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    A diverse, deeply brave crew of ragtag soldiers become some of the most heroic fighters of the European invasion in World War II. The Liberator premieres November 11, only on Netflix.
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    The Liberator | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    1. Francesco Pizzolon

      Honestly I love Bradley but this cartoon is unwatchable

    2. clement mwangi


    3. Mark Dos

      Muy buena. La vi con mi hijo y nos gustó mucho. Muy buen contenido y merecen ser recordados. Una gran Persona Felix Sparks.

    4. Michael Kean

      just kept expecting The captain and his squad to get pinned down by Germans and just for the German soldiers to all explode magically into flames and you see a man in the distance with a long black Trench coat with his Eye's glowing Yellow and he walks up to the Captain and says "What took you so damn longed clotpole".

    5. igor Amaral


    6. David Colk

      I’ll just watch saving private Ryan again

    7. David Colk

      The hell, what do this? Why not just make it a proper film, looks stupid

    8. Murtadha Alkenani

      Old ideas , shitty animations , always american patriotism

    9. Paulina Porębska

      Omg, it is so good

    10. Vipin Venugopal

      The best scene of this movie is " Sir why we didn't shoot the officer ." Nazi - " Because we had the option " . . .

    11. scott22v

      Great series. Feel honored I've worn the same Unit patch as those men, The Thunderbird. This is based on a true story.

    12. Edwin Saavedra

      "Dile que esos hombres son los nietos de los mejores guerreros indios que ha tenido la planicie estadounidense,mataban leones de montaña y cazaban búfalos. Y esos hombres son los desentiendes del poderoso ejercito mexicano que derrotaron a los franceses el 5 de mayo. Y esos hombres,son los hijos de los texas rangers que llevaron la ley y el orden donde solo antes habian ladrones y asesinos. Min 30 "why we fight"

    13. PUBG Truck Troll

      i'd be hyped if it wasn't fkn anime bs

    14. Lowlander 2004

      Good book, but I couldn't watch with the weird filter, it made it look cheap 😎

    15. Ahmed Mo

      Looks different and EPIC!

    16. Reginald Cates

      Was a little skeptical about the animation, but part of me appreciates the details during the battle scenes. Animation allows more freedom when recreating those scenes. If they tried to film this with regular film all the scenes would of been close ups of existing ww2 weapons which takes away from drama of combat. I read the actual book and from my perspective most of the movie describes the book.

    17. Vladimir Khvostenko

      scene effects bad influence on perception

    18. SC

      don't like cartoons

    19. yunus koca

      netflix, your greenlit

    20. IChangedMyName 1945

      Looks great. Might have to check it out.

    21. MrCapKorzeniowski

      A nazi tank taken out by two motor shots, a sergent shooting his pistol at a me109 in the first episode ....hmmm no, thanks

      1. Nick Michos

        I think you should still watch it its actually good

    22. Radu

      oh, more usa propaganda. liberators? they sold more than half of europe to communists for people to die in miessery.

      1. Radu

        @Jitrax-_- why? Cause I don't buy all the American propaganda makes me a nazi? Did you use both your brain cells to come up with that?

      2. Jitrax-_-

        Mmm nazi?

    23. Šimon Andrejko

      This is actually very original, never seen something like this before...

    24. Josh Venegas

      The game play you never experienced because of: multiplayer.

    25. frans Sa

      The tone is too bright it hampered dramatic effect

    26. Tacos and Beer

      Just finished the series... Wow all I can say

    27. Soum Nag

      thats some live action comics

    28. Marcus Jaquez

      These is better than a holly wood movie

    29. bianchi1885

      This is a fantastic mini-series. Very well done. Generally accurate historically speaking.

    30. Alessandro Tobia

      ohhhhhhhhhh God another American WW2 story............

      1. bianchi1885

        You should watch it. Episode 2 focuses on Anzio. A lot of Americans, British and Germans died around Anzio, Cisterna, Latina e Aprilia. Many Italian civilians too.

    31. Mandini Perera

      Arthur I didn't wanna see u dying, I really respect u as a person and love u🌸💗🌸

    32. SMGleader

      I'm half way through it and completely in love with it.

    33. tereysa ocak

      It’s animated. Damn I hate that

    34. Buddyrebel

      I just finished watching the last episode it was a really great series . I didn’t feel the filters but the story was such a great story that it didn’t matter.

    35. Jacob Torris

      Is this animated or real with some weird effect over it

      1. Tux Edits ツ

        it’s live action with a filter over it and they also painted their faces and clothes

    36. Kairat Karibek

      Soldier Boy from the Boys? :0

    37. Nyekti Joe

      walking dead style

    38. T H

      Good story. Yet, I can't get into it. This penciling filter over live action is just too distracting.

    39. Taka Ono

      Why aren't more people talking about this movie?

      1. bianchi1885

        @Marta Araújo Agreed.

      2. Marta Araújo

        I don't think Netflix promoted this at all, which is a shame. It's one of the best shows I've seen recently.

