The Total Cost Of All Emily's Drinks In Emily In Paris | Netflix


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    Wait, Lily Collins (Emily) spent HOW MUCH on alcohol in a single season alone? We rang up every cocktail, shot, and bottle, that Emily buys in the new series Emily in Paris. Is it more or less than you expected? Sound off in the comments!
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    The Total Cost Of All Emily's Drinks In Emily In Paris | Netflix
    After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.

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    1. Dan Borja

      She could have put all that money in crypto...

    2. Aryanna Cardoso

      O dinheiro que nem em um ano vou cheirar

    3. Đā 1st5th

      They should've paid it to the writer so he/her could make Emily a more likeable/related character.

    4. Luxe Minds

      I just did a "Total Cost of Emily's Outfits" video on my channel. If you think the drinks price tag is crazy...wait till you see these numbers.

    5. Anglo Saxon

      Not only is she an alcoholic, she's a pricy one

    6. Sandalettes et Chaussette

      I am me French I live in paris

    7. Rishi

      And some r soo poor we could afford only glasses not champagne... Wasting our life in Netflix

    8. Autumn Smart

      Can we stop idolising consumerism?

    9. Sow Mamadou

      I dont understand why the black guy is always gay in these type of shows

      1. Autumn Smart

        To hit the diversity quota in one character so they can give up with the development of the others.

    10. Muhammad's Legendary

      3758.6 total money Thanks in. Advance

    11. Zahra Zaheer

      Not even lying, that total cost is making me cry.

    12. Namatama taba

      Please renue Julie and the phantoms and the society

    13. Ratwulf Viereck

      Horrible serie, piece of trash full of simplistic and old fashioned stereotypes. Netflix, you could do much better than this Emily crap.

    14. Francesca DuLash

      And the rest!!!! You're more likely to pay $25 for a glass of champagne than a bottle.... the last espresso coffee I had in Paris was around $10

    15. Stephan Thompson

      Give us from adventures of Billy and Mandy !!!

    16. Josh Stuart

      Where on earth do these prices even come from? So random

    17. Speeding Atheist

      Damn, Emily has two unabrows. Garbage tier Netfux.

    18. Celebrity Squawk

      Are those happy hour prices?

    19. Maridania M.

      Where is she drinking!? I wanna go! These are not NYC prices and I’m planning my trip to Paris next year ( if the world doesn’t implode) and for sure I expect it to be more than NYC

    20. Olivia summers

      Emily finna get evicted bc she spending all her money on drinks


      subscribe me to grow up... @N9NE

    22. Cecilia Thorne

      Didn’t notice all the drinks but I sure noticed all the Chanel she had for a young woman working a mid-level job at a marketing firm....

    23. Anurag Gautam

      i knw i r poor when i knw emily drank 4 month of my salary in like 3 minutes. sed life

    24. Nadine

      The audacity to not doing this in Euros

    25. Oh Crêpe

      Why is this interesting?

    26. IIIviktorIII

      When is twd s10 coming? I'm from Romania

    27. aysegul bayram

      bi de turkiyede hesaplayin bakalim

    28. edchan

      so basically drunk in Paris??? haahhaha alcoholic Emily !!

    29. faizul pchort

      Urgh like we all care

    30. Interior Castle

      I want the cost of her Chanel collection in the whole series like how much commission she gets to have such luxury yet ugly mismatch items?

    31. Valtintime Gaming

      This is like one evening with the boys;)

    32. Shannon Sparkman

      Do RWBY 1 to 8 seasons

    33. Hyuga Gray

      Kanker serie. Wtf moet deze video erin. Retardrommel

    34. upik abu

      What's the point?

    35. Dav Rocket

      what is this shiet movie ??? About wines ???

      1. XL B

        It's about an American girl traveling to Paris to kickstart her fashion/social media career.

    36. H Ú Ñ T É 4

      Stranger things


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    38. Jacqueline Castillo

      Lmao she gets free drinks 😂 I feel like they should split the tabs or she should give the tip.

    39. Alma Berenice Solís valdez

      IP 33⁹ryzwp5w

    40. TecVFX

      why are some free? tf?

