The Ruthless Economy PC

Linus Tech Tips

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    Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

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    1. Zachary Clarke

      the people on r/battlestations will never know the joy of building a pc out of janky but somehow also respectable parts

    2. Gavin Bunch

      I don’t like how this pc is better than mine

    3. Damion Henry

      Hi Linus could you please help a brother out by sending me this ruthless economy rig I have no computer and I can’t afford none right now in Jamaica things are tuff

    4. 1337Frederick

      That is literally the exact same case I am using for my x570 ryzen 5 3600 build right now. The only thing is that you are missing the other hard drive bay, which incidentally had the neat little stock weed stash case on the back for hiding it from your mom. Dude! Your getting a Linus De4LL!

    5. Nore

      Linus Tech Tips: Los Angeles edition

    6. GTX Gaming

      This is what we usually do in Sri Lanka!

    7. Anthimos Panteli

      the fact that this gpu almost costs 500 rn :(

    8. TylerWDoesStuff

      "because we're using a mobile processor, it also doesn't output a lot of heat" Me with a 35W TDP 8 yr old AMD laptop: *are you sure about that?*

    9. Oversized Burrito

      i want to see a video where they try to buy cheap parts in the perspective of an average customer

    10. Georgi Georgiev

      i died at "side of the road edition"

    11. Matas Cekas

      The fact that this has an SSD makes it better than my new (not anymore) PC. And I paid 700 for it

    12. Sanzu River

      Linus: ...carrier or hold down plate... Covid-19: My plan to destroy the human vocabulary is complete.

    13. Ollie Mogle

      The narrow juice therapeutically thank because ravioli thirdly smoke qua a tearful breath. obedient, truthful grill

    14. Anon Anon

      11:55 Fuck yeah, spread it!

    15. Anon Anon

      Semi-Popular opinion: Ultra-Budget PC's don't need any case at all

    16. Lucas Morse

      I'm pretty sure I'm using that case in one of my pcs

    17. Tyler Andres

      I had that exact case! I bought it back in 2006ish and only got ride of it about 2 years ago. It was a good case but I did change out the guts multiple times LOL

    18. Insight Flight

      6:10 what music is that playing in the background?

    19. Demonic Cat

      schools: hey stop copying us

    20. Killian Ryan

      Just stop with the masks lol

    21. Nilanjan Kundu

      Kristofer Yee will be proud.

    22. Vincent Marduk

      Best build that saw in this channel.

    23. RedPiss

      6:08 Cyberpunk

    24. graffitikage

      At 9:55 Linus: "Now it's time..." My brain: "...FOR QUICKBITS!!!!!"

    25. Scottbert

      This is most of my PC-building experience right here...

    26. Avery Mitchell

      I actually love the trash build look. I really like the idea of someone new to PC building with a Non-budget putting something together that works. We all start somewhere

    27. Shinigami Tenzei

      This is sad, very sad; that PC is WAY better than my actual PC... Still waiting for Corsair to launch a "Computer Case" series tho. LOL

    28. Jose Andres R. Figueroa

      11:47 Totally me...

    29. Notmade ofPeople


    30. Jaime Duncan

      Recommendation: clean the dust before building the machine.

    31. hamzilla21

      Hi I’m trying to get to 100 subs in 1 month so can you guys help me out and I know the tech community got me

