THE TOTAL: Town Hall 14 GEMMED to MAX in Clash of Clans

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    THE TOTAL: Town Hall 14 GEMMED to MAX in Clash of Clans
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    2. dxvxn

      $2,871.73 so u don’t wait too long

    3. Michi15. lol

      Damn ur crazy

    4. Gian Carlo Catambay

      I don't even have 1 dollar :'(

    5. youtuber số 1 Việt Nam

      Quá khét

    6. Monkey

      A max th14 cost 1.6 million gems. (11-12k$$$)

    7. 1con notOP

      Imagine Mr.Beast Playing COC 😆

    8. Akshit Thapa

      this guy literally max out th 14 while talking 20 minutes straight and here me still maxing out th9 king and queen to level 30

    9. The Star Assassin

      Face reveal

    10. Aritmax

      Raining money

    11. Gabriel Jones

      This video mad annoying

    12. Andre Pratama

      How much gem in total?

    13. PlasmaLantic Official

      Where tf did you get 50 books of heros

    14. Nikolay Zadorozhniy


    15. Kool Kid


    16. Fightking On Fortnite

      Thx bro

    17. Mr Nicktor!!55

      I will only do this if is before the end of world or commiting sucide as my last request

    18. DrFett

      goodluck with the new levels of buildings ;D

    19. Markys Dhoh

      Чел ты......

    20. Aravind Raj

      actually these hero pets are not much worthy for the amount of gems you spend . and why did you spend that much money and gems only on walls.

    21. Karte1326

      Money “A D I O S”

    22. cashman534

      Damn, you gotta upgrade the builder huts?

    23. awesome models

      I quit the game like 2 times and my brain is still used to th10 being the max .

    24. Ajay Ghosh

      I need 1000 gem can you sponcer me please...I know you can't

    25. Makyboy YT

      Can you give me 2k gems

    26. I AM SHIMUL

      Opps i could not even buy the gold pass and ure waisting ure money 😦😦😷😷

    27. Jp

      Man oh man the dedication on his videos

    28. Rowan Kelly

      I have not played din 2 years but apparently now there is siege machines pets and town halls that fight back.

    29. pranay pranshu

      Galadons wallet-why I am still here,just to suffer.

    30. ethan Grieve

      how comes some of the walls only got to level 14 not 15 ?

    31. _

      Supercell: thanks for the money🙂

    32. SNG_ Ev Patrick 45

      This makes me feel way better after buying just the builder pack

    33. Brennan Zucchi

      We have found a true clasher His name is Galadon

    34. FMusic

      How much for th 1 to th 14 max with gem

    35. Parthiv Dwivedi

      Approx 2 lac rupees for maxing th 14

    36. Traxton Espinoza

      ok i had to sub because i feel so bad that you spent that much money....

    37. Joker

      Go and donate them to the needy who do not have homes or food to eat

    38. Swivel

      POV your galadon: Hmm i need a new car. No! i need to spend 1000s of dollars on gemming a clash of clans account. lol

    39. Champ Grab

      Galadon can i join in your clan im th8 pls i sub galadon

    40. W1NdWoLf Wolfpack

      Bro r u still in tribe

    41. Odin Østensen

      Hey i have found an Impossible base

    42. Rai Star

      I feel ur pain😢

    43. Albin Reka

      I think it would cost close to 5000$ if you didn't had any of these books or wall rings which is hella expensive 😵

    44. Sinister BB

      When my mom says I can spend 5$ on clash of clans:

    45. Sylvester Fernandez

      Wtf, its almosy 140k in Philippine peso

    46. Marcus Jensen

      Y are the walls like that

    47. Walker Satterfield

      am i the only one whose confused on how it says he can’t upgrade anymore level 15 walls when he still has level 14 walls. i’m so confused

    48. THE GEEK Extreme

      Coc earns a lot of money from people who make such videos. Think about it just how many people do this to make a video. Anyways, I enjoyed the video.

