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    Kate Siegel, creator Mike Flanagan & executive producer Trevor Macy discuss The Haunting of Bly Manor's 8th episode, "The Certain Romance of Old Clothes." The Haunting of Bly Manor is now streaming, only on Netflix.
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    The Haunting of Bly Manor | Behind Episode 8 | Netflix
    Dead doesn't mean gone. An au pair plunges into an abyss of chilling secrets in this gothic romance from the creator of "The Haunting of Hill House."

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    1. Aju pradhan

      The last episode is so emotional,really it's made me cry😭😭

    2. Jason Lam

      This was an amazing episode. It’s based on a short story by Henry James, “The Romance of Certain Old Clothes” written in 1867. And I believe this is the first time it’s been made into a film. Such a tragic and beautiful story. I love stories from this time period, so I may be biased. But I just think 💭 it’s brilliant how they were able to weave this short story into the tale of Bly Manor, which itself is also based on a story by Henry James as well. Mike Flanagan is an amazing story teller. Who would ever thought of crying this much watching a scary ghost 👻 story! But like Hill House, every episode and you’re in freakin’ tears 😭 bawling! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Zara Rivera

      She killed her sister and her sister killed her from the chest and the door is the sister opening it don’t you get it?

    4. The Cinema Cynic

      This was by far my favourite episode in the series. The whole thing feels like an old, cozy black and white movie from the 1930s. I've watched it three times now and I never get sick of it. It was so well done and well told from beginning to end.

    5. ynnaline thea

      Miss Jessel was not the impostor


      Gods hes amazing!

    7. Cereal_Qilla

      Great episode. Crappy show.

    8. Yug Vaishnav

      This is a new gen horror story!

    9. roc- ur - mom

      So I'm not big on 'scary movies' but I had a friend that talked about episode 8. She told me that the script was beautifully written and that I should at least see that episode. I was hooked. That episode, to me, was very poetic. I watched the whole series, then went straight to Hill House. Now I'm a big fan and have totally fallen in love with Kate Siegel. Punch drunk love.

    10. soccer 7105961

      God this show is so incredible for so many reasons. The cinematography is beautiful, it’s unlike any show I’ve seen before. The tragic love story pulls on my heartstrings and I haven’t been able to think of anything else for days. The connection between horror and love is so perfectly done. The cast is so so incredible, I can’t picture anyone else playing these characters. The plot twist at the end shocked me. Sooo much love for this show❤️

    11. An Anonymous Creator

      0:02 Anyone who predicted 'Thio' ???

    12. sooper salad

      it confused me that danis eye turned brown when dani AND violas actress both have blue eyes lolll


      Better looking version of Angelina

    14. Manjunath Saukar

      Mike never disappoints 😍

    15. Emna

      "Hi, I'm Kate Siegel and I play Viola" me >:O *jaw drops* *paniccc* 👀😳

    16. Ayushi Singh

      She looks too beautiful

    17. Ricardo Cardenas

      I didn't notice that the actress who plays Perdita is the same that play Poppy in Hill House. Sooo different characters.

    18. Priya dharshini

      She would sleep, She would wake. She would walk. She lost her memory yet she never lost her minds to walk (such a health-conscious ghost I say).

    19. jessica Pimpao

      Era Deus me dar uma chancezinha de sentar

    20. Amelie

      Kate Siegel looks so much like Tasya Teles / Echo from the 100

    21. evans 91

      Mi amooorrrrr

    22. Beth Lewis

      I enjoyed the characters different stories in the series

    23. Dika 25


    24. Ishika Debnath

      I love her.❤️

    25. gwyneth chloe gilana

      i love her sm omg i miss THEOOOO

    26. Isabella G

      Hi !!!! How can I have a agent? My dream is to be a good actress so I can be in the red carpet so I can appear in TV because obviously my dream is to be famous so people recognize me ? Thank you!

    27. Neptune Monique

      Her and victoria is just amazing

    28. Ainnur Sarah

      This is my favorite episode because of Viola's story coming into a full circle centering around the lines of " She would sleep, she would wake, she would walk..." To me, it indicates that she didn't really have peace in life nor death. Once again, The Haunting series comes through with superb, beautiful writing

    29. TheZiBuKs

      if only the other episodes had been as good as the last two 😩

    30. david black

      It was crap.......what was scary about it

    31. Mr M

      It’s now one of my favorite ghost stories

    32. Hilzabeeee

      Yessss this was my favourite episode for sure ! I was so heartbroken for her and I stopped being scared of her for that reason despite her being so terrifying 😅 loved it!

    33. Ale Lau

      I still don't get why Flora and Miles's parents never encountered the lady of the lake before.