      3. XL B

        The network that it's on maybe?

    40. noturbiz

      Great show

    41. nor hairie

      I love this movie series....👍👍👍

    42. Itair Oliveira

      Muito bom Mas a imagem é uma bosta, porquê não fizeram normal

    43. Chaziz

      Last time i saw a mexican in WW2 movie was "Gordo" from Fury. Let's watch this now!

    44. Jose Guerrero

      Totally worth it, don’t mind the filter the history is so GOOOOD

    45. Stue Lue

      Why the hell did they make this cel shaded animation? To save money from CGI effects??? WTF. Looks great if it wasnt animated.

    46. Rian ;-;

      You cego porra?

    47. SoftBytes Unlimited

      The animation motions are incredible..👍👍👍

    48. Vince Cartwright

      I didn't think I would like it at first because of the anime style but the story is wonderful to me about 5 minutes I didn't even realize that what I was watching wasn't real great story

    49. Babadook

      hmmmm comment 1001

    50. Paul Lipman

      I learned something about WWII that I didn't know. I found the 'Rotoscope' intriguing, but a bit confusing, as it varied a lot, from what appeared 100% animation to about 80%. It might have been a bit 'overdone' and sometimes took away from the film rather than enhanced it.

    51. Chiqui Alvarenque

      Pecato che abbiano messo quello effetto cartoon del cazzo... filmati sarebbe bella.

    52. Marcos Victor_

      Quando vai sair EP novo

    53. lasarith2

      And just need to finish the 2nd part of lord of the rings now Note: because some won’t know there was a LOTR movie back in the 80s done in this style .

    54. MadMarvs HighwayWarrior

      Most people: bugged by the cartoonish filter and visual effects. Me: more bugged by the 157th Infantry Regiment insignia. The Thunderbird design belongs to the 45 Infantry Division. (Fun fact: they originally had a yellow swastika on red due to their Southwest native roots but replaced during the rise of Nazi Germany.) Haven't seen much the actual insignia of the 157th, which is two teepees, a wall, and a sea lion holding a sword. Why I'm familiar with this? The sea lion in that heraldry is the seal of my country's president.

      1. Diogenes' Lantern

        Cool info. I can't get over my hate for the expression "fun fact" though. It's not you, it's me lol.

    55. Colette Cavazos

      Ok this is awesome but I cannot wrap my head around Bradley James with an American accent I cannot

    56. PianoUniverse

      Story line is great but don't like the graphics, wonder what it could of been if done in a real movie format.

    57. Comet Gaming

      Wanted to like this, but the incredibly low frame rate made this almost painful to watch :-(

    58. lartisteautravail

      I tend to appreciate animation in most its forms but when something is this close to live action it feels a bit like a gimmick that draws our attention too much from the actual story.

    59. Allan Gildea

      Well done Netflix. Despite the distracting and uneven visuals, this is a compelling story of extraordinary men under unimaginable duress. Very moving. A triumph of substance over style.

    60. EspyFur

      I'm sorry, but it just looks like someone put a shitty iPhone filter over all the footage. The only times it worked was when they were showing backgrounds and environments, because it all looked painted. But when you see the actors, it just looks atrocious. I get that they were trying to do something different and artsy, but it just was really unnecessary. It probably would've been better if they had just actually animated the entire thing in 3D and made it look like a Telltale or Borderlands game. lol

    61. Random Razzy

      Merlin should be a surprise!!!!

    62. Doubting Thomas

      This is how to create an animated show with less efforts 😂

    63. Yappy joe

      Watched. Great story.

    64. Mark Robertson

      Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

    65. Amana Mcculskie

      I'm glad I got to see this. Thank you for sharing.

    66. Larry Lewis

      This is not a "cartoon." This is not "bad animation." This is superb storytelling using a technique which, in my opinion, only adds grit to the story. The use of Rotoscoping here drew me in...I was amazed at the realism of the faces, for one detail. If this method had not been used, Netflix would have gone broke, trying to pay for the (totally animated) backgrounds while still giving the movie the realism with which it was actually filmed. People who give up on the series five minutes into it are losing out. Btw, these men deserved to have their (true) story told. We owe them the respect to watch it, onscreen. Heck, we owe them more than I can express here. Thanks for reading this.

    67. Odracirf c.

      I watched it and eventually u get used to the cartoon filter and you’ll like it

    68. Odracirf c.

      I’m back and I loved it

    69. u666sa

      This film is garbage, especially because of the way it's shot. I watched first 8 minutes and quitting, not worth my time.

      1. Odracirf c.

        Yo i watched it’s great stop ur bitching

    70. Liam Gallagher

      Talbert never tried to escape the hospital to help the 101st

    71. 真念

      The only liberators I know were The INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, Aldo the Apache told me the whole damn story with his thicc tacky south accent.

