Sona Lagda (Official Video) Sukriti, Prakriti, Sukhe | Bharatt-Saurabh | Satti Dhillon | New Song


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    To celebrate the season of love VYRL Originals brings to you a Valentines special - Sona Lagda sung by the multi-talented twin sisters Sukriti - Prakriti collaborating for the very first time with the hitmaker Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz. This peppy dance song has been co-composed and written by Bharatt-Saurabh and Sukh-E and the music video has been directed by the popular Satti Dhillon. The melodic drop and vibrant music video is sure to get your foot tapping. Are you ready for this banger?
    #SukritiPrakriti #SukhE #SonaLagda
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    🎧 Audio Credits
    🎤 Singer - Sukriti Prakriti & Sukh E
    🎶 Composer - Bharatt - Saurabh & Sukh E
    ➟ Lyrics - Bharatt - Saurabh & Sukh E
    ➟ Music Producer - Bharatt-Saurabh
    ➟ Mix & Mastered - Eric Pillai at Future Sound of Bombay.
    🎬 Video Credits
    ➟ Director Satti Dhillon
    ➟ Creative Director Pooja Gujral
    ➟ Dop Shinda singh
    ➟ Editor Oswin
    ➟ Choreographer Sahaj singh & Shreoshi
    ➟ Art director Mr. blacc
    ➟ Assistant director Sumit kumar & Prince mundi
    ➟ Assistant choreographer Pranjal Dutta & Priyanka Mitra
    ➟ Colorist Ercan kucuk (The Post brothers)
    ➟ Hairstylist (sukhe) Jeevan
    ➟ Makeup Rajan passi
    ➟ Still Photography Shivam
    ➟ Line producer Kuldeep production
    📝 Lyrics
    Jab se mili hai teri meri ye nazar
    Rab di sau kuch hua hai asar
    Lakh lakh munde rakhen meri ni khabar
    Ek mainu bas teri hi fikar
    Kahin vi tu mainu le ja soneya
    Sang raj ke chalan main ambaraan
    Tenu takdi phiran din raat ve
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Mainu apna banale tu yaar ve
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Light weight jhanjharan juti sadkan nu chumdi phire
    Gold chains laake mascara dolled up hoke ghumdi phire
    You hotter than the lava baby girl
    Lit tera mascara baby girl
    Ni rang tera strawberry varga
    Ni dil kare khaajaan baby girl
    Fashion nova de jean kude
    Lakk tera heavy body lean kude
    Apple bottoms so fired up
    Dil chore kare badi ni tu mean kude
    Dil chori kare badi ni tu mean kude
    Tenu takdi phiran din raat ve
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Mainu apna banale tu yaar ve
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Kudi soni tu meriyan baharan ve
    One in million lagdi tu yaara ve
    Lagdi tu soni lagdi
    Mere kaul tu aake baija ve
    Mitthiyan gallan karja
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Soni lagdi tu soni lagdi
    Sona lagda tu sona lagda
    Soni lagdi tu soni lagdi
    Sona lagda
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    1. jhantu iaspahani

      sukriti or prakriti ka best 2nd song,,,, i really love this song and music too, love you all

    2. RV think again

      This song is included in pulse playlist by Alan walker

    3. Sayan Shom

      That's some melody wala music after a long time. These days' songs miss this kind of melody

    4. mogu mogu

      They songs r totally colourfull with bright dress

    5. Tanu Choudhary

      देश के तिरंगे के लिए एक like ❤️👇👇👇 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    6. SuPra Fans

      More power to Sona lagda❤

    7. SuPra Fans

      I am soo happy that I am fan of these two

    8. SuPra Fans

      Sona lagda is a relief between all the remakes

    9. SuPra Fans

      Super fresh & new❤

    10. Rudraraj Pawar

      Addicted after listening this song This song is so melodious😍😍😍

    11. Rudraraj Pawar

      Sukh e bhai, pigalna nahi tha 🤷

    12. Faizan Khan

      Very nice

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    14. pubg play

      Very nice nice song 😍😍😍😍

    15. Legend S

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    16. Min2pal Gogoi

      Bye one get one ....... switch off the auto tune

      1. Min2pal Gogoi

        Fans are always 😎

      2. SuPra Fans

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    17. Karan Manani

      This song is in Alan Walker's playlist Pulse...lmao yayay😂

      1. RV think again

        I just saw it

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      super oo

    19. Jai Bhole

      Kinne loga nu eh song sohna lagda??? ❤

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      Bakchodi wala dance

    21. Ritik Karnwal

      I'm addicted with this song

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      Nice Video Song

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      Superb music...

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      1k views are mine because I heard it almost 1k time😍

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    27. ᏖᏬᏂᎥᏁ

      Sukriti, Prakriti both are angels.........and their magical voice!!!

    28. BollywoodChaos

      I'm a big fan of Sukriti & Prakriti! So beautiful song and different melody💖

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      My God!!! I love this duo😍😍 rather than neha and tonny..sorry for comparison..

      1. SuPra Fans

        We also love this duo🧡

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        That's true :(