    41. iKutie

      Netfix, can you do the same to skip the introduction of a series but for +18 times because when I watch with my parents it is a bit annoying you know what I mean...

    42. Martina

      Would she like some wine with her wine?

    43. _ᥴꪮꪑ`ρꪮֆ_ꫀr


    44. Wenxian Lee

      No €?

    45. Unknown J

      Hi y’all, I’m in Paris For every non French that needs our products, special food, fancy french vehicles that can be shipped, perfume you can’t find where you are etc answer down below please🙏

    46. Amii A

      6 vodka shots... how much

    47. SK KaRtHi

      I'm not having drinking habit😎 and smoking too.

    48. John Medrano

      Hello good morning beautiful

    49. Tionix _x

      I just want one piece😞🚬

    50. Stephanie Broadwater

      Less wine more in food . She looks like she weighs 20 kilos

    51. Alexandre Périneau

      I'm french (oui oui baguette for you guys). In France alcool is vers expansive you Know (in bar and more in restaurant).... but in shop like wine cellar, or hypermarket... it's less expansive. A good white wine or red wine begins to 5€ so 5,92$. And... it's a stereotype, we don't drink wine at 11 a.m 😂😂😂😂 or you are alcoholic. I love Emily in Paris and i'm impatient to watch season 2.

      1. Leyla Rose

        merci beaucoup Alexandre!

      2. Anurag Gautam

        @Alexandre Périneau OMG paris here i come

      3. Alexandre Périneau

        @Anurag Gautam In good restaurant it's more expensive... but in wine cellar, one bottle cost 6$.

      4. Anurag Gautam

        5 euro for a glass?. still expensive for me

    52. Farag Hero

      We want all other seasons of Hunter x Hunter!!!

      1. Miriam Yong

        Hulu or Crunchyroll

    53. Malin Hessedahl

      Love this series❤❤❤

    54. Shubham Saini

      Common Netflix ! it is a rich show.

    55. Ekrem Bicici

      "emily drinking in paris for 3 minutes straight"

    56. OMEGA PLAYz

      $3758.60?! Holy shit, this girl drinks a lot!

    57. Rem Rens

      I pity them. And what's with society encouraging alcooholism, despite it being so deadly.

    58. ukeuropeearth

      Those are US prices too, not only just in dollars

    59. Amanda Odawa

      lol this called me poor in cursive

    60. ded mnwlkn

      i dont know who to pity more... her liver or wallet.

      1. swareawoman

        I pity us for believing netflix when they billed this as the new Sex and The City. Emily could NEVER

    61. JmillerTV

      Plot hole, no one is ever hungover...

    62. Omyma

      Com com 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    63. Wilma Santos


    64. Jumping Bee


    65. Nersco

      oh my God that's a lot of money

    66. Belle No

      She is hard to like,so stagnant.

    67. Zubayr Laskar

      Need season 2 gooshh can't wait.🥺❤️

    68. Quinn Tries Staying Alive

      Do people only drink champagne to celebrate? How very populous

    69. Starky

      She likes to drink 🥴

    70. Mya Mayo

      Yess saison 2

    71. Tree. House. cannabis.

      So help me understand you went to a dramatic experience and then after that you decided to do school work...???

    72. Hsu Thet Paing Min

      how come Emily could afford all of these?

      1. Jesma2531

        well most of here expenses are paid bay the company like here flat

    73. L J

      Do people drink wine on every occasion? Genuinely asking

      1. Pierre Delaporte

        in France yea

    74. Anda Voicu

      I didnt even noticed that there were so many drinks in this season lol

      1. Mustang Midnight

        As soon as I looked at the title. I was like is this series going to be all about Emily and her drinking a lot of wine.

      2. sunfl0wer

        @artbymeema - Abstract Art ahhah u right 🤣

      3. S

        I did tho

      4. Anda Voicu

        @artbymeema - Abstract Art oh you are right :))

      5. OnyxLynx6

        Well you’re talking about a country where wine is cheaper than c’est la vie. Also, have never seen any European sit down at a bar and/or restaurant and only order one bottle or glass of anything. It’s more like bring out the whole case, we’re going to be here for a while.

