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    From Princess Diana’s wedding dress to Margaret Thatcher’s extraordinary outfits, find out more about the stunning costumes created for Season Four of The Crown. Costume Designer Amy Roberts explores the visual journeys of the characters as they navigate 1980s fashion, with sartorial insight from fellow crew and cast.
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    The Crown Season 4 | Costumes of The Crown | Netflix
    In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

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    1. Chel Barry

      They should be more forthcoming in all of the Truth regarding Diana....What about her outings and before divorce .I know that she was a good mum and charitable.....but there’s a lot more to that

    2. Faithful Forever

      Where is Sarah Ferguson in all of this? Is it still too early for her to come into the series?

    3. Mehar Khan

      Diana has made tis family royal n made history..they are all known to us only when we read about diana...she was so powerfull women one is and will be like her ever..she is far more beautiful and humble than anybody can imagine..I wish I could see her in person but she is history I can always be in near to her..she inspires me in many many more ways than i can explain...she is wow.

    4. Splendid Ketty

      The actress as much pretty as Diana has been .diana was a beauty icon

    5. hafshah afifah

      Wow amazing, Diana's fake face is similar to the original Princess Diana, Charles is so similar🔥


      (the waste) of humanitys

    7. كيميليا سارة

      3:44 Name song??

    8. Animal Lover

      Diana's costumes are HIDEOUS. Her wedding day crown was not that ugly.

    9. ilostmyship

      GREAT series! Stunning costumes. Such details.

    10. Ismael Mendes Martins

      This series was SO depressing . But , the casting , acting and sets and particularly the clothes were what made me look forward to it .... The yellow suit worn by Princess Anne for Andrew’s wedding was really stunningly cut , and yes ; Princess Margaret’s clothes showed her as very sad and tragic ! Thatchers clothes were also entertaining ; I almost fell off my seat laughing at the scene walking on the hill at Balmoral . OMG - cruel !!

    11. Elianty Zhang

      It is not fair for William and Harry, it Will be hurt them to remember again about tragedic of their mom

    12. Menoka Laisom

      Emma Corrin looks similar to Hunter Schafer from Euphoria

    13. crest castle

      The scene with Diana and Charles in Australia they got wrong , they mixed it up with the trip to New Zealand ,the scene with them with William and the wooden buzzie bee toy was in new Zealand not Australia Those toys are new Zealand made in warkworth new Zealand

    14. Tony Wu

      The greatest TV show!Well done Netflix

    15. bitch xo

      god the woman who played Margaret Thatcher IS SO BEAUTIFUL

    16. Mary Beth Frezon

      My big question about the wedding dress - why didn't the lace along the long sides get brushed back as Diana walked forward? Was the lace lined and just looked like a free edge?

    17. Becky Aycock

      Gillian Anderson is absolutely beautiful. She resembles Sophie Wessex to me.

    18. Thássio Marcelo Aragão

      This woman needs an Emmy for this season.

    19. ElberethOhGilthoniel

      Anyone knows the soundtrack at 1:03 ?I have been looking through the crown soundtracks but I haven't been able to spot it.

    20. Oyinkanspost

      Wow. Just, wow! 👏🏾 👏🏾

    21. Ariyana Adams

      Love this show

    22. The Game Enthusiast

      This show is a masterpieces all of the directors, and actors, producers, scene producers, and cinematographers need to get Emmies. It’s just too good. It is the best show I’ve literally ever seen

    23. 사랑해

      이번주 서프라이즈에서 왜 다이애나 이야기 다루나 했더니, 서프라이즈 작가가 분명 크라운 넷플 광고 봤을듯 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    24. paigefanatic90

      The soundtrack when princess Margaret’s clothes are explained!! So haunting

    25. Geetha Kirupakaran

      I cried when I saw the reel Princess Diana. She was truly a People Princess who was truly loved for who she was inside :) RIP Princess Diana. Prince William and Prince Harry should pass on your legacy to their children . Well done to the whole THE CROWN Team. Kudos to all.