      1. PresidentMarielle

        I think Hannah said she cleaned up the mud a few times per year, meaning the lady of the lake didn’t visit as frequently as we liked. I would like to think “a few times per year” meant two to four times a year, but even if we were going to be generous and say once a month, that would still mean that there would only be two chances for the parents to see the lady if they were to stay there for two months. Before they died, it was established that it was just a summer home so I’m guessing they were there for two to three months at the most. But since they’ve died, Flora and Miles lived there permanently, meaning there were more chances to see the lady.

      2. India Blue

        @Danae Kolyva I was agreeing but then I realised that Henry told flora to give the ghost boy a story like he did with the soldier. So he can't have forgotten or not fully in that case

      3. Danae Kolyva

        If you remember, the kids forgot all about the ghosts when they grew up. Maybe the same happened with Dominic and Henry.

      4. Ale Lau

        @Alcard C I find completely absurd to think that the parents never got up at night. It's not believable at all.

      5. Paul Donsky

        @Alcard C true, but she's not necessarily quiet, so I wonder why the parents didn't wake up, and also midnight isn't even that late, so they easily could have been awake during one of her walks.

    34. Whimsy Wulf

      They say "not as scary as Hill House" but for a few nights walking up/down the stairs at night kind of freaked me the hell out ngl Viola helped me with my diet, not going to the fridge too late.

    35. Felizya Desjarlais

      That episode made me cry the most

    36. M

      Eve and VICTORIA need to do one as well!!!!!!

    37. M

      Why only tackling this character????!!!

    38. M

      Are they gonna do this for every episode??? ? ? ?

    39. Swastika Paul

      Best show ever

    40. islem doudou

      *Perfectly splendid* episode

    41. Ellie

      I freaking bawled like a baby at the end of the last episode

    42. ngznz

      Guys, I still don't really understand about the death of Hannah Grose. Why did she died? And when exactly was she died? Was it when the first time Dani arrived at the bly manor, when she was starring at the well? If so, why was she's still be able to interact with the other human on the bly house, like eating, drinking and stuff?

    43. sha allessi

      I dont like the ending its so sad

    44. Shimu Sonia

      She looks like jolie 😍😍

    45. ashfaque azad

      This episode saved the series.

    46. Charlotte Wong

      Her trying to talk in a British accent though 😂😂😂

      1. Addi Forras

        haha yeah it was cringey

    47. Akshay Jumani

      The shot where she walks in on her sister and husband dancing, she looked scarier than she did faceless.

    48. siddharth smosh

      Hill house>>>bly manor

    49. Geordie

      This episode should have been shown WAY earlier!

    50. Alfredo Camacho

      What is this soundtrack!? Does anyone know?

    51. Elle

      i love how netflix made the series have a concept like american horror story. I guess it would have been boring if the haunting of bly manor was a continuation of the haunting of hill house.

    52. vivek rakshit

      Her teeth are so bright white

    53. Sagar Sunar

      Amazing series...loved it....❤

    54. ANANDHU V

      Best episode of the series

    55. Tayler Renee

      Oh she played on hill house too!!$

    56. Indy M

      Kate was awful.

    57. Sam

      This was so boring compared to The Hill House! It was almost like they couldn’t decide on a story so they just added 3 or 4 together.

    58. Zsuzsanna Varga

      Am I the only one who loved the series but realised there is no way anybody in the present could have known Viola's life story, her death, her obsession with her daughter? She has been dead for 400 years, she herself has almost forgotten her own story, how the hell was Jamie able to narrate the whole episode from the present with all the painful little details? Not even the ghosts of Bly knew who the Lady of Lake was, even if she took their lives, let alone the living inhabitants. Just a thought, I loved the story apart from this clumsiness. Probably she should have been someone who passed like 100 years ago, so there would be still something in writing about her and her family.

    59. alexandria mangano

      Dude she’s gorgeous

    60. Gab Visda

      I cried when she was waiting for her daughter to open the door.

    61. Sujasree Nagaraj Thekkedath

      Viola ♥♥♥

    62. Matheus Omena

      I loved this episode. It's just amazing to see the origin of the Haunting of the Bly Manor like that. I don't know why, but I never assumed Ms. Jessel was the Lady in the Lake... Actually, I'm thinking now... This possibility was discarded a while ago, the moment Hannah finds out how Peter Quint died. Ms. Jessel couldn't be the Lady in the Lake since she was alive by then.

    63. Dev bhatt

      Will there be s2

    64. Eddie Filho

      "The Haunting'' is simply splendid! This series can touch and scare me in a way that no other can. Please season 3! We love this series. Episode 8 was really the most important, best and most impactful of this season. It felt like I was reading a book, the words, the performance of the actors involved.This episode left me breathless! A true masterpiece. Season 3 please, I love The Haunting ❤

      1. Eddie Filho

        @Izenfaust Exact! Faithfully transcribed for the series, perfectly splendid!