    75. BlueMusicful

      Should I watch this? Or would I be wasting my time? Some people say this show wasn’t that good to deserve a season 2.

      1. Ratwulf Viereck

        Piece of trash full of old fashioned cliches and stereotypes. Don’t waste your precious time watching such a crap.

      2. Hyou Vizer

        I could barely make it through the first episode....but eh opinions try it just episode 1 may like it unlike me .-.

    76. Heer Sagar

      Can’t wait for season 2!!!!!

    77. XL B


    78. Rehmaan Fatahu

      Why is it in $? We want the cost in €

      1. Pink Mar

        i dont speak chinese sir

      2. Who Cares

        Cause it's Netflix USA

      3. Marlen Vazquez

        3175.47€ there so u don’t complain

    79. Grant McGrath

      Who watches this rubbish?

    80. Oak

      I respect the creativity of the video but kids who watch this might be more likely to drink or try alcohol. This isn't family content.

      1. XL B

        No hate but half of Netflix isn't family content.

      2. Méline


    81. Farzana Yasmin Ananna

      We need 10 seasons of this drama please!! Lily is sooo pretty!

    82. Don Adrián

      When is the new season of Hunter Hunter coming out

    83. Jay Plays

      Can't wait for season 2!!!

    84. Sofie Marie's Cloud

      Can't wait for season 2!

    85. Hasan Yuksel

      This is why I quit drinking

    86. Alice S

      ok but like she wasnt paying for most of this

      1. Alice S

        Even when it wasnt free tho the other people there would have split the bill or it be put on work finances

      2. maxine chan

        Some of it was free

    87. Shubha

      I'm so early bye

    88. D U

      When is season 2 coming out?

      1. Alexandre Périneau

        @Who Cares because in december there is all movies on Christmas ! Emily will becoming no importante serie.

      2. Who Cares

        @Alexandre Périneau Why not december?

      3. Alexandre Périneau

        Probably in 2022 or in october 2021. Season 1 has been film in august 2019, and is arrived in october 2020. There is a lot of trafic in Paris all year except in august or july (or during the confinement). So i think : writting (january - june 2021 ), filming (june - january 2022, post-prod (february september 2022) and on Netflix in october or november. Not december.

      4. Noah

        Probably end of 2021 or early 2022, judging by the first seasons production schedule but not sure...

    89. Aldrin

      Why is it in $ ????????????????

    90. Jason Lindekens

      Goooo blatant alcoholism yeay

    91. #SeaD #SeaDPhotography


    92. Hunter Woodlawn

      No tips?? 👀😂

      1. Hunter Woodlawn

        @Qui-Gon Jinn oh no 😂😭

      2. Qui-Gon Jinn

        She could get the tip

    93. littlerebelle

      I love the animation of the check

    94. littlerebelle

      Didn’t know i would enjoy this video this much

    95. derBRUMMzug

      who pays 50 bucks for 6 vodka shots

      1. swareawoman

        Lots of people. Perhaps you're from a small town where the best you can get is Smirnoff

      2. Anurag Gautam

        lol i pay 7-8euros for 6 shots

      3. Seth Cahn

        After having been in Paris, I'd say some of the prices seemed pretty conservative -- especially those in the fancy clubs and restaurants.

      4. Miriam Yong

        pretty standard in Los Angeles

      5. Valtintime Gaming

        In Switzerland thats cheap🙈

    96. garcia adrian

      Today is birthday actor Bill farmer he do the voice of goofy

    97. Cason KM

      Why is the tab total not in Euros? lol TF

      1. Maria

        its a american channel

      2. Pain

        @Emanuele C. yep they could, dont know why they didnt

      3. Emanuele C.

        @Pain they could add the tab total both in € and $

      4. Pain

        bc then ppl would ask how much is it in us

      5. Omyma

        @jmack619 !!

    98. Bubblegum Herondale ➰

      Don't abuse alcohol

      1. Bubblegum Herondale ➰

        @Qui-Gon Jinn define millenial

      2. Qui-Gon Jinn

        Thanks millennial

    99. garcia adrian

      Today is birthday actor Patrick Warburton

    100. Lemmy

      I didn’t even mean to be early

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