    26. Bea Belon

      Il auraient pu s'appliquer sur la robe

    27. Kendra Knighton

      I cried alot with this series than any other series of everything ive watched. I wasnt even born in some episodes but my mum was/is a diehard fan of Diana so i felt it all real or scripted! RIP beautiful woman ❤

    28. Paula Thornton

      The acting is crappy

    29. Hernedahl

      Omg, whats the name of the Waltz playing when Emma tries the weddingdress?

    30. nn Sydney

      I remember watching Diana come out of the carriage before going into church & that humongous dress & those puffy sleeves. I had a sense of disappointment as I thought they would dress her in a " Princess Grace Kelly " type of garment....What a beautiful lady she was. She deserved better.

      1. SmartStart24

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way, lol. I love most of Diana’s fashions but that dress was a monstrosity!!

    31. Atlas

      I was expecting military uniforms and men’s costumes as well, but this is good too!

    32. j załęska

      Rodzina królewska jest powiązana z ogromną mafią i to może dlatego Diana rozstała się z synem królowy Elżbiety 😢

    33. Cody Miller

      What is the sound playing during Margaret’s costumes

    34. Ahmed Wameeth

      The Crown Nerver Disappointed Me No Gay Scenes No Disquesting Story No Extra Seasons Just For Views Just Pure Art

    35. Irham Ello

      Prince of Wales 👑

    36. xia8 æøå

      The so called royals, gaslighted and abused Diana from day 1! This speaks volumes about these vampires and their disgusting entitlement! They became rich by killing and murder people-they are NOT royal what so ever! They are the pettiest thieves,lowlifes and conartists on this planet! Throw them off this planet in the most painful way!

    37. Jacqueline Mullan

      I'm watching the show at the moment doing catch up and I'm not a royalist.The whole work into the show is brilliant and not just the detail in the clothes.... The Crown deserves an Emmy award in my opinion.

      1. Jacqueline Mullan

        @TheHeraclion It's a really good show it puts alot of true perspective on alot of matters throughout the ages even before I was born....

      2. TheHeraclion

        I agree with you completely. Didn't watch it when it came out bafter the first year I started and have been hooked ever since. I couldn't believe I had watched the entire 4th season in 2 sittings. I may have to watch it again!

    38. Adellia C. Danti 039

      the lady as Margaret kinda reminds me of Bellatrix ? 🤔

      1. Anna Rose

        The actress is Helena Bonham Carter who played Bellatrix.

    39. Jasmine

      Rip princess 👸 of our hearts 💔

    40. Lance James

      season 4 was a tremendous disappointment..... ghouls

    41. Abshizzle 786

      Can someone please tell me the name of the theme song from 6:50 onwards ?

    42. sunita thind

      Fascinating 🧐 Emma Corrin is so mesmerising as Diana just wow 🤩

    43. T. L. Y.

      Nothing like the real Diana wedding dress that dripped in real large pearls & diamonds; the finest silk that creased due to the smallish royal coach-itself a work of art. Her designer walked under her wedding gown for 2 minutes to get the wrinkles out! This is all in the doc. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation gown is spectacular even in black-and-white footage. But for TV, it’s commendable.

    44. Doireann Lynch

      I'd love to design costumes one day. It seems so fun and I love drawing and designing

    45. Panatda Shanads

      I love vintage style... I love weddings dress Diana so beautiful...

    46. MS

      BIG FLAW THOUGH, diana's David Emanuel wedding dress was pure silk and it wrinkles real easily and the one in the drama is not it's all cheap viscose instead AND WE CAN ALL SEE IT !!!!!! @0@

    47. rg31404

      They couldn't do the wedding unfortunately, so it was missed opportunity. I'm missing the great suits in this video here, more on those please!

