The White Tiger | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix


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    From acclaimed writer-director Ramin Bahrani comes the epic journey of a poor Indian driver (Adarsh Gourav) who uses his wit and cunning to break free from servitude to his rich masters (Rajkummar Rao and Priyanka Chopra Jonas) and rise to the top of the heap. The White Tiger is based on the New York Times bestseller and 2008 Man Booker Prize-winning novel: written by Aravind Adiga.
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    The White Tiger | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. 41. Parv Rajput

      Balram Halwai...

    2. Charudatt

      2:05 Its the century of a brown man and yellow man, God save everyone else.

    3. Sheikh Azaharuddin

      Who clicked this video to see Hostel Daze's Ankit 😉

    4. Vivek Monnappa

      Happy to see Adarsh potrayed as lead actor. Good job Netflix! Dialogues are good in Hindi version. but not in sync. Bad job Netflix!

    5. Bhalesh Patel

      Dear Netflix at 01:42 the US subtitles should be: "but the creature" instead of "but the future"

    6. Venkatesh k

      Just completed reading the book and I hope this film will do justice to it

    7. cinema van

      is she pregnant? she has gained weight!

    8. Zeeshan

      I read the book but trailer doesn't seem to justify it. I wouldn't have realised it was based on the book until I read the title. RRao is a great actor but this role was tailor-made for Rajat Kapoor.

    9. Sam

      English one is better

    10. Klickery Films

      Well that escalated quickly.

    11. Shivam Sharma

      i just love the trailer but priyanka is the only one holding it back from being perfect, the way she does act looks so fake, i can see she thinks she's superiour. we dont beg you to do moive in india there are far better female actresses, film makers choose you bcoz you are popular not bcoz you look good or u r talented.

      1. Stuti Shrivastava

        Dude, the film isn't even out yet. How could you possible judge her whole appearance from a merely 10 second role in the trailer? Watch the damn film first.

    12. Fasahat Ali khan

      Idk why but in a subtle way this trailer also reminds me of the movie PARASITE.... Ahh yes i totally agree it was different

    13. disturbed loon

      Century of the brown man ( south Asian ie indian Pakistani bangladeshi) and yellow man( south East Asian Chinese Malaysian ) and may God save everyone else

    14. Rpodnee

      One of my favorite books of all time! I'm excited they are making this.


      Amazing Super Gracious

    16. Prakash Devil


    17. Shraddha Rattnel

      I started reading this book since last week and now i m about to comolete its fifth night chapter,and saw this video and im so eager to watch it eveb more

    18. Ivan Oomen

      Netflix never succeeds to let us down.

    19. Walter White

      Can’t wait for the movie to come out. Just finished the book and it was simply dazzling.

    20. SaNya*Mr

      Feel like today what you want to be tomorrow.

    21. Isheteyak Zaffer

      I suggest everyone to read the book before watching the movie. I am really excited about to movie and I hope it lives upto the book.

    22. Ariful Akash

      looks good. prianka proves again and again , shes got class.....

    23. hsd287

      Lead : Adarsh Gaurav 100% comments : Priyanka Chopra 😂😂😂 But atb to Adarsh he seems awesome 👌🏻

    24. Pradyut Arun


    25. Hirakjyoti Mahanta

      Priyanka Chopra can't watch man

    26. masoud786

      seems that they have the essentials from the book! nice!

    27. Jomar Mendoza

      Another indian movie masterpiece

    28. Sahil Sihag

      Can anybody tell me what's going on here .

    29. Alcamar Jimenez

      Woah. This was a part of our lesson in SHS...

    30. duskyme

      Netflix is still not done with the failed movies (serious men, suitable boy) based on dumb books.

    31. Akanksha Yadav

      Eagerly waiting

    32. uday chetan

      dislike for asthama priynaka chopra 👇

    33. Chandra Kiran

      Best trailer

    34. shyam prasad

      "It's the century of brown men and yellow men and God save everybody else".😈😎🤑🖤

    35. Google User

      currently reading this book... The book is pretty good so far..

    36. Sajin Mathew

      Oh hype. I thought this movie will be shit because of western cast . But trailer looks dope, made me excited to see this movie from wonderful book. But still not sure what is done in the movie.

    37. Ayush Thakur

      That Fake Accent 😅

    38. seirharp

      lagta hai zatu ne isse bhi fail kara diya.. jo samjhe like karo..

