SCIENCE CLASS #3- Why is the Sky Blue?

Mark Rober

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    Let's get a better mental model beyond just "because blue light scatters more". I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.
    Here is Sally's channel!! She is live streaming a series on evolutionary biology-
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    1. Ethan Li

      Mark should explain this question what came first the egg or the chicken?

    2. Pilot Aiden

      Moon no atmosphere. Earth atmosphere

    3. Chan Kok Keong

      After study 8 years of physics, now I get it. Thanks Mark!

    4. Selorm Mensah

      My review of corona is -5 out of 5 stars.

    5. Celia Perry

      Wow somehow I understand why is the sky blue

    6. Nazmul Hasan Zisan

      But red has less frequency, so red should loss its all energy and we should see the blue sky, I am confused...

    7. Joshy Greene

      A way to do it is aero gel

    8. Chicken Permission

      There are people who are completely color blind just rare.

    9. Yuritzi Vazquez

      i found this vid in my recomended and i don’t regret it

    10. Lilac Dreams MLP and HRT

      My dad told me about colors when I was like five

    11. Caroline Danielsson

      Love this! So interesting 🙏🏽

    12. C Mcn

      can electro magnetic waves hurt you or affect hearing?

    13. Thoticcus Prime

      Its reflecting Found that out without the internet or school

    14. Rebel X

      Who wants mark as their science teacher

    15. Kanchiyappan GK


    16. white wolf

      I literally thought it was because the ocean was blue lol thank souch

    17. Trenton Ghorley

      I still dont know why the skys

    18. zr0423

      F (For my dead plant)

    19. marc zaslow

      Violet, least common color in nature... Best for life on Earth!

    20. David Dominguez

      The sky is blue based on wave length... is Mars sky so red? I doubt it. Pictures doctored? Probably. I've been teaching this to my kids for years. Wavelength of light

    21. PolishGuy

      I haven’t seen the video yet, but i’m guessing it’s because of the atmosphere

    22. Micaela Babic


    23. Bolt

      What is energy

    24. LetzPLaz 44

      imdont understand

    25. Laboni Hazra

      The dislikes are from school physics teachers

    26. Jaxon Chang

      I think I want to do home schooling now

    27. twinpillars

      The sky is blue because it is, you can ask anybody, it isn't rocket science ; )

    28. Aubri Garcia'Kamau

      K. ,. Mm m?

    29. lucy dunshee

      Anyone seeing this after 2020

      1. ABC 123

        I’m seeing this on 10 44 tues jan 26

    30. guestical

      This guy teaches better then the best teacher in my school:p

    31. sue Hull

      Thank you!

    32. Cleborp

      She has a PhD for Oxford but can’t understand why water makes your hand wet???

    33. Chupacabra

      im blind though.... jk ;)

    34. PARAM SHAH

      Can't u start these series again

      1. PARAM SHAH

        Plz do it

    35. TobiTechBoy

      Hi mark! Needed to watch this from school lol 😂

    36. Laura Alagia


    37. HACKERISTIC 499

      Q : If we pass a white light through a prism will it break into infra-red and ultra-voilet rays?

    38. minecraft dj Alex

      oh i took this class haha

    39. minecraft dj Alex

      i missed a lot of classes

    40. Ben

      F for plant

    41. Berlin Greek

      That was so f*** awesome! Its often really fascinating what the rules are and how the World works! Thanks for doing these videos!

      1. Berlin Greek

        @Joe Mama He is a science-freak indeed! YEAH SCIENCE!

      2. Joe Mama

        The freak

    42. Tewan

      The interlacing man

    43. Aurel

      1:56 the moment i realized what he was referring to. it is literally so unnoticable.

    44. Kamalesh S

      dip your hand in oil then put in water

    45. Vedant Katira

      Does transparent stuff absorb light or reflect ? Hmm for example plastic sheet, I think light will go through it . Will it reflect or absorb ? Mark ?

    46. Not Toby


    47. Pavan Meka

      F for my plant

    48. Most interesting man in the hood

      Blue sky = Water outside of dome firmament.

      1. Most interesting man in the hood

        @Dying Energy Exactly. Their "proof" has been disected, torn to shreds, and proven false so bad that they wiped the mainstream internet clean of the topic and even removed all related educational content on YT in 2017 and replaced them all with joke/prank videos. Very strange move for something labeled as a silly conspiracy theory. I mean why not also remove all the UFO, bigfoot, and lochness monster videos too right?