    48. Cee Jay

      They deserve all the awards. The costumes were everything. Idk why I got teary eyed at the wedding dress😩

    49. kobe bryant

      This show deserves more recognition. AND EMMY DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION.

    50. Dave 9895

      Where's prince andrew


      Love the costumes! Great job! Love The Crown ^^

    52. Clementine

      Does anyone know the music between 4:19-5:19?!

    53. Clementine

      This piece has an amazing soundtrack on its own. Prelude to La Traviata during Diana’s wedding dress fitting gave me chills.

    54. Syifa Ramadhani

      Why is Gillian british in this interview? She's American..

      1. Marcella Rodio

        Hi! So I did some research... Gillian was born in Chicago, U.S.A, but moved to England when she was a child because her father was studying film in London. She lived there until she was 11 before moving back to the U.S, but she frequently returned to England for holidays. She finally moved back to England in 2002, and has now adopted a rather trans-Atlantic dialect, which is influenced by both English and American dialects. As the years have gone by her American accent has slightly faded. Her voice is definitely interesting though.

    55. Maryann Lockwood

      👑The attention to detail in the series only with the clothing but with all the objects around them is just spot on.👗

    56. Emma Hunt

      I’d love to know the costume department’s budget!

      1. LAURA BAUT

        There are some dresses (probably the ball gowns and the wedding dress) that cost $37,000 A PIECE

    57. shaunii

      Margaret Thatcher sounds like she would have been better as the editor in cheif of British Vogue as opposed to PM. Like the British Anna Wintour..

    58. Massari Massari

      Great job

    59. Даниил Фирсов

      I could watch an entire movie about the costuming for this series.

    60. Terry Turner

      all thaT work on a weddinG gown we hardly saw!

    61. plauditecives

      Royal fashion leaves me flat. I keep thinking of the clown-like clothes of Beatrice and Eugenie, and can't shake those images from my head. It's as if they fell into a bin at a jumble sale, and emerged wearing whatever clung to them.

    62. ruby rose

      They really did a big favor to the real Charles putting that actor to portrait him, the real one is way too ugly.

      1. 20-119 Shayra Anastasya Shafwani


    63. dlwardell

      Why is Gillian speaking with a British accent? She’s from Chicago.

      1. Jennifer Jordan

        I was thrown off as well. But apparently she’s lived in the UK longer than she has in the US. She actually had an English accent when she came back to the US as a child.

    64. cupcakefairy87

      Is it just me, or is Gillian Anderson still talking in her Margaret Thatcher voice during the interview?

    65. thanh nguyen

      Diana's theme score isn't getting enough praise for how touchingly true it is to her purity, energy, and charm. Can't wait till Netflix releases the official soundtrack for season 4🙌

    66. Irma Lam

      Ok, why did Netflix shot just few short scenes of Diana’s wedding?! It’s such an astonishing dress but there is little coverage in the movie! I couldn’t see the entire dress. Season 4 lacks depth in narrative, skipping so many significant moments. It’s like skimming on surface. I wish the season can be longer than 10 episodes... love love the movie, wish it’s longer!

    67. Mihaela Mihaela

      5gh t

    68. GeeGee Last

      Is Gillian "staying in character", because that's not her real voice?

    69. Yolanda Shikers

      The costumes and the sets looked authentic. Even the cinematography was great(as usual).

    70. MrRoxxxy55

      love the costume department, bravo all of them

    71. pirha Iftikhar

      Loved all of Diana’s wardrobe absolutely stunning❤️

    72. flippert0

      Gillian decided to stay in character? Or is that her real voice? (*shudder*)

    73. Jeannette Anderson

      I am so curious what is in that purse the queen carries, even from room to room in her own home. What the hey is in that thing!

    74. willcwhite

      Am I mistaken or did they only use that one shot of Diana in the wedding dress walking away from the camera??

    75. Anaïs G.

      Amazing job, amazing video. Really interesting to discover the backstages !!