    72. Evidential

      I loved this movie alot, the ending made me emotional and the historical context to the episodes got me into it. The animation wasnt too good but I expect that because it is still a new technology. Feel bad afterwards in this, history forgotten and continues to be forgotten to the shit we have today. Good work on the film I rate it 8.5/10

    73. Draw slow

      Fighting for a country that doesn’t respect you or your people

      1. 劉木

        Love it or leave it.

    74. Richard Frazier

      I thought it was awesome since I am Choctaw from Oklahoma. Chahta Sia Hoke!

    75. G BO

      That serie is very good and exiting

    76. Sara

      The fact that it's animated takes so much away from the whole experience. I was hoping for more of a 'band of brothers' and 'the pacific' kind of serie. Too bad

    77. Steve Smith

      Watched two so far before Netflix crapped out on me. Its good, once you get used the animation, which is no big deal, the story is gripping and the voice work well done. It covers more than just the war, it covers the war within the war, prejudice, self sacrifice, duty, honour, even when those you're fighting for don't live up the ideals their espousing. The one complaint is some of the battle scenes are badly executed in terms of the animation with regard to perspective, one scene in Ep 2 with the drainage ditch and bridge stands out. Also for rifle companies, way too many Thompson's, not enough Garand's and for some reason no one in the company has a BAR. Small points but they bugged me. But over all very good and well worth the time.

    78. Chase Singer

      I have watched this whole season 2 times already

    79. Slinger

      What a story. You have to watch this.

    80. Mac 503

      This show was very well done. They need follow up seasons on the different campaigns and theaters of WW 2.

    81. joe manner

      Bad actings, bad plots, and clichés

    82. Frank Sinatra

      Quit complaining and watch it already

    83. Rayna M

      Just watched the whole miniseries, it’s SO GOOD! Definitely a good one to binge.

    84. Lautaro Bordón

      It's not BoB and yeah you maybe find the animation kind of anoying but it's actually a pretty good story with and excellent acting from Bradley James as Sparks. Go watch it!

    85. megina michel

      If people actually watched it they would see it’s actually pretty amazing and isn’t bad at all

    86. Jottrn2

      Love the animation style.

    87. Soy Felo

      this is how you do a series without budget

    88. Victor Motta

      Finalmente, Netflix! Ja estava na hora de uma série sem a choradeira das "críticas sociais"!

    89. Adriansofresh

      Expect headaches when u watch this cause it’s literally at 20FPS

    90. Adriansofresh

      Great show but why was this shot at 20 FPS! it gives me a headache !

    91. Some Random Dude

      That awful filter ruins it. Is Netflix on a suicide mission these days or what's going on here?

      1. E kiss

        @Some Random Dude i get it. I don’t prefer that filter but it was still a great show.

      2. Some Random Dude

        @jord 121 Waaa someone doesn't like a show I like waaa. Quick! Find your pacifier!

      3. jord 121

        @Some Random Dude no one gives a shit about your opinion run along 🏃‍♂️

      4. Some Random Dude

        @E kiss Bad enough to stop me from watching it. I do not get used to it I just think it's annoying to look at knowing it could have been so much better.

      5. E kiss

        You get used to it after 20 minutes. It’s literally not even that bad. Stop complaining, it was a great show.

    92. William Liu

      Amazing! Loved it!

    93. Rockinroddy Travel Blog

      Fantastic Series and Animation . Well done please do more like this

    94. Ricardo Almeida

      "We don't have money but we have to make money with this, maybe we can put a shitty filter on this and call it innovative, a new approach".

      1. Evidential

        Nice approach to trolling, chief

    95. Mr swishaDank

      This was pretty good I like the animation but they shoulda done more episodes to truly get you invested in the characters (especially Felix sparks)

    96. mylittlepkle 1

      The filter looks ok in some shots but terrible in others lmao, certainly bold to say the least.

      1. Evidential

        I think that too but honestly I didnt care, its still a movie and the characters are still there

    97. Frederick II of Prussia

      Something that actually gets diversity right for once. Native Americans and Hispanics weren't segregated from White American troops especially in the 45th Infantry Division being solely from Oklahoma.

    98. Antek Wnorowski

      This filter is just so confusing - it's making the colors and edges look totally like a cartoon but at the same time the actors and all other things have realistic shapes, so my brain just goes in two different directions like: (0 ) ___ ( 0)

      1. Evidential

        I thought the same way, in the beginning I knew that this had to be a filter on real people, not an animation. I came watching this knowing it was historical and animated but didnt know the filters and stuff until we researched it 👍 ;D

    99. StormLaker1975

      Just started watching this......I am totally sucked in. I love the animation aspect of this, having grown up watching rotoscoped animated movies like Heavy Metal, Fire & Ice, etc. This actually reminds me of the original version of Tron- Disney used a similar technique, only this time around the techniques they used are far more advanced. If you love Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Saving Private Ryan, gotta watch this one.

    100. Gi Des

      Only Mexicans were left. Now that void is filled. Movie Looks very predictable to me. Even the music is predictable. LOL!