Stream ends when I lose 3 or win 10games.

Vidit Gujrathi

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    1. Raghni

      Timestamps: 1:46 "Hello hello hello" 4:42 Game 1: honestgirl vs ViditYT Games of Vidit against Njal28 10:59 Game 1 17:50 Game 2 22:20 English OP 😂 24:28 Game 3 27:02 Scamayy 28:37 "Sab peices defend karke rakho aur fir blunder kardo last me" ~ GM VD,2021 30:30 Game 4 34:05 "Kya karu me mar jaun?" xD 37:18 Game 5 38:04 Anish in chat! 38:44 new motto:"Don't play like a genius, play like a complete idiot" 42:15 Game 6 49:20 "Khatam tata bye bye" 52:27 Title change gambit 56:55 We come back stronger! 💪🏻 57:09 Sage- Ritviz P.S: Congrats on 170k subs VD!💃🏻

      1. Jai

        @Vidit Gujrathi bhai tu bhi simp nikla😢

      2. J GAWAS

        Editor be like: Mai mar jaau?

      3. Uttam Kumar

        @Vidit Gujrathi Itni mehnat!!! - wrong (Maja Nahi aya ) Itni mehnat!!!

      4. V S Abhirami

        Fireflies? 😍✨

      5. Raghni

        Thank you guys For your wonderful replies Now I'll go out And play with fireflies ✨

    2. Aditya Thakur

      PAprom is showing this video is streamed 4 days ago I thought his channel is hacked

    3. Varun Vishal

      On trending

    4. Shashank Sati

      2 Min of silence for those who got trapped in Monday gambit 56:12

    5. Abhishek Itkare

      Vidit bhi to sabko dil de rahe hai 😘😍🥰 Ap ne kab se sikha chess

    6. Pragun Mahipal

      19:28 ACP vidit gujrathi


      Literally 1% people 🙏🙏who read this message ,,,,,🎉🎉''''''' l pray may your parents live more than 💯years with good health 🙏❤

    8. Priya S

      Vidit, you and Sagar Shah have been my inspirations of being the best at whatever I do! Thank you ❤️ I also have a very important interview in a month for which I've been waiting since last year and finally got it! It would mean the world to me if you could wish me good luck. Thank you VD. :) More power to you for the Monday stream:)

    9. Adhiraj Mitra

      Vidit will you be live for Vidit Chess Tour tournament in this channel so everybody will know about the tournament.


      VD bhai pata chala kya ki kisne change Kiya title 😂😂😂

    11. Sarah Shiraz

      can anyone tell what did anish comment ?

    12. GP GAMER

      पहले मैं गरीब था फिर मैंने फ्री फायर खेलना शुरू किया तो मैं भिकारी हो गया 11

    13. Harsh Khaire

      VD we know the hate affects you but that small amount of hate will never compare to our huge amount of love. You lose, you win become world champion or not we'll keep supporting you till you play

    14. Neha Agarwal

      Can anyone say what happened to the title

    15. Chhayansh Gaur

      11.55 see vidit almost saying a vulgar word for the 1st time😅😅

    16. Sigma Studios

      Genius VD op 1 hr

    17. Modi ji

      20:00 birthdays come only once in a year - GM Vidit Gujrathi

      1. Vidit Gujrathi

        Pure wisdom.

    18. Vihaan Vijayvargiya

      Hi big fan vd i really wanna be a titled player before dying i m 14 do u think mai gm ban paunga 21 ki age tak ? (2100)lichess

      1. Vihaan Vijayvargiya

        @Prashant Mehta pls accept it as soon as possible

      2. Vihaan Vijayvargiya

        @Prashant Mehta i challenged accept it

      3. Vihaan Vijayvargiya

        @Prashant Mehta n i m telling u that i will play najdorf

      4. Vihaan Vijayvargiya

        @Prashant Mehta wait ima lil busy rn i will challenge u in some time

      5. Vihaan Vijayvargiya

        @Preksha Borah thanks if i will become a GM i will remember that you wished me preksha ur name is noted

    19. Ragnar Lothbrok

      This is so wholesome for those who are learning🤗

    20. V S Abhirami

      What was the title changed into?

    21. Rohit korde

      samay is playing better but kitne samay ye to samay hi batayega

    22. V S Abhirami

      Jaldi 200k Sub kardo guys❤

    23. Vansh R Pandya

      amazing stream vd Bhai ❤️

    24. Aditya Bhardwaj

      5:27 isn't this a blunder ? What if opponent would have taken f6 knight instead of b3 knight ? Then bishop e2 and knight b3 both would be hanging and vidit would be a piece down..

      1. Sehaj Deep Singh

        @Aditya Bhardwaj ✌️✌️

      2. Aditya Bhardwaj

        @Sehaj Deep Singh Yeah i saw that now.. Thanks :)

      3. Sehaj Deep Singh

        No because after gxf6, VD has Nxd4 attacking queen. And after bxd4, Vd can play Bxf6 and he is 2 pawn up

    25. parag chavan

      40:46 to 41:00 - blaming other is not good move 🤭🤭

    26. Foram Trivedi

      Tomorrow is Saturday 👀 and it's long time since last reel, I see basketball reel coming in tomorrow morning ! 🤞🏻♥️ Also , Puky if you are reading this thanks for that scam , edit video incoming 😂

      1. Foram Trivedi

        @Vidit Gujrathi Woah now that's some serious dedication for health over there 💯, because most of the people aren't consistent when it comes to gym 😂

      2. Vidit Gujrathi

        Gym is my new basketball!