      2. Izenfaust

        Indeed, it really was "The Romance of a certain old clothes" brought to life- or rather death in film format that was very close to the source material. I hope more shows do this.

    65. BASHAYER

      I had nightmares with faceless Viola

    66. yakkattack

      First haunting was better this was boring af


      Kate Siegel can honestly steal my man, if I had one, and I’d be mad she chose him, not me

    68. Heylin C.

      I'd absolutely hate the lady in the lake for taking Dani from Jamie but also I can't hate her because Kate Siegel is gorgeous and I love her, Mike knew what he was doing by casting his wife as the main ghost

    69. Krizanta

      I love her so much as theo and now viola

    70. Peter Parkour

      She's so beautiful.

    71. A. Sushi

      The plot, the cast, and crew = INCREDIBLE, ONE OF A KIND! Bravo! ❤❤❤

    72. dddllmo

      I like her! ep8 has very good story in it, so touching. btw, can we get a ep9 BTS?

    73. g m

      She would sleep She would wake She would walk

    74. alex c

      It’s you, it’s me, it’s us.✨✨✨❤️

    75. nickheeralall27

      By far my favourite episode of the Haunting series.

    76. Joe

      How did Jamie know everything about Viola's past? I mean, even Viola herself doesn't remember a thing anymore.

    77. Queen of Stories

      “Fun Facts”: You Can’t Breathe While Smiling. Joking , Just Wanted To Make You Smile :)))❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓

    78. Aaron Butt

      Would someone please tell me the name of the song playing after 1:30

    79. Ranjeet Singh

      3rd class series....👎

    80. Luke Mills

      Definitely wasn't as scary as Haunting Hill House but the entire story was better in my opinion. I really enjoyed both and I hope they keep making shows like this. Happy Halloween everyone :)

    81. Esmeralda Buttercup

      The lady in the lake scared me nore than any ghost in hill house ever did

    82. jigglywiggle

      This series just did not resonate with me at all. It spent more time trying to be ‘woke’ than actually putting together a solid story with some quality scares. Episode 6 and 7 crawled along. I though haunting of hill house was a masterpiece. Sadly, for me this fell way short.

    83. Sourav Bhattacharjee

      Episode 8 is best and only one episode which stands in front of 'The hunting of Hill House'..

    84. engineeredlifeform

      Jesus, this series dragged on. Can we be honest, the opening premise sucked, a wedding guest starts telling a ghost story by the fire, and the other guests continue to listen as this takes 9 x 50mins episodes to explain to us viewers? Who in their right mind is going to listen to someone drone on for seven and a half hours? It would be breakfast time by the time she finished! That whole part was ridiculous.

    85. Sravan STG

      This episode alone is a masterpiece. Best horror story I have seen in recent years


      Kate Siegel... Is Perfectly Splendid.... Her performance in Hush , Haunting of Hill House , Haunting of Bly Manor are just totally awesome and once again Perfectly Splendid... ❤️❤️❤️ Love to see you .. in more .. movies ..... True Inspiration for many of us ....

    87. Lovinyunomore

      Like a lot of us here, I saw Kate Siegel so I clicked immediately

    88. Aditi Guhathakurta

      Kate Siegel is perfectly splendid. ❤️

    89. Alex M

      I want to watch this show but sadly it is no longer worth my time to get involved in series on Netflix since they all get cancelled before the story can finish.

    90. rapchikkk_ redekar

      How did Jamie figure out the story of Viola and Perdetta ????

    91. xpress

      We enjoyed the horror suspense show! Thank you Netflix ❤️ hope more new stories to come .... a must watch

    92. Grace Nicklin

      Viola is a Taurus and there's nothing you can say to change my mind. Stubborn AF, Loves fancy things & comfort, and refuses to leave her home.

    93. Luna Rosado

      Ughh Kate and Victoria are my fav 😍 So sad they barely got to see each other on Bly Manor 🙁 if they did tho.

    94. Charlo Rivard

      I'm a simple feller, I see Kate, I like.

    95. Adéèb Khãñ

      I don't think so episode 5 was freaking amazing as same as hill House episode 6

    96. Shubham K das

      Episode 8 😁

    97. ares

      she is so beautiful

    98. Whym Ire

      this tv show gave me serious existential crises

    99. Pizza

      Kate Siegel is soooo beautiful!!! 😍😍😍

    100. Keith Redacted

      Me at the start of the episode: "This is gonna be kinda boring." Me at the end of the episode: "That was actually very cool."