    39. lul t

      Cooldude 69🤨🤨😳

    40. Arindam Dasgupta

      This possibly can't 'introduce' Adarsh Gourav. He's already arrived

      1. hsd287

        Maybe this was shot before

    41. Harsh Wardhan Singh Mundi


    42. Chandramani Deepak

      Balram halwai my man the white tiger finally.This looks promising

    43. Priyanka Singh

      Is this on the book by arvind adiga?

    44. aaryaman khanna

      goddamn this gonna be good

    45. m e d i n a K.

      I love Priyanka Chopra but I’d love to see more South Indian women on screen. I’m sure that there are many talented women that world deserve to see!!;)


      No matter how much you hate technology, the rise of netflix has improved the entertainment industry. All sorts of stories get a platform now. Not just those with Kartik Aryan ripping off the kanpur accent.

    47. Pen Muni

      The book was so good, I am just afraid they will ruin it for me.

      1. Pen Muni

        @Arindam Dasgupta Everybody knows. It's a celebrated book. You must be a testament to Indian education system. :)

      2. Pen Muni

        @Arindam Dasgupta Are you kidding me?

      3. Arindam Dasgupta

        I don't think anyone knows it's from a book

    48. Sukhi

      This movie giving off the movie Parasite vibes.

    49. Ryland Hamilton

      Joker: India Edition

      1. Icakie E

        Except the book was written wayy before joker

    50. jess401

      I thought this was based on book, but the trailer proved me wrong.

    51. Anant Gopal

      Iss book ko bhi nhi choda in logon ne. Why tf can't they leave books to be books and have this tendency to give a face to characters? Balram Halwai banega ye. Bhag😂

    52. Manasa Yadav

      I'm here after buying the novel "the white tiger" I should have known it before 🙄 Kamse kam koyi aur novel kareedleti But so happy that it will reach many people

    53. puneetzz

      Why hasn't author of white tiger(novel) Arvind Adiga's name not mentioned ANYWHERE in the whole Trailer??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. gayathri M B

      is it the adaptation of the book by aravind adiga?

    55. leviXeren waifu man

      I came form hostel daze go and watch it soo underrated..😖😖😖

    56. Garv Wadhwaney

      Who came because they love the book and not because of PC?

    57. raushan kumar

      "Century of the brown men and yellow men and God save everyone else." Ha ha So True.

      1. RK

        @Kartik Chhabra iska matlab hai ki century matlab aane vaale 100 saalon mein, 'brown men' matlab ke Indian or 'yellow men' matlab Chinese logon ka zamaana hai. Baaki jo hai unko uska bhagvaan bachaye

      2. Salil

        @Kartik Chhabra yellow could be referred as Chinese and Japanese race but broadly Chinese race and Brown you know Indian in majority so now read the dialog again you'll get deeper idea

      3. Anil Rawat

        @Kartik Chhabra jo samajh nhi aaye wo acha dialogue h 🤣😅

      4. Kartik Chhabra

        What it means, i couldn't get it

    58. Garv Wadhwaney

      I'm in love with the book. Man, I want to become like Balram. He's like the Indian Don Draper, grows up poor, but gets an opportunity to become a different person but in order to do so, he has to do a terrible thing.

    59. ツJuãoNinguém

      O TigerWhite987 e tão pica que lanço serie na Netflix

    60. shrawani b

      I've just read the bk of white tiger but finally there's a movie too!! But BK's r best than movies 😬

      1. XL B

        @Stuti Shrivastava It's short for book.

      2. Stuti Shrivastava

        what's BK though?

    61. Ajay jha sharma sharma

      Ish muvie me mene kam kiya h vilan ke piche khada hu kheto me

    62. Somendra Sharma

      Is anybody here not even going to comment about aravind adiga?! I grew up with this novel, and this seems like a worthy enough adaptation but I just am not able to find adiga anywhere. Also, panegyrist. A fancy word for the commonfolk here to add to your lexicon.

    63. Shubh sanket

      That dialogue its the century of brown man and yellow man and god save everybody else is fire.

    64. Aydın Özsoy

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    65. Plural Sight


    66. K J

      I have always loved white tigers my entire life, so I clicked on this not knowing the cultural reference. NOW, I can’t wait to see this movie.

    67. farhana miti

      waiting with high expectations

    68. Kunal Ghosh

      In the comment section no one is talking about Rajkumar Rao.... Why?

    69. NAWRIN

      2 legends with a young talent hunk ...... 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    70. jarroyd gnuelz

      always saw anya taylor-joy as pinky madam when i read the book

    71. Shady Coder

      And here we have a fresh new real star of the century. I don't even know his name. Gotta google.

      1. Pradhuman Gulia

        Adarsh Gaurav from Hostel Daze.

