Super Dancer 4 Promo | Florina Aur Sanchit Ko Ghar Le Gaye Remo D'Souza, Dhamakedar Performance

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    Super Dancer 4 Promo | Florina Aur Sanchit Ko Ghar Le Gaye Remo D'Souza, Dhamakedar Performance
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Florina Gogoi

      Words are not enough to thank you for the kind of support by all of you and my guru Tushar sir you both always have extended to me 🙂 *Florina Gogoi*

    2. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit 👑👑

    3. Manisha Yadav

      Florina 👌😘😗

    4. Vlogs and DIY crafts with Jahanvi

      Sachi India ka best popper. Tiger pop nothing.

    5. Rahul Patkar

      This time sanchit prove he is the best Florina also good but not this time

    6. Rudransh Kasture

      Sanchut is best

    7. Ali RAJ

      sanchit killed it

    8. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit rocks

    9. Kamal Sahu

      Sanchit is god level mannnn

    10. Vishaal Raj

      🤟 Florina 🤸‍♀️ best dance 👌

    11. Tripat Kamboj

      where is shilpa shetty and other guy ?

    12. Pooja Chaudhary

      Feel bad when only few kids are been shown importance and not others

    13. Rohit Kanodia

      Sanchit is future Indian choreographer

    14. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit should be on international stage

    15. Regina Reang,imsha

      I love sanchit dance🥰

    16. Danjima so

      नौटंकी लोग


      Sanchit is a best

    18. Dinesh Zanwar

      Only sanchit will win the show... 🤴🤴

    19. Sameer khan

      Bahut Khoob

    20. Sameer khan

      Life foreigner big fan

    21. Sameer khan


    22. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit's danceing style is totally unique and it will be very famous very soon and it'll be called sanchit's style

    23. Avinash Nigam

      Sanchit is awwwesom❤️🙏

    24. Sibu Maharana


    25. Wildest Girl

      Only sanchit bestttt👑❤️❤️❤️Love from Pakistan ❤️

    26. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit is outstanding...he has a lot of unique moves....

    27. Jayaram Shrestha

      Florina gogoi is great dancer for god gifted dance. sancit is only vibration dance.only one step for good vibration

    28. Nargish Parveen

      I love you sanchit he winner h I promiss

    29. Anuradha

      Sanchit se to mra nazar hi nhi hat ta hai....nazar na lage 😍😍😍😍😍

    30. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit didn't get selected because in last season there was no super guru perfect for him...

    31. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit is the best

    32. vivek kumar


    33. Jaiman Bhagnari

      Can you remove this video?I have seen this many times.

    34. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Both of them are very friendly and humble to each other..... But in this battle sanchit rocks as always

    35. DEV GAMING

      Sanchit fan be like....

    36. Shiva Bansfore

      Florina has her own style whereas sanchit is copy of les twins.

    37. Rag Wan

      Tusar must know that florina has free movement so he should be able to let her freely follow the rhythm of the music according to her style. and don't forget the style florina usually does.🤟.. still do 🤟in the end .. ❤️.. ..

    38. sangmesh... @


    39. psy duck

      Sanchit only Florina kha se sahi dance kii

    40. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      According to talent - sanchit wins According to cuteness- Both win

    41. Aishwarya Nambiar

      Sanchit killed

    42. john j

      Sanchit you are international star sure.. Florina also good

    43. Nazem Uddin

      Sanchit always rocks the stage

    44. Amir Khan

      Beautiful fluorina beautiful fluorine You dance so sweet,

    45. Amir Khan

      I love you florina

    46. sudeepthi Padmavathi

      I love that talent

    47. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit is the best 👑

    48. Priya Kumari

      *thanks for 57 pls 💯 tk krwa do love u all* ❤️❤️

    49. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit 💜💜💜

    50. PB


    51. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit is the best...florina better

    52. Supriya Kamble

      Florina nice 👌 & best dancer

    53. Krishna Gogoi

      Florina love❤❤❤ from Assam...

    54. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      I was very big fan of florina..thought that she is a strong competitor...but after watching sanchit's performances I'm totally shocked...this boy must win this show....but florina so cute but her performances are not as strong as sanchit's performances...

      1. Nishat Tasnim Niti

        @Anju Tandukar yeah..definitely she is so talented...and cute...but her performances are not as strong as she did in the auditions...

      2. Anju Tandukar

        @Nishat Tasnim Niti don't u think she is talented? Like she just missed a step that does not mean she Is untalented

      3. Nishat Tasnim Niti

        Age doesn't matter on reality shows...talent matters

      4. Anju Tandukar

        Because sanchit is 10 years and florina is just 6 but she have more swag

    55. Mahesh Gsm

      Sanchiit 🏆🏆

    56. Usha Rani

      Sanchit 😘😘

    57. Ashok Barate

      Only Florina 🥰

    58. Nazem Uddin

      Florina did mistake in yesterday's episode...

    59. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit 😍😍😍

    60. nanong paluk

      Sanchit is far better than florina.....uff over acting florina..... hope u r not going to win this to unique sanchit...

      1. nanong paluk

        @Anju Tandukar boy what??? Jealous for what....n pls stupid boy I only compare her dance with sanchit.. nothing else...n what u had said about mh...who u are to judge me...👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻yes florina is over acting what😏😏

      2. Anju Tandukar

        Girl what??? Florina is just 6 years and sanchit is 10 so how can u even say that? U can't even do 1%of what florina did why r u so jealous?

