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    They’re philosophers, storytellers and pioneers in their fields. Four surgeons reflect on their lives and professions in this inspiring docuseries.
    Watch The Surgeon’s Cut, only on Netflix December 9th.
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    The Surgeon's Cut | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    1. Sh#M p

      Thanks 4 featuring Dr Devi Shetty

    2. bijay pratap Singh


    3. Tushar Supekar

      Another Sensitive N Emotional Topics ... Please release also Hindi Dubbed ..

    4. Aditya Kamble

      December 9th is my birthday So obviously can't wait😁😁

    5. Virendra Sahani

      Real things. Real feelings. Always best. Thanks for making such type movie, documentaries.

    6. Mannat Deep Singh


    7. Royal Shuvro



      thanks to doctors (the Demi gods)....and covid frontline workers ....🙏🙏🙏

    9. Antara Mandal

      This the reason I am pursuing Medical ❤️ this respect is priceless ❤️💖💖

    10. Henrique Pardal


    11. Aiswarya Nambiar

      I gonna watch this just for devi shetty❤

    12. Keziah Tagao

      i can just imagine how inspiring this will be to aspiring surgeons! good luck to all of you!! 🤗🤗

    13. Abishek Joshua

      About time we put Dr. Devi Shetty in a Netflix series, he such an inspiration. Check out the Harvard case study on his Hospital that provides ultra-low-cost care . So excited for this show and I just started Medical school Dr. Q the neurosurgeon is also a huge inspiration, a migrant farmworker to Harvard and to be one of the best Neurosurgeons in the US

    14. nishat tasnim neeha

      hey Netflix, we want a movie on " among us "

    15. RD STUDY

      What a content... wow........proud moment for considering our Dr. Devi shetty to this documentary.

    16. 03 Meghna mary

      Is this a documentary

    17. SAI RADHA

      Seriously does non surgeons get any love

    18. Curious People

      thanks you so much Doctor , your humanity Hero !

    19. swati verma

      They showed Dr. Devi shetty in the promo... Now all Indian's (doctor's) ain't getting sleep till it's release...

    20. Neha Das


    21. 3 as1

      The good doctor crew should watch this.

    22. Harsh Shubhankar

      I think Netflix will soon surpass Google & Facebook. It's growing crazy Fast Who's the CEO here ?

    23. Doctordang

      Proud to be a Surgeon (Allopathy)🙏

    24. Abhishek M

      Pride of India Devi shetty

    25. dr. Dalton Ngangi

      ah udah keduluan lagi..this is what our goal is ..

    26. Margo

      Sounds fascinating.

    27. K

      Chefs Table: The Operating Room

    28. Shouvik Kundu

      Happy to see such nice documentary projects , well done Netflix

    29. amit kumar

      This is the type of video we want to watch!! Unique interesting relevant and fascinating

    30. Geetesh


    31. Hasina Rahim

      میں ایک غریب سٹونٹ ہو ۔مرے چنیل کو سپورٹ کری۔۔۔۔شکریا۔۔😭😭😭😭..............

    32. Shruti Sinha

      Why glorify Modern Medicine when Ayurveda Surgery is the future? After all they study more than an MBBS & play the Sushrutha card & use the ancient "Metallic sutures" with the "Modern Surgical Stapler"

    33. Halima Ibs

      Y'all will turn me into a surgeon

    34. Shailendra Kharwas

      Literally Netflix covers everything, so please make an documentary on Engineers in India.

    35. S Roy

      Nice to see the legends here.. One of Is Dr. Devi shetty... The is a God gifted.... His heart surgery is world wide known... He is already a famous himself by his huge contribution in medical field ...proud of u sir

    36. S Roy

      What Will it release ?plz say someone 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    37. Udit kumar Patra

      Where is shawan murphy

    38. Nirav Valand

      This just emphasizes why I am proud to be a Doctor and a future Surgeon

    39. Shaily Shah

      Chills Literal Chills

    40. Rahul Rajput

      Respect Doctors.

    41. Hana Hiryuu

      As a medical student myself I’ve always wanted a show to make me feel like an anime mc... guess this will be it

    42. Laura M

      Drs and nurses are incredible!

    43. Simson Lai Kong Leong

      Must watch. Thanks doctors, nurses, caretakers

    44. Medical Gashi

      When will it come out ?

    45. Jacob Torris

      OKAY BUT WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR NURSES AND THE NURSING PROFFESION Just so sad that its always doctor this and doctor that when there so much more to health care than doctors.

    46. Julia J

      I want to be a surgeon!

    47. prasad rinki

      Amazing and inspiring..

    48. Tanveer Golden Khan

      Release in hindi please

    49. beth goldman

      I’m gonna love the heck out of this show! Also, do a doc series on Nurses. They are the REAL heroes!


