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    The craziest, funniest, and most heartfelt scenes on Sister Sister! Of course, Tia and Tamera Mowry shine in all six seasons of the sitcom Sister Sister, now available on Netflix.
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    The Best Scenes In Sister Sister | Netflix

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    1. Nicky Blackford

      Heyyyyy professor oglevee

    2. Emily rose Ramirez laboy

      Absolutely Love it ❤️

    3. Arah Alexander

      I like all of them.

    4. nintenmetro

      @4:22 Kel just went from MJ to Prince to James Brown in one go.

    5. Fauzan Sahi

      The one where Tyreke told tia in Atlanta that he loved her

    6. A Atkins

      Tamera: I never wanna see your ugly face again. Tia: Then DON'T look in the mirror.

    7. Antonio Chapman

      They should have put Lisa/Ray together towards the end of the show.

    8. Red Lavish

      I remember watching the two shows moesha and sister sister, which are on Netflix,in the 90’s, I just finished watching sister sister which was unbelievable. I was watching the first episode of moesha today and midway through I just wanted to turn it off and start watching sister sister again because i actually started missing the characters lol especially Lisa.

    9. Ashley Clark STUDENT

      did anyone else notice the mircrophone at @3:07? lol

    10. Malinab -Bee’s

      My favorite parts were when the cat come from the vet and said it was just a sharpie mark And when they went on a double car date and roger stuck up for tia Anddd that time when they said *”go home roger”*

    11. Nathalie Bagdassarian

      I am from France, and Sister Sister was my favorite tv show ! Is it every coming to Netflix Europe ?

    12. Catherine Laurent

      the show should've gone on and included more of the college years. Tyreke and Jordan really added to the show. Especially Jordan and Tamera's relationship.

    13. Bad & Boujee

      Lisa & Ray should have gotten married

    14. Mj

      I like the one where Lisa gets a bumper sticker for her daughters honor role and she’s like of corse I gotta get a car first 😂

    15. Naussicaa Regis

      Add to Netflix Taiwan please!

    16. Kareem clyne

      I wish people would interview them about the other season of sister sister and not the younger years the later seasons were the best

    17. Lea Howlett

      They should have included the scene where they met their biological father.

    18. Shane Tallon


    19. Emily Arnwine

      "Today, I destroyed an entire church! Now, somebody try and top that!" "Well, my marriage to Michael is on the rocks." "Not even close." "I think I'm in love with Roger." "You win."

    20. x xtwillight


    21. lifestyle hope

      1:10 someone please tell me which episode this is 😭😂

    22. Sabiha Afreen

      When Tia says," I think I'm in love with roger!" and everyone says,"You win!!!!!!!!"

      1. sami

        That was Tamera lool

      2. Sabiha Afreen

        It was so funny

    23. Oscar Chaga

      When is gonna be available in México

    24. Aleyah McKinney

      En Vogue

    25. giselie; baddie

      whenever lisa's in church she's honestly iconic

    26. LondonLovesOlympics UK

      My favourite scene is when Lisa was on the sewing machine with the chicken drumstick

    27. paula

      5:19 did Lisa and ray kiss?

    28. _.1jaliyah **

      Currently on S3E20 ! (first time watching sister sister)🙃

    29. hodo obseyeh

      Love sister sister❤❤❤💯💯

    30. Malia. Crossings

      My fav part is in season 3 when they say they like roger and look back and laugh again ahahahah

    31. Tabitha Escoe

      Ray liked the Lisa they should of married each other

    32. Chris Mazz

      Not proud of how long it took me to realize Diavionne was Tootie’s little sister..

    33. Alex Reftuse

      What episode is 0:15 and 0:26?

    34. trishdaG

      As soon as I noticed it I began my binging, keep up with these throwback shows Netflix! Family Matters, One-on-one, Blossom, Step by Step, Moesha

    35. Tanya Johnson

      That scene where ray slammed the door on sis I was dead iconic

      1. joseph robinson

        Fun fact: that's his real life wife she also played the second aunt Vivian on fresh prince

    36. Diamond KI

      Lisa being at church was funny

    37. Amelia K

      Episodes that I have watched on Netflix thus far include The Meeting, First Dates, Slumber Party, Cheater, Cheater, The Pimple, Car Trouble, and The Birthday all from season 1, Operation: Deja View, It’s a Party Thang, and Kid in Play all from season 2, Halloween, The Piano Lesson, Summer Bummer, and The Audition all from season 3, Some Like It Hockey, Ski Squad, Cafeteria Lady, Double Dutch, and Slime Party (featuring the Olsen twins) all from season 4, You Had to Be There from season 5, and Fly Away Home from season 6. Those are some of my favorite Sister, Sister episodes.

    38. Divine X


      1. Halimatou BARRY


    39. Deshawn Johnson

      That episode with Kenan and Kel was a classic

    40. Mommy Money

      Omg i never realised how Good the Show is Gonna Start watching

    41. 9razzler9

      omg i remember this show when i was a kid!!!! and Smart Guy too

    42. denybolado

      Will it be available on Netflix Latam?

    43. Noah Sims

      I love this show and it just makes me feel inspired

    44. Music Lover

      Please add the George Lopez show on Netflix


      3:47 My fav part

    46. Rose Van Wylich

      Is this showing now? I can't seem to find it on my Netflix acct. Is it geoblocked? Used to love this show when it first came out.

