THE MIDNIGHT SKY starring George Clooney | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    Our humanity always endures.
    This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine (George Clooney), a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning home to Earth, where a mysterious global catastrophe has taken place. Clooney directs the adaptation of Lily Brooks-Dalton’s acclaimed novel Good Morning, Midnight, co-starring David Oyelowo, Kyle Chandler, Demián Bichir and Tiffany Boone. Coming to Netflix December 23rd.
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    THE MIDNIGHT SKY starring George Clooney | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    1. Nick Vogel

      Intersteller with more steps

    2. Peregrine Wood

      Clooney is in a fake publicity arrangement to ugly Amal who hails from a family of money laundering arms dealers. He is G A Y . Everyone knows it. And he is not the father of u g l y Amal's twins.

    3. Peregrine Wood

      Spoiler alert: Closet Case Clooney lost Disney $300 million for Tomorrowland for similar farce. This will be a flop.

    4. Lord Ascot

      Closet Case Clooney lost DISNEY $300million for Tomorrowland a few years ago. This will be just as bad. He's a disturbed compulisve lying phoney. Talentless uneducated tool who "married" an ugly gargoyle and faked fatherhood as part of his public image deception. Ugly Amal is from a family of money laundering arms dealers like notorious Ziad Takieddine.

    5. Lord Ascot

      George Clooney is the Rock Hudson of this last generation of senior citizens. Everyone knows his sexuality. That's why he chose a disfigured ugly gargoyle from Five Eyes operatives to beard for him. Ugly Amal is no human rights lawyer. S/he majored in entertainment law & has never led a case in court.

    6. Mannequins Mazzara

      Sunshine 2?

    7. Leo M N

      ok ok ok

    8. Trip Lang Gaming

      Well, I think I already saw the whole movie.

    9. Goblin Slayer

      Spoiler Free Trailers: Spaceship gets destroyed and they reach the antenna

    10. wjlintz

      Could this look less appealing?

    11. Absolitude Corner

      whoaaaaaaaaaa.. yeah netflix, give more love to space and sci fi

    12. Alan Bradley

      So we think we can land on a planet that supports life and just move in. Sorry but no. Unless we find a way to cure our body from everything it comes in contact with. We are only immune to life on Earth and not even 100% of that.

    13. Alan Bradley

      "In our galaxy there are billions of stars. At least one of them has the potential to support life." Who wrote this movie? The answer is no. There are no stars that can support life. What he should have said is this. "In our galaxy there are billions of planets. At least one of them has the potential to support our kind of life?

    14. Lake View

      Spoiler alert he finds Wilson from castaway

    15. Tom Mathew

      just dumb...

    16. tommy d

      Gonna check this out. NOT on Netflix tho😁

    17. Matthew Brooker

      To infinity and beyond!

    18. ZigZag Productions

      george cloony is an arsehole

    19. uchibenkei

      climate change propaganda flick? pass

    20. Darren Andersen

      Ulysses Everett McGill will save the day...

    21. Jonathan Alvarado

      dude he looks so different when he’s chillin on The Eric Andre Show ....... 😐

    22. denunci mesmo

      1:51 they find the tesla that musk sent into space

    23. Jan

      George Clooney horraaay

    24. David

      Please don't be as terrible as IO.

    25. Randal

      This looks promising.

    26. Mike M44

      Humanity will perish and go extinct is not in doubt, only doubt is how soon.

    27. realpqleur

      Does Netflix or hulu own the Frazzledrip video?

    28. Julian No

      more nonsense climate change b.s. Clooney is not really an actor. He's a producer and player and he is a common mouthpiece for globalist nonsense and 'climate change'. If people recognize when they are being manipulated we can put an end to this b.s. It's nonstop now in Hollywood and it is all about population control, massive contraction of personal freedoms and large scale tyranny. Clooney is just a useful idiot who sings for his supper.

    29. Jill HHB

      How absurd--take care of this planet idiots

    30. Bartha Levente

      Soros György hozott ide.

    31. Dacian Pop

      anyone knows if this is filmed on a weird frame rate? looks like the frame rate was quite high, also the image apear to be very clear, I am just wondering if they were doing sth crazy, cause it looks beautiful

    32. RM apCynan

      This looks like a seriously tedious movie. Perhaps not quite as tedious as 2022 with their 'extinction level event', but still tedious.

    33. Cyclonasaurus Rex

      This book devastated me.

    34. panther cheng

      it look great, 👍

    35. Buckaroo Banzai

      i cant stand spaceships that are bigger than sum indians room.fuk my flat

    36. Volney Soares


    37. madafaka992

      omg cloony is such a bad overrated actor.

      1. Anthony Rodemus

        @madafaka992 Bye bye!

      2. madafaka992

        @Anthony Rodemus well I just dont care your opinion, bye

      3. Anthony Rodemus

        @madafaka992 I doubt there is anything so pathetic as someone who "like"s their own posts. You absolute sadcase.

      4. madafaka992

        @Anthony Rodemus Hi everybody! Its me, the expert!

      5. Anthony Rodemus

        Look out folks... we got an expert here!

    38. Gogo Gogic

      Representative, puppet, of George Soros and his Globalism(Mix of Communism + fascism + Pedophile - Satanism) Good actor but bad person.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

    39. Mac

      be good in theaters

    40. Ralph Marcono

      He is a terrible actor.

    41. A. Amir

      George Soros and Clooney GO Home Western brainwashers!!!You become the Muppet of the billionaire just like DenirotheHousecat.

    42. ChucklesLeClown

      Pre The 100.

    43. PMC

      The Midnight Dear God Why = More Like It

    44. Tibor Cseke

      I stop watching movies featuring G.C. He should stay away from international or any kind of politics or sharing his opinion about countries or leaders without knowing anything about the country or its history.