      2. Dying Energy

        Facts nobodies ever been to space

    49. Wrapped Goods

      The blueness on the world globe, is the sky ;)

    50. yeet yeet yay O,Brien

      is the sky blue because the sun reflects blue rase from the sky

    51. Nick Considine

      This was so awesome, thank you SO much Mark!! You're legitimately a great teacher, I just made my sister and mom watch this with me and they loved it too. Keep doing this, I think it's really good for the world.

    52. Alyssa Epstein


    53. William Fuentes

      14:37 was that a voice crack

    54. papyurs9RBLX

      All he said was lies, it was obviously a gender reveal that made the sky blue

    55. b r u h

      well THIS is gonna make high school physics easier idk i've never been in high school

    56. デッド。

      corona rating science teacher man: 0/10 me: 108409284093809859043805803280850/ 10

    57. Parker Carlson

      3:28 "We'll just get right into it" Is that ironic?

    58. Obaidullah Ahmad

      apparently, the buoyancy thing is not that hard lol

    59. nope

      Did u notice the voice crack

    60. Irene Anousaki

      OK Google... Count down 8 min... 😁

    61. Charles Torres

      not true

    62. Atėnė Er.

      In germany sundets are like coton candy (blue and pink)

    63. Rheeza !

      I think he really needed to go to the toilet towards the end

    64. LilieKatrina_moved

      I just wish that mark rober can be my science teacher-

    65. Doctors_TARDIS

      I'm a grown adult, I knew every bit of this going in, and I was still highly entertained.

    66. Brendan Passarell

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    67. HANO ROAM

      wow.this is great

    68. *?Questions?*

      He seems very akward lol

    69. David Wheeler

      Wow that’s cool

    70. Chris Hoops

      9:50 can we admire that sound affect and how perfect it was lol

    71. Daniel Beatty

      After watching this, I'm wondering how does bleach work?

    72. Daniel Beatty

      This has been great. Appreciate your enthisiasm too. Learned so much.

    73. Bladesbry

      mark i came across your videos an i have a important question to ask you about this video would the electromagneitc waves be the same for a colour blind person or would it be different

    74. 34-0025

      Green has left the chat

    75. 7The cool cat7

      I thought the water reflects on the sky or the other way round

    76. boss master

      why is water wet

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    78. Me

      Cool videos

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      because god loves the infantry

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      Mark look so nervous. Lol

    82. Darrel Collins

      Why is the sky not violet?

    83. Rushikesh Karle

      I thought that science is lousing intrest but it is true which we all know that the teacher is not cool like mark

    84. Josh the Flat Earth Jedi

      Nobel gases is the reason for all the different colors of the sky. God created such an amazing beautiful flat stationary earth!

      1. Psych Spell

        why do you believe the earth is flat?

      2. Josh the Flat Earth Jedi

        Also the firmament above holds back the waters. Meaning what weve been told is space is actually water and nobody is going there.

    85. Anna Young_26

      i will not mind if he is my physics teacher

    86. Anna Young_26

      i want to work at nasa because of mark that is the ony reason i get good grades

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    88. Jazz Stew

      Mark Rober, to me, always seemed like one of the coolest dudes on PAprom. I forgot that someone who worked at NASA must've been a nerd. Love seeing this passion

    89. Rob H

      In order to see the reds well, make sure you use an old incandescent flashlight. If you use a modern LED flashlight, pick one with a high CRI and R9 value.

    90. Isaacsal0

      he needs to do more of these

    91. Aarsh Chokshi

      Mark would be the coolest teacher in school

    92. Brijinder S D singh

      Ithought of kids said because I love you ha hanot to worry

    93. Universe Floofball

      If Mark was my science teacher I would actually like the classes

    94. Sherard Hall

      but seriously why would anyone give this video a thumbs down? and then 505 dislikes, why? Mark you are the man! Great video again, subscribed!

    95. Ondrej Hrdy

      What does it mean that the particles resonate with other particles?

    96. Ernesto Noiran

      Mark's videos are great, building every kind of device, testing, teaching.

    97. Christi Elmore

      I,m thinking all water reflects on 🌎 earth

    98. King Manta

      I had a better understanding about this concept prior to your video..

    99. Discus Channel

      Mark you areee sooooooo goooddd at presantions

    100. Maddix

      So if the nitrogen and oxygen like blue the most why aren’t they the ones instantly absorbed and instead reflected and showed to us?