    47. Raleigh Citizen

      I love this show forever

    48. Mirah3xx _YT

      yall miss my favorite part

    49. Mirah3xx _YT


    50. Mirah3xx _YT


    51. Muhammad Yusuf

      Which one was the church episode lolllll

    52. 12look3 B

      Any scene with Lisa Laundry in church is absolutely hilarious. I love her

    53. Andre Pringle

      Mary-Kate & Ashley vs Tia & Tamera

    54. Lamont King

      My favorite is the talent show episode when roger was singing do you love me with the twins and also the Valentine’s Day episode when tia n tamera was singing count on me with roger

      1. Amelia K

        What episode is the talent show one? I don’t know which one it is on Netflix.

    55. Ashwaq Ali

      Is it on Netflix

    56. Mariamyupperz

      IF YOU GO OUT THAT DO' DON'T COME BACK NO MO' It's the hand movements for me!!

    57. Rossy Sánchez

      "I think I'm in love with Roger" "You win" Lol savages 😂

      1. itz_Sirëñ Granger


    58. lp4ju

      I've been watching the show the last couple of days and I'm laughing so much... it's no wonder I watched it so much as a kid

    59. Kaylee Piscoya


      1. FortheShyGirl,

        Same here. Emotional 😭

    60. Caffeinated Nation

      Is Netflix releasing this because they might be planning a reunion series? Like what Fuller House did but... better?

    61. Patrick Julien

      0:37 go home roger 😂😂😂

    62. Tessïa Emard

      Put this in Netflix France please

    63. African Girl

      Kel Mitchell is 😂🤣

    64. African Girl

      Made me wish I had twins sister lol or sisters 😂🤣 too funny

    65. African Girl

      😂🤣 funny from season 1 to season 6. I laughed and laughed especially Lisa scenes she's super funny

    66. Amy Darling

      at 3:50 that place is also Chubbies from Boy Meets World. :)

    67. delia akyea

      I loved the last season so much

    68. Amiraculous

      Holy Jesus for Christ sake just put this on a reboot.

    69. Tedd Descardes

      lisa landry was the best and funniest character on the show. she stole every scene

    70. Nate EatsCake

      How they got streaming rights though. It should be on HBO max since it’s WarnerBros. I believe CBS All Access also got streaming rights

      1. Michael F.

        Sister sister is a cbs produced show

    71. Kee Leichtle

      Any scene with Lisa is my favorite! Especially when she was the lunch lady and at the beauty salon!

    72. babycakes

      "GO HOME ROGER!" My childhood 😢

    73. JaiProdz

      Classic show.

    74. Kerry Anne Anderson

      Please make this available to Jamaica!!! Love me some Sister Sister. I felt like I grew up with them.

    75. Kim Pham

      Lisa is hilarious😂😂

    76. C Talley

      Scene @ 2:12 had me cracking up when I rewatched that episode on netflix🤣

      1. Muhammad Yusuf

        @C Talley awesome thanks 👍

      2. C Talley

        @Muhammad Yusuf lol no problem its season 2 episode 8 called "Tattoo"

      3. Muhammad Yusuf

        Lmaoo what episode was that I've been looking for it 😂😂

    77. Yunnuen Valenzuela

      Here in México, we dont have It!!

    78. Tammy R

      When will Netflix give us these shows in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹?

    79. Timbress Produções

      when the series debuts in Brazil?

    80. PollyLove92


    81. Carlos Lopez

      Love this show!

    82. Somerandomgurl

      I love this show it’s my first time watching it, thank u for putting this on Netflix!

    83. Itz_music UwU

      "this is the best day if my life" "Go home Roger"

    84. manu


    85. bryant hunt

      Daily reminder that netflix endorses pedophilia

    86. Malik Justkickinit Carter

      Dad Mom That Girl has my Face

    87. Carla Castro

      Why sister sister doesnt avaliable in Brazil?

    88. sola ajakaiye

      Jackee at the church is a classic!

    89. Kathatherine C

      Anyone watch this as a kid and crush on the boyfriends but now watch this as an adult and crush hard on ray 😳

    90. Anna-kay Hutchinson

      The double wedding part is literally a whole other movie with them both lol

    91. Elijah

      Why are some episodes edited?

      1. Elijah

        @Muhammad Yusuf yeah it was really annoying all of the edits were of things that weren’t even offensive at all... people are just too sensitive

      2. Muhammad Yusuf

        Ikr?! I was watching the one where Rhonda becomes a man... Season 4 episode 2.... And I remember a part where she says 'I was prom queen three years running'.... Netflix decided to edit that line out...and I don't understand why! I swear down people get offended over the most dumbest comments these days....

    92. Diablo YTB

      Subsidy for the channel

    93. maryam mure

      Lisa scenes are always the funniest ones. The one when she argues with the old lady in church over the lady telling lisa she got men for her. But she didn't and Lisa says little old lady you better run. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. maryam mure

      Lisa and tamera were the funniest ones on the show. To me they made the show. Esp Lisa. Hella funny.

      1. Itz_music UwU

        There are really good actors tho as well as being funny

    95. DailyVic

      Is this similar to the fresh Prince ?

    96. Glo Vallejo

      did anyone else see the microphone at 3:07?? omg i loved this show!! make it available in Spain, please!!

      1. Nana

        Yeaaa make it available worldwide

    97. cool dude

      I just finished the series

    98. Boitumelo Nyakane

      My favorite scene is when Lisa went o the dentist and was high on gas and had to give a speech a lt her friend's funeral

    99. aria p

      Why is this only available on US Netflix 🙄

      1. Nosa Erhabor

        Also in the UK