Speed Dating with Netflix Stars | Holidate


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    Netflix Hosted a Virtual Speed Dating Event with your favorite Netflix Singles from Love is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, and The Circle to celebrate the new movie Holidate.
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    Speed Dating with Netflix Stars | Holidate
    Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other's platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 29 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. xpress

      I can’t believe Netflix is charging us twice to release this garbage of shows. Netflix please put it together and give us quality once and for all already. Pleaseeeee no more trashy shows

    2. imLouis

      KING BACH!!!

    3. 나는엉덩이가좋다

      Netflix ad makers get shot and die

    4. 나는엉덩이가좋다


    5. Tova Russell

      Did anyone try out this dating thing?

    6. Banjo Express

      speed dating...one of the stupidest things ever figured out

    7. stevie marino

      Matt the trainer?? Dude he’s the man I’v been training with him for a year now! Go matt! Can’t wait to see this.

    8. Lauren D

      Personal trainer Matt! Hell yeah, he is perfect for Holidate. Can’t wait to watch this

    9. Stephanie Sennett

      Um, look at blondie’s abs 😍I found his instagram @feldhausfitness! Check him out he seems like a real inspiring guy

    10. MamoAMV

      This was the best experience and so much fun to be a part of! My smile is still going. :) Still single as a Pringle though! Give my IG a follow for more awkwardness 😂 @thanku.jt

    11. Casey Newbanks

      Ahh it’s @feldhausfitness! Go give him a follow on IG. Those abs though 😳!

    12. BMAC

      So much fun! Still looking for my Holidate, though... 👀

    13. Julia Young

      Dudeeee. The guy with the blonde hair ahahaha those abs though 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I found his IG @feldhausfitness..girls you need to give it a followww

    14. Anaïs Lucia INFP and Comedy

      This was really fun to be a part of, especially as my first ever speed dating event. And I'm still single, but WHO WAS THAT guy with the colorful background and microphone? Wish I would’ve been on a date with HIM! If he’s still single, he's welcome to send me a message on IG! My reaction to this video (and him) is on my channel. :)

      1. Anaïs Lucia INFP and Comedy

        @BMAC Oh, hey! I'm pleasantly surprised you actually saw my comment. :) I'm sorry you didn't find your Holidate either! Too bad I didn't get set up with you so we could talk about our backgrounds and mic setups! :D I liked yours!

      2. BMAC

        Hey there, Anaïs 👋🏼

    15. Robbie Hornik

      This was SO FUN to be a part of!!! still single tho LOL

    16. Commander Cody

      Guess Netflix actors are actually terminators.

    17. Mis Videos

      They use 'Stars' quite loosely...

    18. Kudzai Machiri

      Came back just to see if Netflix changed that awful title

    19. Rob Vespa

      No. Why do you hate us?

    20. Michelle LoBrace

      So fun to be a part of this 🤍

      1. Prathap Kutty

        Hello there

    21. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

    22. Matthew Feldhaus

      Ha ha I was one of those ‘normal’ guys! It was a fun time and a lot of our dates were cut out for timing. See more @feldhausfitness 🤙🏼 (I was the blonde guy in teal)

    23. Jerry

      Luke Bracey seemed very comfortable doing this, the rest not so much

    24. Laksamana Riadi

      Where the main character tho she’s not here

    25. Yohanan Gebremariam

      She drank the whole bottle 🤣

    26. Tim

      OMG those teeth! Hahah normal people!

    27. Amsh Bl

      Okkk byeeeeeee I’m normal

    28. Aurane Petit

      I love Sammie so much

    29. KaptainFrogger

      I only clicked for Sammie, now I’m leaving lol

    30. florin preda

      remember guys.. actors from movie cuties are also netflix stars...... ew....

      1. White Suit Natasha

        ??? Cuties is a french film, netflix bought the property to be streamed online. WEIRDO.

    31. MFTW

      KingBach has places to be😂

    32. dark circat

      Normal people? For real

    33. Cyrus Boyd

      How kind of the Netflix stars to come down mingle with us simple peasants .

