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    Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World… so when Emily goes there, she’s sure to dress the part. From amazing scarves and stand out coats, to quirky hats and business dresses, Lily Collins had a truly amazing wardrobe.
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    The Fashion of Emily in Paris | Netflix
    After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. boramey yaev

      With all these fashion Pierre still call her basic :3

    2. woowoolip

      lily is so pretty she slays every look

    3. Sude Gulay

      Çok güzel bir dizi 2.sezon gelsiinn

    4. Sauundarya Sugumar

      Bumblebee chick, a flock of seagulls n Parisian Barbie

    5. Zahratul Hamra

      I like black dress and dress french. My favorite fashion of emily in paris is dress french, black dress, and parisian barbie.

    6. Sakaratul ara Tasmia

      wait what did they mean by ptsd?

    7. Luxe Minds

      "Total Cost of Emily's Outfits" video on my channel. The numbers will of course SHOCK you. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    8. Luminsescence

      I cant belive yall saying her fashion is bad when you guys go outside with a short and a oversized walmart t-shirt loool i really like her fashion it is colorful and bold

      1. Theresa E

        I’d rather purposely go outside not being fashionable than attempt to be fashionable and fail miserably

      2. Hilal AKMAN

        Ummm actually no.Some outfits are beautiful for sure but she looks like old disney channel stars with too much accessories,incompatible colours

      3. kurara-naomi matsuura

        Me too, I mean I wouldn't wear it myself, simply because it is not my style and I couldn't afford such luxury brands, but I think there are some nice and unique outfits for sure.

    9. Carlos Albatros

      putain elle s'habille mal heureusement qu'elle est belle

    10. Aleksandra Kostic

      Sylvies closet is light in the dark of atrocius costume

    11. michaela viloria

      I thought that she would tone down her fashion in the later episodes because she is accustomed to the paris life, i guess we have to see that in the next season

    12. Nick Salvatore

      How did they make a crop top look so bad 😭

    13. Víctor Gaete Figueroa

      love the outfits... Patricia Field as always giving us the premise that fashion could be fun and campy... Love the Carrie and Audrey references in the dresses and Camille's parisian looks inspired in Caroline de Maigret... So cool.

    14. I am Nerd

      I want camille outfit ❤️

    15. Karen Domingo

      I feel so dumb not knowing that Emily is the same person as snow-white in the movie Mirror Mirror :I

    16. Farzana Yasmin Ananna

      Season 2 faaaast please!

    17. Axel Leon

      She dresses better than the people in Paris but alright lol, i dont see why the clap back. And yes i do live here so i know what im talking about

    18. FormerCityBoy

      ok the fashion really looks bad... i will watch this show.

    19. Olivia summers

      UMMMM Sylvie and Camille had the best outfits AND JULIAN

      1. Olivia summers

        @Lili Csorba exactly. Sis looked like she walked into her wardrobe blindfolded

      2. Lili Csorba

        THEY ALWAYS LOOKED SO PUT TOGETHER! meanwhile Emily...

    20. Suhani Sharma

      So Emily's outfits are all overrated? Always has been.

    21. Ava Yao

      dress to the french is my favorte

    22. keisha north

      I actually think the fashion here was super over rated, like I see where they were trying to go but naaah It was not IT

    23. Nisah Aprilia

      I need ending for Emily and Gabriel :(

    24. Robert Fech

      Fashion can be described in four words "American coming to Paris"

    25. Kira Vi Britannia

      En tant que français, je me sens offensé

    26. Ezelijah Snow

      Is there a season 2?

    27. Faith Paño

      Not a fan.perioddtttt!

    28. Yvonne

      Her outfits, while cute, didn't really match her personality and was too try hard. It doesn't make me take her seriously. And seriously, what city girl who lived in Chicago dresses like that?! The fashion in Gossip Girl were wayyy more iconic. This show lacks so much substance, only Sylvie's character was worth watching.

