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    For five years, between 1975 to 1980, the Yorkshire Ripper murders cast a dark shadow over the lives of women in the North of England. 13 women were dead and the police seemed incapable of catching the killer. No one felt safe - and every man was a suspect.
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    The Ripper | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Investigators and witnesses recall how a modern-day Jack the Ripper terrorized the north of England during the late 1970s.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Christopher Justice

      The Yorkshire Ripper just died of Covid.

    2. Aaron Tucker

      I'm so excited for this. I've read every book related to these cases.

    3. Nicole Garcia


    4. Zen Cole


    5. S. Schalkwijk

      I came from Netflix to look for Stefan Salvatore comments under this video and I found them😂

    6. Anthony Barratt

      Like his name sake Jack the ripper

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        This is about yorkshire ripper

    7. Ramit Kumar

      there are a LOT of eamples of such kind of serial killers in history, and criminals and paedophiles and rapists who to this day have not even been caught, i'd hope to see a netflix full series documentary about a collection of such storiesa as it wold be more cool since i am already stoked for The Ripper.

    8. Abhi Jamwal

      They should just remove the cancel subscription button now. It's useless.

    9. Arjun Satish

      this actually looks amazing but it would have been more awesome if it was a series instead of documentary but i will still watch it

      1. Arjun Satish

        @Mohammed Ali the g yeah i understood that but i am saying if this whole thing was an actual series instead of making it a documentary series it would have been awesome

      2. Mohammed Ali the g

        @Arjun Satish oh but this isn't about jack the ripper. It's about yorkshire ripper.

      3. Arjun Satish

        @Mohammed Ali the g i meant like an actual series like remaking it instead of making it documentary

      4. Mohammed Ali the g

        I think it is a series

    10. Fix Films Ltd

      Looks like another compelling Netflix documentary. Will be fascinating to watch something about a horrific event I grew up with as a teenager. So many haunting memories for the victim's families and everything impacted by this evil killer.

    11. Thomas Doherty


    12. Thomas Doherty


    13. sᴏʏʙᴇᴀɴs

      wait but what if the killer wasnt a man ??

    14. Al Bundy

      I’ve never heard of the Yorkshire ripper but he sounds like a real jerk

    15. Lycan

      who knew he would be die of COVID-19. At least that's the only good thing this pandemic has done...

    16. Robson Scott

      Yorkshire Police being incompetent and corrupt? Who'd of thought it?

    17. Pacoisyourfriend

      Oddly he just died of the Corona virus.

    18. lavanya thanigaivelan

      When I saw the word ripper... I thought maybe a clipping about stefen Salvatore...😂😂

    19. MisterMeister

      Ripper for President

    20. Jonathan Burns

      Yorkshire Ripper dies on Friday the 13th, who said it was an unlucky day?

    21. Harvey Hanaya

      a few days later jack the reaper killed by evie frye case solved!

    22. ButterflyQueene07

      He's like a reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.

    23. - ʙxᴄʜᴀɴ

      I live only a few minutes walk from the park where he killed one of his victims. There’s a large housing estate there now and lots of street lamps but before it would’ve been just an empty, dark, open park. It gives me chills to imagine being out there by myself in the pitch black. This was a terrifying time in women’s lives and I’m glad to hear Sutcliffe’s passed away at long last!

    24. Mike Jones

      "CURFEW FOR MEN" signs have me 💀💀💀💀

    25. Mr Señor

      hell yeah!

    26. Arturo Gatti

      Who’s watching for the USA ?

    27. cynthia rouse

      The human male psychopath is the most dangerous creature to ever walk this Earth. Almost all of these guys have the same psychiatric profile.

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        That's sexist but anyways, psychopaths are normal people. The way movies show you psychopaths is fake. Not all psychopaths are murderers

    28. Ernie Z

      Fear mongering is what we need Netflix during these days

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        What do you mean by fear mongering?

    29. RandomAs

      What’s the geezer out of coronation street doing in it 🤣

    30. Nadia Binitie

      This music tho

    31. ameerah ameerah

      Is it Yorkshire ripper??

      1. ameerah ameerah

        @Mohammed Ali the g thx i find out half way the trailer ☺

      2. Mohammed Ali the g


    32. Taylor Wileman

      I’m from Yorkshire

    33. natural91LC

      why is everybody talking about stefan from vampire diaries? never watched the show but I google the name and recognized the character

    34. Nick Nasty

      Here after listening to The Last Podcast on the Left.