    76. Laure

      14weeks for a 3min scene 😂

    77. Raahema shafqat

      Sadly they spent all that effort, details and time on that wedding dress and we only got to see it for a couple of seconds

    78. Alicia Cardenas

      Todo hermosisimo. All is beautiful in this season. Me encanta la serie. Sobre todo esta temporada. I am enjoying it so much!!!! Saludos y felicidades 😊👍🏼

    79. Dana Lee

      In my opinion Diana's wedding dress overwhelmed her. That dress was an explosion in a bridal fabric shop. Diana's true style came in her later years. But wedding dress in my opinion could have done with less puffy sleeve and flounces and ruffles more Diana. Hard to believe that dress would be Diana's first choice.

    80. LA GAZETTE

      Amazing!! Netflix please a documentary on the costumes!

    81. Brian Eduardo

      Thatcher was a monster.....

    82. peter lewis

      Well done to Amy Roberts and her creative team, hope Amy wins many awards

    83. Lindabol1

      Costumes and cinematically are great but the story is cruel and a work of fiction. It’s little more than a soap opera and Peter Morgan should be ashamed of his depiction of our Royal Family as such.

    84. Awolfe Canada

      The Diana nope not cast well Diana had creamy skin was statuesque and her eyes sparkled

      1. carlos weber

        Yes. And she was naturally regal. Shy. Quiet. Not moving like a, what shall I say, hum...

    85. Anna

      The Crown is so amazing, everybody did a great job!

    86. Akeno Chu

      I think the actress that plays Diana is too young and doesn’t look like her - sorry

    87. Claire Magnuson

      Why did they spend so much time on the wedding dress only to barely feature it? That stuck out to me, both in the show and in the video

    88. Kakus Subrado

      I'm planning to watch this series. Is it good? Is the presentation of each events accurate to what really happened before? I'm not really knowledgeable in these kinds of things since I was born in 2002. It really caught my attention last year but was holding back 'cause I heard it wasn't finish yet. Is this series recommended for teens like me?

      1. Yana

        it isnt, its a propaganda movie

    89. kayla

      The score from 7:50 onwards is so emotional, I feel like Princess Margaret and Princess Diana both dealt with that same sense of loneliness and isolation

    90. Engorgio Armani

      Gillian is so pretty. Actually too pretty to play Thatcher.

    91. Engorgio Armani

      This will sweep the Emmy’s!

    92. Engorgio Armani

      Josh O’Connor is soooooo cuuuuuuuute!

    93. Duxaluxa3005LOL

      i wonder ifthe royal family watch this show?... just for either fun or to see how they portray them

    94. Treasure2Behold

      I think have PTSD watching the Diana story. I find the royal family loathsome and Diana's family even more loathsome. She was so brave entering this pit of vipers. People see through them, Diana will always endure when the rest fade into obscurity. The Universe endorses a good heart. 💕

    95. Petite Croissant

      Will they he showing the premeditated murder of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed ? I guess not.

    96. Sam k

      i love this season!

    97. Calvary Crusader

      Would be nice if London was like Chillingbourne. Bing Search: CHILLINGBOURNE.

    98. Mary Gorman

      Its so eerie watching Emma Corrin as Diana, she has done a fantastic impersonation, josh as prince charles and Vanessa Kirby / Helena Boham Carter as princess Margaret were fantastic, princess Margaret and deserves a series of her own , the current prince philip is a fine thing 😍😍, princess Anni wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of her, briiliant actress playing her part 🤗🤗

    99. Wira Senjaya


    100. Cupcake Dream

      Can’t believe Harry Markle is trying to get this stopped before it’s his turn.....NO CHANCE!

      1. __

        @Cupcake Dream they literally said they're stopping it after six seasons

      2. issecret1

        That's strange and cruel of you

      3. Cupcake Dream

        @__ I really don’t think so.....It’s been far better than they thought and could run for ages with William and Harry’s stories....Can’t wait

      4. __

        The series will end in 2003.