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    Victor Genovés has an important choice to make. What would you do? The Minions of Midas comes to Netflix on November 13.
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    The Minions of Midas | Official Trailer | Netflix
    A millionaire publisher gets a blackmail note just as a reporter is about to break a story that implicates him. His decision can mean life or death.

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    1. hyperlapse

      Fun fact: The old police detective is played by Guillermo "Willy" Toledo, an actor that almost disappeared after he protested the Iraq invasion in 2003 Goya's Awards (the spanish equivalent to the oscars), and he was black listed by important companies and studios. (spanish pm at the time, aznar, was the first to sign in to Bush's WMD nonsense)

    2. 54tisfaction

      Let me get this straight... This ISN'T a documentary?

    3. Renan Cordeiro


    4. angel vt

      Please more Spanish TV from spain

    5. Vihaan Ramesh

      Has anyone watched? Is it good?

      1. Vihaan Ramesh

        @Rahel Reyes oh ok thats too bad. Thanks for replying

      2. Rahel Reyes

        It’s good yeah but on the last ep they don’t reveal who Midas is which is kinda annoying

    6. Zamokuhle Zulu


    7. Jaime Gallego

      It's worth watching, even taking into account some things that could have been improved. I watched it in Spanish with English subtitles, but I noticed the subtitles can sometimes be wrong ('plummeted' instead of 'rose' on one example). Overall I like it! I've never seen such a modern take on the lifestyle of the rich, and with it an exhibition on how important power and choices can be. The plot can sometimes be predictable. However it's such a great performance by the cast, that I'll let that slide fully. (It's better than Money Heist.) Tosar did an excellent job, as usual, and I must also compliment the actress who played Maria Jose, with tremendous magnetism and amorality. There's a touch of boardroom drama which I loved, even though its not the main focus of the series. Víctor is wealthy, but not so much that he can magically solve all his problems. The show's writing keeps reflecting that. The ending I didn't like. it's pretty sudden and could have been.... wrapped up better.

    8. Marcus B.

      Who remember this guy as the Drug Overlord in the Miami Vice Movie (Collin Ferrel and Jamie Foxx)

    9. Don Fystikis

      music name plz?i love The Minions of Midas!!!anyone know soundtrack??

    10. Mark S

      nothing at all to do with Jack Londons book.. spanish junk

    11. Canada M

      Could you please tell me why the movie the minions of midias do not have Black ,Asia ou Latinos aborigines actors???? Alls only white?..

      1. Daniel Piñero Amerio

        The characters are cops, journalists and entrepreneurs living in Madrid, which are 99% white. For real, I haven't seen a black cop or a black business mogul in this city.

    12. hyperlapse

      Poor Luis Tosar, he's always getting extorted by nutjobs (el desconocido)

    13. Daniel Daudinot

      2009 “The Box” 🤦‍♂️

      1. Arkaitz Etxeandia

        Jack London

    14. Ernando Xavier

      The minios of Bolsonaro

    15. nawal10

      Why would u murder random people because someone owes u $?! Wth

    16. The Joker

      Looks good, but since you promote child porn, refuse to remove it, and hide behind women empowerment to push your pedo filth. I openly encourage anyone reading this who hasn't canceled their Netflix to cancel, buy a quality VPN for less than a Netflix subscription costs anyways and PIRATE NETFLIX'S SHIT 🏴‍☠️🦜. Anything good they come out with that you personally want to see, without paying them a dime; till they remove the soft core child pornography from their servers, open season. Use this Netflix to find out when new things are coming out, or do nothing and in turn stand along side the Pedo's. Your choice

    17. Fix Films Ltd

      Ooh! Yet another Euro thriller to add to my ever-expanding Netflix list!

    18. Deepak M


    19. Joseph Ben-Obasa

      Men his reaction to the dead body is just on point

    20. Joseph Ben-Obasa

      Interesting concept

    21. Gab

      Damn i wish my country can do something like this too. Series in my country is always about mistress/drama. No thrill. Cringeworthy movies too.

      1. Arkaitz Etxeandia

        What country?

    22. Pratik Chaudri

      This is a prequel to Money Hiest , Professor is just recovering the stolen money from the Minions of Medus.

    23. RedTV

      Who’s here from Fortnite 😂


      Louis Tsar.....great actor.....slays very role he plays.

    25. African Girl

      looks good

    26. Blu Magi

      Maybe just me but Im finding the foreign made, Brazilian or Swedish tv shows and movies better made than a majority of the US made shows.