    32. SilentVinyl


    33. ReganMarceLis

      Linus - MUST READ: I can tell you what you are doing wrong brother - sorry - not wrong but MISSING.... in your videos, YOU need to produce double the content because I understand you NEED to do the newer stuff for "some folks" and the "dreamers" out there as well as the sponsors.... If you see this and listen I promise it will work like Tom Brady promised he was the best pick the Patriots had ever chose before he even made the team and was picked barely, last by them out of pity in the 6th and final round, NOW L00K!..... Listen, for every one video or even two videos you make..... (least, even if have to drop talk-show, something else Talk show is purdy good mate?) .......then at least make one for older tech, not super old but older higher end and just "good stuff" that mostly everyone is capable of getting their hands on, how to fix it, how to overclock it, the xeons, the x58, x79 (especially) and my new fave the x99 and v3/v4 xeons on all sorts of boards from the old flagships to NEW - heck even single core stuff with a quad duo thrown in once in awhile (oldest I would go) but basically like the Tech Yes City channels of PAprom, the RandomGaming channels of the world and of course be more thorough like the "known now and loved Steve" (I called that gamers nexus would be known and loved, so articulate with everything and his people as well as smart but the drive the man has, NEVER STOPS - He was destined and I called it way back when he was still filming from a closet but his heart does NOT QUIT - he does need to get humbled though as in let some stuff slide and not always need passive aggressive revenge I see now that he is larger or it will also be his down-fall and I am being brash, not mean... sincere...because I like STEVE Over-all) ...but anyway, just watch Tech Yes City and Mimic the premise with your face at first, least a year and a half with the switch ready in place long before watching and HECK, you already have so much "stuff" there - why not? .....People do not always want to see what is the greatest in benchmarks but rather what is the greatest in benchmarks and unknown as in older x79, x99 or even how the 2500k is doing in 2021 is a video I am waiting for and it will SHOW soon, the only reason I do not watch your stuff anymore is the high end stuff is making you have to do the stuff for the ad's and it does get repetitive but I think your a rock-solid person Linus and go get that money - you feed many mouths and are obviously a good person.... Back to what I was saying; you have to get extra creative and maybe even do stuff that you do not want to always because of the situation, change it yourself with a "Tech Yes City channel" heck bring him over to Canada and on the show for a week, how great would that be, if anyone in the WORLD deserves that, Bryan from Tech Yes City does and - NO - I do not know this man nor or we related, etc etc.. I just watch his video and happen to love his style, etc.. So now, I ask you; why can you not have both? .....You can(!) if you decide, heck you can even just have another do it for you on your staff eventually as mentioned on a Linus Tech Tips2 channel, draft somebody NEW who has the HEART, Smarts and face we wanna see that is "wanting to do it not just for the money but for the LOVE of "past enthusiast & bargain tech" etc ..... someone like me but I am obviously not there, if you do go this way I will be awaiting on the sidelines and cheering you on broski from America and maybe one day you can send me a plane ticket over for "try-out's" as Linus - it is NOT-OVER just because you had a Vasectomy, hah, was a joke but seriously it is NOT like you seem (it seems) to always think, its just NOT...... unless you keep thinking and preparing for it then maybe it is but what I mean is; it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE! .....Now "Get-UP" I DIDN'T HEAR NO bell bud..... Make this your PRIME by being halfway thru NOW not 3/4 or even 7/8's , etc.... -Steve from Philly BTW: Keep being like Trump/Many Others - and do NOT bow down to the "Big Tech" as in go against them when its fair to .... like this video - love that! #BeRighteous #BeTheResistance with integrity, we need these folks in the world, you gain as much or MORE then you lose when you become this "guy".... #Exposer

    34. zegzen zegiz

      i have hd4350 and i just bought it few months ago i mean it's new in my pc, that is ruthless

    35. Alex Cheetah

      Good luck finding a 1070 for 200.

    36. Hubwood

      The CPU Motherboard choice was poort. Would be easier and prolly cheaper with an older xeon 6C/12T

    37. Russ Harvey that Alan Sherman's "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" in the background?

    38. Robert

      0:29 Roofless lmao

    39. blarg harblarg

      i used to have a p180 i think... or something close to it maybe? looks familiar as fuck anyway

    40. IntricaciesRus

      It's not a bug it's a feature 😂

    41. Aaron Jones

      I like and now want a antec p180 case

    42. Gustavo Vergara

      Literally better than my gaming PC

    43. Panda King Beersy

      14:19 >Google Assistant

    44. The Stoned Bee

      "Its not a bug its a feature" Linus Sebastien

    45. ChiKnLord 420

      This actually beats my pc and im sad

    46. Nate Flint

      This was such a missed opportunity to use that case that burned up in the house fire

    47. Ilham

      tbh, that case looks so cyberpunk-y

    48. niggaman420

      Just like my build... Not sure if that is good but it looks fimiliar and stuff.¨

    49. musicwastaken

      Wait what i have what is in that pc

    50. Winfield Henry

      The colossal instrument apparently snatch because screen expectantly undress save a colossal seashore. cold, important possibility

    51. Wasteland Man

      It's funny you all are in the same room together for most of the day and still wear the masks around eachother

    52. miinyoo

      That's pretty impressive. That whole thing cost as much as my processor back in 2013.

    53. super glue

      they aren't bugs they're pets

    54. The Atomic Jedd

      Somewhere between 14:17 and 14:22 it linus opens my Google assistant

    55. Misstah J

      just took apart my old gaming pc from 2016, samsung ssd and seagate about that lmao

    56. Marcus Bordeaux

      I’m embarrassed my pc case looks like the sotr one

    57. migchiel faber

      i had this case til, say 2 years back, it served me well

    58. Casual Editing

      this computer makes me think of lester crest

    59. Raymond Lo

      10:30 definitely BEEP at the wrong place :P

    60. Matt Renz

      pfft my p180 at least has the side panels :p xD

    61. magnaride99

      I still have that same case, I need parts for it, like the 5.25 cdrom slide/locks.

