Someone Adopted the ‘Worst Dog in America’

Inside Edition

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    Prancer shot to viral fame after a hilarious Facebook post described the 2-year-old Chihuahua's behavior in order to help him get adopted. “There’s not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins,” the post read, but Ariel Davis, Prancer’s new owner, said she was interested in helping the animal because she knows what it’s like to have a dog with behavior issues.

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    1. Inside Edition

      Prancer loves his new home, STILL hates reporters:

      1. Princess Doodles

        He looks miserable on the thumb nail lol 😂

      2. Pixelated Idiot

        See a therapist

      3. Descentjay


      4. SCP [X] Foundation

        @Savetion II shut up edgelord

      5. 꿀벌

        He's not the only one

    2. Matric 2021

      Yo!!! That's my math teacher

    3. Whiteboy157

      I feel like the dog is a thug

    4. Shar B.

      Where is Cesar Milan? He would call that dog insecure!

    5. hot d0ggo

      Lol trash dog get good

    6. pOlisH jErRy

      That dog looks like my 6th grade teacher

    7. Noah H

      Bunch of idiots who don’t understand how dogs think at all

    8. Princess Doodles

      Prancer looks miserable on the thumb nail lol 😂

    9. liz

      what breed is he?

    10. Gaurav Vikalp

      So they can raise the “ worst dog in America” and the Philippis put their dog down cause he kinda bit their kid because the kid tried to steal the dog’s god? SMH 🤦‍♀️

    11. Somures

      Thats rude his a dog it dosnt matter

    12. Deneb Gementiza

      He looks like Señor Chang on the thumbnail

    13. miguel mallari

      He's cute but demonic

    14. Nguyen Duc Hung

      Seems like a normal Chihuahua to me

    15. Al Rrenoir

      He looks like kim jong un

    16. U.A. Perfect Ace

      Any dog on Earth is infinitely better than the best humans on this planet. The failure is on the owner, not the dog. Unconditional love? Check. Can save your life many ways? Check. Won't backstab you. Check again. Will get thier lips stuck on thier teefs? Deal with it.

    17. Mcgreger vlogs Mc

      My dog is worse than that dog

    18. Ghada A

      Me if I was a dog

    19. Shee Kayza

      The thumbnail 💀

    20. jakiejakejake5

      So cute 🥰

    21. Tania Bams

      He has the face of a disappointed gym coach who forgone his sports career to teach a bunch of spoiled teenagers, who will amount to nothing thanks to their rich entitled parents always throwing money at the problems they cause.

    22. jordan Watson

      Why's the dog got a light skin face in the thumbnail

    23. Lunatic Cultist

      Tsundere dog

    24. Brian Ramirez

      This Chihuahua looks like he committed a crime

    25. mario burca


    26. THENAMESDJ Almighty

      That dog is so light-skin never did he just pose like that

    27. Irish Republican

      She could always just get the dog put down

      1. tabris

        @Irish Republican prancer is literally healthy and fine, you just want to her to kill her dog for no reason

      2. Irish Republican

        @tabris why not??

      3. tabris

        Why would she get it put down??

    28. Dayna Kersey

      This dog isn’t the worst dog. It may be one of the best dogs. It’s just very protective of his owner

    29. It's Not A Tumor!

      What an adorable little goblin.

    30. Luis

      I would kick that thing if I saw it

    31. Ava Nicole

      She looks like his owner 🤣

    32. Chef Specialty

      Dogs still in pet stores:Write that down write that down

    33. Elia : Project Lazarus

      That dog is Overpowered but over Cautious.

    34. Rain CSGO

      Of course it's a chihuahua

    35. Fi0R Gaming

      This recommending from days but finally I click

    36. ヒックスkatxryx

      my dog is worse so um..........

    37. Rude_Boi

      0:28 looks like some of the old Asian women I work with.

    38. bailey

      gimmie the dog omg

    39. It's curtains for you doll

      I ❤️Ariel

    40. MagmaXMajae


    41. Haylie Marrufo

      What is up with this thumbnail bruh😭

    42. Alex D

      Did yall notice they never showed her touch the dog 🤣🤣

    43. Pure gamer testosterone

      The first photo of him looks like a mugshot

    44. Tursiops

      Those behavior problems that dog is having would be solve with some good training. I don't know how much this person knows about dog behavior and training, I hope she has some knowledge or at least interest in getting into it as otherwise things will just get complicated for her and the dog... Many owners abandon their pets for behavior problems like this one that require a bit more of patient and understanding.