      1. Topside

        You mean Spain's series like; Money Heist, Elite, Gran Hotel, Locked Up, High Seas, Cable Girls etc.

    27. Rickard Kaufman

      So it's about the Zodiac Killer but in Spain.

    28. gixxer750cc

      ain't that the dude from miami vice 2006

      1. enekoeneko69

        Luis Tosar, yes

      2. Preta Bonita

        Yes, its him

    29. ෆ•Milaxiiz•ෆ


    30. ෆ•Milaxiiz•ෆ


    31. VecticBlue

      Minions From Despicable Me Meets Midas From Fortnite IRL NOT CLICKBAIT

    32. Captain Clone

      When will Netflix management cancel this show? Netflix just cancelled Away, about a trip to Mars. It was an ok story, but the story was left hanging up in the air. They did that with The OA and Altered Carbon, both cool shows, as well as others. It would be like going to a library and checking out a book where the last 5 chapters are missing!! But Netflix middle management wanted immediate results so they could give themselves bonuses!! It's a waste of time to watch any Netflix show because they might not fund a complete story, a 3 act play or a story with a happy ending or any ending. Stupid gits! Time to cancel Netflix!!

    33. pop2uno

      I'm so stressed after watching this trailer.

    34. ;severus laufeyson.

      Oleee ahí España representando😼🖖🏽

    35. anooseholay

      The extortion won’t stop so no point in paying the killers.


      omfg, this is only 2 minutes... felt like hours.

    37. M N

      But why would anyone pay for lives of a stranger, maybe they should ask the government to pay for that.

    38. Madworld430

      This look good. is it a series or a movie?

    39. Rodrigo

      Random person will die? If I am soulless capitalist is a good deal. You have 8.5 billions possible combinations.

    40. donaldburlontrump

      Is this Despicable Me in live action? Jajaja. For a few moments I thought that.

    41. sunako718

      to be fair, people die every day. You can't be held responsible for every death. That's not yours or anyones job, outside of killers that is. Dumb concept.

    42. Leo Watley

      so it's basically 'the box', except less interesting and not 100% batshit crazy?

    43. AJ Walker

      Seems like a good mystery thriller, I think I'll add it to my watch list even if I will have to read the entire movie.

      1. AJ Walker

        @Arkaitz Etxeandia It's a whole series? Thanks for the heads-up. 😁

      2. Arkaitz Etxeandia


    44. Yahir Vicente meza


    45. #bounce

      Dont want to seem rude but wtf is with all these foreign shows, cant they bring in some new ones that are worth a watch and stop cancelling all the other good ones-they make enough money as it is did yall get a notification the price increase coming November-which is OK BUT bring more quality shit to watch PLEASE ! ! !

      1. sound trip

        they are mass producing and selling out check out the competitors less foreign crap and yeah agree with u on dat one

    46. Shirly Shen

      Yup I’m watching dat ✅

    47. Joanne Hunter

      Definitely a work fiction to think a multi-millionaire would gaf about some unknown person dying.

    48. Patrik Hanus

      Bring the OA back!!!

    49. blaise russo

      Lol so it's billions in spanish

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    51. illbbad

      Looks suspenseful.

    52. master Evil

      Thet is so amazing and💘💖🖤🤍 cool

    53. Roy Davidson

      A serious bald man is always worth a click

    54. Blue Collar Men Productions

      No little yellow guys here huh?

    55. Kenneth Enyi

      Netflix , please just stop

    56. Cluzic


    57. Mari

      Does anyone have some good anime shows to watch?

      1. P0c R0c

        Great pretender

    58. Draco lord

      Who thinks that he should or should not pay? Use the Thumbs up or down below. 😁

      1. sound trip

        WHO THE F cares bro

    59. linda sapiecha

      Sounds intense and gripping 👍

    60. logic is biracial

      maybe it's just the cinematography but im getting lowkey Ozark vibes and im here for it. RIP Ozark 😭🕊

      1. P0c R0c

        Why tf are you putting rip ozark? Weirdo.

    61. Ramesh Prabhu

      Hope d actor gets the international recognition that he deserves.

    62. Arthur Wong

      Pep Guardiola? Like if u know what i mean

    63. Marcus

      The first 45 seconds sold me. If that wasn't enough, "Based on the story by Jack London" was more than enough.

    64. Azwan Wan

      at this point of this trailer, i feel death note vibe. dunno why. 😅

    65. JenTzu v

      ʷʰᵒᵉᵛᵉʳ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜⁱᵇᵉ ᵐᵉ ⁱ ʷⁱˡˡ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉᵈ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ

    66. Kevin Dimla

      Uhmmm.. So. Like why they just keep. Cancelling shows when they have this loads in their pipepline.

