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    Amelia Eve, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, & Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Bly Manor, Karan Brar, Noah Schnapp, & Paris Berelc from Hubie Halloween, and Gerald Jones, Jaden Michael, & Gregory Diaz from Vampires Vs the Bronx share how they feel about everyday scares. But there can only be one Scaredy Scale victor. Who will it be?
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    Scaredy Scale | Netflix & Chills

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    1. William B

      Oliver Jackson-Cohen looks like James Hough from Bravo’s Below Deck lol

    2. Anastasia Papadopoulou

      Ollie is a 6'3 man and he's scared of needles. What a cute lil bean🥰

    3. VanBlitz 700

      I love how everyone's comments are mostly about Bly Manor. The cast is amazing

    4. Abhinav Ratna

      Yay! Haunting of bly manor

    5. Regina Wahyu Febriyanti

      ok but Karan is me

    6. astro

      vampires vs the bronx was so good!

    7. Mélanie Barada

      omg what's the song playing in the background? I love it so much!!

    8. B

      i saw the thumbnail i clicked

    9. tiger gaming

      Pls Netflix I want watch Ben and holly pls pretty pls

    10. Julia Dutra

      Netflix cade os erros de gravação de the hauting of bly manor, por favor, vai faz isso por nós 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    11. 나는엉덩이가좋다


    12. oo f

      “what’s scary about water” tell that to my deep fear of the ocean and everything in it

    13. RyanX

      Just bugs scary for me.

    14. ultraviolence

      victoria isn't scared of anything and then there's amelia

    15. warriorbard

      I'm scared of every damn thing on their list. Welp.

    16. kindred

      lets be honest, we saw oliver cohen jackson on the thumbnail and we clicked

    17. kar

      i'm a simple person. i see oliver jackson-cohen, i click

    18. 06 FYBAF Rithwik

      Netflix- Are u scared of tight spaces Victoria? Victoria- no i am good with that if i know i can get out Danielle in bly manor- "OpEn ThE DoOr, OPEN THE DOOR, OPEN THE DAMN DOOR".

      1. MC Beast

        I started laughing at this so hard

      2. Lisa Simpson

        **panicking intensifies**

    19. Mihajlo Mandic

      I'm scared of all of those things besides clowns 🤣🤣

    20. H. L. Malazan

      Cast Member from the Haunting series Cast Member from the Haunting series People I don't care about People I don't care about People I don't care about Cast Member from the Haunting series Cast Member from the Haunting series People I don't care about People I don't care about ...

      1. Hypnotic Poison

        EXACTLY 😂

      2. Esther A. M.

        OMG I love you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Will Marlo

      Remove cuties

    22. Damon Salvatore

      Me: *sees oliver cohen in thumbnail * * screams hey * * also clicks instantly*

      1. Camila

        me with victoria pedretti lol

    23. Lauren Christie

      I have Arachnophobia; huge fear of spiders 🕷

      1. Tommy Criton

        Who doesn't have arachnophobia spiders are scary but interesting

    24. Lauren Christie

      Oliver Jackson Cohen does an amazing American accent in Hill house. I thought it was real. Mind blown 🤯

      1. Emily Banda

        @oo f I watched it again, and I see what you mean :)

      2. oo f

        @Emily Banda debatable

      3. Lauren Christie

        @DEBOJYOTI DEBDifferent areas of The United States have different accents. Jersey Accents, Boston accents, Southern accents, etc.


        But the thing is America has no accent.

    25. Lily

      Amelia Eve: I'm not scared of deep water *Bly Episode 8 flashbacks wehh*

    26. babu dxb

      The nightmares are defined by claustrophobic situations, snakes, scary entities(not necessarily ghosts) which paralyze me ✌

    27. LordManhattan

      *Asking the question* : "What scares you", instead of "what's your weakness" would reveal a lot more about a person's personality in a job interview than the latter, I think.


      So they just.. talk? Boooring.