    35. Vignesh Bhatt

      Holyfuck!! Brings chills down the spine!!!!

    36. Hita Javali

      Okay like y'all tellinb Stefan Stefan Stefan like where the heck is he seen in this vid? I mean his lookalike. Which part of the vid can someone lmk goshh

    37. star light

      I lost my job during this COVID19 pandemic, so I created my movie review channel wish me well

    38. NoVa LeChuck

      we want Punisher and Daredevil

    39. Sehanya ushijima

      Where my Stefan lovers at 🥵🥵

    40. Rhod

      So he's a Jack the Ripper copy cat?

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        @Frank Lewis his main victims were prostitutes so the police didn't care about them

      2. Frank Lewis

        @Mohammed Ali the g In the days of Jack The Ripper, it was almost impossible to catch a killer, hence he got away without any one knowing his identity. However, things had changed drastically within the next ninety years when the Yorkshire Ripper struck.

      3. Mohammed Ali the g

        @Frank Lewis yeah lol. If he stopped at 5 he would have never been caught but this one didn't have the intelligence as jack the ripper lol

      4. Frank Lewis

        Yes, except he never had the anonymous reputation.

    41. patricia Bermudez

      Ohhh looks good

    42. mister tamura

      Didn’t they suspect Sutcliffe to have killed two women in Sweden, as well? Or maybe it was in Denmark.

    43. WhiteOwl

      It was joe Biden

    44. Zharh

      There's imposter among us

    45. whiskey

      Now, where is Stefan Salvatore, Ripaaaahhhh....

    46. Sushant

      Fcking amazon prime..only uploading shitty regional movies...switching back to netflix

    47. Life of An Archaeologist

      People really need to grow up. This man murdered so many women, and you want to compare him to fictional American fangirl character from a teen TV show. Gross.

    48. HelloDomHere

      Lmfao imagine if they unknowingly cast he real Ripper in the movie

    49. Movies Info.

      Release the date announcement of lucifer season 5 part 2

    50. Ershad Arshad

      "Jack The Ripper" Most Awaited On Netflix Has Finally Arrived. Yet It Will Still Remain Unsolved

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        No. This is about yorkshire ripper lol

    51. Diego Rauda

      Literally one day after this trailer was lunched, Wattpad revealed the cover for their new book "Jack the PANTY Ripper". I shit you not, this is some next level stuff.

    52. Stephen George

      Man this guy was the horror story, growing up. Serials killers took off, rights off this guy!

    53. Hailie Bechey

      17.99 🙃 not bad mate

    54. asian art of living

      1800 and no Sherlock there

    55. ReverseUnicorn


    56. Omar Q

      Why is the trailer for a documentary done in the style of a suspense/horror film?

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        That's netflix for you 🤣

    57. Kaleb Whitaker

      And to think this was all over a bowl of Yorkshire pudding

    58. John Daniel

      This premieres on my birthday, haha...

    59. tkwtg

      0:11 Is he speaking English? If he is, as an American I legitimately cannot understand him whatsoever.

    60. Azure Rax

      Yeahhhh, no.......

    61. R.A. Young

      I usually don't watch crime documentaries, but I might make an exception this time.

    62. Rachel Olsen

      He died like 9 days ago Netflix really doesn't rest.

    63. Dave Smith

      He was good with an 🔨

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        But he wasn't good with his🧠 like the OG ripper

    64. Sergio Montiel

      HBO with the dead kid shows and Netflix with the serial killer cold cases. Media companies need a hug.

    65. Sandali Dev Sinha

      The misogyny... The sexism... The toxic masculinity at the root of crimes like these. I mean, it does not even surprise me anymore. (And don't bother to write ''It happens to guys too''. It does, but before you write such an idiotic comment, please do check and compare the amount of women who have gone on killing sprees against men, with the amount of men who have gone on killing spree against women, or even the amount of men who have gone on killing spree against men. )

      1. Mr Cruel

        Do you know what psychopath means ....(just whine on saying misogyny sexism toxic masculinity)....... It may happen less to men do you know why .... We men will fight back and eventually give a grave wounds which may result in death.... That's why serial killers target weak....... Stop calling us men sexist misogyny toxic masculine....nature gave us to survive.... Your statement proof that.... Instead of accusing all men for action of few why not do some defence training Use brain Dark is dangerous and be prepared for anything Don't trust anyone even any women....stranger is danger.... Victimizing yourself is just pitiful.....grow up Even in trailer Banners saying " curfew on men " why If you are so good then catch the killer yourself Remeber they pray on weak

    66. Jarl Balgruuf

      Love how they waited till he died to drop the trailer lmao

    67. Hunt A Killer

      Wow, this is gonna be GOOD! The countdown to December 16th starts now.