    27. Samyak Jain

      If you ever read this @Vidit Gujrathi, how long did it take before you could visualise the chess board in your head?

      1. Samyak Jain

        Thanks both of you

      2. Mohit Bhatt

        I hope vidit answers your question. However you may want to watch that video where Sagar bhai talks with Sunil Sharma ji, Vidit's first coach. There you can see Sunil ji discussing about blindfold training.

      3. Vidit Gujrathi

        I guess in a couple of years after starting out

    28. Pushkaraj Baradkar

      38:52 You don't need to be smart, just don't be stupid. - GM Vidit Gujrathi

    29. Rohan Singh

      aur banaao vlog😂

      1. Tanishq khandelwal

        Don't forget among us and brand work and his whole life existence

    30. Kriti Maheshwari

      Don't worry VD we are here with you☺ Come back stronger and btw the stream ended after an hour😉❤

      1. Master Oogway

        @Vidit Gujrathi 🤣🤣

      2. Vidit Gujrathi

        Longer than 1.37!

    31. Vinayak Kr

      This can be a series where you can play chess seriously . ❤️❤️

    32. Smriti Bansal

      Puky op 😂❤️

    33. Ria Gupta

      What was the sound at 6:02 ? 😳

      1. Master Oogway

        @Pragun Mahipal Tiger ... VD has tiger as his pet bro

      2. Pragun Mahipal

        Sound like a lion's burp

      3. Master Oogway

        @Vidit Gujrathi 😁😂

      4. Vidit Gujrathi

        The stand next to my desk, fell down

      5. Master Oogway

        VD has tiger as his pet 🔥🔥🔥

    34. Mohit Bhatt

      In love with chat fam! Thank you guys for being supportive to Vidit. You guys are OP!!!

      1. Vidit Gujrathi

        Thank you everyone!!

      2. Netra


    35. Divesh Sharma

      Playlist link daaldo vidit bhai


      Vd Anish curse is real❤️❤️.love u bro keep it up doing this great work

    37. Shreeya

      Vidit ke multiple "arre yaar"s were definitely the highlight of this stream, they were too cute ❤️

      1. Master Oogway

        Give time stamp for each one pls 😜😂😂

      2. Mohit Bhatt

        @Shreeya That would be so cool!

      3. Shreeya

        @Mohit Bhatt On it :P

      4. Mohit Bhatt

        Someone should make a compilation of his "Arre yaar".

    38. Preksha Borah

      VD is back to streaming. The good old days are back.

      1. Self Gamer

        Gold old days when covid was a threat 😄

      2. Rohit Pareek

        @Akanksha Garg Dua to ke hi sakte hai na

      3. Preksha Borah

        @Akanksha Garg 😀😀

      4. Akanksha Garg

        @Preksha Borah nazar mat lagao👀😆

      5. Preksha Borah

        @Rohit Pareek exactly

    39. Om Agarwal

      Samay is Playing Chess better now days

      1. Tanishq khandelwal

        @Om Agarwal abey pagal hai kya Tu dimaag Ka mareej hai kya

      2. Om Agarwal

        @Tanishq khandelwal Abe chutiye tuje kya karna

      3. Tanishq khandelwal

        @Om Agarwal samay ki chess acchi lagti hai yoh yaha kyu comment Kar Raha hai chutiye ke bacche , channel Ka name Nahi padh pa Raha kya

      4. Tanishq khandelwal

        @Om Agarwal abey chutiye Tu bhi kam gyan chod ,

      5. Om Agarwal

        @Tanishq khandelwal jyada gyaan mat chodo

    40. Geeta

      3:50 you are a genius VD 😹❤️

      1. karan sandhu


    41. Vatsal Aggarwal

      Anish said his retirement is ur gf reveal btw I'm a good person I just wanted to inform u(no intention of getting u two in an argument but if u get into an argument plz do it on stream😅)

      1. Vatsal Aggarwal


      2. Vidit Gujrathi

        Hahahahaba content ke liye kuch bhi xD

    42. Anurag Tripathi

      It's ok sir you are a great player... We are fine with your losses believe me... It's not as easy as people say.

    43. ChinoRAP RMX

      De locos saludos desde España🇪🇦🇪🇦

    44. Ria Gupta

      Title gambit🤣🤣🤣. ....btw can we have new thumbnails VD😌

    45. Akanksha Garg

      Chat is lucky to have a moderator like Puky. Puky is the mod that we don't deserve but we need🥺🤧

      1. RYDER HOPS UP

        @Prashant Mehta when vidit lost 3 games and was feeling upset puky changed the stream title to stream ends when he loses 4 games. And it just made him smile and he wasnt that upset after that

      2. Prashant Mehta

        @RYDER HOPS UP what happened bro ? Please tell

      3. RYDER HOPS UP

        What did puky do, can anyone tell? Edit:- oh i see now, really that was good one

      4. Rohit Pareek

        Puky is indeed OP

      5. Mohit Bhatt

        Puky OP

    46. Karan Dhami


    47. Archan Pathak

      Just commenting for puKy😂😂🙌

    48. Aryaman Agarwal

      Shweta OP😂

    49. Prakhar


    50. kapil dev

      Last game with song is too op perfect timing