    49. Adam Persky

      Why can’t he upgrade every wall to 15. Rip your bank acc

    50. FaZe AYYJAYY


    51. Bob scoot

      The best thing about this is that coc is his job and all of this is a tax write off 😂

    52. Tom Ewart

      Me a non pay to win : 👁 👄 👁

    53. Dikembe Shaw

      So are you still giving me the account lol

    54. Elias Johansen

      Cant you upgrade all of the walls?

    55. Noob Rider

      Brother can you give me some GMS 😁plz ❤️

    56. Koinakiz

      heres me buying a builder pack Galadon: just bought 300,000 gems

    57. patokan


    58. Matthew McCauley

      So you can't have all lvl 15 walls??

    59. PEAK Atiwit

      I cannot upgrade my TH13 to TH14. There is no upgrade button. 😭😭😭

    60. MoonMoon


    61. mohamad ihsaan

      Gift me my phone please🙏

    62. Alex CX

      People do know that he doesn't spend of his actual money on this game, come on guys.

    63. Clans of Clans

      Lets go!!!

    64. mamta magar

      He spend 9000 jems to buy 350000 dark 😂

    65. Chief Ales

      You are going to go Bankrupt galadon

    66. bruhmoment

      me never having more than 2000 gems:

    67. ahmad shehab

      I love balafon because he appreciate us a lot



    69. Pavel Levap

      Это круто жёсткий чел

    70. Michael Moscone

      How much have you spent on this game in all

    71. Duncan Rutherford

      every time you bought resources it gave me the chills.

    72. PRO skills! Heiding

      Wait how much do this cost?

    73. Duncan Rutherford

      code galadon all the way!

    74. Lawrence Ward

      I’m definitely using your code if you are spending this much on clash

    75. Q C Cuber

      great video

    76. 12 34

      you know a lot of people say it’s a waste of money, i don’t think that’s true money isn’t that important and if it makes you happy you should spend it how you wan to spend it, i hope you enjoy gemming the next update

    77. pokemon trade service

      I have a max th13 base if anyone wanna buy

    78. Marcos Villain


    79. Saran

      Yoo dude I've been starving for last 2 years to buy a professional dslr camera it cost me around $2400 something, Since I can't buy that for me. This video make me sick and guilty for being disabled.

    80. The Bearded Boi

      I wish I didn't spend my hammer on my th, but instead used a book on the pet house, second book to lvl 2, then hammer to 3 and because of the 20day upgrade on the hammer is recharged so I get another one to 4 yet I am sitting here, pet house nearly lvl 3 and spent stuff on scatter and other things XD

    81. Steez_ Froggo

      Imagine he forgot to put his creator code😂

    82. Live Life To The Fullest

      I’m starting to think coc only releases new th updates for gal dons rush to max money lmao

    83. Cryxzy

      mad man

    84. Daan Kroeze

      Why not AL wals are level 15

    85. Clemens Tiwald

      Galadon: buys Ressources with gems, Me: Wait, thats illegal!!

    86. Cameron Rusling

      imagine not gemming for this

    87. baljinder boparai

      Fun fact: He will recover his money by this video😂😂

    88. DJTube

      Just wait till you get your stimulus check then you break even

    89. Expert Flo

      Why can't you lvl up every wall? I don't get it

    90. Cryptic Dripz

      Why couldn’t he upgrade his walls to level 15?

    91. Patrick Hill-Lapointe élève

      took hours to gem shit gotta take years too do that for free

    92. hdksbshd jskdbsn

      Real sultan

    93. ApplePie

      I feel so broke watching this

    94. agelos belivanis

      they made this game a laugh you want thousands of euros because to upgrade you town hall

    95. Abd

      Supercell: We having mcdonalds every single day 5 times a day

    96. Payton Kinar

      How do you so that


      2lakh indian rupees

    98. Bogdan Karev

      Тип как будто просто с читом хреначит, в чем интерес?

    99. cesar valenzuela

      How much is it in total from the beginning

    100. Marc Damelio

      wow man