    68. CEO OF SWAG

      i want this to be directed by fincher

    69. Jack of all Trades

      I love the vampire diaries- but for the love of god people read a history book. So many people genuinely thought this was a Stefan thing is somewhat baffling

    70. Arvind Raghavan

      lol he just died last week on 13th november

      1. Arvind Raghavan

        @Mohammed Ali the g Illuminati Confirmed

      2. Mohammed Ali the g

        Wierd lol. He killed 13people and dies on the 13th

    71. Sathya Vithanala

      😳😳😳 This Netflix's Crime Documentary got SE7EN vibe 😳😳😳

    72. Tommy Criton

      Yes more stuff to watch hell yeah I love documentary's especially ones with animals and dinosaurs and one particularly called Unsolved Mysteries love that so much showing things people need to know

    73. Random Hodgepodge

      At :05, the lonely masonic shoe.

    74. Jose Yantin Jr

      Who else immediately thought Stefan Salvatore lol

    75. Shay Rain

      Klaus : Rippahhhhh

    76. Adam S

      They call me the ripper 💨

    77. Jenny w

      My mum remembers the police doing interviews to anyone in the area where the murder happened for the poor woman in Huddersfield. Prostitutes carried on using the same road he picked her up on and still till this day they are there. Its like nothing happened. When his car number plate was found nearby in a car junkyard she said it was chilling

    78. Jesseca Frimpong

      Why did I hear klaus voice

    79. Jasraj Gulshan

      Stop getting TVD involved with this it has nothing to do with it.

    80. Gabby Herrera

      wait isn’t this about Jack the Ripper?

    81. Gabby Herrera


    82. Ismene Edecaste

      A serial killer killed by Covid-19....

      1. Mohammed Ali the g


    83. Diana Szabóová

      i just want to say, why ? just why is it always a women who should be afraid going outside in the dark?!, feel this discomfort walk in the dark street, always be prepared for attack?! men, i mean dont always have to feel this, but i am very sad that women are often objectified just as sexual object that could be taken whatever someone have the hunger, and its sad that most of the time after a girl/boy reported a crime they ask her/he what she/he was wearing like its a provocation or even "asking fot that" situation there always have to be CONSENT !! if not its sexual assault, and it doesnt matter what we wear or how we behave thats the problem. there is still not enough sexual education that will teach young girls and boys how to behave and how to talk to each other

    84. Wraith Playz

      So it’s about a guy who wanted to be Jack the Ripper

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        Technically but he killed too much people

    85. Poufkimashoula

      The apathy that is constantly shown towards sex workers really pisses me off. These professions wouldn't exist if people didn't need them. Brushing off their murders like it was nothing to be concerned about is inhumane.

    86. Noah Pina

      Murder isnt a crime against women it's a crime against humanity. Keep your politics out of it.

      1. Noah Pina

        @rose jean it sounded political to me but I could be wrong.

      2. rose jean

        You're right technically murder is a crime against humanity but it isn't being political to say it's a crime against women since the victims were women. He targeted women that means it was an act against women as well as an act against society. I'm sure there are deep psychological reasons for that but politics probably wasn't one of them.

    87. angelenaj0Li3

      I’m glad other people thought of Stefan as soon as they saw the ripper haha. The question is, was Stefan being the ripper written in because of this serial killer just in vampire form? 🤔

    88. Derby_Oge

      Reminds me of Ted Bundy

    89. Steph Willer

      So out in time for Christmas? Interesting.

    90. The Man vs PC

      Another movie feminists are going to use to bully men

    91. Rukmani Sindhu Thangam

      So no one cared when he was just targeting sex workers

    92. I_K_D

      Jack the ripper

    93. Natalie. S

      I’ve seen 2 documentaries before but hopefully this one tops them

    94. Natalie. S


    95. Muhammad Ahmad Mujtaba

      Plz dubbed in Hindi plz

    96. saikiran marikindi


    97. saikiran marikindi

      I'm a Ripper a Ripper Doesn't Stop!

    98. Band Lover

      Being from one of the towns these murders took place, it’s very chilling

    99. Jahaan Vasaya

      Jack the ripper

      1. Mohammed Ali the g

        No. Yorkshire ripper

    100. Stuart Parker

      Jimmy savile and he murdered people together