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    I have some these rainbow cake 🍫 🍫 Do you like this cake ?
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    Yummy Cookies brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking and baking adventures. We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging from healthy dinners to sugary sweet delights, there are a plethora of creative options to spice up your home cooking.
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    1. Elifnur Köseoğlu

      So amazing cake 😃

    2. andreas Avemaria


    3. Olivia Wren

      btw they tier the cake wrong in real life the top cake would smush the bottom cake to properly tier a cake you need dowels/tea straws and a cake bored

    4. Herica coisas para boneca universo das bomeca

      UwU 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤪

    5. Jannat Princess Toys

      Wow that's amazing😱😱😱👍👍👍💕💗

    6. Aziza Siddique


    7. Ivan Espino

      olauqvc san olan uaola i can t get enough of

    8. Imane Errami

      Really it's beautiful

    9. Tatiane linda;-; Miguel

      I can't get enough of your hands just doing this for 2 hours, right?

      1. علي اليساري

        ةالقلللللللللللل للقفلفقففلللللفلفل ففففففقف٣فلففق ففففففففففف٤ففففففففففف فففففلففففففففففففلفففف ففلفلففففففللفففقفففف لففف ففقففففلففففللفف٣فللفقففففف٣قلل قلل لف٣لفففلفق٣فففففلففففففف٤ففلففففف٣٣ففقق٤فقفففففففففففلففففففففففففف٣ففففف٤فففففقفففقفف٣فلفففقفففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففف٣ففففففففففلففففففففففففففف٤فففففففففففففقففففقفففقف٤ففففففل٣فففففف٤فقفففففففففلففففففففقفففففففففففففففففففففففقفففففففففللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللقلللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللققققلللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللقللللللللللللللللللللللللقللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللقللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللقللللللللقققققلللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللققققللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللققللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللققللللللللللللللقلللللللقققلللللللللللللللللققلللللللللللللللقققلللللللللللللللللللللللللقلللللللقلللقلللللللللللللللللللللللقققققللقللللللققققققلقلللللللققلقللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللل٣ققلأ

    10. MvM NoushaD

      wowo i like

    11. Lakshika Chamila


    12. Javier Miñarro

      F 🍫

      1. Javier Miñarro

        xD f 😂😂

    13. Javier Miñarro


    14. Blizzard_Cats

      So, my moms birthday is coming up, and I want to bake her a cake. She doesn’t like chocolate and I don’t know what to do. Can I get some help?

      1. Brithany Quiroz


    15. 「NeonOreo」

      1:45:50 THATS DELICIOUS MWAH😘🍩

    16. Kelly G.

      What was the egg for you didn't use it 😶😲😡

    17. карамелька

      как вкусна🤤

      1. Sky Williams

        ⁿⁿᵇⁿˣᶜ ᴠᴠᴠʙɢɢɢɢᴠᴄᴄʙᴍʙxɴᴍʜ✝️🥀😭🤢😋👄🥰😍🤩🥳😭🤣😂😂😅😅😅😁😄😃😃😀😀😃😅😥😞😖😖😣😴🌛🌜🌚🌝🌝🌞🤢🤢🤮🎃😈😈😈👿👿👹👺👺☠️🔥💫🔥👹👿😈🌟🌟✨💥💪👍👍👏🙌🤜🤛🤚💪👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🍉🍋🍓🍒🍊🍑🍒🍎🍎🍑🍊🍍🍌🍋🍈🥬🥑🧇🥞🥚🧀🍔🌭🥨🥙🥙🧆🥘🍝🦪🦞🦞🍙🍘🥧🍰🍼🍵☕🧉🍺🍻🍻

    18. Gayane Suqiasyan


    19. Lamlih Abdou


    20. Lamlih Abdou

      كلهم جميلين

    21. Amanda Uchoa


    22. Anita Setyorini

      If there is a cupcake or maqaroons my daughter will love it

    23. Justo Valencia

      Hola 😗

    24. brenda cantera


    25. Koko

      منو صايم وجاي يباوع على الاكل🤤🥲

      1. Tatiane linda;-; Miguel

        @Anita Setyorini more or less what you said is Portuguese you know? but ok then

      2. Tatiane linda;-; Miguel

        @Maria Clara você não entendeu nada que ele disse né ou você já sabe?

      3. Anita Setyorini

        Its a arabic language

      4. Maria Clara


    26. • Hey Flowers •

      I look yours videos to sleep and love the videos ❤ Edit: i'am brazilian i don't speek english so good ( anithing is wrong? )

      1. MaryBee Gacha

        Ye anything* but ur rlly good im brazilian too

      2. Wafa Wani

        1.I'm. 2.Speak 3.Anything Your English good just need to learn more😁

      3. Khawla Khoukha

        اين انت واين انا

    27. Amayah Ramos

      Me: watching this at 10:00 Also me: realizes that it’s 2 hours😭🤚🏽 Edit: amazing video🤧🥰

    28. Cynthia Heyvaert


      1. Javier Miñarro


      2. Javier Miñarro


    29. Aisha Hoque


    30. Danielle Honeyman

      Now that makes me hungry!

