

      Can't wait to see ciri... in season 2

    97. Brittany D'Amico

      Everyone better tell everyone they know to watch this.

    98. Shaheer Shah

      0:15 and 0:31 new monsters season 2 easter egg

    99. bladerj

      i though this was for the new season....seriously.....what waste of time

    100. Mathias Daugaard

      Love Cavill in that role. Only thing i fear about it, is that a big time actor such as him, probably also want to do other projects along the road and therefore, the Witcher series might not stretch that far 😟 Hope my fears turn out to be wrong though..