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    How long will it take for you to die?
    The Mess You Leave Behind comes to Netflix on December 11.
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    The Mess You Leave Behind | Official Trailer | Netflix
    A teacher starts her job at a high school but is haunted by a suspicious death that occurred there weeks before... and begins fearing for her own life.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. JONES

      all this fuss over a substitute teacher?

    2. Elsie P Selma

      ANY Aron Piper"s movie is must a watch

    3. Özge İnanç


    4. Janine Silagan

      i clicked because of Aron

    5. Cool Fun Baby


    6. Leah Croc

      One of the most boring trailers I ever saw. Lol

    7. TheSapphire M

      How bad are the subs. Many local words like xunta people dont gonna undersant.

    8. Ellie


    9. Julita lidker

      The trailer didn’t impress me,but if there is Aron piper I’m watching😂😂

    10. Deshon Cole

      I kinda of figured out the plot.

    11. Merve Korkmaz

      When i say i GASPED when i saw Aron

    12. Marulina

      Aaron Piper 😍

    13. baby girl

      i was missed aron duh!

    14. Namps

      Aron piper is in it so I’m watching I’m literally in love with the Spanish series on Netflix I’m always looking for new ones to watch

    15. imdea cenkaj

      Does anyone know the soundtrack of this movie?? "Let me tell you all my deepest secrets..." this part..

      1. imdea cenkaj

        @jaykup makeup yeah , but i could not fing anything😟

      2. jaykup makeup

        I think she says DIRTY SECRETS. Do u find then?

    16. holly short

      Name of the song?

    17. Ty Mack

      Yes Netflix we need more shows like this if it’s as good as elite was I’m definitely watching

    18. Lil Baby

      Hoy ander? Tiwasa na ang elité ga tagad ko. 😂😂😂

    19. Mej

      So Aron will sleep with his teacher in this serie? 🤭

      1. silent killer

        @Deshon Cole i dont think he sleep with new teacher !! I might be wrong !!

      2. silent killer

        @Deshon Cole it does seems obvious but lets wait for suspension

      3. Deshon Cole

        Yes he is. I figured out the plot the new teacher sleeps with aron and then regrets it later because she realizes he had something to do with the murder.

    20. Jokebed Ayala

      Name SONG ??

    21. SeasonOfNav

      O yeah trailer made smartly and look at the thumbnail 😅 played well Netflix ✌🏻

    22. jon doe


    23. LET'S BE HAPPY

      I hope this isn't a 3 episode like someone has to die🤧

    24. Karl König-Mehrtüssen

      Madre mia, la desilusión que se llevarán los anglosajones cuando se darán cuenta que esto no es Élite sino otra serie española más... por mucho Aaron Piper que metan. 🤐

    25. zalika

      Holy shat

    26. markuslad

      So it’s Gangsta’s Paradise 25 years later? 😂😂😂

    27. sady hamisy

      Hell to the yeah i did watch this trailer because of Piper and am definetly going to watch this show because of him Cant wait it seem to be a colossal mystery ....

    28. The how to Channel

      Ander is straight here? THANK YOU NEXT!

    29. Marley Pebbles

      Great work with that thumbnail

    30. Moyosoluwa Tovi

      Ander , u are not allowed to date a woman 😔😔go back to Omar nowwww👉

    31. Moyosoluwa Tovi

      Omg 😮 ander is here , can’t wait to watch 💃💃but wait, where is omar🙄

    32. radio demon

      What’s the song name pls I love it

    33. Ariana Iqbal


    34. Nezy Malik

      Im excited broo

    35. MsLaphi

      song? 0:41

    36. Bibera Kim Simte

      I see Aron..I click..I watch..❤️.

    37. LS Amawitei

      Dying is an art

    38. stefoehmen

      she looks familiar... think i seen her in a diff netflix show/movie...

    39. Lise

      do you know the title of the music ?

    40. Fix Films Ltd

      Looks interesting with a strong thriller feel and echoes of Rebecca, inasmuch as a character is haunted by a "ghost" of the past. There's also a cult Australian film called Wake In Fright which finds a teacher struggling with inner and external demons. This Spanish film looks less weird and more conventional than that though.

    41. Anna Millar

      no thanks

    42. Quốc Thuyên Bành

      I see Aron Piper, I click. Well done Netflix.