    72. Balaji P

      Well here comes the legendary book .......👍❤️ I read that book twice its really marvelous..... waiting for the movie now😎🙏🏿

    73. αβγ

      The White Tiger adaptation after a decade. Long live Aravind Adiga.

    74. JM Perez

      I love the book!!! Cant wait to see the movie!

    75. Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}


    76. Stan talent stan YGA

      Looks really good

    77. Kuntham Channel

      Where is the name Arvind Adiga ?

    78. Immortal 20

      After reading the novel in 2011 first thing that striked in my mind was a movie with this storyline will be a reality one day , and look we are here 😆

    79. anshul anurag

      Look like a story which will shake the society...

    80. Imogen Bell

      I’m reading the white tiger novel by Adiga right now, so far in this trailer it has stay pretty close to the book! Although Priyankas character pinky madam should be more rude and disrespectful to Balram (the protagonist) although I don’t know what the movie will portray of her so :)

    81. Javier Escuella

      I'm seriously saddened that all the comments are Indians like wth where is the international community so sad

      1. Yashashree Shahare

        @Javier Escuella yeah she definitely should i guess

      2. Javier Escuella

        @Yashashree Shahare yeah i know l but isn't she supposed to have a more diverse fanbase by now ?

      3. Yashashree Shahare

        well the movie is made by indians with indian actors sooo the audience makes sense. (i am not supporting opposing anything i am just saying it makes sense)

      4. Javier Escuella

        @lucas miamiam hahaha I'm gladdd

      5. lucas miamiam

        We’re here lol dw

    82. Manish Kumar

      And "God save everybody else"👍👍👍👍👍

    83. Boom Beem

      smell like baby oil

    84. Chandan Kumar

      Are DOPA ji aap??

      1. Pradhuman Gulia

        cooldude69 😂

    85. Arman Madhvani

      It's unfortunate that the kinds of people that the protagonist is meant to represent probably don't have access to Netflix.

    86. Sudarshan Jain

      Finally... Finally... The legendary "The White Tiger"... I wish it goes the way "sacred games" went...

    87. Bilal Md

      Had to finish the book to watch this trailer, no one wants spoilers right! I urge everyone to read the book and then definitely watch this movie.. So engaging, intense, savage, raw and candid.. 👏 just loved it..

    88. Devika Bedi

      Just finished rereading the book. Trying hard not to give spoilers. Arvind Adiga must be proud, finally...

    89. anoop maheshwari

      This trailer moved me. Seems pretty Rustic and Hard. Hope the movie don't overdose itself with too much unreal realities.

    90. Sad Boy 11

      Finally Priyanka come back Good

    91. Ramachandra D

      1:26 so you are a Chartered accountant

    92. Vinay Kumar

      Now lets see if it does justice to the book its based on. Dark stories are not everyone's cup of tea.

    93. SgtSandman

      A Netflix movie set in China, Japan and South Korea has Actors talk in their native languages but when it comes to movies set in India they make 'em talk in English why?

      1. cris

        @SgtSandman Sorry, I was talking about a family that I know very closely, and I overgeneralized based off of them.

      2. SgtSandman

        @cris I'm sorry are you an Indian? 'Cause you seem to be under a misconception that we normally talk to each other in English, no we don't unless it's a special occasion. We've got over 2000+ languages, why in the hell would we speak to each other in English instead of our own languages? It ain't anything special. I would suggest you refrain from talking about something you know nothing of 'cause all you're doing is spreading misinformation.

    94. SgtSandman

      This should've been in Hindi with English subtitles for Western audience

      1. SgtSandman

        @Henil Shah All this is doing is sending a wrong message to foreigners that we normally talk to each other in English.

      2. Henil Shah

        It's there in Hindi as well, both languages are there for reaching maximum audience...

    95. SgtSandman

      When you're an Indian who talks to other Indians in English in India instead of Hindi or other native languages

    96. UriScope

      Gonna be really interesting movie. Please doe anybody know the title of the second soundtrack of this trailer?????? really appreciate it. it sounds so epic and catchy

    97. Mubashir Qamar

      The trailer was amazing because it doesn't give you the complete story plot but just a look of it. Really man the work on trailer was amazing

    98. Haisui Sonny7

      awww my fav Rajkumar😍😍😍😍 in bollywood

      1. maduka sandaruwani


    99. shivanshu kumar

      One of my favourite fictions

    100. Sahil Ranjan

      century of brown and yellow man and call slave everybody else😎😎

      1. Pradhuman Gulia

        ...and god save everybody else. Theek se nhi suna bhai tune.