    29. Jade Francis

      Deee horrible

    30. Myra Ntlatlapa

      The comments are saying the fashion is awful but I thought the whole point of the fashion was to exemplify how she tries to hard as a caricature. That she’s over the top and cliche but once she finds herself and settles down in season 2 we’ll see some better outfit choices.

    31. noor mohamed

      I come to understand netflix like girls movie to much. No netflix and chill for me

    32. Extrait de Film

      C’est trop cliché moi je suis français et je peut te dir que ont travaille pas à partir de 10 h ont a pas 3 h de pause ont prends le métro pas le taxi il y a beaucoup de gens dans les rues trop même pareil pr les voitures... on bois pas du vin à 8 h nnnnnn mais bon ces une bonne série tout de même déso flemme d’écrire en anglais mais voilà 🥰🥰🥰 stop avec les cliché un peut moin quand même

    33. Pablito Sandoval

      Fashion ?? jajajaja Not . Basic

    34. Becka Lyon


    35. Becka Lyon

      Season 2 pls thanks

    36. liron 959

      I loved this show.

    37. Shalad master

      Still wondering how Emily could afford most of these on her salary. Loved the show tho

    38. Herman Morris


    39. Nobbejo

      Renew Dark Crystal!

    40. Heena Chandnani

      i loved Mindy's outfits more than Emily..

    41. stella

      I low-key hope Patricia Field decided to give Emily tacky, basic b*tch outfits so that she can grow and get better in season 2 if and when she stops being an entitled American in Paris, lol Though it still doesn't make sense how she can afford all the Chanel...🤔

    42. Lilian Soto

      Honestly I was a little underwhelmed by the why Emily dresses, thank you for coming to my Ted talk

    43. Dominika Cieśla

      Oh, she looks like she's got money from daddy, but still no style. It's looks like she's trying so hard, but seriously, give a poor girl jeans and white tee-even this would be better. That's the reason I can't watch the show-it hurts my eyes

    44. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Very good

    45. Emanuele C.

      I can't whatch this without thinking at the italian meme 😂

    46. Ridhi Chopra

      You know what they say” it takes an enormous amount of talent to make Chanel look like fashion nova”

    47. Ido Leff

      Shit fashion

    48. Raaj कपुर Singh


    49. George George

      I can't gforget her on Love, Rosie.

    50. _peachlike

      Ok she looks so excited thats fine

    51. thecheeryone

      Black tutu dress!

    52. gia moeis


    53. Vesty Style


    54. Vesty Style


    55. Hyuga Gray

      Kinderachtige kanker film.

    56. Saanvi Singh

      Did Netflix just insult the outfits in it's own show?

    57. Hrutuja Sisode

      Black dress

    58. Zeynep Olgun

      Bold of you to think that this was "fashion".

    59. Marzia De Levo

      I really like the show but Emily did not look good. There where some nice pieces throughout the show but something always ruined the outfit: wearing two bags, cliché accessories, too many colors and prints mixed together and way to many luxury brands. I hope they'll tone it down next season!

    60. Ridhi Chopra

      The only fashion was of SYLVIE’S

      1. Yoshi

        Exactly what i thought!

    61. Aparajita Dubey

      Her clothes were obnoxious

    62. Ratwulf Viereck

      Piece of trash full of stupid clichés and stereotypes.

    63. Fahrina Ulfah

      I prefer The Queen's Gambit outfits

    64. Gabbs Pitargue

      Please do one for The Queen's Gambit. (The clothes there were much better imho)

      1. Room TwentyNine


    65. Edward Yeung

      DID A FULL 180.... CRAZY

    66. Katemi van Osch

      Yeah i like Sylvie & Camille fashion more

    67. not creative username


    68. Eww Oppp

      Ashley park is such a beautiful women

    69. AB CD

      💕سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم💕 💓اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد💓 💗أستغفر الله العظيم وأتوب اليه💗💕

    70. Asif sultan mehar

      🇻 🇪 🇷 🇾 (🅝🅘🅒🅔 🅥🅘🅓🅔🅞).