      Can't wait

    51. Satya Mahanta

      Any one 2021 neet aspirants 👍👍

    52. Preetham S

      Dr Devi Shetty. ... Inspiration for surgeons

    53. romnick jerusalem

      Looking forward to the Directors Cut of "The Surgeon's Cut".

    54. Madison Lopez

      So we’re replacing grey’s?🤭🤨 sikkeee I would never 😌

    55. hemant pandey

      Much much much better than wives of bollywood blah blah blah blah 💩💩💩series

    56. Nisanth Puliyath

      I am a surgery resident in training and eagerly waiting for the release. Always a pleasure to watch these kind of shows..!

      1. Dana Virta

        Well if you like watching this please know that we look to you like a god when we lay on a table totally vulnerable and our lives completely in your hands. Bless you and thank you.

    57. Moz musical stars

      मेरे पापा के लिए दुआ करो प्लीज उनकी तबियत बहुत खराब है ऊपर वाला करे आप करे आप लोगों का भी मम्मी पापा सलामत हो 💅💅

    58. G Singh

      I had my first surgery ever literally a week ago now netflix is releasing this wtf

    59. Kamila M.

      Gotta love surgeons and doctors in general. I respect them so much especially the surgeon who did my dad's heart transplant❤️

    60. Sam McCabe

      Chef's Table for doctors?

    61. Vishnupriya

      Dr.devi shetty is amazing! 🇮🇳🇮🇳

    62. brian kaaya

      Coming soon, The Chiropractor's crack

    63. shravan singh

      that's the kind message people need to hear more

    64. Dr br

      I'm a female maxillofacial surgeon. Its a dental specialty. I fix broken faces and remove tumors of jaw bones. I love every single day of my job. And if I have a chance to do this again, I'll do the same thing. Only better.

      1. sophie

        well done! How did you get the job? x

      2. yas riz

        Hi there glad

      3. Shrikar S

        Well , it's a surgical specialty to be honest .

      4. Bocus Focus

        Hello fellow plater of jaws ✋ 😜

    65. Suvamkar Paul

      LOL! They won't even come near you if you don't have any money

    66. Simon Says

      Oh gawd! I’m a nurse and so sick of shows/documentaries for using on physicians. Find some other medical professionals to document.

      1. Simon Says

        @Chester Mire and other healthcare professionals aren’t saving lives and don’t deserve autonomy, too? Clearly you know nothing about healthcare. Every medical TV show, movie, or documentary revolves mostly around physicians. It’s time to show more than one side of healthcare.

      2. Chester Mire

        Well, they are the ones saving lives. Why are you so salty? They work hard to deserve that respect and autonomy.

    67. Soumya Ranjan

      Now this is something ❤️ Hope the treatment of the documentary is as perfect as those surgeons.

    68. Tejraj Jain

      Doctors are life shaving & giving their best to mankind But today they are more professional with commercial mindset I appreciate Dr Devi Shetty’s revolution in health care & took it to next level

    69. Ivan Delgado

      Its always about the surgeon, never the healthcare team. What about the assistants, nurses, techs. Most people dont realize that without the team the surgeons efforts become a death wish. No anestesia, no extra hands, no sterile equipment, no asepsis, etc. But surgeons are always the stars of every show. Goes to show how little they know about the OR and what happens in it.

      1. Ivan Delgado

        @Chester Mire Everyone is replaceable. Otherwise there would be no surgeries. Do you think the knowledge they possess dies with them? Just like every other healthcare profession knowledge keeps passing on to others who pursue the field (med school, residency, peer reviews, research, etc). Everyone thinks they are irreplaceable until they arent. What i wanted to focus on is that its a team effort not just a one man army. The team cannot work without the surgeon and viceversa. Thats why a hospital is not only filled with MDs, it takes a team to make it work. Nobody's being salty, im just being real.

      2. Chester Mire

        Don't be so salty, without the surgeon there would be NO operation. You are easily replaced, but their skill and training is invaluable.

    70. homo sapien

      Thank u netflix❤❤❤❤❤

    71. Brian Lau

      "It's a beautiful day to save lives"

    72. Johnwick Winchester

      We need Frontliners Covid19 series on Netflix

    73. Masked Singer

      According to anti-masker logic, these doctors must have been dying from prolonged mask wearing...

    74. Lana Olushola

      Just smiling all through. These should be the real celebrities.

    75. tae's bae

      Neet aspirants here? ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    76. Shivam Gupta

      What about the unnecessary cut

    77. Sakshi garg

      I am going to be one...😋🤞🏼😋🤞🏼

      1. XL B

        @Sakshi garg Np! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

      2. Sakshi garg

        @XL B thank u so much☺🤞🏼

      3. XL B

        Good luck!

