The Anupam Kher Show - Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri - Episode No: 5 - 3rd August 2014(HD)

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    The show starts with Anupam Kher welcoming all to the show. Having spoken for a while, he invites two of the great character artists of the Bollywood Industry, Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah to join him on the stage. Watch the episode and see both Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah reveal the secrets and unknown facts of their life and struggle to get into the show business.
    The Anupam Kher Show - Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai is an extension of Anupam’s renowned autobiographical play 'Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai where he has openly spoken about his failure and how he has manipulated his destiny. The thespian through the conversations with Bollywood’s biggest celebrities plans to uncover the hidden chapters from their book of life, stories of their resilience, heart breaks, triumphs and how they’ve turned every obstacle into a milestone just the way he resurrected his own life.
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    1. jabbar khan

      Om puri was Introvert Naseeruddin was introvert shushant singh rajput was introvert Nana patekar was introvert Nawazuddin was Intovert All are Mervelous actors

    2. Moon john

    3. Moon john

    4. Moon john

    5. Moon john

    6. sanjay kunwar

      naseer is such a geniune guy !!

    7. Sheik Bobbi moody

      Kuch b hosakta hai

    8. Aziz Hasan

      How sweet friendship! Both of them are world class actors but still underrated in the mainstream cinema. The glamour-biased subcontinental concept about hero causes lot of loss for cinema.

    9. Masroor Kazmi

      Extremely Impressive ..

    10. nafi waz

      If u r thinking today Indian cinema going into a pleasant change, people are celebreting true actors thank these two legends.. They are Godfathers of Manoj Bajpayee, Asutosh Rana, Pankaj Tripathi, Late Irfan khan, Nawazuddin and many more.

    11. Rahmat Kakar

      Two towering legends.... NASEERuDinShah we love u.


      Anupam is pig

    13. Farrukh Jalil


    14. asad khan

      Two legends in one frame... great show.....!!!

    15. max mac

      Both great

    16. Tariq qureshi

      Legend Indian actor Om Puri was murdered by RSS.

    17. Mota Singh

      Desh drohi Nasiruddin murdabad

    18. Sofiya Rr

      Three best friends and actors and one of the best program


    20. Pala Doctor

      Bhuat miss om puri sahib very good actor

    21. AbdulWaheed Balouch

      Actor hai Yaar teeno that's it

    22. Anari Shakari

      Om Puri. Killed by us.

    23. Tariq Khanzada

      Love from Pakistan

    24. jagvinder goldy


    25. Bhawal GORsSi

      Wah kea kehnay, do bhary naam Nasir U Dine Shah, Om Puri kea azeem fankar hain. In ke istaqbal main khud bahud khra ho gea tha... Bhut izat bhut pyar dil ki gehraion se sir....🇵🇰

    26. gauhar mir

      one of the best show I like. ..may allah bless them....

    27. Syed Alishah

      The best show

    28. Ayush Regmi

      Are you inviting Asrani sir in the next season?? He is one actor who started way earlier and still doesnt get the admiration...And, he has not received a life time achievement award from a widely recognized institute...He deserves to be on this show...

    29. Zara Shah

      agr china india ki border p jaa k bdmashii kr sktaa kuch b o skta e

    30. Muhammad Amir

      Anupam kher is nothing in front of these legends

    31. Kumar Sharma

      Jindagi me kuch vi ho saktaa he love u

    32. Rubiatuba Rubiatuba

      Most decent show ever

    33. jaction bighero6

      the best show

    34. Akhi Taslima

      3 legend😍😍

    35. Sayed Haqiq Hashemi

      Naseeruddin best actor

    36. Phool Bhatti Surviver

      Maza aa gya dono stars ki batein sun k aur aik jazba aur energy mili ha thanks lot to both superstars Love from Pakistan

    37. Hassan khan

      Huge #respect from Pakistan to (Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah)

    38. Kaiser Shipu

      It's really funny how Kher tried so very hard to be on their league :)

    39. Le Mirage

      He talks himself way too much. He is overtly proud about Saransh but acting is ordinary there. :-) Saransh ka acting top 10 to kya top 50 Indian films mein bhi nahi aayega. Guest se zyada host baatein karta hai. Interupt kar kar ke khud ki baat sunata hai.

    40. Atit P

      If you have dreams you don’t need nsd I know one guy he is mind blowing 10th fail person but he is amazing

    41. Dr.aliuddin Quadri

      During partition lacs of Muslims Hindus killed communal riots this was created by Britain followed by now RSS Modi Amit

    42. Hammad C

      Just their voice and the way they speak gives you goosebumps! Such strong and clear voice and style of speech. Any acting they do on top is just pure bonus for viewers

    43. Well Wisher

      Secret Messages::

    44. Riffat Aamir

      These are greatest actors

    45. SaiF RajpuT

      Om puri sir ko jisne mara allah kry woh dunia mein pa kr jae uski mout bht bayanak hogi INSHAALLAH. From Pakistan 🇵🇰

    46. Zahid Balti

      Maturity leaked out from every word they speak. Always feel great to listen to them.