    61. Mixel Vada Wada Baro

      Florina express so cute with dance....

    62. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Honestly...I didn't even look at florina....can't take my eyes off Sanchit

      1. Sandhya W

        Absolutely Sanchit has unique dance moves.

    63. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Florina is better but sanchit is the best

    64. Aditya Dhakoliya


    65. Suresh Gautam

      I came here for sanchit .....florina is a good dancer but u can't compare with sanchit...

    66. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      I usually don't do comments but only for sanchit I'm doing...He is superb...clearly winner 👑👑

    67. Ria Khan

      Winner sanchit hoga deserving florina he

    68. Ayesha Khan


    69. Alliya Sajid

      I don't know yaar these kids I ship them I know it's so weird but florina and sanchit 😍😍😍😍😍🤩

    70. chanchal bagh

      I think ab sanchit ko vartika di ke sath street dancer 2.0 pe lenge remo sir

    71. Luna Martin

      Sanchit is a better dancer but Florina is a full on entertainer.

      1. Luna Martin

        @Shivraj, what are you talking about? I never said this is an international show. I also love Florina as I like her style more than Sanchit, but she needs better choreography imo.

      2. Shivraj

        @Luna Martin This is super dancer chapter 4 not international show if he international show than just go in that not in super dancer . Florina is best at six she is showing the potential of choreographer. Cutee, clear moves neither high or low , attitude on point , dances with the music level. ❤️❤️❤️ Love her.

      3. Luna Martin

        Actually it IS an entertainment show....and because Florina entertains with her dance, she's audience favorite and not Sanchit.

      4. Saida Abdulahmani Barak

        This is dancing competion not entertainment show sanchit dance is international level superb

    72. DEV GAMING

      Only sanchit is my favourite 😚😚😚his dance is another level...he will winner...

    73. Amandeep Kaursandhu


    74. Amna rehman

      Florina ka cute sa rone wala face 😍🔥

    75. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit also became performer of this week..and thus he will win this show....

    76. Kirti Chavan

      Sanchit is much much better than florina... He is unique and strong vote goes to sanchit

      1. Nishat Tasnim Niti

        Totally agree

    77. monir pavel

      Guys keep supporting flori

    78. Roopsi Muhari

      Sanchit my favorite... good going..keep it up 👍🏻

    79. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit is the best but people are appreciating florina more because of her cuteness..she is so cute and such a great dancer...but the most deserving one should win and that is sanchit... 💗💗

      1. Nishat Tasnim Niti

        @Saida Abdulahmani Barak Exactly...sanchit is also so so cute...I wish I had a little brother like him

      2. Nishat Tasnim Niti

        @Saida Abdulahmani Barak I'm from Bangladesh....and's a dance reality plz vote according to talent not cuteness

      3. Saida Abdulahmani Barak

        The problem with Indians even in dance they are looking cuteness than dance even sanchit he is cute and his dance wow superb i have become his fan

    80. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      After watching sanchit's solo on bezubaan....I'm speechless...he is clearly winner of this season...please please support him...he is really so so talented and king of dance....

      1. Khan Sana RN .23

        True bro

    81. Md Sopon mia

      Love you florina

    82. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Me watching this only for sanchit.....

    83. The Rising Duo Of Himachal

      Here just because of sanchit

    84. The Rising Duo Of Himachal

      Vartika and sanchit ❤️

    85. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      I don't understand why people are saying that he only moves his legs? He moves his whole body and just look at his expressions....he is phenomenal.....

    86. MUTTURAJ L S


    87. Neeta Dhakne

      Sanchit is different level dancer..he really superb just cant remove eyes when perform just cant miss his one step ..he is winner❤❤❤💥💥💥

    88. faiza abbas

      Florina cute hai ,but sanchit real diamond hai or itna piyara b or winner hai inshallah he will win the show ,but my favorite guru is sanam supriha is also good

    89. Ganesh Thapa

      Florina too cute♥️❤️♥️🎈❤️♥️

    90. Ruchika Singh

      Sanchit's style is so unique ..he gonna set a new benchmark

    91. lazeez food

      But Florina is best

    92. Fatma Sameera

      Salorina is cute

    93. Kamaleswar Nath


    94. Abdul Khaleque


    95. Sara Khan

      Every time battle me sanchit sabko harata hy

    96. Sara Khan

      No one can beat sanchit my little crush

    97. Anurag Chowdhury

      Florina my fvrt ❤️

    98. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Florina is definitely better than others....but sanchit is the best this battle also...sanchit rocks...

    99. Nishat Tasnim Niti

      Sanchit moves his whole body and also his expressions are really really great ...superb.....winner for sure

      1. anmol sachan

        @gameplay gaming bas tum hi to ho jiski akhne khuli hai 😌😠😠😠

      2. gameplay gaming

        nishat your right sanchit moves his all body including his hair but his haters can't see sanchit moves his whole body because they watch sanchit dance while closing eyes 😄😂

      3. anmol sachan

        Sanchit can't be winner .florina is great

    100. pithoragarh Tourism uttarakhand

      Sanchit omh bhai tu chiz kya hai