    78. C Peterson

      Why are they wearing mask? They don't do anything. /s

    79. vivek khanvilkar

      Dr Devi Shetty ❤️❤️

    80. Tanvi Paul

      No wonder, surgeons are next to God.

    81. Melina Rios

      dr. miranda bailey in the thumbnail tho

    82. Juliana

      i hope this will confirm my future job.

    83. abhishek upamanyu

      Salute to COVID Warriors.

    84. Natalia Lavina

      I'm sooo tired of these shows telling us how cool surgeons are. There are much more people in a team, but they speak only about a surgeon. Hey NETFLIX how about filming about an ordinary nurse who just cares about a patient? Without all this haughty shit like I am a ninja who fights death

      1. You know who Dah

        @Natalia Lavina really surgery is an average profession that can be learned then why are only doing very good and some are not doing it very well , plz don't make generalised statements , I agree with the anesthesia part , everyone is important , it's a team , but if surgery goes wrong surgeon is the one gets sued, surgeon gets the blame if patient dies, surgeon's reputation that is gone , if u want to make a documentary on anesthesiologists make one , ask them to make one . Don't disrespect surgery , it's a great skill needs precision, years of training to master , u r comparing it to carpenter and mechanic , really dude , what happened somebody rude to u , don't pass generalise statements , I can also say things about nurses , but I don't ,I respect them .

      2. Mekdi Tefera

        @Chester Mire because the others aren't trained and they are just picked off the streets? The whole point is you need a team to do a surgery whether you like it or not everyone is important

      3. Natalia Lavina

        @Chester Mire Without an anesthesiologist there would be NO surgery at all or a surgeon would have to operate on a living man who still feels pain. Without surgical technicians there would be NO surgery, as they maintain all the stuff and devices in the operation theater. Surgery is just an average profession which skills can be learned, like a carpenter or a mechanic.

      4. Chester Mire

        Don't be so salty, without the surgeon there would be NO operation. You are easily replaced, but their skill and training is invaluable.

      5. Mekdi Tefera

        They make it look like they do everything all alone and it's so far from the truth

    85. Paola Rodriguez

      Give me everything medical.

    86. Sonalika. R

      Dr Devi Shetty!!!!!!!!😱😱😱

    87. Aish

      Dr .Devi Shetty is my inspiration , so not to give up the medical field I'm preparing for my 3rd time medical entrance (NEET) I'm having lots of pressure from my family and friends but I have hope in myself , I will be a surgeon like him one day , Thank you 😊 Netflix for the documentary.

      1. Aish

        @Sophia Sevilla Thank you so much ☺️

      2. Sophia Sevilla

        good luck! you can do it

      3. Sakshi garg

        @Dr Navneet Tripathi thank u soo much sir...for your support😊🙏🏻😊🙏🏻

      4. Aish

        @Dr Navneet Tripathi Thank you so much sir , your support means a lot 😊

      5. Dr Navneet Tripathi

        All the best guys, be fearless like Dr Asher said

    88. JoannC830

      The heart is not the center. The brain is the master, the heart is the slave.

    89. Adiel Masbad

      well i sure hope they would talk about those doctors who suffered burnout, bullying... and those who committed suicide.. just to show the ugly side of that glorious coin of the medical profession..

      1. Veni Venu

        Someone who actually pointed it out... good job mate!!!

    90. Rajesh

      Dr Dev Shetty, SYMBOLS OF KINDNESS!

    91. Tiara

      and this is why doctors and surgeons do what they do. because of the happiness and relief they get to see at the end makes it all worth it. much love and respect ❤

    92. Vinay Kumar Pasi

      This is great, now when I watch Netflix I feel like I am watching Discovery channel.

    93. Suman Haloi

      I am future doctor

    94. gustinex

      It's good to thank your God, but it is more important to thank your doctors, nurses and surgeon after recovering

    95. Dr. Rohith K Sajeev

      Let's see . what can they show me .😇

    96. hahn310

      Where are the Republicans screaming "masks don't work!" Tell that to every hospital in the world you clowns.

    97. In Need of a break

      netflix can we get something on nurses

    98. Miguel

      The father of Fetal Medicine - Professor Kypros Nicolaides. A true Hero who should have already been Knighted by now. Most people have no idea about the discoveries this man has made, the money he has donated and the impact he has had on Fetal and Maternal care worldwide. I am very glad to see him on Netflix and I hope this series gets the attention it deserves.

    99. Abdel3adhim Djezari

      Netflix is ped.o.phile ! Shame on netflix Shame on suscribers. Shame on nerflix's movie cuties because it s a ped.o.phile movie

    100. sachin pahadia

      Wooya Netflix trying to make video lectures on academic syllabus now