    71. Raven Strankman

      I like Emily’s outfit inspired by Elton John, the Crop top dress and lavender boots. 👢❤️❤️

    72. Melody Love

      I love this young actress.


      Someone plzz tell me

      1. XL B

        Tell you what?


      Or where could I watch all of it leading to danger force


      Can u plz buy all of Henry danger

    76. Anaya Lucien

      I love the 'Not jus the little black dress' and the dress like french

    77. swareawoman

      Watch Haute Le Mode skewer Emily's fashion choices on his channel

    78. andrea H.R

      The fashion was awfull, thats the tea. Stop trying and just say the production did a bad work

    79. Panders B

      Love the show but oof hated her outfits. Found them to be so distracting. I know it goes with the whole vibe of Darren Star shows...but yikes

    80. erin breske

      all I can think about is HauteLeMode’s review

      1. Rosauno Lalintino

        Same lmao

      2. YAsS4GaME

        @Kevin Salas yea, can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

      3. Kevin Salas

        He was right tho. These “looks” were atrocious

      4. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

    81. _Angels_yt

      I watched it!

      1. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

    82. afterglow

      give us the fashion of the queen's gambit instead please

      1. Sheika 01

        OMG!!! IKR!!! Because of Beth, I might be inspired to wear dresses.. 😍😍😍

      2. Lã Tiệp Quyên

        YESS ugh i dont get why people like this show 😒

      3. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

    83. yaki 001

      Her style said 🚥🚧🚥🚧🚥

      1. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzzz

    84. S A

      the fashion in this show was terrible imo. kdrama fans know what we expect from someone with fashion sense. shout out to jang man wol or ko moon young

      1. Cristie Epuri

        @YAsS4GaME watch it online then

      2. 김 니키타김

        @YAsS4GaME Imao 😂 are u crazy? Why would someone do that?

      3. Aditi Ghosh

        Exactly,and they think emily in paris's fashion sense is amazing. THEY SHOULD DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF KDRAMA

      4. S A

        @Alka Hans yeah I mentioned her :)

      5. Alka Hans

        It's ok to be not okay actress also had great fashion sense

    85. Maria Maria

      I WANT SEASON 2 !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzz

    86. رايلي كلاي ماك

      شوكت الجزء الثاني

    87. Grace

      What fashion?

      1. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzz

    88. IRIS VDN

      Paris is not like this usual !!!

      1. YAsS4GaME

        can give me netflix plzzz I don't change anything I swear plzzz

    89. Emilia Bassin

      They misspelled 'weirdest' 😄 loved the show but her fashion really is on the basic eccentric rich side

      1. Nyary Kabra

        Bonjour this one word I've learnt from the series

      2. Araweelo Spirit

        Her whole look is American does “the french girl look” at TJ Maxx clearance section 🤮

      3. Lili R.

        Ikr 😂 they even made fun of her clothes multiple times in the show

    90. Wilma Santos

      Im from Brazil 🤗♥️🇺🇸

    91. Slade CODM

      This is boring give us our money worth


      Waiting for season 2💙

    93. 116_Vaibhavi Dangre

      Petition for adding 'running in 5 inch heels' an Olympic sport.

    94. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

    95. Benedicta Elorm Azasoo

      When is the next season 😩😘im obsessed

    96. Sofie Marie's Cloud

      Parisian Barbie haha, I don't think I need to explain why haha ;)

    97. Aku Aku

      Another shitty show Let's go

    98. Nydia Amalia Desideria

      Definetely the bumblebee chic

    99. CPD98

      This show is so unreal and stupid

    100. Lenin No Bulto

      Dios bendiga a todo aquel que este leyendo este comentario y que jamas le falte comida , agua y salud, y que su mamá sea eterna ♥️🍁🤩😍🥰