    45. ezemell

      Karens dog

    46. HG Ivan

      just a average chihuahua

    47. Matty

      Stupid dog 🤬🤬

      1. JonTheEpic

        Stupid human 🤣🤣

    48. Matty

      Stupid dog 🤬🤬

      1. Matty

        @forestm its a dumb stupid dog 🤬

      2. forestm


    49. The Three player Roblox Dudes

      He should be the funniest

    50. Bullfrog Verified

      If I’m being honest the thumbnail from the video made me click 😂😂

    51. Le o

      This is a great example what to do with a dog like that, not like that horrible PAprom couple that killed their dog.

    52. Ãïshïtē ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ

      Why tf would you hate an animal!?

    53. kuku na

      😂 damn

    54. CherryPac

      That mugshot had me gone.

    55. Enter Toby

      Prancer hates people, I hate people too at times... I like Prancer

    56. Christian Garcia


    57. Hi I'm Peyton!

      It’s understandable that people didn’t want him, but I’m happy somebody did ❤️

    58. Jacko

      Did Prancer dirty with that thumbnail


      Who else thought she got the dog because she hated men children and other pets?

    60. expired milk

      there is no worst dog there is only the worst owner

    61. Isaiah Woods

      The dog 😑lol

    62. Milhouse Van houten

      Man I have a bad temper and I would probably lose it ok that dog and like throw it and that’s why I have a cat

    63. wHy ?

      idiót dog

    64. Jack 0 Seven

      the way it was set up it sounded like she got interested cause the dog hates men and children

    65. Medjed

      That dog is not gonna live for another 15 years

    66. Jamin 69

      News Guy: **Tries to pet Prancer* Prancer: BAHHHRHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHRHRHRHA

    67. goal pop

      “Worst dog” no such thing Me at the end of the video: 😳

    68. •Blossom Girl•

      0:21 🤣 his face

    69. Muscle Boi gaming

      I have that kind of dog but she is a little bit nicer

    70. jenelle bacchus


    71. Mr Wise Guy

      If thats what you call the worst dog in America then yall dogs must be some snowflakes (Its a joke.... i know pit bulls and mastiffs and rottermans etc exist)

    72. Rad mobile gaming

      This isn't the worst not even close to the worst dog in America

    73. Just Bob

      This dog is racist

    74. Dynoesaur

      racist dog


      Imagine living n CT 🤣🤣

    76. Weebthot420

      0:28 Literally me in every birthday picture

    77. Expired Gaming76

      Why would you adopt that monster 😭

    78. abhishek

      he is cutiepie

    79. Beh Kuan Howe

      r a t

    80. Jonathan Salinas

      Bruh he could have been a killer chihuahua for all I care i would have taken him home

    81. Rise and shine

      Imagine being a dog and finding out you’re the worst dog in your country. poor thing is misunderstood, i hope he doing better in life

    82. Mackenzie McGeorge

      light skin dog 😩

    83. prashant singh chauhan

      Probably the dog version of karen

    84. cow baxter

      Clearly america hasn't met my dog (no offense to my dog)

    85. eden

      if my dog acted like that i'd *_slap the chihuahua_* out of him

    86. jay tee

      Hes so cute definitely not the worse dog like stupid inside edition says

    87. jay tee

      Stupid title to this video

    88. Andrew Hurst

      I can assure you my dog holds this title

    89. jo'niah moses

      My dog is the SAME way 😂

    90. Alfie

      He looks like he is judging my life choices

    91. Ham

      There is real problems in the world and other angry dogs that aren’t a big deal,and out of all things this made the news

    92. JayLeeBeanz

      The people who brag with their dogs being worse in the comments have me worried.

    93. irllydontkno

      There’s no bad dogs. Only bad owners.

    94. hahanvm

      my dog acts like him

    95. Astra Sky

      More like the most loved little guy in America now

    96. Temporary Bakery

      I had a dog like that…….same color and breed too

    97. Faith Taylor

      I am glad that you have eachother...God Bless

    98. Mike

      It’s not the worst dog he is just upset or scared