    34. Đeath Vader

      Normal people?

    35. minecraft foxy

      "Normal people"

    36. RandomGaming2.0

      how dare not invite me im single

    37. Nasir Bello

      Imagine coming up with this and no asks why?

    38. Sebastian savage

      Any recommendations for Netflix shows?

      1. aneirys


      2. Moonlight Grande


    39. fifi sweet

      Normal people ... right

    40. Marissa De Medeiros

      omg yes 🥰🥰

    41. SekhmetSecretWeapon

      what a GREAT IDEA!! yes, normal people are not like 'entertainers' at ALL... I love 'em, but THANK GOD!!! LMAO.. :))))

    42. Leon • .

      It always was like " hey, we are normal people too like you" So you tell us now they think they are better humans?

    43. Amador Lopez

      Speaking of “The Circle”, when are we gonna get more? The show was made for COVID before it was even a thing.

    44. Okay

      Yall should really rethink the "normal" people term. Is "Non Celebrity" or "unfamous " really that bad to say? Don't tell me celebrities really say they're dating a "normal" person when it's not another celebrity, Normal just really isn't an okay way to describe a person,

    45. St. Boeckovic

      🐑’s are gonna watch this

    46. Ben Morgan

      ‘Netflix stars go on dates with NORMAL people’

    47. Neeshpeesh1234

      If Bach gon do anything he’s gonna try to be white famous 😂

      1. Steve Creator

        You should try to be a high school graduate and learn how to type.

    48. Lenin No Bulto

      “Si Te Tomas 1 Segundo Para Leer Este Pequeño Comentario, Dios Te Bendiga Siempre y Proteja. ¡Amen! 🙏😍🥰🤩❤️

    49. JRAF 1

      Aren’t we humble 😒

    50. ivey spivey

      normale people?! what the heck... we are all the same guys. It does not matter if you are famous or not we are all normal. tbh thats kinda offensive.

    51. yamaha2996

      Are they some " special" people? They're just more shown on screen 🙃

    52. meme boi

      Care to explain why you're raising again the damn price?

      1. Steve Creator

        Because inflation is a real thing, moron.

    53. Angelina Amaya

      Is it just me or have you watch every thing on Netflix

      1. Jenn Ralte

        @JohnsView TV lolll😂😂😂

      2. JohnsView TV

        Just you

    54. Sebastian Chirinos

      This guy Is from the babysitter?

    55. Nooran M

      "Normal people"? Is Netflix for real? Damn are those famous people aliens or something?

    56. Drammybaz

      Ek like us maa ki lambi umar ke liye ijsne aapko janam diya 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    57. Rem

      💙 Que bueno es este canal 💙 XD

    58. Drammybaz

      Gareeb Hon Koi Subscribe he kar dy Es Gareeb Student 😭😭😭😳

    59. Iva Fisher

      Aren't netflix stars normal people aswell? Or is the reptilian theory actually real?

      1. Nasir Bello

        Cuz it was funny the first time

      2. Nooran M

        copied comment

    60. Drammybaz

      Gareeb Hon Koi Subscribe he kar dy Es Gareeb Student 😭😭😭😳

    61. Technology in Hindi

      Aap log kaha kaha se ho comment karke batao?.💖.. I am from maharashtra........

    62. The Big Sad

      these dating shows are just stupid

    63. The Big Sad

      Aren't netflix stars normal people aswell? Or is the reptilian theory actually real?

      1. ``LUKKY``

        Bruh, i agree but normal people are those who do normal things , while stars do things that influence people or the other way round

      2. Drammybaz

        Ek like us maa ki lambi umar ke liye ijsne aapko janam diya 😍😍😍😍😍😍

      3. garrettooo

        If youre in doubt youre in trouble.

      4. Drammybaz

        Gareeb Hon Koi Subscribe he kar dy Es Gareeb Student 😭😭😭😳

    64. A. M.M

      Firrrrst 🤩

    65. Akşam Şairi

      *Follow meee. My channelllk* ❣️❣️