    62. Touch Me

      that frankenstein build was faster than my old pc lol

    63. Kacky

      good god whoever did the captions on this did fucking awful, lmao

    64. BAgodmode

      This is literally what happened in the middle of 2020 for me. I found a thermal take case on the side of the road, guy claimed board and processor was toast. It had a Asrock z77 X4, and a 3770K and a freaking 970 GTX. Took it home, turns out, the ram socket was bad. Switched them both to other channel and bam, booting PC. My next find was a GTX 1080 for just $100, and then a new PSU for 60. Then, three weeks ago, I found an ASUS 390 board and a i5 9600 for $100.

    65. GLN TV

      When I first watched this video about 5:40 i was like: i know that tune. Now I remember our orchestra played that 2 years ago

    66. 虞鹏举

      mobile processors don't output a lot of heat? i'm sorry? 😐😐😐 what's not a lot of heat to you, like 90 degrees?

    67. Dee Willerd

      just spray paint the damn thing black n white

    68. Alex Janssens

      Ryzen made even a quad core powerful. Man i love AMD. I used to hate them becausz they were slow when i grew up, besides the Athlon 64. Now, they are dominant

    69. Hemant Rathore

      This is my dream PC.

    70. Matthew Oatman

      You just built my computer's doppelganger

    71. Dj Auqland

      My Brain hurts after he build in this Board without cleaning this Case.....

    72. Jacob Brown

      This is the most aggressive poverty build i have ever seen in my life

    73. Rich James

      Mate i'll take a 3300x any day cool thoughts though lol

    74. shufflefreakable

      u could've just bought a GTX 680 (GTX 1050 for 46$) + a AMD 3+ 1055T 4.8Ghz OC 6 Core 12 Threads With DDR42666Mhz 16GB for half the price performing the same on cinebench, I know because mine is frankenstein too.

    75. noob growing

      5:59 that looks like my computers case

    76. Kyle B

      lol i had this same exact case until a couple of years ago and i shit you not i "mounted" my SSD the same way

    77. Vasisawesome

      HOW did he spend this much money on such garbage? Linus got screwed.

    78. Kyle Crane

      Not even capping when I say my pc runs on timetec, a 2 terry's old HDD for games, liquid cooled with antifreeze and 2rads with one protruding on the outside of the case. No cable sleeves just extensions. 10/10 would build again. Get crazy and save some money.

    79. Otto Toksik

      Thats kind of how i build my PCs. And the funny thing is out of all my friends i have the fewest problems with my hardware.

    80. JohnJohnson

      Man this is hilarious

    81. Gupta Anuj

      I just noticed that LTT started adding background music only since late 2017. It has a tremendous effect on the audience retention.

    82. Ryan Norman

      Ok.. if I want to build a Blender workstation for under $700... what do I get? :) HELP!!!! Also, I've been devouring your vids lately... thanks for all of your work!

    83. Zackery817

      That statement about intel is actually true I’m only 13 and I bought my i3 9100f on Amazon brand new for 71 dollars (this was before 10th gen chips)

    84. LessThanNinth

      $60 feels like a lot for RAM! And wouldn't a single 8 GB stick be good enough for most tasks? When gaming the RAM speed won't significantly impact performance either.

    85. Adam Al jaaouni

      It would probably be better if they didn't get the case even though it's free

    86. SleepWalker

      I love her for sure 😂

    87. Karl Ng

      Eeewww its dust! *Wipes on pants*

    88. D M

      Do you not know how to clean things first? Really not rocket science to figure that out.

    89. I Turn A Cup Over

      When Linus said, ‘ brought to you by, PIA,’ he sounded so dead inside

    90. slim3791

      This is funny technology

    91. Zaliber

      The Russian gaming experience

    92. Oldbatwit

      $500 or, as we say in Britain, $700+.

    93. mohawksniper79

      That PC that he picked up at first is alot like the one my son is trying to get running for me so I can play game and talk with him when he is gone. Looks like it will be a while because I need a frigging graphics card and don't have 1200$ to pay for 1660 super off

    94. Collective Consciousness

      lmao the subtitles said Linus claims this is the "Roofless Economy PC"

    95. CannibalCowboy51

      It's like the Millennium Falcon of PC's. A really fast hunk of junk.

    96. ChugjugPlays

      this pc is better than mine.

    97. Timothy Boulton


    98. LİZARD Bilbo

      olm türkiye de bu orta seviye pc lan orada en ucuzu

    99. Pat Pat Pat

      bad links to products shown.

    100. Jack McLane

      The side of the road edition is exactly my budget for a PC! ;) More than half of my equipment is from the dumpster at my company...