    43. queen demona

      this is giving me elite vibe

    44. Rue Telmo

      This might be nice can't wait to watch

    45. jo kun

      What's the title of the song?

    46. Hasna Nurfitria

      aron i love you

    47. r u a lion bc I'll be taemin u all night


    48. Marisabeauty

      all he comments about anger but are we glossing over hat Fabio from vis a vis is in this too!! I'm so exited for this show

    49. Let's solve Science

      Name of the series pls

    50. Lisselot Martinez

      Simple, Aaron is in it , I am watching.

    51. Joshua Avanceña

      I'm sensing a Boy Next Door kind of story

    52. Aidana Seilkhanova


    53. Chinyere I. Real Estate

      Ohhh snapp

    54. Manu Singh

      Damn, those students must really hate homework

    55. UMAYMAH Kapadia

      The Spanish 13 reasons why

    56. UMAYMAH Kapadia

      Me getting a notification because of Aron piper

    57. Elena Chiritescu

      Is this a movie or a series?

    58. Caffeinated Nation


    59. Tanya Rawal


    60. Sarah Nesheiwat

      Ooooo this looks interesting.

    61. Galaxy Lucia

      This looks amazing and the lines of Plath’s “Lady Lazarus” sold me!! Can’t wait to see this. 🤗

    62. nineandthreequarters

      "Dying is an art"

    63. African Girl

      looks good shall check it out

    64. Ilhem Bendahmane

      Well I'm a teacher and this movie is a nightmare for me 🙄

    65. Nil Keskin


    66. val kelly

      Sunday. Watching this for Aron piper 🤤

    67. Danny Coronado

      Thank goodness I understand Spanish ♥️♥️♥️


      AY AY AY !!! 🥶

    69. m e d i n a K.

      0:48 omg this boy from “Elite”.Let’s hope this show is gonna be better... If it’s not at least we gonna watch how attractive ppl copulate with each other🙂

    70. Eyimofe Edah


    71. Eunice Sakpaide

      Aron ?? A must watch ....🔥💃

    72. alina salnikova

      что за херня все время происходит в испанских школах

    73. gamer lover

      Bruhh... Someone tell me why when I saw the thumbnail I litteraly yelled, "Bitch!! I know an Arón Piper when I see one!!"😂😂😂

    74. Dr.Richa Singh

      Sounds like the title of most Netflix movies these days

    75. spelsson

      i’m a simple girl, i see aron piper, i click

    76. Solitaire CHP


    77. Nour 127

      Well well you got me the second you put aron in Bitches I'm in

    78. Thaafier Parker

      Exactly the same as dark desire!!

    79. Sam Hers


    80. Char Tash

      Oh gosh. Aron.

    81. Sumit Bhosale

      What the language is that?

      1. maria e

        Sumit Bhosale spanish

    82. Steffi

      Besides all the comments thirsting over Arón Piper, I just wanted to say that this trailer actually looks really good

      1. sandeep H


    83. Sara Docampo

      Galiza calidade


      I clicked because of Aaron Piper but I stayed because it’s seems to be a really thrilling story line and I would love to watch this

    85. mizuxsion

      The show title, i thought it was about trump's presidency

      1. tina wbrr


      2. MARIYAM Z

        An underrated comment lol

    86. jayceevans

      13 Reasons Why: Teacher’s Edition

      1. Moyosoluwa Tovi

        🤣🤣 that’s sooo true

    87. Mri x

      Ofc i fell for the aron bait

    88. Elfy Elfy

      We all know you click because you saw Aron

    89. Zeynep Karataş

      Song ?????

    90. Ho Jun Fei

      Ander, what are you doing here?

    91. rashmi kunder

      Watching this only for Aron ❤️

    92. riya maurya

      He was looking like young johnny depp in the thumbnail 🤩🤩

    93. Ornella Vanoni

      Love Roberto Enriquez 😍😍😍😍

    94. Jenice Owusu Adansi


    95. Evolving_aspirant

      Who is this Aron guy everyone is commenting about? Googled him, but there is no famous film he has been in.

      1. sp ce

        maybe he's breaking out w these netflix shows

    96. Daniel C

      So this is Dark Desires 2.0 but with different actors lol

    97. mds s

      Looks interesting, I enjoy the international shows

    98. Giulia

      só vejo lendas

    99. Elly Meriyam


    100. Momo Afolabi