    29. Propel Study

      i don't believe oliver saying he is scared of needles.......he had a needle up his arm every damn second in hill house

      1. Theodora

        @Propel Study yassss.....I just loved Theo so much that I kept her name😂😂❤️❤️

      2. Propel Study

        @Theodora yeah....and who could know better than you....Luke's sister herself

      3. Theodora

        I was thinking the same....I thought his answer was gonna be a "NO" 😂

    30. Sebastian savage

      Any recommendations for Netflix shows?

    31. Merik Hendrick

      The old woman in my sleep paralysis 😂

      1. Michelovskj Mellina

        God..I hate sleep paralysis

    32. NorthWind

      "yOu'Re ScArEd Of BeInG cLoSe To A wAlL??!?" You have no real grasp on the concept of claustrophobia if you say dumb shit like this lmfao

    33. Rafal Malinowski


    34. Anonymous_RBLX

      netflix please listen please take the magicians we really love it

    35. Mollygaga42

      Pedoflix !

    36. S.J. Jawara

      Omg I need to watch can't wait to though

    37. Anime Protagonist

      3:54 “You’re scared cuz you’re close to a wall” I’ve never heard anyone describe it like this. Lmao

      1. Hypnotic Poison

        Yeah, because it's not accurate

    38. creep

      Victoria and Amelia 😍😍

    39. Neytan Valle

      Oh, el que aparecio al inicio es el de la pelicula, " lo que de verdad importa"

    40. Kokichi Oma

      You see they say these things but then when it comes to a man saying he likes the sound of forks scraping against a plate... r u n

    41. Cas in the Desert

      Oliver is... 😍🔥

    42. Siti Dee

      Aww i find it sweet that oliver and victoria almost share the same scares. An almost twin thing ☺

      1. Vini Dubey

        You beat me to it!!

    43. Amanita

      My dream is to be an Actress in a Netflix film or series, I’m an Actress in training

    44. The Elysianer

      Oliver Jackson-Cohen in thumbnail > instant click

      1. Actual Pancake


    45. möni black

      my first instinct was, I'm scared of the frickin' ocean, duh. seriously.

      1. CallMeCourt

        IKR!!! When I see pictures of the ocean and it’s so dark that the waves almost look black, my anxiety goes through the roof.

    46. ju ju

      "i'm not really scared because it's like ooo company." i love that

    47. Trans19 canel YouTube



      I love muslims and Islam

    49. Katerina Perich

      I love how the title under Noah’s name is “Hubie Halloween” but like... c’mon, he’s most known for stranger things!

      1. Ruby

        It's meant to promote their recent work though.

      2. Lisa Simpson

        It’s for their most recent movies like Halloween movies

    50. Sandip Mandal

      Hey Netflix

    51. Carolina

      i love amelia eve.

      1. Marvel Fan


    52. Barbara Squire

      Bees are awesome but, ok m allergic

    53. GeNiSsA


    54. Antonella Santucho

      Amo a este actorrr

    55. Andrew Alcantara

      Yeet I wish laser beam was here

    56. Mahi Yadav

      I'm scared of my mom the most lol😂 Does someone agree?❤🥺

      1. Mahi Yadav

        @Tommy Criton yes same she throws a flying slipper to me😂

      2. Tommy Criton

        The CHANCLA the moment my mom throws it its so fast it makes me fly

      3. Tanzida Kabir Doel


    57. Kika Karen

      F por que no entiendo bien el ingles....

    58. Jiya Gupta


    59. Matheus Belini

      The invisible Man!!!!

    60. Christelle Wallace


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      Aap log kaha kaha se ho comment karke batao?.💖.. I am from maharashtra.......

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    63. Salami Boyz

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    64. Angela Naidu


      1. Water Sheep

        SAFOXONOV DONIYOR wait.... you’re not netflix lol



    65. AHmed SHovon IKRI

      1st comment 😒

    66. Nextplane97


    67. Jeff Jeff and friends