    47. Shehroze Hanif

    48. Umeed Ali

      Right dear sir

    49. Waqas Amjad

      Very educated conversation As compared to so called Kapil Sharma show

    50. Waqas Amjad

      I just love the dressing of Om Puri

    51. Rishabh Chatterjee

      Naseer sir makes me think of Sir Ian Mckellen

    52. Jakir Hussain

      Same anupam kher how criticize naseerudeen Shah in latest in bjp government

    53. Salman Khan.

      The Great Super Show. Handsome . Loking Good. Naseer Sahab & Om Puri G. 💞💞💞😘😍🌺👏👍👌✔

    54. Musharaf Iqbalshah

      I am not an actor but I understand acting a little bit due to Nasser sahab and late om puri sahab........acting is not complete until you include naseer sahab and om pui sahab you sir

    55. Arfan Ahmad

      Maar dia om puri ko

    56. Md Shahroj Aalam


    57. mehedi hasan limon

      love 3's chemistry

    58. KING Ã

      3no budhey

    59. azan rahman

      Love for both of them❤

    60. azan rahman

      India & Bangladesh is common for Hindu+Muslim friendship. My best friends(2) r Hindu & Christian❤❤❤❤

    61. Depressed boy

      Sabhi Audience Jyada gaur se nhi suno sabhi log nasiruddin aur Om puri ho jaye to Acting dekhega kaun 😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃

    62. Village Food Saraiki

      Om puri naserodin shah ilove you

    63. Saiyed Adil

      Naseer saheb bahot hi achchhe insan aur haqeeqat pasand admi

    64. Mdsujon Mial

      I love you kher from Bangladesh

    65. tABBi Mughal

      Great frndship no words 😶 mashaALLAH

    66. Gladiator Brar

      Legendary Actors- Om Puri Ji, Naseeruddin Shah Ji, Amrish Puri Ji.. nowadays Irfan(rip) Ji, Ashutosh Rana Ji, Manoj Bajpai Ji and Nawazuddin Siddiqui Ji...True Actors of Bollywood..not superstars of today

    67. afnan geographical sciencesciencey

      Anupum kher does not belongs to the league of om Puri,Nasir...kader Khan was a better than kher

    68. Tushar K Paul

      where the episode with Batt & Aliya??

    69. Ruby Wason

      Wonderful episode 👍🏼

    70. Daniyal Yousaf

      Who the fuck are these 1.2k dislikers.

    71. Robin

      What a fake this Anupam Kher? only 2 years after this program, Anupam was speaking against Om Puri, made Om as pro Pakistani and not pr Indian. Eventually poor Om died maybe it was too hard that a true Indian should be labeled as pro Pakistani. OM was not anti India or anti anything a man who like people of all race and stopping Pakistani actors working in bollywood is not anti Indian. I think recently Naseeruddin had ago at Anupam, don't blame Nas lost his dear friend (Om ji )

    72. S K

      One dog On Puri died son of a bitch Nasiruddin is next fake Indian by deception and colonisation

    73. Kaiser Shipu

      I sure can say that the actor or human being i hate the most is Anupam Kher

    74. Tenzie Gurung

      Actual actor of Bollywood...

    75. Aftab Malik

      It seems that Naseeruddin Shah is a big heart man.

    76. Django 1

      Lol. I'm seeing this show after anupem and Naseer recent rift. Yahan per they are praising each other aur bahd me ik duje ko galian. Ye hai hamari life k pre conceive notion.

    77. Ali Mahmood

      Bollywood actors ko english maarnay ki beemaari hai

    78. Ashish Kadam

      This episode better not disappear.. from the net... it is valuable than a life... hate that stupid Arnab gossamer who killed om puri i stand by that he killed Mr. Om puri.. and very thankful to Mr Anupam kher. Pai lagoon sir! Pls accept.. my respect.

    79. Rk Studio

      ye again show strt kro

    80. B

      Love love love Sparsh!! Beautiful friendship.

    81. Amit Kumar

      Fuck off

    82. Lobna Khan

      More shows like this would be nice. We are learning about every aspect of life

    83. MusTaif S

      Love,Honour & respect all 3 kings of indian cinema deep touching real life moments you all shared thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    84. Ahsan Butt Studio

      The only episode i love to watch of this clown's show.

    85. Humayun Khan

      The Three Great Legends.

    86. lata ganesh

      Very sad and bad in the film industry true versatile and great actor, beautiful person never get too much appreciation , I love this actor, too much respect for him.

    87. Tech World


    88. Ahsen Shahid

      How well beautiful was india & what modi fucker has made it now Im from pakistan

    89. Shams Ramiz Khan

      अनुपम खैर is RSS संघटन

    90. Zaman Sarkar

      These 2 legends

    91. Sadaf Iqbal

      Zarbardust amazing show

    92. Anu Madhubhashinie

      Such national treasures of India! Treasure these people, folks! Love from Sri Lanka ❤️

    93. Rayyan Malik

    94. Afser Ali

      Both are legend

    95. Paul Varinder

      Three great actors

    96. Shazad Sheikh

      You Indians are way far from us .... Love from Pakistan ......

    97. Muhammad Ibrahim

      Great friendship they are soul mates .. it means friendship has no boundaries no religious difference no country difference what a great friendship and great actors ... All 3 are legends ... Love you from Peshawar Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰🇵🇰

    98. Muhammad Ibrahim

      Great friendship they are soul mates .. it means friendship has no boundaries no religious difference no country difference what a great friendship and great actors ... All 3 are legends ... Love you from Peshawar Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰🇵🇰

    99. Muhammad Ibrahim

      Great friendship love from Peshawar Pakistan 🇵🇰

    100. Salman Gurung

      When will Anupam Kher stop talking about himself?