    45. David Standard

      Wow. Looked like Donald Sutherland on the thumbnail image

    46. Stephen Karpathakis

      can’t wait for this. Look good

    47. Seth Michaels

      Interstellar and The Martian had sex and then....

    48. salaciousBastard

      Plot twist: Clooney is the figment of the little girl's imagination.

    49. Ibemobbin777

      Is this before the 100 show????

    50. Amir Khan

      Hindi dubbed please netflix

    51. Sickboy

      Gravity with a bit of a interstallar, a spice of Ad Astra. Shake it. Et voilà! Just kiddin (not really) but let's see seems a good quality movie

    52. atl3630

      How many times can this type of movie be remade?

    53. m Chamber

      This and Prom are going to be the best reasons for having Netflix in December!!

    54. Shane Thompson

      I'm gonna be honest...I saw the pic of Clooney out of the corner of my eye and thought it was Tommy Chong.

    55. Kenny Ward

      This film looks like an age old reused plot! looks boring, most of the budget went on A-listers.. I remember when netflix was cool as most of the actors weren’t familiar. Now they realise Hollywood is just tired reboots and superheroes, they all want it on the netflix act..

    56. Luca

      I had to stop half way. This trailer AGAIN is giving away too much. 🙄

    57. Dustin S

      George clooney + Space + Dystopian future = Academy Award must watch.

    58. Kang Tong


    59. zeffira ananas

      ach ... seems cheery and hopeful... just what the doctor ordered.

    60. Sean Marholm

      So they manage to get to the big antenna. Thanks, Netflix


      Dear Georges Clouney, Before criticizing Hungary and its president, we should know the truth, not just listen to billioner Mr Soros. I love you and your films very much. Don't you find it strange that Mr Soros has a very big influence in Brussels? I think instead of wasting his money on corrupt politicians in Brussels he had better help the hungry poor of Africa so he would help everyone. Regards , Attila KONKOLY


      Of course Clooney has a beard and why wouldn't he lol

    63. Rishabh Singh bais

      Noone Literally Nobody Every second space movie: is anyone out there

    64. Róbert Èvi


    65. Keith Marshall

      Didn't we do this with George already? This buggered in space thing?

    66. Brian Koller

      A fuller sense of the goodness found within the Mother Key. Lost or found social contact makes my day. BAK

    67. cizia69

      Georges Clooney will save you even if you don't need it

    68. Matt Joyce

      A Netflix Film.....the only production company left

    69. BeryJensen

      Give Me the Oscar!!!!!!!!!

    70. Sebastian.p

      hahaha yup this is the clooney reverant

    71. Lestat Angel

      I'll never watch anything aired on Netflix again. I decided this when you put that aberration called Cuties up.

      1. Lestat Angel

        @Eugeniya Leshenko I didn't post that for Netflix. 🖤

      2. Eugeniya Leshenko

        Okay, cool. As if they read it...

    72. kristenicole2011

      Plot Twist: George Clooney is actually The Last Jedi.

      1. Eugeniya Leshenko


    73. ShadoeFax1986

      I smells oscar nominations & winners with this movie & netflix's other movie "Hillbilly Elegy" I think Glenn Close & Amy Adams will both win oscars for Hillbilly Elegy, nominations are guaranteed.

    74. Sam Ward

      Glad everyone is going netflix . By hollywood .

    75. Danish SD

      Best moment 1:08

    76. Jarrad Mcmillan

      Who's George Looney

    77. Frank Cuoco

      Supporting life and finding diseases unknown to us are two different things now aren't they

    78. Dmitriy Haliy

      Directed by George Clooney. =>>> SOLD.

    79. jackleg2007

      Just finished the book. Good read. Of course, a few differences.

    80. Giovana Freitas

      encontrabas con tu crush de la infancia:

    81. Jacqueline Wernett

      I know the ether and Entropy. And strings of time and 11 dimensions of string theory. Let me know when you have the Einstein Rosen bridge equation...I burned up part of it.

    82. Francis Abellana

      Tomorrowland 2 looks great!

    83. Vylkeer

      I literally discovered the existence of this while searching for Miley’s song of the same name and this also appeared. Anyhow, looks cool! Cannot believe that is Clooney :P P.S. Felicity Jones is in it as well, great.

    84. Elliot Novak

      I feel like I just watched most of the movie

    85. Poe Lemic

      Man, this movie looks awesome. I can't wait. I guess that is where my $1 extra a month is going. Anyone notice that Netflix just went up again ???

    86. E v a F a r k a s

      Ohh look Good 👀👏🏼🇭🇺 When will Coming out ?

    87. bigglyguy

      Is this some preachy global warming schtick or a decent movie? Hard to tell nowadays

    88. Valden 7

      I love scfi end of the world genre as much as the next guy, but I can't help to notice the trend of climate change doom theme of the last couple of decades, propaganda much?

    89. Moon God

      Thanks feels like I watched the whole movie in 2:10 secs

    90. Matt T

      This looks really good

    91. Richard Gobin

      They found Joe Biden in his bunker

    92. Duke Steele

      Well, I guess this movie is one that I would never watch.

    93. Brannon Hill

      Sad I won't get to see this on the big screen, but I'll definitely be watching it, nonetheless. Felicity Jones and space sci-fi ❤ Related note: Rogue One is my favorite of the new SW movies

    94. Stu Mack


    95. Anthony Gracey

      I'm in.

    96. davyman2000

      Is that the music from close encounters at the end?

    97. Jake

      oh brother where art thou 2

    98. Emiasis

      I thought it was Antonio Banderas in the thumbnail.

    99. ronniebobby edition

      Looks like another Netflix Dud showcasing big name talents

    100. Hish-Tech هشام علي

      George is back 💪👏❤️