    31. Shirley Tan


    32. Гулистан Муратбаева


    33. Анна Ахмедова


    34. Claudia Figueroa

      Yummy 🤤😋🤧🤤🤧😋

    35. Brincando com Yasmin Policarpo

      Love...Love ❤❤

    36. Don Yeargin



      A beca tinha q por esse bolo no bake cofe

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    40. Sohel Ghosh

      Tasy 🤤

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    42. Naila qayyum

      And EXCELLENT scrumptious beautiful

      1. Toto Thawabtah

        @Timur Gore ش

      2. Timur Gore

        O lo 9 look loop in 9 look o zi OPP p o loop look llol of to look Pp look o9ll o loop mom o9ll lo pool or lol 9lll loop

    43. Naila qayyum

      They put so effort l think so we should subscribe them

    44. C L X U D Y_S A I L S

      23:18 microsoft cakeeeee

    45. José David Alvarado

      1:44:50 please help me with the ingredients. Is it jello, milk, jello?

      1. José David Alvarado

        Thank you friends

      2. Alexandra Layneur

        @José David Alvarado Yes, I think white too 👍🏻👍🏻 I think they mixed milk and gelatin to do that, and the others are probably dyes and gelatin 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

      3. José David Alvarado

        @Alexandra Layneur can you help me? The white too?

      4. Alexandra Layneur

        I think it's only gelatin, but it's colored into three different color 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    46. Jiaona Lin






    49. Fred Chau


    50. Fred Chau


    51. Fred Chau


    52. Nilson Silva


    53. Nilson Silva


      1. Tatiane linda;-; Miguel

        Oque você dizeria 01?

    54. Nilson Silva


    55. Mavluda Djumaeva


    56. Raju.Bhavani Navya.charan


    57. Christine Wende

      They all are really yummy , but some recipes repeat in the video

      1. Nicoleta ana Batasan


      2. Nicoleta ana Batasan

        Ⓜ︎Ⓝ︎Ⓒ︎Ⓛ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓘ︎Ⓧ︎🅚︎🅧︎.🅧︎🅙︎🅓︎🅘︎🅞︎🅟︎🅚︎🅧︎🅜︎🅒︎ 🅝︎𝔪𝔵𝔨𝔵

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        𝓜𝔁𝔁 𝔁

      5. Nicoleta ana Batasan


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      Me looking at this in hunger: 👁👄👁

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      I love💚😋😋😋

    61. Sandra Sosa

      I love

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    64. Gabriela Garcia

      What's the name gives music

    65. [Love Sweet]

      or by god how beautiful when a tutorial on how to make the cake

      1. Emily Hansen


    66. DeeEll86442

      I’d like to know what the egg wrapped in plastic wrap and the bowl filled with melted chocolate @0:52 has to do with anything in the video🤷🏼‍♀️OMG🤦🏼‍♀️

    67. Robert Prebeg

      I love this cakes and i love tham sooo much i wil try to do 1 of this cakes💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚😋😋😋😋

    68. Medox Habash

      Lana hijazi

    69. •El increíble mundo de Eren Colosal•

      En la parte del pastel de ajedrez Alguien más pensó en fnaf ?(five nigths at Freddy's)

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    72. Leen Alhori


    73. Leen Alhori


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      Yummy 😋and cool 😎

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      26:57 BTS & ARMY 💜👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💜

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      im bored soim waching u in you windo

    77. Sharif Kreiker

      ناياينايةىتةتيزيةنيىيتثىب. هههههههههههه

    78. zuleima centeno

      demasiado hermoso que dios les bendiga y les multiplique todos los días de su vida

      1. Medox Habash


    79. مَ

      lol ko lol oh

    80. samuelidina

      Chef gvdvybfgygv*gbh

    81. spwwort spwwort

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    83. Veena Shetty

      The first ❤️ cake is very cute .❤️💘

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    86. brittany aiken

      How do you do that 😼😼😼😼😼

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      Delícia de bolo como, ela aprendeu a fazer isso LOVE you me love you me 😍😋😎


      Love you delicios

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    96. *

      Who else loves watching these type of videos?!!?!!

      1. roxy and her mom and dad play and react


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    97. katy hofmann

      Where's the egg!? What did you do to it or use it for???? 🥚 🥚??

      1. ツ24KDark_


    98. Jaisankar Selvaraj

      It looks so good😀

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