    67. marcossouza


    68. Gold

      iTs ThE gUy FrOm fOrTnItE

    69. Nova Films

      fortnite the movie


      No me lo puedo perder, espero que halla latino

      1. Arkaitz Etxeandia

        ¿Para qué? El imperio romano ya cayó.

      2. Ariana M

        ¿Latino? Wtf?

    71. W S

      Man.. I thought they turned the Minions into a real movie

    72. Kitty O'Kat

      In English would be so much better! Just sayin.

      1. enekoeneko69

        That's only right for you, remember, only for you ... and the world is very big

      2. sound trip


    73. 123haninhk

      Is this a movie or a show?

      1. enekoeneko69


    74. Jessica rayes

      Thanks for recommending @micshawn7, he just unlocked my icloud perfectly

    75. Raul Bravo

      Give me a link so I can add this to my list before I completely forget about it and run into it a few years from now!!!! Dammit Netflix!

    76. amir alam

      Everyone Searching for Jack London once Trailer end!!!

    77. Alvaro

      Hombreee!! El amigo Willy Toledo recibiendo dinero del sistema capitalista de Netflix...Supongo que habrá donado sus sucios honorarios a la madre patria cubana y venezolana bolinariana... Ayyy Willy... si es que no se pueden decir tantas sandeces, que luego te acaba cayendo encima...

    78. Joshua M

      What the heck where are the minions!?!?!

      1. sound trip

        In other words don't bother bro

    79. Douchy McDouche

      Such a crazy story. I can't believe the entire police force was involved in that scam. Spoiler.

    80. Martin Hwang

      I’ve watched the prequel “The Minions of Gru”

    81. Capt. Deadpool

      Watched the whole trailer but where are my Favs Stuart,Bob,Kevin😐😔

    82. Sony XA1

      Little Alex Horne took it too far with this task.

    83. systemreset

      That's Malamadre😃

    84. Kuzey Oktay Bostan

      sa türk varmı?

    85. Its Zit

      Preety epic

    86. Walter Lopez

      I'm getting sick and tired of these Minions spin-offs! Just give us Despicable Me 9. Is that so much to ask?

    87. رحاب احمد

      أختكم من اليمن , أبي متوفي من 3سنة بسبب الحرب وعندي 4أخوات وحالنا يعلم الله فيه واني متكفلة فيهم , واني الان قمت بعمل قناة وربما أربح منها لكن ينقصني الكثير من المشتركين واريد منكم تدعموني وتوصلوني (2000مشترك) ... شكرا لكل اللي شتركوا بالقناة واسعدوني بدخولهم .. واتمنى ما تسخروا مني , وأعرف إن هذه الطريقه غلط لكنها الطريقه الوحيده اللي اقدر من خلالها اكسب نقود 💔💔 لا سامح الحرب اللي وصلتنا لذي المراحل .. 😭😭 ننن

    88. Santhosh K Dhanapal

      Though I don't know the language the subtitles tells a lot. Nice script.

    89. toobasaurus23

      Looks good.

    90. UserInterface00

      Let’s be honest, when you read the title of this movie, who else was thinking “Despicable Me” and or “Minions?” 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Uros Vesic

        Are you 5 year old?

    91. Oliver Ognenoski

      I want the third season of ingobernable plz 😱😱😱😱😢😢😢😢

    92. Stormbreaker 82

      I dont think so Netflix, where the hell is ST next season? 😑

      1. Polruss Tomakriss

        Meh lol

    93. رعب الصعيد

      Subscribe mi channel please

    94. Landslide

      If this is any good, Netflix will cancel it! Bring back THE SOCIETY

      1. Polruss Tomakriss

        That could be cancelled too, even though it's the same as riverdale

    95. IMMΛCULΛTΞ™️

      Death note in spanish

    96. Landslide

      Bring back THE SOCIETY. You're bringing stuff like this in despite COVID, there are no excuses, surely?

    97. sellsy bros


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      3. Gabrielsz

        You is a Fortnite kid

      4. Rashid Alshamali Vlogs

        Or just be interested in the movie trailer...

    98. Lorena Puello

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      What would you do ?

      1. SM Malu

        The premise is dumb because in reality most ppl would not give the money to save a random person they dont know. Ppl die every second and donating to charity could save alot of ppl but most ppl dont donate. But atleast the trailer makes the show look interesting. The character says "people would just see a millionaire letting ppl die for his money" which is ironic cause that already happens everyday in real life.